17 Must-Read Articles If You Want to Cut Back On Sugar

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17 Must-Read Articles If You Want to Cut Back On Sugar

Do you find yourself constantly battling with your self-control when you encounter that doughnut in the office break room or the candy bar in the checkout aisle? We can relate — as it turns out, sugary foods are actually addictive. Without question, too much added sugar is bad for you. It’s linked to sluggish energy, skin breakouts, weight gain, obesity, diabetes, nonalcoholic fatty liver and other chronic diseases. If you’re tired of losing to sugar, here are 17 must-read articles to help you stomp the cravings, bust myths about sugar and cut back on empty calories.

1. 8 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar — How many of these signs have you experienced?

2. 15 Simple Hacks for Eating Less Sugar — Check out these easy tricks and tips to slash sugar from your diet and save hundreds of calories.

3. Ask the Dietitian: Is Sugar Addictive? — Is sugar an addictive substance or not? We dig deep into science to give you an answer — plus share five tips to beat sugar cravings.

4. Why Science Says Sugar Is Bad for Weight Loss — The latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend — for the first time ever — that sugar be limited to no more than 10% of total daily calories. Learn how excess sugar is processed in your body and how it affects your weight-loss goals.

5. Ask the Dietitian: Is It OK to Eat Sugary Fruit? — That a fear of fruit was born out of recommendations to eat less added sugar shows a lack of nuance in the way we think about nutrition. Should you consider sugar from fruit the same as sugar from cola? Get the verdict from MyFitnessPal dietitian, Trinh Le, MPH, RD.

6. The Surprising Benefits of Cutting Back on Sugar — We all know that cutting back on sugar can prevent weight gain, but did you know these 12 other amazing benefits of taming your sweet tooth?

7. 16 Surprising Sugar Bombs You Might Be Drinking — See how much sugar is hiding in some of your favorite drinks, and find some smarter sips that won’t break the sugar bank.

8. 9 Simple Drink Swaps to Cut Back on Sugar — By making a few smart swaps for your sugary drinks, you can also realize some sweet savings.

9. 6 Ways to Slash Sugar from Your Smoothies — Few things can beat the sweltering summer heat better than a cold smoothie, even if you’re watching your sugar intake. Build lower-sugar varieties by playing with the smoothie’s fat, protein and texture. Bonus: Berry-licious recipes included!

10. 5 Lower-Sugar Breakfast Options — It’s common to experience a sugar crash after breakfast. The coffee, banana, bagel and other quick fixes we grab in the morning make it easy to eat too many carbs and not enough of the fat and protein that balance a meal. This quick list of lower-sugar recipes that don’t compromise on taste can help.

11. Is Coconut Sugar Really a Healthier Sweetener? — Just as the nutrition world is hanging sugar out to dry, some are going coconuts for the “natural” sweetener coconut sugar. If coconut oil is touted as healthy, so is coconut sugar, right?

12. Why the WHO Advises You to Reduce Sugar Consumption — As if sugar needed more red flags, both the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee and the World Health Organization have urged us to reduce our consumption. Find out why.

13. The Truth About Sugar Alcohols — There’s a little something lurking in your chewing gum, hard candy, “light” ice cream, cookies and pudding. And, if you have GI problems, you might want to take a hard look at your diet to see whether sugar alcohols might be a hidden culprit.

14. Eggs & Coffee Are In, Added Sugars Are Out — For a concise breakdown of the Dietary Guidelines (and to learn why added sugars are out), read this article.

15. Trying to Avoid Sugar? You’re Probably Eating it Anyway — It seems sugar manufacturers have us just where they want us — convinced we’re making healthier choices and cutting back on sugar without actually doing so.

16. So You Want to Stop… Eating Added Sugar — Cut down on the amount of sugar in your diet with these simple tips — they’re seriously easy.

17. 44 Nicknames for Added Sugar — As if trying to avoid sugar wasn’t complicated enough, you’ve undoubtedly noticed unrecognizable ingredients on labels. Fret not — we’ve compiled 44 nicknames for added sugar to help decipher those labels!

Do you have tips to share on how to cut back on sugar? Let us know in the comments below!

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