Watch This MyFitnessPal User Lose 176 Pounds Over 2 Years, 1 Photo Per Day

Watch This MyFitnessPal User Lose 176 Pounds Over 2 Years, 1 Photo Per Day

Jonah Freedman
by Jonah Freedman
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Watch This MyFitnessPal User Lose 176 Pounds Over 2 Years, 1 Photo Per Day

The moment the lightbulb went on for Eric Naiman was when he was literally staring himself in the face. In the fall of 2014, he was putting in 60- to 70-hour weeks managing a restaurant in Orlando. He was stressed and exhausted, using his limited free time to unwind by eating and drinking socially. With all those factors combined, he found himself weighing close to 400 pounds.

“I remember waking up one morning, feeling like total crap,” he recalls. “I looked at my face in the mirror and said out loud, ‘How did I get here?’” That’s when the revelation hit him: “I can’t do this anymore,” he remembers thinking. “I have to do something else.”

That marked the beginning of Naiman’s journey. He was lucky in that he had had enough — “I was ready to make a change,” he admits. But he also had an accountabilibuddy in his friend and soon-to-be-roommate Paul Antonelli, who had a degree in exercise physiology and had lost 70 pounds with MyFitnessPal. With Antonelli’s help, Naiman set a weight-loss target of 176 pounds. The early strategy was simple: overhaul his diet, log it all on MyFitnessPal and get his steps in to stay moving. Every day, he would take a photo of himself to track his progress and hold himself accountable.

When he saw the “two pounds per week” strategy was starting to work, he had another revelation. “How cool would it be,” he thought, “to show my family the actual shrinking?” So he began building a time-lapse video of his transformation, day by day, through his entire journey.

“You look at folks’ before-and-after photos,” he explains. “The before always represents, ‘He’s not going to be able to do it.’ The after is always,’I can’t believe he did it.’ The interesting thing to me was the in-between, the journey.”


Naiman has taken the entire trip: In just over two years, he has dropped all 176 pounds, and also added muscle thanks to rigorous training at Orangetheory Fitness. He’s even won a handful of weight-loss competitions held by the trendy health-club chain. But he’s found something even more important: his self-respect.

What you’ll see below is the fruit of Naiman’s labor: a five-minute video he put together that features a time-lapse of all 758 progress photos taken over 25 months (through this past February), and some of his most important revelations along the way. He hopes that his work will help inspire others who are overlooked to make the changes they need to to feel good about themselves.

“Most people, when they look at an obese person, they keep on looking,” he says. “They barely see them and don’t give them much attention — unless you’re on an airplane with them, or if they get kicked off a ride at Universal Studios because they’re too big. With this video, I hope [obese] people can see that these are the things you can achieve. You’re seeing the moments and seeing me shrink.”

And that’s the philosophy he wants to pass along: “You have to be willing to take many small steps. If you had told me that two years ago, I wouldn’t have wanted to do it. But if you do that, you get a series of small results.”

And that’s what making a big change is all about.

Watch Naiman’s video here:

About the Author

Jonah Freedman
Jonah Freedman

Jonah has worked for multiple publications including Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Money, Rolling Stone and Details. In his spare time he enjoys running, working out, a nice glass of whiskey (neat) and far, far too much soccer on TV. Follow him on Twitter @jonahfreedman.


139 responses to “Watch This MyFitnessPal User Lose 176 Pounds Over 2 Years, 1 Photo Per Day”

  1. Avatar Alice Shockley says:

    Fantastic! What an inspiration!

  2. Avatar Nina Scott-Stoddart says:

    This is really beautiful. I love the increasing joy on his face, too!

  3. Avatar Kate N Gary Emerson says:

    Wow your story/journey is awe inspiring!! I recently started my own journey and hope to lose “half of myself” (roughly 200 pounds also) and you just proved to me what I already thought…. IT CAN BE DONE!! Thank you for sharing your story and a massive congrats on your achievements.

  4. Avatar Gail says:

    Amazing and so inspiring ❤❤❤❤

  5. Avatar Sandra Dudley says:

    What a fabulous achievement. Well done! Great video, too. Brave of you to bare your soul for our inspiration. I am now re-motivated. Thank you!

