How to Find an Accountabilibuddy

by Coach Stevo
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How to Find an Accountabilibuddy

Every day, when I check Facebook, there’s an ad on the side of the screen promising, “one crazy trick” to six-pack abs, packing on muscle, or dropping fat, and that “I won’t believe it!” You might see these ads, too, and hopefully you’re are just as skeptical I am. But I started thinking about it and there is a crazy trick to reaching any and every health and fitness goal. It’s simple. It’s easy. It works. And it’s free. Everyone who is successful relies on it, but no one talks about it in magazines, because the industry doesn’t want to you to know how great this secret is…

It’s having an accountabilibuddy!

You know and I know that change happens in dedicated communities. AA, the Marine Corps, book clubs, and gym buddies are all examples of people who come to together in order to support and keep each other accountable to a new, higher standard. It’s FREE and it works. In fact, it works in our community, too: MyFitnessPal members who share their food diary with friends in the app lose twice as much weight as users who don’t share.

I stopped training people one-on-one a year ago in order to create small, dedicated communities that keep each other accountable and share the daily fight that comes with changing when change is hard—and my success a coach has sky-rocketed! I want you to find people to share that fight with you! Here are my tips for finding an accountabilibuddy.

1. Find the Arena You are not the only one struggling to put yourself out there and make hard choices. There are others out there just like you. People in the MyFitnessPal forums, your friends who are all sick of the endless yo-yo dieting, you can find the communities with the people “whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds,” to quote Teddy Roosevelt.

2. Let go of perfect Because it doesn’t exist. I’m going to get this out of the way now—you’re not going to be perfect. You’re going to struggle. “When we spend our lives waiting until we’re perfect or bulletproof before we walk into the arena… we squander our precious time. Perfect and bulletproof are seductive, but they don’t exist in the human experience,” says Brené Brown.

3. Be open Being accountable and being ready to change means being open. It means being open to eating new foods, trying new activities, and trying really hard to do something amazing in full public view. But that is the only way change happens. So be open to new friends. New ways of thinking. New ways of looking at yourself, your body, and your choices. “Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing,” says Helen Keller.

4. Prepare for adventure Risky, courageous, bold, and new, the journey you will take with your Accountabilibuddies will not be comfortable, but it will be well walked. Millions of people every year choose to change their health and lifestyle choices, and there are 65 million of them here on MyFitnessPal. “We have not even to risk the adventure alone, for the heroes of all time have gone before us… and where we had thought to be alone, we shall be with all the world,” says Joseph Campbell.

5. Offer to be someone else’s accountabilibuddy The scariest part of asking for help, for most people, is the fear of being vulnerable or appearing needy. So instead of asking for help, offer it. You don’t have to be a genius or a professional to be helpful. You just have to be a good person going through the same thing as someone else. “Docendo discitur [One learns by teaching],” says Seneca the Younger.

You’ve probably noticed that most of the suggestions I have made for finding your Accountabilibuddies are not external, but internal. That’s because I’ve noticed that most of the friction in finding people to help keep us accountable does not come from other people. Most people are more than happy to help, and we know where to find other people who share our struggles (hint: a lot of them have downloaded this app and will comment on this post… scroll down!). Much of what keeps us from finding the help we need, is that we simply never ask.


About the Author

Coach Stevo

Coach-Stevo-Logo.pngCoach Stevo is the nutrition and behavior change consultant at San Francisco CrossFit. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of Chicago and an MA in Sport Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. He teaches habit-based coaching to wellness professionals all over the world and he contributed to Intervention by Dan John in 2012. 



927 responses to “How to Find an Accountabilibuddy”

  1. Avatar Rosemary Martinez says:

    Accountabilibuddy Wanted!!!!! My biggest problem is I have no one holding me accountable. No one calling or texting or messaging saying “did you go for a walk today? Why not?”

    • Avatar Cortneyzimm says:

      Me too! Feel free to add me if you like! Cortneyzimm is my username on myfitnesspal

      • Avatar Delisha says:

        Hi I’ve been looking for people who could help me by accountable as well. If anyone would like to add mE my username is DrRussell13

        • Avatar Millie2014 says:

          I’m looking for an accountabilibuddy also. I need a buddy big time. Live in CO,

          • Avatar Lisa says:

            Mllie, I live in CO (Denver)! I also need some objective accountability. I was working with my husband but I think we’re more enablers:) If you still need some support, ping me!

          • Avatar Lisabender0903 says:

            Lisa, I am with you on needing an objective buddy!! Please add me if you are interested.

    • Avatar Michelle Thibault says:

      I feel the same! You can add me if you’d like… Michellet1219

    • Avatar Laura Mccammon says:

      Around 9am I get on my treadmill and start my 40 min walk… Believe me I live with people that eat and eat!! I live in Woodbridge Va if it’s ok to ask where are you?

      • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

        I’m living at Fort Hood Texas…..retired army working as a Defense Department Civilian

        • Avatar Laura Mccammon says:

          hi Harrison how are you doing are you still working out I started 3 months ago and im still hard at work

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Yes….ran 2miles and still took my 2girls to the park..ty

          • Avatar Laura Mccammon says:

            Very look, keep up the hard work!!!! I didn’t think I had the disapline to make this work surprised my self. I had to take 7 days off for a small injury, I was bored and I don’t get bored.

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Good morning. .Squat and lunge challenge today. .make sure you stretch for about 15 minutes before exercise

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Thanks trying to get ready for the army marathon here at fort hood

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Abs today. .lets work

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            You’ll do fine! Use you time of to heal n get ready to not do same routine. ..n stretch more

          • Avatar Sarah-Jane says:

            How do I add people on this app?

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Hello. …I wento myfitness pal and went to the accountability buddy search and followed what the others replies were….hope that helps. …

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Try the fitness blog. …I think it was a try different things for me…sorry I hope that helps. .

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            I think you get their screen names from Facebook or myfitness

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Abs…today..planks…left n right dips..

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            How’s the training going….remember this month is a 30 day challenge drinking nothing but water! N watch the results! Let’s work together on your goals! You can do it!

    • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

      Ok…I feel the same let’s do this for a better 2015. …I need a accountability buddy too..

      • Avatar Rosemary Martinez says:

        Whats your user name to invite you?

      • Avatar TheWickedWitch2014 says:

        Harrison, add me if you like. I am TheWickedWitch2014.

        • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

          Ok…thanks. ..I’m trying to upload my pic to my profile.

        • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

          Ok…thanks. ..I’m trying to upload my pic to my profile.

        • Avatar Sarah-Jane says:

          Hi @TheWickedWitch2014, how do I add you?

        • Avatar marcylawrence says:

          I also need an acountabilibuddy. Struggling to get on track after Holidays. Would you be willing to support me as well? Can I add you? and i am not sure what that means? Add you where – myfitnesspal somewhere? Facebook.. i am not clear what “add me” entails? please advise. thanks so much.

          • Avatar RAD says:

            Hey I’ll add you on facebook if you’d like! I helped a few people get back on track. How can I find you?

          • Avatar Marcy Lawrence says:

            on facebook i am Marcy Lawrence in Sterling, IL,… appreciate your help.

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Np..buddy. .2015 the year to get fit…

          • Avatar Marcy Lawrence says:

            Yep. Thanks. Kettlebell this a.m. I do okay in the morning… then blow it in the evening!!

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Focus stay the course. …the goals we achieve in the winter pays off In the summer

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Great job. ..keep it up

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Aww..evening is when the body has its most energy. ..after 5pm. ..let’s go…work work work! It will pay off at the end…summer bodies are made in the winter!

          • Avatar Marcy Lawrence says:

            gonna try a pm workout.. usually i do am – but mayb i can bring myself to be active in the eve – a distraction from food???

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Sounds great. ..Good to talk with you n all the fitness ideas you have!

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            5pm-7pm is prime time that our bodies are ready fitness.along with morning work outs .b-safe n enjoy the new experience of a pm fitness program.

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            How’s the kettle bells work out going…….be safe!

          • Avatar Marcy Lawrence says:

            No class monday – – nasty weather here. Snowed in. Will Kettlebell Wednesday and today I did cardio – just walk and elliptical. Just getting back into it after being ill so wasn’t sure how i would fair – but did ok… and you. how’s it going? did you enjoy Superbowl with the girls???

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Yes we had a pretty good day….went bowling then we came back home….then I read to them. …that’s my day almost every day…

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Sounds good to me….we need snow here n Texas. …

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Hey there buddy. ….just checking in with you! Miss kettle bell n talk with you!

