August 21, 2017

Master the Move | The Pushup

The classic pushup is often taken for granted, but if you give it a chance — and do it right — you won't be disappointed. Most people assume pushups are simply an upper-body exercise. While they...
August 19, 2017

8 Moves for Stronger, Healthier Feet

It’s no surprise there’s an uptick in foot injuries come summer. You can strain your feet walking or running in the sand or even stepping on something sharp. But even switching from laced-up...
August 17, 2017

Got 15 Minutes? Shorter Workouts Might Be Best

If you think the best way to get the most benefit from working out is by spending as much time in the gym as possible, think again. It turns out you may need to shorten your exercise sessions to...
August 15, 2017

Why Multitasking While Walking is a Bad Idea

It might be tempting to bang out a quick text or grab a bite on the go, but walking and multitasking could lead to injuries. Just as several states outlawed sending emojis from behind the wheel...