  6. Avatar Krista Dalton says:

    Sure wish I could appreciate my own success like this. All I see is gross saggy disgusting loose skin. I don’t smile. I look disfigured. I guess it probably looks better on men they are taller. Pretty sad when you lose 165 pounds and you still look like a piece of crap. Story of my life.

    • Avatar Charlotte says:

      Don’t be so hard on yourself. You should be so proud of how far you’ve come!

    • Avatar AmyGonLilyMom says:

      Give yourself some credit! That is a huge accomplishment and you are probable so much more healthy and will live longer. Love yourself you deserve it!

      • Avatar Krista Dalton says:

        Why would I want to live longer? 31 years is long enough of this horrible life. I don’t want any more. Who wants to spend an entire life time absolutely alone with a disgusting looking saggy worthless body no man with a1000 foot pole would touch. I’ll pass on the live longer part.

        • Avatar Jan says:

          Hi. I’m twice your age and wasted many years being sad and depressed. But I now feel so much better. Please don’t give up. Try prayer and ask to see yourself as God does. You might be amazed at His answer

          • Avatar Krista Dalton says:

            Oh right cause imaginary answers from imaginary beings is really going to work. Give me a break. Really!? I’m glad your imaginary friend helped you but they lock people away for that now and put them on meds. Frankly I could care less about “god” and his opinion. Where was he while I spent 29 years being beaten up and abused for being fat? Time to face facts when you are ugly you are ugly and losing weight only makes that worse it’s in no way helpful

          • Avatar Eric Naiman says:

            you are beautiful and your worth is more then just you weight & outer appearance..The amount of weight loss and work you put in, is amazing..& personally I see loose skin as the victory of a hard fought battle.. together we can advocate, educate, & motivate dealing with the challenge that comes with mass we can feel comfortable showing off our bodies

          • Avatar J says:

            @krista dalton
            Sounds like your life was pretty tough, huh? I personally cannot imagine how that must have been, although I’ve been overweight most of my life I can gratefully say no one ever abused me for that reason. I am truly saddened by the fact that anyone would have an experience like that. But here’s the bottom line. Happiness is a very personal thing. No one can be happy for you in the same way no one can have faith for you or think thoughts for younor feel emotion for you. We can all spend a billion hours telling you you’re a great person, you’re beautiful and your life is worth living but you won’t believe any of that because we’re all strangers. We aren’t YOU. We cannot make you be a happy person if you don’t want to be. Until you want to change your perspective, you won’t. Simple as that. It’s the same thing that motivates someone like Eric to make all the amazing life changes he has made. He simply wanted it bad enough. So I won’t sit here and tell you that you’re beautiful and amazing and have so much going for you because frankly it means nothing unless you actually want to believe it yourself. So you have 2 choices, change your pattern of thinking from negative to positive or don’t. But whatever you decide, please do not take your anger out on these kind hearted strangers trying to encourage you. Don’t devalue their advice or diminish their accomplishmenta simply because you are unhappy with yourself. Negativity is a dreadful thing and there’s no need to erode other peoples happiness with it. I truly hope you get some help and can adjust your thinking for your own sake. Every life has value but only if that person chooses to see it. All the best to you girl!

        • Avatar Gloria says:

          Krista, you are worth living — and you are worth more than your body. Your physical shell does not define who you are. After all, our physical bodies all decompose after 70-80 years. If we are worth what our bodies can provide, then all invalids and amputees have no purpose. This simply isn’t the case.
          You are so valuable. Your heart beats for a purpose. 8

    • Avatar Rope And A Stool says:

      Don’t go there. I lost 125 pounds and felt the way you describe. I got disgusted and ate most of the weight back on. Now I’m fighting the battle all over again. Be patient. You need to learn to see yourself positively. It will come.

    • Avatar Dan says:

      I lost 200 lbs myself and have super saggy skin. I plan to get it removed this summer and can’t wait!