          • Avatar Margaret says:

            I’d like to add a buddy, not sure how it works.

          • Avatar Debbie Donahue says:

            I would like to find someone who could be on my weight lost jounary with me , my name is Debbie from Canada nb

          • Avatar Stephanie says:

            Hi, Debbie:

            I can be your buddy. My name is Stephanie and I am from Virginia. Let me know if you still need a buddy!


          • Avatar Debbie Donahue says:

            Thank u I love to be your weight lost buddy did u all ready start.

          • Avatar Debbie Donahue says:

            Did u get my message just text me so I know ji am not sure if iam doing this right,u getting the message den

          • Avatar Vicki West says:

            Hi Debbie, did you find a buddy ok? I live in New Zealand and keep to join in if you need someone… 🙂

          • Avatar Debbie Donahue says:

            Vicki west thank u for replying to me I started my jounary on Sunday it’s going to be a long one I do need the support iam also on face book is that we’re we go to talk to each other on our jounary ,I want to lose a less 40 pounds how much do u want to lose or do we just talk here I sent in a friend request from me , did u start all ready well have a good meal plan today we will keep in touch thanks for being on my weight lost debbie

          • Avatar Vicki West says:

            HI Debbie, Maybe easier to chat here… 🙂 Will be nice to get to know someone and help them, which will also keep me motivated 🙂 I’m 46 and plan to lose 18 kg’s which is 40 pounds. My goal is to lose a minimum of 4.4 pounds a month, I’m sure this is doable if we keep focussed. I’ve been engaged to my lovely partner for 2 years and we’ve decided to get married in September, and are honeymooning at Rarotonga (Cook Islands). 10 lovely long days in the sun and sand! He’s a great cook, and hence I’ve gained 40 pounds in just over 4 years. Do you have some goals to keep you motivated? Cheers Vicki

          • Avatar Debbie Donahue says:

            Hi Vicki , this is better to chat here then no on can see what we talk about ,I check out your face book an let a post but now we can chat on dusqus, I am 59years old have a great boyfriend for 19 years , 2 girls 1 in the miltaryfor8 year now a Sargent, the other works for jet with is a big company, how my goal is to also 40 pounds as I got it off then I would put it back on yo yo diet, I need support so I found fit pal it really helps me,makes u aware what calories u are eating in a day, I go to gym an swim so I am trying ,we will be each other mantor,do u program your meals on my fitness pal it feel helps ,so have a good day an stay focus we can do this just baby steps, an good luck , Congret to u on your wedding I bet it was beaitful,I am in a big snow storm, what is your weather like in nz

          • Avatar Vicki West says:

            Hi Debbie, you must be very proud of your girls 🙂 I have a 13 year old boy. I am getting married in 8 months time, in September 2015, that is why I need to lose some weight. I have used fit pal and it is good. My evenings are the worst time for me because I start to pick and nibble, so I try to keep busy instead. I see in the news that there are big snow storms, I hope that you are keeping warm. We are in our summer now, the temperature was 20 degrees today. So this time we will both lose 40 pounds and keep them off! 🙂 No more yo yo ing.

          • Avatar Debbie Donahue says:

            Hi Vicki, never heard from u, how is the weight going how much r u down ,I am doing really good have a month in already dropped 15 pounds so far felling better cut out all the cream, stuff black coffee just good old clean eatin,
            Walk every day start the gym next week , I will go 3 days a week lots of exercise so tell me about u ,debbie

          • Avatar Vicki West says:

            Hi Debbie,

            Thanks for your message 🙂 Sorry I’ve been a bit busy lately. I have lost 6 pounds. You are doing really well. I have brought a treadmill for running on, and am trying to skip for 7 mins in the mornings. I also have started walking 20 mins in the morning too. I must get back to the gym too. I love chocolate so need to cut down on that. How is your snow storm? Vicki

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Ok..I’m in too…let’s work. .

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Ok..I’m in too…let’s work. .

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Great e…let’s go to work! ..2015 the year we make a fitness change!

          • Avatar Debbie Donahue says:

            I Vicki checking in to see how u did the month of January I lost 10 pound for the month how did u do , we will try for February, cong to u to lose more what is your hardes time for eating mine is at night, so I try to do something to keep me busy, so your getting married a

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Great attitude Vickie… will succeed in your finger goal!

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            I post different exercises daily with suggested exercises from the myfitness community make sure you check the app out…hood luck n eork hard gor the goals you set…

          • Avatar Debbie Donahue says:

            Wow I know it a challenge but I can do this .,hl

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Great attitude. ….Google tabata workout….start w/ 3 rounds as a beginner 4 exercises complete 2x 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest. .let’s work! Choose 4 exercises you can dococomfortable. Do 2x…

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Abs tomorrow. ..get ready

          • Avatar Peg says:

            If y’all need another weight loss buddy I sure could use the support!!! Tks!!

          • Avatar Stephanie Ellis says:

            I need a buddy!

          • Avatar Chrissy Krahn says:

            Stephanie…are you still looking? I am needing a partner (or 2 or 3…lol!)

          • Avatar Stephanie Ellis says:

            Yes yes yes! Do we email or facebook message or how do you want to stay in contact?

          • Hey Chrissy! I am in the same boat as you, trying to get a team together to start a challenge April 1, I just facebooked friended you so we can chat!

          • Hey Stephanie, I just friend requested you on FB so we can connect! Thanks!

          • Avatar Debbie Donahue says:

            Stephanie love to have u as a buddy for fit pal started exercise hard but I,ll get throught it I am from Moncton New Brunswick Canada logging all my food makes u aware what your calories are want to lose 40 pounds what do u want to lose we just have to stay focus good luck here from u soon debbie

          • Avatar Debbie Donahue says:

            hi Stephanie I am in for your buddy, I live in Moncton nb Canada an want to lost 40 pounds lost 10 already , how much do u want to lose iam in pitpal, an lose it , help me big time here from u so

          • Avatar Kathy B says:

            Need an accountability buddy. Tried on my own and keep failing. Had weight loss surgery 5 years ago and in the last 2 years I have gained almost half my weight back due to health issues. Need help to get healthy again.

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Stay focused. .the goals r real and close. ..stay tuned for more exercises. .

          • Avatar Joanie says:

            Hey Kathy B,
            I also am looking for an accountability buddy. I need to start with a little self control on my logging and I think it would help to have a second pair of eyes. I am happy to provide the same for your log or workouts of both. Let me know if you are interested. You can add me as an MFP friend (Mossiegirl55 from Fort Collins, CO). I also need to up the workouts, but I’m not anywhere near where these guys are! Let me know if you want to try it!


          • hey Joanie, I have just started logging as well for my workouts, started a personal trainer last week. I’m trying to get a team together to start a challenge April 1, trying to get as much support as possible and I have a FB group started so we can support each other.

          • Hey Kathy! I am trying to get a group of people together to start a challenge April 1 would you be interested?

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            K I’m n….lets work Google tabata workout. .. log you experience here sharing what you think of the work outs. ..20 seconds work 10 seconds rest. ..8 rounds 4 exercises completed 2x. ……drink plenty water

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Ok let’s work. …squat challenge this week…awesome

          • Avatar Debbie Donahue says:

            Squat challenge iam up to 30 going to at 1 more each day ,I got to get in shape wow

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Good job….today is push day..go to failure. ..n like you said 1 more! Yeah!

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            How’s your training go today!

          • Avatar Debbie Donahue says:

            Good iam in for a really workout did 60 minutes wow I am impress thanks tomorrow abs holly smoke I get there thank for keepin me. In track hl

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Congrats. ..I knew you can do it. …remember the goal!
            Summer bodies are made in the winter!

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Remember the most important thing you can do to improve your fitness goals is to try to stop smoking if applicable n drink water. .stop drink n sodas n diet sodas. …watch the improvement

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Great job!

          • Avatar Debbie Donahue says:

            Thank u hl iam working very hard , full steam ahead, u rock lots of exercise up to 35 squats but have to take breaks it all will come with time an determation

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Great job n great attitudes. .you will reach your goals I can tell! Stay the course! Try a 5 minute run/walk Saturday. .run for 5then walk run then walk…up 30 mins that will increase your metabolism !

