MyFitnessPal Restaurant Logging: Now on iOS and Android

by MyFitnessPal
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MyFitnessPal Restaurant Logging: Now on iOS and Android

Our goal at MyFitnessPal is to help you embrace the healthy world around you. We do that in lots of ways: from giving you nutritional insights into the foods you eat every day to fostering a community to help you stay focused on your goals. But there’s so much more for us to do.

A restaurant menu item is logged every 3.2 seconds on our app. And yet, one of the biggest pain points for MyFitnessPal users has been making good decisions while eating out. In a recent user survey, we found:

  • Almost half of all users eat out at least once per week
  • Over 80% of people find it difficult to make healthy food decisions at restaurants
  • Nearly 80% would always look at nutrition info before ordering, if it were available

We’ve heard the need for help loud and clear—that’s why we’ve created our new Restaurant Logging feature.

restaurant logging 1  restaurant logging 2 Android


Now, from within your MyFitnessPal app, you can:

  • Quickly, easily log restaurant items
  • View the calorie and nutrition information from menus of 500,000 restaurants nationwide
  • Call up a map of nearby restaurant menus at a glance so you can see which options best fit your calorie and macro goals for the day

If you don’t see a menu item in our app, you can request it. We’re constantly adding new menus to the app.

restaurant logging 2   RL Image #3


To access this new feature:

  1. Open MyFitnessPal.
  2. Tap the blue + button at the bottom.
  3. Tap Food
  4. Select which meal you’d like to log.
  5. Tap the location icon to the right of the search bar.
  6. Enjoy Restaurant logging!

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 11.00.51 AM

screenshot from iOS

restaurant logging 4 Android

screenshot from Android

This feature is rolling out slowly so don’t worry if you don’t see it in the app yet.

Have questions about how to use the new feature? Check out our FAQs page.

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70 responses to “MyFitnessPal Restaurant Logging: Now on iOS and Android”

  1. Avatar Cokomo says:

    I don’t see it in my app. How do I acc as this new restaurant feature?

    • Avatar Veronica says:

      In the food-logging page (iOS app) you’ll find a search bar at the top. Next to said bar there’s a location tab icon (like the ones Google Maps uses) and a barcode icon. Click on the location tab icon to search for restaurants in your area. If the menu is available, it will show.

      Hope it helps.

  2. Avatar fmifolnoa says:

    I’m using the app on iOS but don’t see the new feature either.

    I checked App Store and there’s no update for the app, is this being rolled out worldwide or only in certain regions?

    • Avatar Brumby says:

      Click Add Food, then there is a Dropped Pin icon to the right of the search box. Click it and it will open the resturant feature using a map.

      • Avatar KlipyWitz says:

        That’s the thing. The dropped pin icon is not there, just the barcode scan…

        I even deleted the app and reinstalled it, but no luck…

      • Avatar fmifolnoa says:

        Looked into this a bit more… if you go to App Store and look under What’s New for the app, it said restaurant logging is for US ONLY for the time being 🙁

        • Avatar AJ says:

          Well that’s the thing. I am in the US but I still don’t see it.

          • Avatar fmifolnoa says:

            Ooh… They need to look into this ASAP then!!!

          • Avatar Jess Ballinger says:

            I’m in your boat, too. Deleted the app, reinstalled, and I’m in the US. I even made sure location services are turned on, just in case that was part of it. It’s frustrating!

          • Avatar AJ says:

            Ya I did the exact same thing. I don’t even have a location services option on my myfitnesspal

          • Avatar Lydia B. says:

            I just ran across a response from a member of the MFP team stating that this feature should be available to all US users over the next few weeks. It’s to “ensure the feature can scale properly and performs as expected.” It was posted in reply on 1/7/16.

          • Avatar Jill says:

            Thanks for the update Lydia. I also don’t have the restaurant location services and went through all the same steps that AJ and you did as well. It’s frustrating MFP claims to have it rolled it out but it’s currently only available to some users.

    • Avatar Will says:

      Same here. Don’t see it.