      • Avatar Krista Dalton says:

        Glad you can afford it. Some of us don’t have thousands of dollars. But another reason for me to hate myself. Maybe if I had focused more in school while I was getting the shit kicked out of me for being fat I could of gotten a better job and been able to afford the surgery. Guess I should of planned ahead better. I fail at everything.

        • Avatar Eric Naiman says:

          you are beautiful and your worth is more then just you weight & outer appearance..The amount of weight loss and work you put in, is amazing..& personally I see loose skin as the victory of a hard fought battle.. together we can advocate, educate, & motivate dealing with the challenge that comes with mass we can feel comfortable showing off our bodies

    • Avatar Courtney says:

      Congratulations to you both what a wonderful accomplishment the dedication it took to get to where you are is commendable. Despite the loose skin the overall health you both have achieved is not easy. Also what’s just as important as physical health is emotional and spiritual health. We all have flaws and rather its a big tummy or saggy skin we all have to know that we are worth being loved but most of all loving ourselves. Life is a gift and you both have shown many of us that we can live and be healthy. So thank you for sharing your story. Krista be encouraged self esteem sometimes takes a lot more then physical change so I can appreciate your prosepective but you are worth so much I hope one day you will see how beautiful you are!

      • Avatar Krista Dalton says:

        Being fat is not okay. I didn’t deserve love or respect then. Now I’m stuck in the shrivelled remains of a fat suit and I’m still disgusting and unwanted. I keep hoping I’ll eat the wrong thing soon and get cancer. Maybe if I lick enough tuna cans.

  7. Avatar Charlotte says:

    Well done, Phenomenal determination! Respect!

  8. Avatar Felicia says:

    Congratulations!!! That was so inspiring. I’m currently on a tremendous weight loss journey with a loss of 22.6lbs in 3 months. I have over 100lbs to lose and this right here, what you shared is EVERYTHING!!! It can be done.

    • Avatar Eric Naiman says:

      22.6lb is a great number to lose so far.. and although 100lb seems so far away.. its also alot closer then you think .. Im excited to see you make it happen

  9. Avatar Texan99 says:

    What a great idea to take a picture every day and put them together like this! Your story makes me very happy. It was a gas to see the smile start to light up your face in the later shots.

    • Avatar Eric Naiman says:

      thank you..

      • Avatar Elijah Hart says:

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      • Avatar Jackie says:

        Congrats on your amazing transformation!!! You look awesome, and you must feel great too! I have lost 170lbs too, and I know how much it changes your life! Again congrats!! 🙂

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        • Avatar Jesse Fowler says:

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        • Avatar Pat Paulson says:

          Bravo, Jackie!

      • Avatar Tawanna Broadway says:

        Did you get the skin removal surgery after you lost all the weight?

  10. Avatar Cai says:

    Woot woot not bad!

    I’d rather have the loose skin than all the extra weight!

  11. Avatar Jhr says:

    You are amazing and a great inspiration. …well done

  12. Avatar Gp says:

    Amazing! Thank you for sharing and enjoy every minute!

  13. Avatar Cat says:

    Congratulations Eric! I started on my journey two months ago. I too want to fit on the Harry Potter ride at Orlando. :). Your journey was inspirational and I will definitely continue mine because like you I am tired of being overweight. Again, congratulations!!!

    • Avatar Eric Naiman says:

      keep it up! you will get there.. and the harry potter ride is definitely a great motivational tool.. to keep you on track.. not only will you enjoy the ride..but you will love the feeling of accomplishment

  14. Avatar John says:

    Unbelievable,a real transformation in real time showing tiny tiny differences one day at a time that add up to one piece of magic months and months later ,people need to know you have to keep going ,I lost 170lbs and people don’t realise the last 30lbs make more difference than the first 130 as at that point you’re still fat to people then it all comes together

    Absolutely inspiring mate

    • Avatar Eric Naiman says:

      I 100% agree.. and congratulation your your success as well.. together we will continue to motivate and educate

  15. Avatar Courtney says:

    This is so awesome to see. I’m really struggling with my own motivation and commitment. The progress feels so slow even after hours upon hours of working out each week. How long did it take before you felt there was a big physical change?