          • Avatar Debbie Donahue says:

            HL. That will be my goal for tomorrow I will work hard on that

          • Avatar Debbie Donahue says:

            training going good I do 1 hour on the treadmill , an try to run for awhile , knee hurts so I have to be careful, iam going to the gym on the 15 on this month , do some weight/ light / lost 10 pounds in the month of January an going for other 10 for february I have to stay focus, so I can get 40 pound off thank u for all the support, I really need all I can get hl

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Ok……sounds great be careful….great will succeed!

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Kool…low impact…walking on treadmill at 5degrees incline and 4mph…..let’s ride!

          • Avatar Debbie Donahue says:

            Ok that will be my goal for today thanks HL

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            I think it’s time to check your achievement…..weigh in n check BMI…this will indicate your fitness achievements n get you motivated to work harder n keeping your focus on ur goal…remember it’s still winter lets get ready to push for the spring then conclude for our new summer body …

          • Avatar Debbie Donahue says:

            Hl how do u check your BMI.. .. Going to gym now working very hard to lose this weight got 20 pounds off showes in the arms so bad , thanks for checking up on me look forward to here from u , u keep me motivated hl
            Going to be successful this time up to 2 hours on the treadmill every day,

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            There are weight & height apps..choose afree one n type in ht & wt. It will give you the BMI (body.mass.index) don’t get discouraged its just a great tool to have plus u said u drop 20lbs so keepup the work…for ur arms stsrt doing rope swings…n on the knees ppushups. .then ad u get stronger no knees pushups it will tighten your arms up….

          • Avatar Debbie Donahue says:

            Hl how do u check your BMI.. .. Going to gym now working very hard to lose this weight got 20 pounds off showes in the arms so bad , thanks for checking up on me look forward to here from u , u keep me motivated hl
            Going to be successful this time up to 2 hours on the treadmill every day,

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Check out myfitness then go thru the add friends

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Sorry for the late reply. ..but let’s get busy and work. is fun…log your goals and focus on the end result. ..summer bodies are made in the winter!

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Did my Spartan workout today. ….awesome. .all buddies please try..Google spartan work out. …

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Myfitness app….let’s work. ..stay focused on the goal!

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Good morning. ..did you get the challenge done….let’s work on the goal!

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Get to those abs….2015 The year for fitness

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            How’s your training going!

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Sounds great. ..let’s work!

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            I tried but couldn’t get the friend request up…ugh. ..did my after work. .fitness. ..70 degrees here in fort hood texas…down hill sit ups….sprints..chin ups on the monkey bars. …yeah…y’all can do it. ..let’s work!

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            I read your Facebook but it didn’t give me the friends request. ….uggh

          • Avatar Marcy Lawrence says:

            lots of harrison leonard on facebook – i’ll add you – – who are you on facebook

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Good afternoon. ..abs tomorrow!

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Harrison Leonard. .Killeen Texas. ..
            how’s your training going. …how was the challenge for you

          • Avatar Marcy Lawrence says:

            can’t do as rigourous as you … not so strong – – but getting back into kettlebell so working toward strong/skinny!!!

          • Avatar Marcy Lawrence says:

            Hi Harrison – – i don’t find the invite friend button on facebook either .. ugh… i will try again in few days – – wondering if with all out of local area activity that a temporary block was placed

          • Avatar Marcy Lawrence says:

            Great thanks – – is marcy lawrence, sterling il

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Hope you have a safe and healthy Valentine. .

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Good morning. ..ready to work. .today’s WOD is tabata style work-outs. .4 exercises that you can do..but do 2x ea. @20 seconds work 10 seconds rest. ..8 rounds. ..let’s work hard today! …im n you corner! The goal is clear!

          • Avatar Healthy0MG says:

            Harrison Leonard you seem like an awesome accountability partner…

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Thanks for the compliment. .I’m just trying to do give back the way other inspired n helped me. ..I post daily updates and challenges here n on myfitness app..its a fitness community of enthusiasts

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Tomorrow is cardio day…..tabata style WOD 4exercises 20 seconds work on ea exercise 10seconds rest after ea exercise 8 rounds 1 minute rest between each round. run n place..burpees..air squats..front lunges. your form…if unfamiliar w/tabata. .YouTube tabata workout. .it comes with workout music n voice timer..let’s work!

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Great attitude! Try a few challenges to get you going then follow us on the daily n weekly exercises. ..

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            How’s the training going? Don’t forget the 30day challenge this month is drinking nothing but water..tough it! Let’s work!

          • Avatar Grandma Judy V says:

            Drink NOTHING BUT WATER.
            Or the ONLY BEVERAGE DRINKING “IS WATER”? No eating?

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:


          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Come n watch content n calories but flush with water…or just saying no sodas or fruit

          • Avatar janerules says:

            you say to drink nothing but water what about green tea .can that be consumed

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Green tea is an great antioxidants!

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            How’s your training going!

          • Avatar Pamela Holstead Jessup says:

            Wow this drinking nothing but water was hard but I did it!

          • Avatar lm says:

            I need an accountability buddy also

          • Avatar Tosha says:

            Same!! Holidays killed me… was doing so great then it all fell apart… would love an accountability partner!

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Remember your goal of a better body n health. ….keep saying it to yourself. prevail over temptations. .

          • Avatar Janelle says:

            Hey I would also like some accountability buddies! 🙂 feel free to message and add me ladies 🙂

          • Avatar Jacqueline Massengill says:

            I need an accountability buddy – send a message or reply ty

          • Avatar Davidt59 says:

            Good Morning,
            What are your some of your goals?
            I’m in Maine, where are you?

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Good morning buddy. ..let’s get busy…watch for upcoming challenges n WOD’s…most importantly watch the calories content before eating so while working out we lose the weight. .

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Good morning buddy. ..still time for a great 2015 body….let’s start with tabata style work-outs YouTube tabata choose your favorite exercises 4 one round for trial…

          • Avatar MJ says:

            I need some accountability as well and am not sure how to go about it. If you could share I would really appreciate it.

          • Avatar Tania says:

            How do I add myself??? And get an accountability buddy?

          • Avatar Maelyn Peacock says:

            I’m willing to be your accountability buddy. Just send me a friend request. Etherlily1

          • Avatar Tisha says:

            I need an accountability buddy. Who would like to be followed?

          • Avatar Brenda says:

            You can add me. Brekir27

          • Avatar Maliha Yakub says:

            hey you can add me, mines is Maliha Yakub

          • Avatar Julie D says:

            Tania, follow Brittnay Rose and I. 30 day challenge group starting 1 April

          • Avatar Hammylu says:

            Signing up for the 30 day challenge!

          • Avatar Julie D says:

            Hi Hammylu, yep – no prob. You can follow Brittnay Rose and I. Her email : and mine is: We are both on twitter.

          • Avatar vmichelle580 says:

            I just followed you as well. I would like to sign up for the 30 day challenge 🙂

          • Avatar Julie D says:

            Hey there. Yep no problem. You can follow Brittnay Rose and I. Her email : and mine is: We are both on twitter.

          • Avatar Lyndell says:

            Been using the MyFitnessPal daily email for awhile. Would you help me as an (or to find) an accountibility buddy. I can’t figure out how to get into the system and get started. From past experience, I would also be a responsible buddy to someone else.

          • Avatar Donna says:

            I’m brand new to this site….have no idea how to get started, but could use a buddy to get me on the right track.

          • Avatar runs with scissors says:

            Donna, I’ve been off and on here several times. It does work. Feel free to add me as a buddy. I’m in Ohio.

          • Avatar Monica says:

            Hey I’m in Ohio too. If you’re still open for a buddy I’m new to this and would love to have one. Monica

          • Avatar runs with scissors says:

            Monica, if you are on My Fitness Pal, look for me. I go by “fullofhope” send me a message and add me. If you don’t go by Monica, make sure I know that it’s you! We can continue to chat on there

          • Avatar Abby says:

            Donna, I am in the same boat that you were a month ago. Have you found a buddy? Had any luck?

          • Avatar Committed says:

            I would be happy to assist if you’re open to be my help me stay accountable.

          • Avatar Shellyc8370 says:

            Do you still need a buddy?

          • Avatar Barbara says:

            I need a buddy add me please

          • Avatar Rucha says:

            Hello, I need a buddy as well but am fairly new to the myfitnesspal use. I have made MFP account a long time ago, but have not had the motivation and support to keep using it. I would love to help anyone who needs support and be happy to receive motivation and support from the members here. Please send me an email to if you are interested.