    • Avatar Roni says:

      I didn’t see it at first, either, but then went back and carefully followed instructions. Maybe you did the same thing? You won’t see the dropped pin icon until after you click Add Food. It’s just to the left of the barcode. Good luck!

      • Avatar says:

        I hear you but it’s not there for me. I can see it on my husband’s phone so I know where to look. It’s just not there.

        • Avatar Tony says:

          I needed to complete quit the app and re-start it, and then the location icon appeared. From the home screen I double-clicked the home button, swiped up on MyFitnessPal to quit it, and then restarted it. At least that’s what worked for me.

  3. Avatar Emily Johnston says:

    Is this in Canada cause I’ve checked and there is no location button next to the barcode. Only the search bar and the barcode.

  4. Avatar sfh1685 says:

    Also not in my version in the UK. Is this just for US users?

  5. Avatar AJ says:

    I don’t see it on the app. Anyone else see it?

  6. Avatar DragonBuddha06 says:

    My only question would be if this includes local restaurants or just chain? I will admit that I am a big fan of eating out, but I abhor larger chain restaurants and instead opt for local business.

    As an android user, I’ll probably have to wait for my answer. At least, wait longer than iOS users. Good Luck guys! Once it updates, if someone stumbles across this post could you respond and let me know once everything is updated/released?

  7. Avatar Barbara West says:

    Great news! Will it be available in the Kindle app when the Android version is released?

  8. Avatar Amelia says:

    I live in Cincinnati and I don’t see the new feature.

  9. Avatar Brumby says:

    I like the app. I don’t know where the app is getting the location information though. Just looking near my location the dots are not in the location of the restaurants. I also found two dots at different locations with the same resultant name.

  10. Avatar Pia says:

    Agree with the users below. There is no location icon next to the barcode icon. No update either.

  11. Avatar Susana Mendez-Hatfield says:

    How exciting! I hope the android version is released soon!

  12. Avatar sharongibson says:

    Will this feature be available for Windows phone users in the near future?

  13. Avatar says:

    Oddly, my husband can see this feature on his phone but I can’t on mine. He’s sitting two feet from me and we both have the same model iPhones. No update available for me, tried deleting and reinstalling, checked location services. Nothing yet.

  14. Avatar rtilton65 says:

    I’ve got it on my iPhone.

  15. Avatar Diane wormsley says:

    Is this available in Bangkok or Chiang Mai Thailand?

  16. Avatar Jim_in_Conroe says:

    I can’t see the app. Is it for iPhone only at this time? I am using a Windows computer, Android phone, and Kindle HDX and can’t see it on any. Also, someone mentioned to carefully follow the directions. WHAT DIRECTIONS? I don’t see any either.

  17. Avatar Dayna says:

    If anyone is using Android it isn’t available yet. Under the FAQ page is says “Android will be coming in the near future.”

  18. Avatar Renee Buntain says:

    So, this app doesn’t work on android devices yet? I don’t see the map icon either.

  19. Avatar Matthew Pruitt says:

    Not showing on mine either. And yes I know where to look. Shows on my girlfriend’s phone.

  20. Great! But please hurry up on Android. Android users are vastly more populous!!

  21. Avatar grammadeby says:

    is this for iphones only? I can’t seem to find it on my android

  22. Avatar Denise says:

    So, can android users still be a part of Panera contest?

  23. Avatar boo_321 says:

    I was soooo excited…..until I read iOS only right now. C’mon, just once launch for us Android users first. So disappointed 🙁

  24. Avatar Jake Wilson says:

    Either this feature is only available for premium users, or they announced before it was ready. I followed the directions closely – no dice.

  25. Avatar Nicole Shen says:

    When are you going to have this feature available for Singapore and China?

  26. Avatar DinaClare says:

    I’m really excited for this feature to come out in Australia!

  27. Avatar Madiao says:

    Would be nice to see this in places other than the USA!

  28. Avatar Jackie Edwards says:

    when will this be available in the UK?

