7 Ways to Take Winter Fruit to the Next Level

Brianna Wippman
by Brianna Wippman
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7 Ways to Take Winter Fruit to the Next Level

Research shows fruit helps with weight loss and heart-health. In addition to providing essential minerals and vitamins, the high fiber content helps you feel full, which can prevent mindless eating, according to Megan Roosevelt, RD. While reaching for a piece of fruit is a smart snack, try getting creative with these ideas for serving fruit warm.

Grapes make a refreshing, hydrating snack since they are chock-full of water, says Ximena Jimenez, RD, a Miami-based nutritionist. While they’re great on their own, try roasting them with chicken to add a subtle sweetness.

Pears are a low-calorie fruit that’s high in fiber and vitamin C. They peak in the winter and are excellent paired with savory blue cheese in this grilled sandwich or baked and topped with cinnamon and honey. You can also roast them with chicken in this easy one-pan dish.

While there’s no bad choice when it comes to apples, some are more nutritious than others. The variety matters for cooking, too. For roasted apples served over Greek yogurt, choose Granny Smith, which don’t get mealy when cooked, says Lindsey Pine, MS, RDN. You can also stir them into oatmeal for a comforting breakfast.

Melatonin-rich foods like tart cherries have been shown to help promote sleep and even enhance your training. You can try adding the stone fruit to everything from grilled cheese and chocolate mug cake to oatmeal.

Full of vitamin C and fiber, which helps with digestion, oranges reach their peak in the winter. “I like using their zest to flavor black bean soup,” says Kelly Hogan, a New York City-based registered dietician. You can also use blood oranges to give these pancakes a dramatic flair.

An underappreciated fruit, persimmons contain as much vitamin C as an orange, notes Amanda Lloyd, RD. When broiled, they have a sweet, honey-like flavor that makes them great for dessert, she says. They’re also delicious paired with steamed butternut squash.

Bananas are one of the top-logged foods on MyFitnessPal — and for good reason. The fruit is full of fiber and potassium, and it’s extremely versatile. It’s a great on-the-go snack, but it can also be transformed into a luscious breakfast in the form of French toast or baked berry oatmeal.

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Brianna Wippman
Brianna Wippman

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