          • Avatar Julie says:

            Hey! I’m looking to have accountability partners! Add me so I can add you!

          • Avatar mamabearcooks says:

            I need an accountability buddy. I have lost 20 pounds and have more to go, but I feel myself going back to my old ways… YIKES!

          • Avatar Barbara says:

            I need a buddy! Add me please barbic99

          • Avatar Dani says:

            Not sure how to go about this but to mamaearcooks and others, my email is; and would love some support and would also try to motivate you as well.

          • Avatar Marjorie Miniard says:

            I would love to take the challenge on April 1

          • Avatar Kell504 says:

            You can add me if you would like for the April 1st challenge;

          • Avatar Marjorie Miniard says:

            Great…where do I sign up????

          • Avatar MJ38 says:

            Could I get in on this April challenge?

          • Avatar Kell504 says:

            You can add me for the April 1st challenge

          • Avatar Tanja Hamper says:

            Tania my name is Tanja. My name is pronounced “Tonya.” When I saw your name, I thought I might be meant to connect with you. I communicate well via phone 440.343.3218 and text messages. I can email, but I do not check as often.
            I would like to speak with you. Please call me when you are able. You may want to text me first. I do not answer unfamiliar phone numbers.

          • Avatar Maliha Yakub says:

            hey Tanja. How do you add friend on here?

          • Avatar Julie D says:

            Hi, can you add me in the group for accountability?

          • Avatar Bobby says:

            I need an acountabilibuddy.

          • Avatar Julie D says:

            Boby, follow Brittany and I. 30 day group starting April 1

          • hey Bobby, I’m trying to get a group together for a challenge I’m doing April 1, any interest?

          • Avatar Phylis says:

            I would also love to join ya’ll.

          • Phylis what’s your email so we can connect! My email is beaudette1609@gmail.con

          • Hey Julie! I just followed you on Twitter. I’m looking to start a team of accountability buddies! We are going to start a 30 days of healthy living challenge, would you be interested in joining?

          • Avatar Julie D says:

            I’m in!! Have just followed you back.

          • Avatar Brande says:

            I just followed you on Twitter

          • Did you start yet? I’m on day 2, didn’t hear back from you on twitter! Hope everything is ok!

          • Avatar Sally says:

            I would love to join in the challenge also

          • Hey Sally! Do you have FB or email so we can connect?

          • Avatar Kellush Robinson says:

            How do I join the April 1st challenge

          • Avatar Lorirep says:

            I would like to do 30 day chlallenge let me know how to go about it?

          • Hey lorirep do you have an email or FB we could connect on so I can explain more! I just started I’m on day 2 and going strong! Had a killer chest workout today though so I’m dying!

          • Avatar Jackie says:

            Can anyone join?

          • Yes Jackie they can, do you have FB want to find me on there? Same name and picture. I’m on Day 2 of cleanse and clean eating challenge! Ahh!!

          • Hey Jackie, yes anyone can join. Do you have a FB or email we could connect? My FB is the name listed and my picture.

          • Avatar Susan says:

            Hey Jackie, I need an accountability buddy and I am doing the April walking challenge can I join your team?

          • Hey Susan if you can find me on Facebook and send me an email at so we can connect

          • Avatar Sheila Burch Clarkson says:

            I would like to join also but I’m not sure how to do it can you help me figure this out

          • Avatar Sheila Burch Clarkson says:

            Can anyone join even if they don’t do Twitter

          • Yes I will friend you on FB so we can connect

          • Avatar Cassandra says:

            I would like to join the challenge and I definitely need an accountability buddy. Help!

          • Avatar Julie D says:

            Hi Cassandra, no problem. I’ve been a bit busy this week, so am late in getting all of my ducks in a row to organise a time for all of us to connect. What timezone are you in? I’m in Brisbane, Australia and we have other people in CMT etc. So let me know. I’m thinking of using Gmail Chat.

          • Avatar Donna1414 says:

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          • Avatar trynbfitta says:

            Hi – I need an accountability buddy – I would like to find someone that might need to check-in every other day, possibly everyday

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            How’s everything going with you!

          • Avatar jenifer says:

            You may add me. On MFP or on Instagram (name on IG is j_klizz)

          • Avatar Pamela Holstead Jessup says:

            Not sure how this works either, but I am willing to be an accountability buddy. Do we keep in touch through this blog?

          • Hey Pamela, I just friended you on FB! I’m looking for a whole team of buddies! I want get a group going! I find the more support the better!

          • Avatar Mindy Fay says:

            Were you able to find a buddy? I lost 20 lbs a few months ago and I’m the process of gaining it back! Looking for an accountabilibuddy! I’m on Facebook as Mindy Fay (Reed). MFP name is mindaroo76! Would love to hear from you!

          • Avatar Abby says:

            I’m brand new to this site….have no idea how to get started, but could use a buddy to get me on the right track.

          • Avatar Carolina Perez says:

            How are you doing on losing weight and accountability?

          • Avatar Eleanor says:

            Hi, I don’t do Facebook but you are more than welcome to can’take me at “ and put in subject line ” my fitness pal”We will get the rend then I can give you my phone number so we can talk and walk or ride and encourage each other. ☺

          • Avatar Mara M says:

            Hi, are you still looking for an accountability buddy? I am looking for one 🙂

        • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

          Ok…I’m with you. .let’s work! Watch for the challenges posted daily. .focus on the goal you set and lets work !

        • Avatar Abby Cassidy says:

          Hi there ……… I would love buddy! I don’t even know where this thread came from, found it while looking for distance around park, lol is everyone here also on MFP? on there I am Abbycassidy1 🙂

        • Avatar Mary3265 says:

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        • Avatar Mary3265 says:

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        • Avatar Linda says:

          Hi “Wicked Witch” it seems that the threads did not continue … ?

      • Avatar Mike Dashler says:

        Hi everyone! I could really use accountabili buddies to. My mfp id is mhdashler. Thanks!

        • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

          Add me buddy.

          • Avatar Victoria says:

            I’d love an accountability buddy as well! Would it be alright if I added you? I am relatively new to the MFP game

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Sounds great. ..our fitness community is all about helping n motivating each other. .make sure to check out the myfitness blog to check out their daily n weekly challenge. .then you can tell the community your work commitment towards ur goals. ..let’s work 2015 the year to get fit!

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Spartan workout today. ..Google spartan work out….1 minute per exercise n 30seconds rest. .8 rounds 4:exercises completed 2x ..make sure it’s exercises you can do comfortably. …but complete each round. 1minute break between rounds. .good luck buddies. .share your experience…

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Let’s go. …we got fitness to do today!

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            How’s the training going…remember the challenge also with your work out..30days drinking nothing but water……….and watch the results! Let’s work together!

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Great attitude….how’s the goal you set going? Remember the challenge of drinking nothing but water this month!n watch the results!

          • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

            Great attitude and you’re going to be awesome!

        • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

          How’s the weather there bro…Texas just got hit with a cold front 28 degrees for a week….np tho..treadmill times. ..

      • Avatar Jenni999 says:

        a few seconds ago
        I would love to join the group below for accountability. I don’t know many people where I live & really need to get back where I feel great about my body.
        My fitness pal name is jenni999

      • Avatar Madeline says:

        I’m looking for a buddy. I’m overweight and I’ve been trying to lose weight but i can never keep my motivation

        • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

          Ok…np..let’s do this….2015 is the year for fitness. .we still got time for a great summer body…let’s start with tabata style work-outs 4rounds 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest of your favorite exercises…..but start with 20 minutes of stretching first…

      • Avatar Natasha Prymak says:

        Please add me as well. I’m nprymak on Myfitnesspal. Help!! I used to be on track but now it’s an excuse to put off exercise daily. I want to be better & stop making excuses.

        • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

          Good morning natasha…I’m with you for a fitness change n our mind and body…wewelcome to a new you in fitness for 2015….

        • Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

          Good afternoon. ..morning WOD ..15-20 minutes of stretching then tabata style work-outs 4rounds 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest. .work up to next level of fitness is standard 8 rounds. ..choose what ever exercises u like but do hard at 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds. ..

      • Avatar Marion5412 says:

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      • Avatar Carolina Perez says:

        how are you doing on losing weight and accountability

      • Avatar Yvette615 says:

        I too need accountability partner. I’ve been struggling for many, many years and this is the first yeAR tah I have been a Lil more successful then the past but doing it alone does not hold me acountable of what I’m doing or most importantly what I’m not doing.

