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11 Favorite Meal Prep Stories of 2019

Brianna Wippman
by Brianna Wippman
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Meal prep is a tried and true strategy for weight loss — not only can you log your food so you know exactly what you’re eating, but you can also cut back on excess sodium and added sugar. Plus, meal prepping is a great way to save money. Here, our top-10 meal prep stories of the year, plus a bonus editor’s pick.

1. Overnight Oats With up to 21 Grams of Protein
Make busy weekday mornings stress-free by preparing fiber-rich overnight oats in advance. These delicious recipes provide plenty of protein to refuel after a morning workout.

2. 5 Meal Prep Mistakes That Make Weight Loss Harder
Accurate portion sizes are key, so make sure you’re using the right containers and creating meals with balanced macronutrients.

3. 13 Budget-Friendly Meal Prep Tips
Taking stock of everything in your fridge, creating a smart grocery list and buying healthy snacks like almonds in bulk can help you save time and money.

4. Meal Prep 101: Batch Cooking Protein
From hard-boiled eggs to slow cooker pulled pork, you’ll find plenty of meat- and plant-based-protein recipe inspiration here to keep meal prep interesting. Plus, check out the rest of our Meal Prep 101 series including instructions to batch cook grains and veggiesmake marinades and use leftovers.

5. 13 Slow Cooker Recipes Under 400 Calories
A slow cooker or Instant Pot is a great way to save time on meal prep. Let the appliance do the work for you and cook various proteins from eggs to beans to chicken.

6. 10 Meal Prep Secrets to Great Grain Bowls for Lunch
Adding more whole-grains to your diet is simple with these expert tips like making a big batch and getting creative with a great vinaigrette.

7. Meal Prep For Athletes: Fitness Fueling Hacks
Do you know how to keep bananas from browning? Wrap the stem in foil. Read this story for more smart hacks on preparing quick smoothies and storing nut butter.

8. RD-Approved Tips to Eat and Prepare Healthy Food
Like exercise, you’re more likely to stick with meal prep if it’s something you enjoy. Here, RDs share tips for keeping it fun like experimenting with new kitchen tools and different recipes.

9. 7 No-Cook Hot-Weather Meal Prep Hacks
The good news is you can enjoy these smart meal prep tips like spiralizing veggies and making soup in a blender in cold months, too.

10. 15 Make-Ahead Snacks Under 210 Calories
Instead of reaching for processed foods, try these healthy snacks, which will give you an energy boost without the sugar crash.

11. Why Skipping the Middle of the Grocery Store Is a Mistake
We’re often told to focus most of our grocery shopping on the perimeter of the store to stock up on fresh produce. It turns out, the inside has plenty of gems for meal prep, such as inexpensive canned goods and protein-packed alternative pastas.


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About the Author

Brianna Wippman
Brianna Wippman

Brianna took up marathoning in France and swapped the Seine for the East River in New York City. She has written lifestyle, nutrition, health and fitness content for publications including Food Arts, Food & Wine and Furthermore from Equinox. You’ll find her running, at a new restaurant, or in the dog park with her beagle mix Roxy.


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