Your Toast is Totally Sick of Peanut Butter

Lentine Alexis
by Lentine Alexis
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Your Toast is Totally Sick of Peanut Butter

Your toast called. It’s had it with peanut butter. And this is great news because there are so many new and exciting toast toppings to take its place. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be for forever, unless you want it to be.)

Literally, everything in your fridge would be great on toast with a little finesse. And the result isn’t just any toast but jaw-dropping, Instagram-worthy toasts.

Here are some of our brightest toast ideas:


This may seem obvious, but peanut and almond aren’t the only nuts to make amazing butter. Cashews, pecans, walnuts, coconut and even combinations of nuts make amazing nut butter  spreads. If you’ve already mastered making your own nut butter at home, graduate to flavoring it with a bit of sea salt, spices, honey, maple or even swirl hints of savory flavors into your spread.


Jam and jelly are just sugared up fruits, so cut the filler and finish your toast with fresh fruit. Whether your spread is butter, nut butter, creamy ricotta cheese or even coconut yogurt, there’s a fruit for that. Some favorites:

  • European butter with salted peaches
  • Almond butter with cherries
  • Coconut butter with raspberries
  • Ricotta with figs


Great avocado toast is about so much more than just the green stuff. To make truly great avocado toast, you’re going to want a little acid, salt, spice, maybe some bright herbs and crunch to cut all that creamy goodness. Try mashing your avocado with lime and olive oil, then seasoning with salt and pepper — as if you were going to make guacamole. Pluck a few favorite herbs (a little handful of arugula, basil, dill, mint, chives or cilantro will do), then toast some seeds and nuts — crunchy pepitas, hemp seeds, sesame, poppy seeds, almonds and sunflower seeds are all super on top of avocado toast.


Betcha didn’t realize hummus doesn’t need to be “just beige,” eh? Carrots, fava beans, beets … basically any veggies blended into a spread will suit your toast just fine. Top a nice slather with a little handful of greens and an egg and you have a meal.


If you haven’t tried salad for breakfast yet, you’re missing out — especially when it’s perched atop crusty toast. For the most basic option, toss greens in a bit of olive oil, lemon, a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and seeds. Leftover salads with veggies are next level when topped with a fried egg, too.


You won’t miss peanut butter one bit when you place a perfect piece of prosciutto on top of a little bit of apricot jam or spread creme fraiche or cream cheese and add smoked salmon. Include capers, sliced tomato, cucumber or avocado and suddenly you don’t need bagels anymore either.

About the Author

Lentine Alexis
Lentine Alexis
Lentine is a curious, classically trained chef and former pro athlete. She uses her bicycle, raw life and travel experiences and organic ingredients to inspire athletes and everyone to explore, connect and expand their human experiences through food. She previously worked as a Chef/Recipe Developer/Content Creator and Culinary Director at Skratch Labs – a sports nutrition company dedicated to making real food alternatives to modern “energy foods.” Today, she writes, cooks, speaks and shares ideas for nourishing sport and life with whole, simple, delicious foods.


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