      • Avatar Linda says:

        Hello Harrison Leonard – its 09/01/2018 – how are you doing?
        I have just started by buying a “fitbit” which is motivating me and last year Myfitnesspal fizzled out for a while … so here goes again!

    • Avatar Joseph Connolly says:

      Hey guys I actually do this for several people and I’d love to support and help motivate anyone in need!! My mfp username is joec2009 anyone feel free to add me I’d love to help

    • Avatar Mark says:

      Hi there….I’m here if you want a buddy. Let me know

  2. Avatar Bruce says:

    Me too!

    • Avatar female avatar would fit says:

      I have lost 100 pounds and would like to lose another 20 to 30 pounds. My biggest concern with exercise is being able to keep going. I have ME/CFS ,spinal stenosis, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes II, and heart disease along with two kinds of arrythmias. I try to exercise, and do well and then my back and/or neck hurts to touch. Or, I have a relapse with my ME/CFS and fibromyalgia and am so exhausted that I can barely get off the couch or out of bed.

      I am hoping someone will tell me how to do core exercises without sit ups. The sit ups used to be simple for me before all the health problems came along. I also have had 3 shoulder surgeries for a rotator cuff tear in 1979, 1981 and 1983. I used to be very active. I loved climbing trees, playing tennis, swimming laps, water skiing, long walks, riding a mountain bike, rowing a raft I used to have nearly all day several times a week.

      Any suggestions?

  3. Avatar Janine says:

    Yep! I had someone and we walked almost every day, sometimes 3-4 miles. Since I moved, no walks. Accountability definitely works for me!

  4. Avatar Kim Acosta says:

    Definately need… no one in my area 🙁
    Would love a buddy who also struggles with stress eating and can relate! I’m down for texting or phonecalls…. am listed as bewareofmom on myfitnesspal if anyone wants to friend me.

    • Avatar sarah says:

      Hey I’m looking for a buddy too! I want to loose 25lbs. I also struggle with stress eating and I think the support with texting/phonecalls and being able to relate would be a great help. Do you want to swap details? I’ve tried adding you on myfitnesspal app but it hasn’t worked. I’m listed as fattynotforever (lol)

      • Avatar Kim Acosta says:

        Awesome…i just got home, bit as soon as i fire up my laptop i will add you…i cannot add friends on my app 🙂

  5. Avatar gerri jackson says:

    I am looking for a buddy

  6. Avatar Nicole says:

    Would like to find an online buddy to hold me accountable. I recently got a fit bit, I joined WW, and got a gym membership. I have really bad knees, so is hard for me to do a lot, but I’ve been having some elliptical success. Any one out there want to be buddies?

  7. Avatar Mamasluvs33 says:

    I really, really need someone to hold me accountable with logging foods into mfp and healthy eating. I have a long road ahead of me and could really use a person not afraid to keep me accountable. In return I could do the same for them or someone else. My fitness pal user name is the se one on here… Message me and tell me a little about yourself and maybe some goals you have.
    Is there someone out there for me?

  8. Avatar Heather says:

    I’m in for an AB! I’ve lost 52# with about 20# to go and it’s getting harder. The weight is coming off slower now so I have to work even harder. I have a fitbit, go to the gym 4-5 days a week, and just added running to my routine (and I am not a strong runner!) I’m good at tracking everything but having someone to cheer you on and to cheer for can make the journey more fun! My MFP id is hgwill78.

  9. Avatar Elli says:

    Hey I would love an accountability buddy. Someone to plan walks or jump top with who we can check in through FaceTime or via mobile video chat. Since I’m good at lying to myself and saying yes and them don’t. I figure I can’t lie face to face so I need to get my butt up go for a walk and somewhere in there check in with the buddy. I’m shy but I need this I recently gained tons of weight stress eat night muncher and play the depressed couch lover. I weigh 253 now!!! Ah I was mostly all my life around180 190. But would keep losing if I reach my goal would love to create a long term friendship accountability buddy. I have fitness pal and a body media device to track my activity. Email me if anyone is up for a change with me!!!

    • Avatar Me again says:

      I forgot to mention I’m in my 20s female and hopefully can find someone with longer term goals like me. Meal planning or being accountable for that would be cool to I’m up for anything ☺️

  10. Avatar Amy coppie says:

    I would love an accountability buddy. I was
    doing crossfit for about two months, which was helping me stay focused and making me show up, but it became too expensive. I then became lazy with myself. I just got a gym membership with my husband but he never goes. I want ton lose 20 pounds but also tone up. I have pretty good eating habits other then when I’m stressed or bored I tend to eat sweets. I am in my 20s. Someone save me from myself. My email is

  11. Avatar Kaitlyn Kiley says:

    I would love to have an accountabilibuddy! I’m 19 and about 50lbs overweight… I’ve been trying to lose weight for 1-2 years and I’m getting no where… Add me if you would like to be my buddy!! My username is katiekiley596

  12. Avatar Jo Ann Gonzaga says:

    Accountabilibuddy wanted! On the East Coast in my 40’s. Make or female is ok. Would love to have someone that would give me a super hard time if I didn’t get up and run in the mornings and when I don’t log my food. Very happy to do the return… All of this, of course, in an encouraging, positive way.

  13. Avatar Michelle Thibault says:

    I NEED an accountabilibuddy!! I think together, we can achieve our goals! Do you need a buddy? I can be yours too! 🙂
    I think text messages are the best way… Quick messages did you walk today? Log all your food? I live in New England, I’m 24 and looking to loose about 30 pounds.

  14. […] How to Find an Accountabilibuddy via hello healthy […]

  15. Avatar Mama8ear says:

    I would love a accountability partner. I live in Calgary and have lost 25lbs but have fallen off the weight-loss wagon and trying to get back to it. I have about 45 pounds to go. I work out at home and want to learn to run. Trying to find friends that want to loose weight and support each other on the way.

    • Avatar Jo Ann Gonzaga says:

      Feel free to add me! My MFP is JoZags65. It’s all about the support!

    • Avatar tish25 says:

      Hey Calgary! I need a buddy too.Please add me tish25 and we can help eaach other through our long cold winters.

      • Avatar Jo says:

        Hey ladies! I could use a buddy, too, if you don’t mind a third. Please add me foodie182. Braving the cold in Chicago ;). Also, have an UP from Jawbone if anyone else uses this. Looks like most people are on fit bit.

        • Avatar Alaina says:

          hello fellow cold weather friends 🙂 I’m in Minnesota. can I be added to your group as well? user name is treasurelain. Jo do u like the UP? I really want to get a tracker and the UP is actually the one I’m leaning towards. do u mind if I add u?

          • Avatar Jo says:

            Hi Alaina. I love my UP! I’m a terrible sleeper and it tracks that, too. It gives little reminders to get up and coordinates easily with mfp app to adjust how many calories you can have.

  16. […] solid support system is a must when you need that extra push to reach your goals. Whether that’s a friend with similar goals or a significant other who just knows how you’re wired, find someone you can be completely honest […]

  17. Avatar Nolentia says:

    Hello 🙂 i’m 24 years old female trying to lose 20 kg 🙂 i run every second day with zombie run :). I’d very much like to find an accounabilibuddy Who would remaind me to get back on track with food log and running :). Please add me my login is Nolentia 🙂

  18. Avatar GF Dawn says:

    I need a buddy!!! Anybody in Ohio? My biggest struggle is the weekends, I tend to live it up a little too much, going over the calorie intake & zero exercise.

  19. Avatar Tracy Henry says:

    yes i need an accountabilibuddy just getting started

  20. Avatar Anjanette Washington says:

    Yes, that is key. I post daily and struggling with this food as well as getting back on the workout bandwagon. Some daily pushing will be just what is needed to get back at it and I would love to give a little nudge to someone else in need. MFP AnnWashington817…

  21. Avatar Lucy says:

    Anybody in West London need an AB??

  22. Avatar Shannon Blue says:

    I would love someone to hold me accountable!!! I am blondy770….I am a stay at home mom, and I seem to have much more success with some competition and someone to hold me accountable.

  23. Avatar Rene says:

    Lifelong weight problem…contemplating gastric bypass…I know it isn’t a fix all, just a push over the enormous hurdle that is life. Need someone to help me be accountable for my food logging and exercising. Have had gym membership for 2 months and been 3x…holidays killed my diet. Anyone interested in being real and helping me over that hurdle???