  29. Avatar Jonathan says:

    I think makes sense that you’ll roll this out first in the US, but I seem not to be the only one interested in seeing this functionality worldwide.

    Is it possible to make so international users could start building a database on their own, until MFP staff can pay attention to other locations?

  30. Avatar Angela Barrows-Pepper says:

    I read it was only in the US and will be available for Android soon? Is it available now for Samsung and in UK then?

  31. Avatar k8blujay says:

    It’s great. But I have found sometimes the menus aren’t always current. For example, chili’s doesn’t have the newer items on here yet.

  32. Avatar Laura Hubley says:

    Don’t forget to add Canada 🙂

  33. Avatar Katie says:

    Great idea. Is it a paid feature? Also, will Canada be added? Even if we have a lot of the same chains, the nutritional info is rarely the same.

  34. Avatar Kate says:

    This sounds amazing. Difficult to roll it into other counties. I’m in Australia and most restaurants here don’t even make the nutritional information of their food public. Even TGI Fridays doesn’t. If you Google it you can only find the American menu information.

  35. Avatar AJ says:

    Still don’t see it on the app.

  36. Avatar tcheck1 says:

    Do we know when it is coming out for Android?

  37. Avatar Steven Jones says:

    Awesome! This is something that I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time

  38. Avatar Ash says:

    Thanks very much for upgrading this app. I used to use it some years ago and it wasn’t anywhere near as it is now. I love the idea of restaurant logging, it’s another example of how making this app easier to use can really help those who are trying to improve their diet. I hope it comes to Germany soon!

  39. Avatar John Olson says:

    I think that you need the touch feature in a 6s.

  40. Avatar jane says:

    Still waiting…

  41. Avatar mom_of_3 says:

    How long before androids can use this? This app seems to cater to IOS

  42. Avatar Jerome Barry says:

    I don’t have an iPhone or the app. Will it be on-line?

  43. Avatar Susan Calder-Murray says:

    MyFitnessPal Restaurant Logging: Now on iOS and Android – I really wish this feature was available in Canada 🙁 I find eating out with the family so hard

  44. Avatar Bobby Mlove says:

    I tried to register via the app, it said unable to connect to the internet. Then I got a confirmation email from MFP. So I tried to log in, no such account. Tried to use the same email with a new account name – email is already associated with an account. wtf people? Tried again with a whole new email address and username. Same exact scenario. Uninstalled. ya get what ya pay for.

  45. Avatar Bobby Mlove says:

    WHY DOESN’T ANYONE FROM THE COMPANY RESPOND TO ANYONE? Oh right. They were bought by UnderArm. er…. Armour…. I’ve learned not to expect anything from this company.

  46. Well this sucks. Earlier before I put together my shake. The app popped up saying it now has Restaurant search! Great, I could use it tonight. But of course, on schedule, every time you add food, the app freezes. Supposedly the app was updated a couple of days ago, but I had to reinstall the app. Par the course, the app keeps freezing everytime you add food. I reinstalled the app. Same thing happens. Ok, cool. I’ll just close the app and launch it because thats the only way to add food.

    Not long ago now, say 2 hours later I’m ready to go out and get dinner. The restaurant ability is no longer there. Checked the appstore and saw that there was nothing like “What’s new in blah blah blah”. So I guess when I reinstalled the app, I no longer get this new functionally.

    Well fuck this!

  47. Avatar Sara Scheuermann says:

    Still waiting for this to be released in Toronto. Please hurry!

  48. Avatar fmifolnoa says:

    So, it’s been a year since this blog post published and I’ve got the very latest version of MyFitnessPal app on iOS and yet I *still* do not see the location pin next to the barcode when I add food. What is going on? Is this available or not?? 🙁

  49. Avatar RayDawggg Trismegistus says:

    As of 9/24/17 ..this feature is available on Android. I successively found and logged several of my local restaurants in Cleveland, Ohio. While there are still a few not listed, I did have the option to request a menu.

  50. Avatar Trixie Dodd says:

    I love this idea of restaurant meal logging! Do you know when we might get this in NZ?

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