What’s New In The MyFitnessPal App: April 2016

Glennis Coursey
by Glennis Coursey
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What’s New In The MyFitnessPal App: April 2016

Here at MyFitnessPal, we’re always striving to make it as easy as possible for our users to track their food and activity, stay motivated, and reach their goals. Whenever we make changes and updates to the app, we do it with these objectives in mind.

We started thinking that it might be helpful for our users to have a place where they can get familiar with all of the new features we’ve released. That’s why we decide to post a product roundup to recap all of the updates we’ve made to the app.

Let’s take a quick look at what we’ve been up to:

Restaurant Logging

Our Restaurant Logging feature allows you to view calorie and nutrient information for 500,000+ restaurant menus, pick items that fit your goals, and quickly log them in your MyFitnessPal diary.

RL Map Image iOS  RL Map Image Android

Read More: MyFitnessPal Restaurant Logging: Now on iOS and Android!

We’ve also added the ability to Filter and Sort menu items on iOS.

Filtering Image  Sorting Image

Read More: Filtering + Sorting Come To MyFitnessPal Restaurant Logging

Progress Photos

Adding Progress Photos to your weight entries allows you to see a visual history of your achievements. You have the option to share your photos and help inspire others. Our iOS users can post their photos in the MyFitnessPal newsfeed.

Progress Photos Image iOS  Progress Photos Image Android

Read More: MyFitnessPal Progress Photos: See and Celebrate Your Success

Starting Weight

You can now make changes to your Starting Weight and set a new benchmark for your progress.

Set Starting Weight - iOS  Set Starting Weight - Android

Read More: Track Your Progress From A New Starting Weight

MyFitnessPal Beta Program

Help us make future versions of MyFitnessPal great by joining our beta program. To get started, go to the Help screen in the app and tap Join Our Beta Program.

Beta Program Image iOS  Beta Program Image Android

You can also sign up by clicking: Join The Beta Program.

Blog Posts in the Newsfeed

The blog posts in your newsfeed now have bigger pictures and titles that are easier to read.

Blog Post Image iOS  Blog Post Image Android

Bonus Round

And that’s not all …

  • We now support both the split-view and slide over features of iPad Multitasking on the iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro.
  • The “select all” option in the Edit mode of the diary on Android is back.
  • We’ve improved exercise syncing from MapMyFitness/UA Record to MyFitnessPal.
  • It’s easier than ever to see all available tabs and navigate between them on iOS.
  • We’ve improved our syncing with Google Fit on Android.
  • The design of our sign-up and log-in screens has been updated on Android.

Future Roundups

Be sure to keep any eye out for future updates where we’ll summarize the changes we’ve made to the MyFitnessPal app.

Please Note: These changes are rolling out slowly so don’t worry if you don’t see all of them in the app yet. Not all of these features are available internationally.

Until next time, happy tracking!

About the Author

Glennis Coursey
Glennis Coursey

Glennis has developed digital health coaching programs that have empowered thousands of people to live healthier lives. She was the Coaching Director at Sessions and Coaching Lead at MyFitnessPal. Currently she’s a Product Manager at Under Armour Connected Fitness, where she develops product for the world’s largest health and fitness community. Keep up with Glennis on Twitter: @glenniscoursey


22 responses to “What’s New In The MyFitnessPal App: April 2016”

  1. Avatar HarlieDoll says:

    It would be great if we could book mark favorite blog recipes or if, after importing recipes to “my recipes,” there was a link to the cooking directions. It’s great that the ingredients get imported, but can be really difficult to find the cooking directions, especially if it’s from a much older blog.

    • Avatar Danielle Patt says:

      I have been texting the recipes to myself from the blogs. They can be emailed also. It will save the whole thing exactly as it is and can then be logged from your text or email once you make it exactly as it would from the blog.

  2. Avatar mustangmissy says:

    Would be great if Windows phones had all of the features that Android and Apple have

  3. Avatar Nathan says:

    Will restaurant logging be coming to other countries at some point? I’m in Canada, and have wanted this feature since I first started with MFP four years ago.

  4. Avatar plumifera says:

    Will you ever gonna let transfer strenght training calories coming from Life Fitness machines? As per today it only transfer cardio ones. Why is that?!