    • Avatar Jon says:

      I’m in a similar situation, I lost 60 pounds in 2014 but started gaining back in December, and stopped walking as often. If you’ll help me stay accountable for food logging and walking, I’ll help you to do the same. I’m Jonkinarthy on MyfitnessPal.

    • Avatar pettlepie says:

      Hi Rene,
      my friend had a gastric bypass and if you ask me better leave that one. The gastric bypass made her loose far too much weight and now she is struggling a lot. Every cold let her loose 2-3 kg. Sounds easy but it is not – lifelong calorie counting and healthy eating is necessary. Better suffer once doing it without surgery then suffering lifelong.

      You will manage to find your weight loss strategy, mine was change the diet every now and then and do a lot of sport. Do classes, a community helps. There are gyms that offer special weight loss groups – they are more expensive but everyone in the group has the same goal and helps to focus.

      I wish you all the best and stay motivated 🙂

    • Avatar Julie Lynn Collins says:

      My sister-in-law (and her adult son) had a gastric bypass and did beautifully. They’ve maintained a healthy weight for 10+ years. It’s not easy – it IS major surgery and requires a livelong change in eating habits. But losing weight/getting fit requires that no matter how you do it. Personally, I wouldn’t consider it, but that’s my decision. (It left my SIL with lots of excess skin, which she had cosmetic surgery to correct. Another thing to consider.)

    • Avatar Crystal Starr Weisgram says:

      i am rene. I weigh 291 lbs. i have considered gastric bypass. but I am giving life changes and exercise another chance. I am recovering from a year and a half of a sciatica, 2 degenerative discs, a DVT, double pulmonary embolisms, and other challenges. I would love to have an accountability buddy. I would love to be your partner. I am LionessKiara24 on MFP

  24. Avatar gramoth says:

    New at the blog thing, if I mess up please be patient. Does the fitbit really seem to help?

    • Avatar Camilacreme says:

      I have one (had anyway, lost the charger, then found it and proceeded to lose the device!). I found it only helps for steps. When doing other types of workouts like weights it makes so difference whatsoever. Or maybe I just wasn’t using it correctly.

  25. Avatar Camilacreme says:

    Happy to reciprocate accountability! I both need a buddy and am happy to be a buddy. Username camilacreme 🙂

    • Avatar ChrisV says:

      I’m looking an accountability partner too. I lost 60 pounds last year, but hit a big plateau. My goal is to lose another 50 pounds in 2015.

  26. Avatar Steph Knight says:

    Would love an accountability partner ! I’m 21 female from UK East Midlands. I am 5’11 and currently 200lbs and would like to get to below 170 🙂 Don’t mind adding on fb as well for added support! 🙂 my mfp user is stephhcharlenee – add me and send me a message 🙂

    • Avatar Jo says:

      Hey Steph – I’m 23 from the UK (north Yorkshire) and am hoping to ultimately lose up to 30lbs. Mind if I add you and we can be each others accountability buddies? 🙂 Jo x

  27. Avatar Jen Stephens says:

    Accountability needed. I want to lost 25lbs by my 39th birthday on May 26th when I think I might be getting engaged. Maybe. 🙂 I’m jens52676 on myfitnesspal.

  28. Avatar Jo says:

    If anyone in the north east of england would like an accountability buddy then I’d love to hear from you – I think it’s the key to staying on track. I’ve been making sure to tell a few close friends and family members that I want to lose up to 30lbs but would hugely benefit from a buddy checking up on me and I’d do the same for them! My MFP profile is jomarie91 x

    • Avatar SandraF says:

      I would love a buddy to check in on me in with MFP. I was doing well on there a few months ago and since then I’ve fallen off the wagon. Jo, I’ll add you if that’s ok. If anyone else wants to add me, I’m LittleRed81 and happy to help keep others motivated.

      • Avatar Avrilniemczyk91 says:

        Hi everyone, I know this may sound a bit silly but what is MFP? I would also like a buddy!! I live near Birmingham, England, last year I started my weight loss journey and dropped 4 dress sizes (from a size 18 to a size 10-12) but went off the rails a little over Christmas and put a little back on, I have started back at the gym again and back on the healthy eating but it would be so good to have someone share it with and learn from!! Avril x

  29. Avatar NaughteeBits says:

    Definitely need Accountabilibuddies! Have used MFP in the past with success, have been gone for a bit due to illness and surgery, but I’m back, and as committed as ever! Looking to lose body fat, build muscle, and get back into my regular running routine…Username: barribomb
    -also, if you’re part of the Vivofit community, would love to connect there as well 🙂

  30. Avatar akemp says:

    Buddy wanted!! Lol tried doing this myself, and hasn’t worked 🙁

  31. Avatar Laura Maria Santiago says:

    I am looking for an accountabilibuddy! I like to run , do barre fitness and zumba. Username: lauramsr. I am happy to serve as someone’s accountabilibuddy as well. I really need help with the food intake because I am a stress eater. Boo!

    • Avatar Nany Matar Soud says:

      Hi Laura. would you be willing to be my AB? I need to lose 10 lb I’ve always been fit and at a healthy weight suddenly I gained a few lbs I live in MN and it’s freezing in winter I try to drag myself to the gym but not as often as I should

  32. Avatar Pettlepie says:

    Good morning,
    I am 26 years old and live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I lost so far since 24.11.2011 about 14-15 kg, stopped smoking and started eating healthy. I am going to get married in May and need to go back into the gym. I just started yoga, do a lot of powerplate and a little TRX classes. I don’t like running so I meed to improve on the x-trainer 🙂 In summer I was super fit and then my doc said I need to change my routine which more likely made me lazy. I would bemore then happy to have 1-2 accountability buddies to keep me motivated and to share what I have learnt so far. I am honest, direct and pushing hard to achieve my goals. Please add me under pettlepie.

    Have a lovely day!

  33. Avatar Erin Lyn says:

    Looking for an accountabilibuddy! In the North of Pittsburgh area… my mfp name is erinlyn!

  34. Avatar AJ says:

    I need one Email and tell me about yourself and we can exchange our stories just know I can be lazy so it won’t be easy.

  35. Avatar SandraF says:

    Hi, I would really like an accountabilitibuddy. I would like to get fit and loose some weight once and for all. I have peaks and troughs of doing exercise and healthy eating. My last stint was going really well in the summer as a couple of work colleagues were doing a mini “biggest weight loss” challenge, but then it fizzled off (I kept going for a little while longer) and then I fell off the wagon. More than anything I just want to be consistent, and I think having an accountabilitibuddy would really help. Please add me on MFP: LittleRed81 Happy to reciprocate the accountibilibuddy support of course.

  36. Avatar wojo6329 says:

    Just read this article and it sounds great. I just received a vivo fit by Garmin this xmas. I would enjoy helping someone who is struggling like I am. My user name is wojo6329.

  37. Avatar theresah40 says:

    I need accountabilbuddy>> theresah40. Please add me

  38. Avatar Victoria Lively Martin says:

    How do you get buddies? I am following people, is that right? My ID is vlmartin2011. I can’t add people just follow. Thanks!!

  39. Avatar Millie2014 says:

    I live in CO, west Denver suburb. I have a Flex, my team took 3rd place on W&W team challenge last fall. Personally lost 22# & would like to lose ~ 10# more. I’ve gotten off track because I NEED someone to be accountable to.

  40. Avatar Olavo says:

    My login is Olavon. I live in Toronto (east York) feel free to add me and let’s help each other

  41. Avatar Stacey says:

    Hi, I’m Stacey from Perth, Western Australia. I have fallen off the fitness wagon! As an older mother I need to get fit again to run around after a two children under the age of 10 – at age nearly 48. I am happy to be made accountable for getting back on the elliptical trainer and to check in with someone on filling in a food diary. I’m also happy to nag you too. I haven’t used a blog before so am not quite sure how it all works but need to – as we Aussies say – ‘pull my finger out and stop making excuses’!

  42. Avatar Melva says:

    Hello. This is my first time posting, and I would like a buddy or several. My username is Mflorn

  43. Avatar Robin Tipps says:

    Hi everyone, I too would like to be added as an AB. I have a fitbit, and have just started couch to 5k… Again! I’m on week 3. Sugar and time are my enemies!

  44. Avatar Sarah Humphries says:

    I’m in the Fort Lauderdale area and looking for an accountabilibuddy. I love to cook healthy foods and run, but my husband isn’t so big on all the brocolli and I have trouble fitting the exercise part in my schedule (prioritizing!). My username is sjhumphries84.

