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11 Must-Read Meal Prep Stories of 2018

Brianna Wippman
by Brianna Wippman
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Eating more home-cooked meals in lieu of dining out can make a huge difference when it comes to weight loss. That’s why meal prep is key, because it can help you save time and money. Here, our top 10 meal prep stories of the year, plus a bonus editor’s pick.

1. Master Lunch Prep With This Two-Week Plan
Whipping up nutritious, filling lunches has never been easier thanks to this mix-and-match guide.

2. How the Instant Pot Is Your Secret to Healthy Eating
If you didn’t use the kitchen appliance in 2018, you should consider investing in one for the new year. Not only does it take the guesswork out of cooking times, but it can be used for everything from yogurt to beef stew.

3. 15 Easy Slow Cooker Recipes Under 375 Calories
Put your slow cooker to good use by making oatmeal, chicken korma, polenta and more.

4. 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking Chicken
Is your chicken always dry? Here’s how to fix those chicken meal prep faux pas.

5. 12 Batch-Cooked Meals Under 350 Calories
From smoothies to turkey burgers, see how many of these delicious recipes you can make.

6. Meal Prep Rescue: Making the Most of the Freezer
Don’t ignore the freezer — sheet pans of lasagna, soups and casseroles can last up to a month so you always have a healthy dish on-hand.

7. 5 Ways to Turn Last Night’s Leftovers Into This Morning’s Breakfast
Smart meal planning means transforming dishes like meatloaf, roast turkey and meatballs into epic breakfast sandwiches.

8. Why Snack Prep Is Just as Important as Meal Prep
Avoid overeating by planning your snacks in advance and sticking to protein-packed choices with 200 calories or less.

9. 6 Healthier Food Prep Methods You Need to Know
Find out what to do if you order fries with everything or loathe clean-up.

10. 5 Make-Ahead Mason Jar Recipes
Breakfast looks more chic in Mason jars, which is why you should try these healthy sweet and savory recipes.

11. Healthy Habits for Life: 10 Tips for Better Meal Prep
Getting the most out of meal prep, so it becomes a lasting life-long habit, involves planning a menu but also making it fun

About the Author

Brianna Wippman
Brianna Wippman

Brianna took up marathoning in France and swapped the Seine for the East River in New York City. She has written lifestyle, nutrition, health and fitness content for publications including Food Arts, Food & Wine and Furthermore from Equinox. You’ll find her running, at a new restaurant, or in the dog park with her beagle mix Roxy.


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