    • Avatar Eric Naiman says:

      I dont know if there was any particular number that I started to comfortable with.. it was more like what miles stone did I achieve.. or the thing I was now able to do, because the weight came off. But the power of this video is to show you that all these small efforts ..the daily grind.. is eventually worth it..when you stick to the plan

  16. Avatar 3nadhhere says:

    Congratulations sir,A Big salute to you for the victory

  17. Avatar Rusty Rex says:

    Congratulations dude. Would be great to see the diet/meals included with this story.

    • Avatar Eric Naiman says:

      absouletly.. I do have some stuff on Instagram.. but soon I will be posting on you tube with good honest content to help answer questions about what to eat

  18. Avatar Samantha high says:

    I loveeeee this. My favourite part is how the last bit ends in him with a smile on his face. So beautiful my friend:)

  19. Avatar Paulina says:

    Congrats for the achievement, but what’s up with the hair. Does this cause hair growing?

    • Avatar Eric Naiman says:

      lol.. scientifically yes.. increase hair growth is possible when you are eating proper nutrition .. however in my case I was letting it grow out as an abstract way to tell my story.. Kind of like bear byrant used to make his football player do.

      • Avatar Paulina says:

        Ha! Good to know. I better watch :/ This sounds like a great ‘side effect” for a guy but not a women. In any case, I think you did an amazing job, Eric! Changing habits is not easy. Amazing success story. Keep it up!!!

  20. Avatar SithLord says:

    Well done brother! Good to see you transition to a smile. Keep it up!

  21. Avatar Melisa says:

    Way to go! I’ve been on my journey for almost 3 months (just a few days shy) and I’ve lost 38 pounds! I finally realize there’s no “magic pill” you just need a lot of determination and a strong will!

    • Avatar Eric Naiman says:

      exactly!! all that money I wasted and failed..yet the one time losing the weight finally work was from the 2 things that are free.. determination and will power.. keep doing what your doing!!

  22. Avatar Misty Dawn Krater says:

    What an inspiration! And a hansom man (before and after). It really encouraged me to watch this video. Great idea!

  23. Avatar randomisms says:

    My favorite thing about this was when you could see him start smiling in the photos. It was like watching him transform mentally as well as physically.

    • Avatar Eric Naiman says:

      thank you.. if I have learned anything.. it is that the secret to weight lose starts with the mind, then the kitchen.. once I worked on those 2 things.. everything else fell into place

  24. Avatar Yeti says:

    WoW!! What an encouragement!
    7 weeks ago I was 500 today I’m down 47lbs eating better,healthier and walking a lot. What an amazing transformation gives me hope.

    • Avatar Eric Naiman says:

      47lbs!!!that is awesome.. So happy for you.. Im looking foward to seeing you connect your dots and make great things happen.. keep it up!!

      • Avatar Yeti says:

        Thanks Eric,

      • Avatar Yeti says:

        Week 13 today! and at week 12
        I had lost 70lbs. Eric love what you had said in another post that it has to start with your mind before you start in the kitchen. So true! hope your doing well . Thanks for your hard work it’s inspiring!

  25. Avatar Melli Mel says:

    Just amazing mate! You’ve done so awesome, truely inspiring

  26. Avatar Greg hyde says:

    Great work i can relate i myself have dropped 70 kgs (154pds) over 12
    months and have never felt better great work i wish i had taken a picture each day as well

  27. Avatar Emily says:

    Very inspirational. Was a delight to see your smile grow, I’ve got tears in my eyes. I’m 23 pounds down into my journey.. this was very uplifting and gave me more fuel to keep going. You were handsome before as well as after too. Congrats on your success! <3

  28. Avatar Lucila Alcántara Rosales says:

    I woke up yesterday feeling just like you did that morning… like crap, and also was wondering how did i get here? i’ve been fat since i have memory, and just until now i decide to make a change, not just for my body but for my soul… You are such an inspiration to me. Congratulations for your successfull journey!.