  45. Avatar prolificdahlias says:

    Looking for a AB. I live in the Portland, ME, area and I love to walk.

  46. Avatar Julie Lynn Collins says:

    OK – I’m officially asking for a buddy after reading this! I’ve kept to
    my “2 miles a day in 2015” running schedule, but nothing is happening.
    (I know, I know.) Getting frustrated and that means eating something
    bad to feel better. I’d love to have someone to remind me I’m being a
    brat. Live in midwestern US and aging quickly – please don’t wait 🙂
    User name STLGardener.

  47. Avatar KaitOtting says:

    Hey everyone!! I would love some accountabilibuddies! My MFP name is KaitOtting I started on the 1st and I am down 17pounds. Right now I have stalled and trying to push through so I can start losing again 🙂 add me please

    • Avatar Lynn says:

      You lost 17 lbs in 19 days? I lost 5 in that same time period. Congratulations. Maybe you are just at a short plateau. Stay off the scale for a week and I bet you will see downward movement again.

  48. Avatar Sarah says:

    I would love to have a buddy. . I’m serious this time but need someone to report to. Would love to do the same for you. Sarah

  49. Avatar Rose says:

    I was diagnosed in Oct with breast cancer. I have had a lumpectomy and going through radiation currently. I am starting a wellness program tomorrow. It took something like this to make me wake up and get back into shape. I know what to do but the exercise is what I need to re strengthen my body. I think by committing to this I will have the support I need to follow through.

  50. Avatar Kittie8485 says:

    I would like an acountabilibuddy, preferably in Orlando, FL so we can actually get together and do activities if possible!!! I need to lose 170-200lbs!!! My name here is the same in MFP.

  51. Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

    Looking for a buddy I around Fort Hood Texas. To work with. ..

  52. Avatar barbie says:

    that is what i need as
    well a buddy

  53. Avatar MsMet says:

    I’d love an accountability buddy! I am making 2015 my year for taking care of me and my health. Would love to work together with others to achieve this!

  54. Avatar Meg Russell says:

    I need someone too. Hey, there has to be an easier way to do this. I don’t think we can actually communicate with each other on My Fitness Pal, can we? Someone enlighten me. If we cannot, then how about one of us start a closed Facebook group and we can check in with each other there? I would love if it were easy to communicate with my accountabilibuddy. I am Meg in Raleigh, NC, need someone to help me stick to my menus but also to keep going to the gym every day! Seems to be working except when I slack off which is too much of the time!

    • Avatar Crystal Starr Weisgram says:

      Perhaps a Facebook group… we could share together as a group and also pair up for personal contact

  55. Avatar myOWNcompass says:

    My boyfriend created an online group where we can support and encourage one another, but no negativity is allowed. It’s the kudos that keeps us going for more.

  56. Avatar spangaw7 says:

    Feel free to add me Spangaw7. One can never have enough support

  57. Avatar Jen53187 says:

    I need an accountability buddy, too.

  58. Avatar Nathan says:

    I am really in need of a buddy and some motivation to get back into shape! Please add me, and I’ll add you back. My username is Barrbarian

  59. Avatar Mike says:

    What are the best practices for using the app for accountability? There are certain things – eg exercise – I’m comfortable sharing broadly and other things – eg, weight, food, measurements, etc – I’d prefer to only share with my buddy. The app doesn’t seem inuitive this way. Also, as the buddy, how do I check in on weight, exercise, food so I can hold my buddy accountable?

  60. Avatar susieq0205 says:

    I need an accountbilibuddy!!! 🙂

  61. Avatar Susan Coleman says:

    If anyone wants to add me I’m susieq0205 on MFP! I could really use an acountabilibuddy.

  62. Avatar Tanya Wills says:

    Hi I really need an accountibilibuddy. Working with my husband hasn’t worked very well. I live in south Texas(San Antonio). Would love the add. My FP name is fieryblaze.

  63. Avatar Mass1 says:

    Struggling to get motivated, need to set some goals to focus on!

  64. Avatar Lisa Tomlin says:

    Same here no one to say hey that big behind ain’t gonna lose itself lol or
    just to say OK let’s go u got this

  65. Avatar Dambo says:

    Looking for an accountabilibuddy! I’m a 67 year old who just keeps trying to get as fit as possible but it’s difficult as you age and have little ‘real-life’ support; looking for an online ‘buddy’ to help take the strain – any takers?

    • Avatar Bill Lee says:

      I’m 67 too, Dambo, with the same issue. 🙂 Could we be each other’s accountabilibuddy? Bill

      • Avatar Dambo says:

        Great Bill and thanks for the prompt reply – will keep in touch from tomorrow on – it’s 12 midnight here! Glad to hear from you and we can keep an eye on each other’s progress!

        • Avatar Bill Lee says:

          Excellent! How would you like us to keep in touch? My email is billlee (at) ualberta (dot) net. Or we could use any other online method you like.
          I am in the North American Mountain time zone, Currently, in winter, we are UTC-7. 🙂

          • Avatar Dambo says:

            Hi Bill,
            I’m on GMT in N Ireland and presently in the middle of marking a bunch of essays for my sins so time’s a bit tight right now! My email address is and I’d be happy to keep in touch either through Disqus or my personal email – whatever works!

            Just as a matter of interest I developed a few bad blisters on my feet walking in the snow in the last few days so my ‘brisk walk’ exercise routine will have to take a back seat for a couple of days – really annoyed about that but can’t be helped! I try to walk around 80 miles every month as my main cardio workout but I’ll fill you in on all my background and details as time allows – and when I get this flamin’ marking out of the way!! 😉
            Chat again soon!

  66. Avatar ellie says:

    Happy to be back running after a back injury! I swim too, and I love it more than running. I could use an accountabillibuddy.

  67. Avatar ChristyA says:

    Accountabilibuddy Wanted! I need a pal to help me stay on track! Will you be mine?

  68. Avatar George McDonald says:

    I would like to try using an accountabilibuddy. I’m 52, live in NC and ride road/MTB daily, 10 months out of the year. I workout inside 2 months out of the year. I would like to lose 13 pounds but I’m leveling off and maintaining only. Eating too many sweets… I’d like to lose some of the weight before bike season. My pal name is gmac721. Please feel free to add me and I’ll return the favor. Thanks,


  69. Avatar Maria says:

    I really need a fitness buddy too if someone out there is interested? I’m not sure how I link up with anyone tho?

  70. Avatar Jss11 says:

    Definitely need the accountabilibuddy. Someone like Rosemary said to say did you walk or go to the gym? Need that push sometimes. How do you get one?

  71. Avatar Leanne says:

    I would love to have someone to motivate and be motivated by…. I have lost about 20lbs and have 45 more to go….. 32 Years old, runner, upstate New Yorkme if you want to be AB’s. 46Hiker is my name on MFP. 🙂

  72. Avatar Leanne says:

    Sorry – meant message me if you want to be AB’s!

  73. Avatar Anna says:

    Hi I really need an accountability buddy too, please add me …

  74. Avatar Anna says:

    I could do with an accountability buddy too, please add me …

  75. Avatar Crystal Berkes says:

    Looking for an accountability buddy hopefully in the central time zone.. Houston Tx here. My bf is supportive but as he can lose weight and keep it off like no ones business, sometimes I would just rather have someone who understands how hard it can be to talk to.

  76. Avatar Chrissie099 says:

    Crazy, but what worked for me about 10 years ago, was a women I met with every week who weighted me in & looked at my food diary- but here’s the catch SHE WOULD YELL AT ME if I gained or pigged out. I need someone to do that.

  77. Avatar Anna says:

    I could do with some accountability buddies too, please add me…

  78. Avatar Chrissie099 says:

    I’m in New Jersey if that helps any one. I’m terrible about keeping a food diary lately. I find it too time consuming. Any suggestions?

    • Avatar ejane1182 says:

      I’m in Illinois, but it seems everyone is doing this online so maybe that works? I too fail at keeping up with the food diary, or measuring things..but I’m working on it..just not putting it into the site XD . Though, I suffer from depression and fall off the wagon on everything, eating, sleeping, and any daily movement. I need someone to nicely poke me and be like ‘hey, lets do this today together.’ cause during those days I will fight tooth and nail sometimes just to curl back up in bed.

