15 Easy Slow Cooker Recipes–Under 375 Calories!

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15 Easy Slow Cooker Recipes–Under 375 Calories!

Just set-it-and-forget-it! So goes the appeal of the slow cooker and it just so happens to be the perfect time of year for it. Slow cooker meals are a great way to enjoy healthier home cooking while saving time, money and calories from eating out. We’ve compiled a small collection of yummy recipes that will make you and your crockpot happy!


1. Slow Cooker Apple Pie Steel-Cut Oatmeal | The Healthy Maven
Slow cooker recipes for breakfast? You bet! Set up  apple pie steel cut oatmeal recipe before you go to bed, and you’ll have a delicious hot breakfast ready 8 hours later.

Nutrition (per serving): Calories: 180; Total Fat: 5g; Saturated Fat: 1g; Monounsaturated Fat: 1g; Cholesterol: 0mg; Sodium: 135mg; Carbohydrate: 31g; Dietary Fiber: 5g; Sugar: 11g; Protein 5g

2. Slow Cooker Bacon Egg & Hash Brown Casserole | Elle Penner, MyFitnessPal Dietitian
Imagine fluffy eggs and hash brown potatoes studded with pieces of thick-cut bacon topped with cheddar cheese! An added bonus? You can just as easily eat leftovers for lunch and dinner as you would for breakfast.

Nutrition (per serving): Calories: 342; Total Fat: 22g; Saturated Fat: 10g; Monounsaturated Fat: 8g; Cholesterol: 357mg; Sodium: 648mg; Carbohydrate: 14g; Dietary Fiber: 2g; Sugar: 2g; Protein 21g

3. Slow Cooker Frittata with Artichoke Hearts, Roasted Red Pepper & Feta | Kalyn’s Kitchen
Chop, stir, pour and wait as this tender frittata sets overnight in your slow cooker! The bright colors in this egg dish is great for a festive breakfast but is also great for impressing your friends at brunch.

Nutrition (per serving): Calories: 207; Total Fat: 13g; Saturated Fat: 5g; Monounsaturated Fat: 3g; Cholesterol: 299mg; Sodium: 1044mg; Carbohydrate: 8g; Dietary Fiber: 3g; Sugar: 3g; Protein: 13g


4. Slow Cooker Turkey Chili | Skinnytaste
This mild kid-friendly crockpot chili is made with lean ground turkey, corn, bell pepper, tomatoes and spices. Top with with crunch baked tortilla chips and watch your little ones gobble it up. This chili can also be made in large batches for freezing and reheating.

Nutrition (per serving): Calories: 222; Total Fat: 3g; Saturated Fat: 0g; Monounsaturated Fat: 1g; Cholesterol: 74mg; Sodium: 719mg; Total Carbohydrates: 20g; Dietary Fiber: 3g; Sugars: 7g; Protein: 32g

5. Slow Cooker Jerk Chicken | The Healthy Maven
This recipe for jerk chicken bathes chicken drumsticks in a flavorful jerk spice, slow cooks it for 4 hours and quick-broils it for added extra crisp. Imagine coming home to that meal! This dish pairs well with rice, beans and/or a side salad for a complete meal.

Nutrition (per serving): Calories: 253 ; Total Fat: 12 g; Saturated Fat: 6 g; Monounsaturated Fat: 5 g; Cholesterol: 184mg; Sodium: 376 mg; Carbohydrate: 6 g; Dietary Fiber: 1 g; Sugar: 4 g; Protein 34 g

6. Chicken Korma | Cooking Light
Fiery chicken korma will be ready for your dinner table in no time flat with this slow cooker recipe! Lean chicken is braised in a spice-filled yogurt sauce before being served on a fragrant bed of rice. If you prefer milder foods, reduce or omit the crushed red pepper. You can also replace rice with warm naan as a side to this classic Indian dish.

Nutrition (per serving): Calories: 297; Total Fat: 6g; Saturated Fat: 1g; Monounsaturated Fat: 2g; Cholesterol: 94mg; Sodium: 507mg; Total Carbohydrate: 34g; Dietary Fiber: 4g; Sugars: 3g; Protein 27g

7. Slow Cooker White Bean Chicken Chili | Maebells
Try making this warm and filling slow cooked white bean chicken chili, which packs plenty of protein and fiber into your meal. We suggest omitting the seasoning salt, using low sodium chicken broth and rinsing your canned beans to make a less salty rendition (nutrition information reflects these steps). Recipe makes 6 servings.

Nutrition (per serving): Calories: 358; Total Fat: 2g; Saturated Fat: 1g; Monounsaturated Fat: 0g; Cholesterol: 88mg; Sodium: 744mg; Total Carbohydrate: 33g; Dietary Fiber: 7g; Sugars: 3g; Protein: 46g


8. Slow Cooker Pork Roast | Cooking Light
Char siu, a sweet and savory Chinese barbecue, cooks up extra tender and juicy in this recipe. Now you don’t have to order Chinese take-out because this recipe is all the more healthier. For a complete meal, serve with sticky or long-grain white rice and a steamed or stir-fried medley of bell peppers, carrots, snow peas, sliced baby corn and water chestnuts.

Nutrition (per serving): Calories: 227; Total Fat: 6g; Saturated Fat: 1g; Monounsaturated Fat: 0g; Cholesterol: 92mg; Sodium: 390mg; Carbohydrate: 11g; Dietary Fiber: 0g; Sugar: 10g; Protein 31g

9. Chinese Pork Tenderloin Noodles | Cooking Light
This slow cooker medley of Chinese flavors is a yummy and healthy alternative to take-out. Serve with lime wedges to add zesty flavor.

