5 Alternative Fitness Movements for Pregnant Bodies

by Deja Riley
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5 Alternative Fitness Movements for Pregnant Bodies

Pregnant bodies go through a lot of changes and often require adjustments to your daily routine to keep mom and baby comfortable. The MyFitnessPal Eating for Pregnancy Plan offers a holistic look at moms’ wellbeing along with comprehensive nutrition and fitness insights. To complement that plan, here are five easy fitness moves that will support and strengthen your body as you progress through your pregnancy.



This move is great for strengthening the lower body and focusing on alignment to support your daily functional duties on your motherhood journey. If in your 2nd or 3rd trimester, you can also use a wall or stable surface to help support your balance.


Safe core work is great for helping to prevent severe diastasis recti. In this exercise, we’re working to train and tighten your transverse abdominis muscles that support you throughout pregnancy.


This move helps to strengthen core stability and the lower back. It is a great alternative to ab exercises like a plank, which may be an exercise you eliminate as you progress in your pregnancy.


I chose this exercise as I’ve been experiencing inner thigh and hip pain throughout my pregnancy. My pelvic floor therapist suggested strengthening my gluteus medius to support through exercises like lateral leg lifts, lateral squat walks with a band, plus clamshells. If experiencing hip pain like me or pelvic and groin pains, this may be an exercise that can help.


As you build your lower body strength and strengthen your glutes, you can use this squat variation with or without weight as a safe way to get your squats instead of standing. You can place a towel or mat beneath your knees for extra comfort.

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About the Author

Deja Riley

Deja Riley is a former professional dancer turned fitness expert focused on empowering diverse communities through a functional, yet holistic approach. In fitness, Deja blends high-energy movements and various disciplines such as dance, kickboxing, weight training, without the need for equipment. Working to challenge the status quo, she aims to make fitness accessible and functional for all body types, creating a safe and inclusive space for all people seeking to not only look better, but feel better.


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