10 Mood-Boosting Ingredients to Stock Up On

Alex McKee, MS, RD
by Alex McKee, MS, RD
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10 Mood-Boosting Ingredients to Stock Up On

Coming off of the energy of summer — along with shorter days and cooler temperatures — it’s natural to feel zapped of energy come fall. But some foods build neurotransmitters which can help boost our mood and energy. While there are more than 70 different neurotransmitters that help control appetite, memory, mental function, energy and sleep, there are three specific hormones — serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine — that are especially important in mood and energy regulation.

Here are 10 foods high in these healthy hormones and other nutrients to keep you energized as the seasons change:

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About the Author

Alex McKee, MS, RD
Alex McKee, MS, RD

Alex is a Registered Dietitian based in Tacoma, Washington and founder of Nourishing Roots PNW. She offers online and in-person nutrition counseling services that encompass an all foods fit perspective and encourage people to work on creating a positive relationship with food, through intuitive and mindful eating, as a first step towards reaching nutrition and wellness goals. Adopting a food as medicine approach is the basis of Alex’s care in offering an integrative and functional nutrition care perspective. For more information about her and to get set-up with her one-on-one services, visit www.nourishingroots-pnw.com.


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