  29. Avatar Daniel Hilli says:

    Nicely done!
    However, it Would have been a comical, somewhat hid, twist if you had worn the exact same underwear in each pic 😉
    Stay cool

  30. Avatar Lennaea says:

    You definitely connected the dots! Really enjoyed watching your confidence change in the photos! Towards the end, there was lots of smiles in the pics ☺ outstanding job!!

  31. Avatar NotfatDave says:

    Phenomenal, incredibly well done, an absolute inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

  32. Avatar Rubypippa says:

    Absolutely incredible, well done and what an inspiring thing to do.

  33. Avatar Geo76 says:

    Fantastic well done just watching your journey inspires me to continue with my weight loss journey and want it even more.

  34. Avatar Melanie Young says:

    So proud of you. That took dedication and determination. But I suspect you were someone “they” lost out on knowing from the very beginning. Keep up the good work!

  35. Avatar cele says:

    Love, love, love this!!!! Way to go! I felt so lazy this past week and just couldn’t make myself go back to the gym. After seeing your video, I’m inspired once again!!!! Keep it up and thank you for sharing your story!!!

  36. Avatar Emily says:

    Wow… I don’t even know where to begin… Congrats on ur success. Your story has given me a lot to think about with my own journey (that has plateaued)… Thank u.

  37. Avatar Jon Cooper says:

    started on a similar journey! was 440LB back on OCT 31 today I am down to 385. was nice reading your story as it just confirms everything I been doing for the last 6 months this is a life style change. I used to work retail and worked 50-60 hours a week. Drove me to into the ground. I am lucky I got a new job better hours and started eating right and a workout routine meeting with my nutritional coach every week and been using Myfitnesspal everyday. I think I will start taking more pictures to help me see the change and to help keep me on the right track. thank you for sharing your story very encouraging.

  38. Avatar Allison says:

    Yes!!! What touched me the most was when you started smiling in your pictures – at first here and there, and then more and more and more! So cool!! Amazing work- Congratulations!! (And you make an awesome John Snow.) 😉

  39. Avatar Neil B Maier says:

    Wow, you guys have done great, I’m really in a bad place right now, my weight ruins me everyday, I’ve tried diets, nothing works for me, I don’t work, I’ve been on disability for a couple of years now, I’ve got bad feet, can’t walk to far, I just don’t know where to turn to next, can anyone out there please help me, I’d be so thankful, I just don’t know how long I can keep going like this.

    Please & Thanks

    • Avatar Laura-Lori Kabel-Larkin says:

      Try starting with a few leg lifts at a time and a few arm lifts with a can of veggies. If possible stand up a few times. Im wishing you well

    • Avatar DianaBreeze says:

      A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Anything, anything you can do now will build on itself if you can just stay the course. Laura’s comment is spot on. A few leg lifts and a few can curls will eventually turn into a few more. Ten steps will eventually turn into eleven. I’m cheering for you!

    • Avatar Jessie says:

      First instead of trying a diet. Try changing your eating habits a lil at a time. I agree take small steps. Every step you take helps and if you mess up. shake it off. forgive yourself and keep going. don’t give up. there will be days you’ll see no progress. just don’t give up.

    • Avatar Jessie says:

      Small choices we make add up. A glass of water instead of soda. A salad instead of burger and fries. Drink a glass of water before each meal. Eat slow. Can’t walk a lot. Take 5 steps. Rest. Take 5 steps rest. and so on. I wish you the best. Don’t ever give up.

    • Avatar Christin says:

      Everyone has good ideas. It’s really not about how much you have to burn to bring in, being for some people in your situation, that is very hard to do. But it’s like other have said, drink water, replace one meal with something healthy.
      It doesn’t have to be about a big diet, just eating healthy.
      And there are pedal machines where you can sit down put your feet in them and pedal. I’ve known people who’s had anurisms in their legs (probably not spelled right, but where a blood vessel bursts). But what helped with weight loss and movement was that pedal machine.
      Just sit in front of a TV and casually pedal then stop whenever you start hurting.
      And lots of people focus too much on how much they can lose in a month. When in reality, if you’re being healthy and only lose a pound, that’s just as good.

