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Essential Guide to MyFitnessPal Premium

Guide to MyFitnessPal
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MyFitnessPal is the #1 nutrition and food tracking app, helping millions of members build healthy habits every day. If you use the MyFitnessPal free version, you can log food and water intake, track weight and exercise, and get basic insights on your habits.

But with MyFitnessPal Premium, there’s so much more—including tools to help you log food lightning-fast, customize your goals, and feel even more motivated and supported throughout your journey.

Keep reading for the full scoop on MyFitnessPal Premium. Or skip to the good part and start your free 30-day trial today!*

Guide to MyFitnessPal

10 Premium features that will level up your tracking game

1. Stay focused with an ad-free experience

Ads make it possible for MyFitnessPal to offer a free version of the app with basic logging and nutrition insights. If you prefer to keep your eyes on the prize (your weight and nutrition goals), upgrading to Premium is a win-win. It has the complete set of MyFitnessPal features AND there aren’t any ads—allowing you to get in and track your progress without distraction.

2. Log packaged foods instantly with Barcode Scan

If there’s a barcode on the package, you can log that food super fast by scanning it with your app. The barcode scanner gives you the exact food match, then all you have to do is tap “log.” When logging is faster and easier (and dare we say, more fun?), you’re gonna want to stick with it.

3. Quickly identify and log your entire meal with Meal Scan

If you like barcode scanning, you’ll love Meal Scan. Just point your camera at your entire meal—seriously, your whole plate, your drink, your side salad—and the app will scan it all at once and give logging suggestions for each item and ingredient it recognizes. Simply tap to log!

Start a free 30-day trial of MyFitnessPal Premium today

4. Balance your protein, carbs, and fat with Custom Macro Tracking

Trying to lose weight, make gains in the gym, or find the nutritional combo that gives you the most energy? A calorie tracker can help, but macro tracking could be the trick that unlocks that next milestone. This approach helps you find the right ratio of protein, carbs, and fat for your needs and goals. And MyFitnessPal Premium makes macro tracking easier and more personalized.

Track your protein, carb, and fat goals by gram or percentage, and choose specific macro goals for different days of the week (awesome for workout days or weekends). With Premium you can also keep tabs on your daily progress in two additional ways: meal-by-meal macro totals that update as you log, plus a daily macro tracker right on your dashboard.

5. Get a recap of your logging progress with Unlimited Weekly Digests

While it can be motivating to measure your success each day, a single day isn’t always the best indicator of your overall habits. (Hello, weekends.) Looking back at the previous week, though, can give you a truer sense of your progress. Your Weekly Digests show you how you’re trending, and how your daily goals are playing out in the longer-term. This big-picture view can help you identify what’s working and keep you motivated.

Already using Premium? Here’s how to see your Unlimited Weekly Digests.

6. Stay on track all day with Calorie Goals by Meal

You’ve probably heard that breaking a big goal down into a few smaller ones makes it much more manageable. As a Premium member you can break that big goal (your daily calorie target) down into smaller goals (your meals). Set a custom calorie goal for each meal and snack to keep yourself on track throughout the day.

7. Calculate your carbs with greater precision with Net Carbs Mode

This setting takes the math out of net carb-counting, and makes tracking a bit easier if you’re on a Keto or lower-carb diet. Knowing your net carbs can help you understand how many carbs your body actually digests, and how many are offset by the fiber you eat. Low-carbers love this setting because it gives you the flexibility to reach your carb goals while allowing room in the diet for high-fiber carbs. With your Premium membership, you can set it and forget it.

Already using Premium? Here’s how to turn on Net Carbs Mode in your app.

8. Ease into a new diet or eating style with Expert-Guided Meal Plans

Planning and cooking meals every day is tough enough. When you’re trying to balance nutrients, macros, and dietary restrictions (not to mention picky eaters), it can feel overwhelming. As a Premium member, you’ll have access to meal and nutrition plans customized for your goals and needs, including low-carb or high-protein diets. These Premium plans feature in-depth guidance and loggable recipes, curated by our MyFitnessPal registered dietitians.

9. Choose whether to “eat back” your burned calories with Exercise Calorie Settings

Not everyone who tracks their steps and workouts is in the “eat back your burned calories” camp. In the MyFitnessPal free app, calories you burn are automatically added back to your daily calorie budget, increasing your total daily calorie goal. Premium members have the flexibility to turn this setting off. Calories burned in exercise are different for every person and every body on any given day. Many people find keeping their daily calorie goal the same, exercise or not, helps them stay on track with their weight management goals.

Already using Premium? Here’s how to customize your exercise calorie settings

10. Surprise, here are MORE Premium features worth upgrading for…

Honestly, there’s something for everyone in the MyFitnessPal app if you upgrade to Premium. Check these out!

  • Nutrition Insights: See how today’s logged foods stack up nutritionally
  • Intermittent Fasting: Choose your plan, then easily track your daily fasts and follow your progress over time
  • Quick-Log Recipes: Save and log (with just one tap) your favorite healthy recipes from our goal-focused collections
  • Food Timestamps: See exactly when you ate to start discovering how when you eat affects your sleep, energy, and hunger levels
  • Progress Data File Export: Dig deeper into your data, or share your diary with a trainer or dietitian
  • Priority Customer Support: Premium members go to the front of the line
  • Workout Routines & Plans: Break a sweat with loggable strength, cardio, and recovery routines—or conquer your fitness goal with a 4-week, trainer-led plan

Frequently asked questions about MyFitnessPal Premium

If you’re thinking about getting started with MyFitnessPal Premium, you might have some questions. Here are a few we get a lot, and where you can find the answers:

Take a look at all our Premium FAQs or search anything else you might want to know about MyFitnessPal in our help center.

We’re always here to answer anything you may be wondering about. As a member, you can troubleshoot Premium features and get support from the MyFitnessPal Customer Happiness team anytime.

Ready to give MyFitnessPal Premium a go? Lucky you, it’s free to try!

Whether you want to lose weight, get stronger, move more, or improve the quality of your nutrition (or maybe all 4!) MyFitnessPal Premium can be your all-in-one tracking solution and accountability app.

Get started for free, with no commitment.* Start your free 30-day trial of MyFitnessPal Premium 

*Subscription will automatically renew at the end of the one month trial period. If you do not cancel prior to the end of the trial period, you will be charged the applicable annual rate. You may cancel at any time in the Settings menu or the applicable platform. Offer only available to users without an active subscription to Premium.


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