Nutrition (per serving): Calories: 303; Total Fat: 6g; Saturated Fat: 1g; Monounsaturated Fat: 2g; Cholesterol: 72mg; Sodium: 555mg; Total Carbohydrate: 34g; Dietary Fiber: 3g; Sugars: 4g; Protein 28g

10. Sweet and Sour Pork with Bell Peppers & Pineapple | Clean Eating
If you’ve got a slow cooker no need for Asian takeout tonight! This sweet and sour pork dish hits all the sweet, salty and tart notes you’d expect from a decadent stir-fry, and you’d never know it came out of your slow cooker. Serve with brown rice and dinner is done. Recipe makes 6 servings at 1 cup of sweet and sour pork each.

Nutrition (per serving): Calories: 248; Total Fat: 3g; Saturated Fat: 1g; Cholesterol: 74mg; Sodium: 447mg; Total Carbohydrate: 28g; Dietary Fiber: 2g; Sugars: 21g; Protein: 27g

11. Crock Pot Latin Beef Stew | Skinnytaste
Warm up your home with the spicy flavors of this crock pot latin stew. Beer, water, adobo, achiote and bay leaf swimming with the beef and potato chunks lend so much yummy flavors. Recipe makes 5 servings at 1 cup each.

Nutrition (per serving): Calories: 263; Total Fat: 7g; Saturated Fat: 3g; Monounsaturated Fat: 1g; Cholesterol: 53mg; Sodium: 276mg; Total Carbohydrate: 17g; Dietary Fiber: 2g; Sugars: 1g; Protein: 32g

12. Crock Pot Braised Beef Ragu with Polenta | Pinch of Yum
Got a big crock pot you want to host your dinner party from? Check out this braised beef ragu with polenta. Recipe makes 10 delectable servings.

Nutrition (per serving): Calories: 359; Total Fat: 14g; Saturated Fat: 5g; Monounsaturated Fat: 3g; Cholesterol: 99mg; Sodium: 658mg; Total Carbohydrate: 23g; Dietary Fiber: 3g; Sugars: 5g; Protein: 33g

13. Crock Pot Bolognese | Skinnytaste
The crockpot is perfect for Bolognese sauce which is made by slow cooking lean ground beef, pancetta, onions, tomatoes and wine. Enjoy over pasta or cooked spaghetti squash. Serving size is 1/2 cup.

Nutrition (per serving): Calories: 143; Total Fat: 7g; Saturated Fat: 3g; Monounsaturated Fat: 3g; Cholesterol: 48mg; Sodium: 145mg; Total Carbohydrate: 5g; Dietary Fiber: 1g; Sugars: 3g; Protein: 15g


14. Vegetable Pot Pie | Cooking Light
Leaving out the chicken doesn’t make this dish any less filling or tasty. The medley of vegetables topped with a fluffy and savory biscuit create phenomenal flavors and will appease every one in your family. Recipe makes 8 servings at 1 1/2 cup filling + 1 biscuit each.

Nutrition (per serving): Calories: 346; Total Fat: 13g; Saturated Fat: 6g; Monounsaturated Fat: 5g; Cholesterol: 25mg; Sodium: 606mg; Total Carbohydrate: 48g; Dietary Fiber: 5g; Sugars: 9g; Protein 12g

15. Crockpot Quinoa | Food Fanatic
This crockpot quinoa with a Mexican twist comes together in a delicious meal that cooks low and slow all day. If you want to reduce the spice kick use less adobo sauce. Recipe makes 4 servings.

Nutrition (per serving): Calories: 327; Total Fat: 5g; Saturated Fat: 0g; Monounsaturated Fat: 0g; Cholesterol: 0mg; Sodium: 356mg; Total Carbohydrate: 61g; Dietary Fiber: 13g; Sugars: 12g; Protein: 14g


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      A quick check of the recipes shows them to be #2, #4 and #12.

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      I think at a serving as being that size–and I do much better while eating out.

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      Read the descriptions – they do say how many servings, and give an approximate serving size in most of them. Gram-weight doesn’t make sense because depending on how much water evaporation you have (how long you let it sit in the slow-cooker) the gram-weight can vary a lot from batch to batch.

  • I’m amazed at not only how many different foods can be made in a slow cooker, but how easy it is to get it right (or at least not ruin it.) That’s great for people of my skill level! Thanks for the recipes.

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    Wonderful to have slow cooker recipes that are low calorie! Thanks

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    Most of these recipes say 4 hrs of slow cooking. So what if you need to do them overnight or all day for 8-12hrs ? They would also turn out good?

  • Jim

    I do a lot of cooking. And I do a lot of what my friends call imagination cooking. For example I cannot do white potatoes in my diet so I substitute either cauliflower florets or shred it and skip the flour to make it thicker, especially in soup. I make my own broth using chicken, turkey, pork or beef bones it cuts down on sodium intake. And keep in mind that many recipes can be flip flopped from oven to stove to crock pot depending on time constraints. I love to cook. LOL I love to eat. Eating the right things and exercise is key. There are ways to eat enough and lose the weight. In seven months I have dropped 39 pounds. I am not tooting my own horn I am offering that as hope to all out there who needs the hope. Keep up the great work all.

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