    • Avatar Kathy Hansen says:

      go to zerocarbzen. com and read everything

  40. Avatar Marnie Richard says:

    Rock star! When those smiles starting popping up… small at first… then those big grins! But I won’t lie, I was sometimes distracted by your variety of underwear… I feel the need to go underwear shopping, I’m feeling like my underwear drawer is very boring. I digress… Kudos to you man! Keep up the healthy journey, you’re an inspiration!

  41. Avatar Shelley Streeter says:

    This is so amazing! I wish I had taken daily photos and did this on my journey to losing 180 lbs in 18 months. Truly life changing! Great job! It can be done! <3

  42. Avatar Laura-Lori Kabel-Larkin says:

    Well you give us step by step how you did if? Like when and what you ate, how often did you exerciser n what you did for exercise? How did you keep motivated?

  43. Avatar Natalie Percy says:

    this is AMAZING! i agree with so many others that the best part was when smiles starting sneaking their way into the pictures. both the smiles & the motivation are contagious – great job!

  44. Avatar Cathie McDonald says:

    Wished I had done this when I started my journey! 70lbs down and 40 to 50 more to go! But the most amazing thing of the whole video was watching his smile, frame by frame the smile got bigger! Congrats on your hard work! And inspiring me to continue what I started!

  45. Avatar Matt Leahy says:

    I just want to say THANK YOU.

  46. Avatar geo637 says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing your ongoing journey with us. I’m personally quite inspired that you’ve brought a male perspective towards having felt invisible as an obese sized person… and shed some light on the fact that people now “see” you the more fit you’ve become. I’ve experienced this in my own journey, and it’s really awkward and sometimes discouraging thinking back to being treated as a background prop, to then having doors being held open for you with wide smiles etc. if a byproduct of being fit is more positive interaction with others so be it… but I won’t lie, there is some mental work to be done and process through when suddenly ppl “socially accept” you based on face value. Anyway. I’m glad I’m not alone in that feeling, thanks for your honesty.

  47. Avatar Sherry Gibboney says:

    I am amazed and encouraged. Thank you for sharing this amazing transformation with us. What an inspiration!

  48. Avatar Mara Wilson says:

    the best part was seeing your smile grow and grow!

    • Avatar Justice League says:

      a 1000 up votes!!!! 🙂

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  49. Avatar Donna B says:

    Just amazing Eric.
    What an incredible journey. Thank you so much for sharing your life with all of us.
    You are a true inspiration!!
    Reading your battle with weight has kept me on the wagon.

    Again, thank you.

  50. Avatar Lears2016 says:

    Respect, respect, respect, respect.

  51. Avatar Starr says:

    Seeing the smile on your face get bigger as you got smaller says it all. Congrats!

  52. Avatar candre717 says:

    Looking good Eric! Congrats. So inspired. Thanks for sharing.

  53. Avatar Teiny Winehausen says:

    Highly inspirational and yeah I think it is seeing ‘the journey’ as opposed to the ‘before and after’ shot.

  54. Avatar Tarra Scott says:

    I wish I had done this. I’ve gone from 320+ lbs to 249 lbs just by changing my eating habits and drinking a lot more water. I have been overeating again so it’s at a plateau, but I am going to get back to losing more weight soon.

  55. Avatar Ted MacRae says:

    Dude – my heartiest congratulations!

  56. Avatar Justice League says:

    dude, you rock! you ARE an inspiration! all the best 🙂

  57. Avatar Guera says:

    my little sister was over 250 pounds and couple of years she lose more than 100 pounds,,i have my baby 3 months ago and i gain lot of weight while pregnant now i am 180 pounds and my perfect weight is 125,,my sister don’t help at all she keep sending me her photos telling me how she feel great and how manny clothes she buy now the she lose the weight..

  58. Avatar Sylvia says:

    So beautiful and amazing!!!!!