  5. Avatar Hexica says:

    I currently use a separate app to track my blood glucose levels – will MFP ever off that feature?

  6. Avatar Susie says:

    I have been tracking with MyFitnessPal for 198 days and love it since it works so well with my Garmin Viviofit app. This tool has helped me with my weight loss journey. I wish there was a setting for those of us who have or going to have Weight Loss Surgery.

  7. Avatar Diamond Robinson says:

    Would love to have ability to record blood glucose levels for diabetics. Also I wish that when you add excercise it didn’t add the calories you burned back into your available calories left.

  8. Avatar Daniel Wyss says:

    MyFitnessPal is great. But when you are living in Hong Kong and eat Chinese Food (Sharing Dishes) it’s almost impossible to tracking what you are eating … 🙁

  9. Avatar Shannon says:

    Us athletes and healthy lifestyle fit people would like to see the option of 6 or 7 meals a day rather than only 4 like there is now.
    We eat every 2-3hrs and it Wld be great to be able to split the meals up to track!!

  10. Avatar blitzface says:

    “Blog Posts in the Newsfeed

    The blog posts in your newsfeed now have bigger pictures and titles that are easier to read.” BOOOO I want this garbage out of my news feed.

  11. Avatar Kmjack55 says:

    I love MFP. Easy to use and track. I would love to see some menu plans for different weight loss goals that can be uploaded to our tracking journal. Used a site years ago that provided this, making following a plan very easy, with only minor modifications.

  12. Avatar Lorraine says:

    The blog posts with larger pictures now take up my newsfeed on my phone to an annoying level. Why do they go down the page instead of scrolling sideways like before?

  13. Avatar CheriePie says:

    Please please please add a feature to duplicate recipes you’ve created. It’s a huge pain in the butt to have to enter all my base ingredients manually every time I’m making different kinds of smoothies. I’d rather just duplicate a similar one and change a few ingredients from there. (It also doesn’t help that the search when creating recipes doesn’t look to your most recently used items like logging regular food does.)

    • Avatar StephanieJCW says:

      Yes!! I would like to take base recipes and just change an ingredient or 2 and log as a new version. It’s infuriating to have to either permanently modify one or start again each time.

      • Avatar Mary1254 says:

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      • Avatar Sharon36598 says:

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  14. Avatar xjxuxnkx says:

    the recipe section is lacking so much that it is a hassle to even mess with it. the recipes do not import and trying to type in ingredients one at a time is beyond frustrating. I eat on a macro level and i just give up overtime. When asked if I like the program I always say sure for the free stuff … do not waste your $$$ to upgrade.

  15. Avatar Judith says:

    Are these features only for the premium? or iOS? Because I can’t find anything of the kind on mine! I can’t take any pictures at all (let alone save them), I don’t see blog entries at all and nothing about restaurants. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app yesterday because it crashed when I tried to open it, even though I turned my phone on and off several times – so I’m fairly sure I do have the newest version. it is, however, in German. (which is okay, since I am German, but I would prefer English nevertheless – but I can’t change the settings anywhere.) I’m a bit confused… Please help! 🙂

  16. Avatar LoriS says:

    I would LOVE water intake tracking to be made easier. It would absolutely great to sync with one of the existing water reminder apps, or push multiple notifications for one category.
    Right now I have created a custom food category called water, and have a reminder that if I’ve not logged water by 10am to push a notification. But being able to push multiple notifications. Like “i havent logged CustomCategory in the last x hours or minutes, send me a reminder.” So if I havent logged water intake in the last 1.5 hours, send a reminder.
    Also, being able to set goals for water (or a category) would be awesome too.

  17. Avatar Slingshot says:

    How do you add your on recipes to find out the nutrition info on it? I really need that feature.

  18. Avatar Karen says:

    Please, either add a search option for my recipes, or put them in alphabetical order.I have 15 pages of recipes and it is a pain in the butt to try to find one.
    Also, will you add a spot for the serving side? When I create the recipe, I know how many servings but I can’t remember what that size is the next time I make the recipe. I upgraded to premium and I am so disappointed. It was so much easier to input a recipe when it wasn’t owned by Under Armor. Your options on quantities and measurements make it difficult to enter a recipe. Unless the recipe thing improves I will not rejoin nor will I recommend.

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