  59. Avatar Teri says:

    Amazing, and congratulations. I am going to forward your video to a few friends to encourage them in their journey. Twenty years ago, I lost 50 lbs., and I have kept the weight off through healthy eating and exercise. The exercise is two-fold, it helps with my fitness, but it also clears my head. You’re truly inspirational. You look fantastic! Sending you lots of eternal grooviness.

  60. Avatar Tim Hartson says:

    You’re an awesome inspiration !!

  61. Avatar Rorry Phillips says:

    You’re my hero! WAY TO GO ERIC!!!!!

  62. Avatar Rorry Phillips says:

    Eric, you could be your own ComiCon character – The Motivator!

  63. Avatar Booger says:

    Are you single?

  64. Avatar Dj Horton says:

    Wow, congratulations man!

  65. Avatar Stephen ONeal says:

    You are truly an inspiration. I join OTF when they opened in my area in October. Was not really seeing any change aside from better cardiovascular health and muscle growth. I weighed 300lbs on 12/26/1016. I added MFP to my regiment 99 days ago. I now weigh 272. My goal is to get to 215-220. Your story helped to fuel my work. Thanks.

  66. Avatar Geraldine McNamara says:

    thanks for the inspiration. Down 155# and still have another 60# to go and my weight seems to be stuck. Have been stuck for 2 months now and cannot get it to shift. Haven’t given up . . . . yet.

  67. Avatar theneurooncologist says:

    Congrats! How much % of your weight loss is from diet and how much do you think is from exercise?

  68. Avatar Gaelle Mbeyadoba says:

    Wow amazing !!! Great job I need to Lose a total of 50 already down 15 way more to go … you are inspiring me

  69. Avatar REET1004 says:

    Have lost 30 lbs since January and 40 left to go. Thank you for inspiring me. Your gain in confidence and big smile said it all.

  70. Avatar Jenno says:

    Man…you look great! Echoing others when I say the best part of your transformation was finding your smile. It’s a beautiful thing to see. I’m happy for you!

  71. Avatar ksscott says:

    That was AWESOME!!! I know how it seems like it takes forever – but when you put all those photos together that was pretty cool, congratulations. Just started a couple months back. I’m a sugar-holic. But down 12.5 pounds when nothing else was working. I was heavy in high school and dropped it as soon as I was on my own. I was down to 18% BF at one point. At 49 I got cancer in my brain and between not being able to move for quite long period, radiation, chemo, and let’s not forget menopause all at the same time, I had gained about 60 lbs. Nothing has worked till I started using this Fitness Pal and decreasing my sugar grams. So it is definitely a slow loss but it is a loss and I’m claiming it.

  72. Avatar Donna Foster says:

    Hi Eric I found your journey very moving and inspirational you have done amazing in such a short time. I battle with my weight and have lost 25lbs in 72 days with 45lbs still to lose I have been here at this stage a few times before then lose motivation and the pounds go back on plus more but I have decided to cut down drastically on sugar and white carbs and like you I have made a decision to do it this time. And whenever I need help I will use your journey as my inspiration. Thank you for sharing and well done

  73. Avatar Bm Burner says:

    Didn’t mention what the diet was. Diet is most of weight loss

  74. Avatar Margaret Owens Floeter says:

    That’s so awesome! As someone who’s lost 212 lbs using MyFitnessPal over the last year and a half, I know how hard it is and what commitment it takes. Congratulations on your wonderful success. You look terrific, and I KNOW how much better you feel! Now you can actually LIVE life instead of watching it pass you by!

  75. Avatar Sylvia Warren says:

    Wonderful transformation back to good health and happiness Eric Naiman, Way to GO !!! Thanks for sharing. 😉

  76. Avatar Daniel says:

    very nice… curious how tall he is?

  77. Avatar Janyce McWha says:

    Your transistioning was amazing.Thank you for sharing. J Mcwha

  78. Avatar Samantha Atie says:

    Well done to you on your brilliant weight loss. You are such an inspiration and love your messages of positivity

  79. Avatar Chandra Williams says:

    I want to know where to get an Autobot workout shirt! Seriously though, this is very inspiring. My own journey has just begun.

  80. Avatar Chuck says:


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