      • Avatar Chrissie099 says:

        Yes, I can definitely do that. What I find when I don’t feel like working out, is I make an agreement with myself that I’ll only do, maybe a 20 min. workout on the elliptical or tread mill, or maybe if I’m trying a new class I’ll give myself a “pass” to leave early if I don’t like it. Inevitably, once I get started I continue past that 20 min. or stay for the whole class. Try it, it makes it easier to wrap your head around if it’s only 20 minutes.

        • Avatar ejane1182 says:

          So, how do we add each other on MFP from this site?

          • Avatar Chrissie099 says:

            I’m not really sure, but your comment came up in my email. If anyone else knows how to add people on, please respond. Also, I just made the “breakfast cookies” that are in the MFP recipes. They’re just banana, oats and chocolate chips and they’re pretty good!

      • Avatar Chrissie099 says:

        Morning! Remember to move today. Dressed and ready to head out to pilates when I get an email from the instructor that she’s sick. Tempted to put on sweats and catch up on paperwork but I’m doing my 20 minute rule at the gym and see how it goes.

  79. Avatar Rebecca McGregor says:

    I need a buddy. Been doing weight watchers for over 20 yrs…. Lost lots of weight but got stuck. Now using myfitnesspal and fitbit tracker. All linked together and now fitbit have challenges so that’s more motivation. I’ve upped my weights in the gym too but it would be great to have a buddy for encouragement.

    • Avatar Claire says:

      Love to be a buddy! Not too sure how you link up on this. Just starting to use MFP on a more regular basis. Lost a lot of weight in last 12 months and continuing to build on this via a new plan, gym/weights n personal trainer. Just started to run more and have registered for some runs later this year! Need lots of encouragement for this.
      I’m clairey_fairee on MFP. Please add me if you wish

  80. Avatar Ann Davis says:

    I am in need of a accountability buddy. My husband tries but we both love food that is bad for us lol. I used to be really good in college when the food options were salad or something questionable looking in the hot line 🙂

  81. Avatar Sharon Sparkes says:

    This sounds like a positive thing to be involved with

  82. Avatar Linda Ripley-Nuttall says:

    I live in Lafontaine Ontario. I have been struggling these past two months trying not to eat junk food and sweets from 3 pm until 11 pm. I need someone who will make me accountable for my choices. If you are willing I am willing to give this my best shot.

  83. Avatar Mae says:

    Hello! I’m in LA and could definitely use an accountability buddy – not only for eating well and logging my food, but also because I’m running my first half marathon (the Hollywood Half in April) and staying disciplined to the training schedule on top of everything else is very difficult. And, of course, I’d love to return the favor and be your AB as well. I’m lovespellnumba8 on MFP. thanks 🙂

  84. Avatar Lisa P. says:

    I would really appreciate having an “Accountabilibuddy.” I’ve been a little down lately and have been over-eating and slacking in my workouts. I think an “Accountabilibuddy” is just what I need!!
    Thank you!!

    • Avatar Lori says:

      Hi Lisa, I’m having trouble with overeating too but I’m pretty good about exercising. Maybe we can help each other with accountability. My user name is Pippin if you want to add me. – Lori

  85. Avatar arunner says:

    I’d like to have some FitBit friends to challenge with accountability! Please add your email so I can Invite you on FitBit?

  86. Avatar JANICE DUKES says:

    my name is janice i would love to have some one to talk to while i go through this life change. i am going to start walking am forty pounds over weight, did not know which way to turn. have a nine year old daughter she is very concern about her mommy!

  87. Avatar Janice Ganey says:

    Me too! feel free to add me I’m jganey on myfitnesspal.

  88. Avatar Kim says:

    Hi guys, I need a buddy to help me, I often have days where I need someone to be tough with me… Please help? My username is Peachee… Add me

  89. Avatar Lori says:

    Hi, I’ve been at this a while. I do pretty good with the exercise (swimming, walking, yoga) but I have trouble with overeating and emotional eating. Would love an “accountibilibuddy” or two or three. My user name is Pippin.

  90. Avatar Chris Leavitt says:

    Hello all :), yes would love to be an accountability buddy plus have one. Cheers

  91. Avatar Maria says:

    Please add me I need a accountability buddy.

  92. Avatar David Maynard says:

    I live in Glendale AZ. Need a workout buddy.

  93. Avatar Angela Hertel says:

    I would like an accountability buddy too please!

  94. Avatar Heather says:

    I live in the Fort Worth Texas area & would like an AB.

    • Avatar Jennifer Evans says:

      Hi Heather, I’m in Fort Worth too. And my husband is DONE being my accountability partner 🙂 I’ve been doing a DietBet but am finding that I like the accountability best. My MFP name is londonrothko.

  95. Avatar Stephen Reyes says:

    Some should add me… Been trying to get back on logging. It’s hard sometimes. Stephenmreyes

  96. Avatar Stephen Reyes says:

    Some should add me… Been trying to get back on logging. It’s hard sometimes. Stephenmreyes

  97. Avatar judith anglin says:

    I am also badly in need of an accountability buddy to join with! who wish to join with me.

  98. Avatar Tracy Robbins says:

    Need accountability in a big way…help

  99. Avatar Carolyn says:

    I need accountability…I’m wayyy too weak to be someone’s right now. Can someone help me?

  100. Avatar Danny Coleman says:

    I am looking for an accountability buddy Please let me know if you would like to be accountability buddies.

  101. Avatar asltchr says:

    I’m looking for an accountability buddy. User name is asltchr.

  102. Avatar Rachel Hladik says:

    I would like an, buddy…
    I started in October of 2014 and have alralready gotten close to 14 pounds lost but feel like I am, starting to slip off track.

  103. Avatar Angela Binder says:

    I would love to find an accountability buddy! I definitely need someone for those days that I just CAN’T!

  104. Avatar dale says:

    i need an accountability partner in working out.

  105. Avatar drdwhit says:

    Add me, I’m drdwhit and all about getting on track!

  106. Avatar Susan says:

    I would like an accountability buddy, and I can support other buddies from time to time too. Add me to this if you will.

  107. Avatar Tatiana says:

    I would love to have a fitness buddy. Definitely seems easier with support. If anyone is open to it mfp name is TatianaRoz 🙂

  108. Avatar Tarynlynnzimmer says:

    I want to join an accountability group. Does anybody have room for one more?

  109. Avatar Summerfit says:

    Harrison Leonard, I’d love to join y’all! I desperately need accountability!! I need others to see my exercise, what I eat, etc. I’m Summerfit on MFP. WhAt do I need to do??

  110. Avatar Emma Sheehan says:

    Hi guys,
    I’m new to fitness pal but I would love to be an accountabilibuddy.
    Feel free to add me,my profile is Emmasheehan1983

  111. Avatar Oldfatty says:

    Aargh! Why are all the pictures of young, slim, fit people? Where are the old, fat, unfit people who need to be motivated. These pictures mean I avoid this blog and email if I can.

  112. Avatar Lanna Franks says:

    I know this will sound stupid, I find this a bit scary

  113. Avatar Curly1961 says:

    I would like an accountability buddy. I am 53 I like to keep fit but my eating habits go wayward sometimes so I have gained some extra kgs I don’t want.

  114. Avatar Julie says:

    YES!! Please add me: juliette0312. Would love accountability 🙂

  115. Avatar Monika says:

    Hi, I’m in South West London and would love to find a local buddy – anyone close by? Someone to commit to a walk/run a few times a week?
    MFP login is monsimp1234

  116. Avatar stepherz219@IG says:

    Hey! Anyone in the upstate ny area? I’m looking for an accountability buddy but also a gym buddy… I feel like I’d do better with a buddy in person… anyone feels the same in the capital region just let me know 🙂

  117. Avatar jim erwin says:

    Ok…I feel the same let’s do this for a better 2015. I noted this acountabilitybuddy
    And thought you know what I keep yo yoing
    And nothing else really working so lets try the psychology of this
    , but just having someone to bounce off might actually work I hop?
    If your happy to help this way and if I can I will too

  118. Avatar Mustafa Huseini says:

    I’d like some accountability support. Count me in as well…

  119. Avatar tcottre1 says:

    I would like to get in on this! My biggest problem I’m currently facing is following what I need to be eating. I did good for a while using the MFP app and have slacked off for a while. I need a buddy or 2 or 3!!

  120. Avatar QuiQui says:

    I need the encouragement, nudge, and push to start….everything!!! I need an accoutabilibuddy! I just had a health screening and everything looks great….except my weight 🙁
    Add me arqutia on mfp…thanks for the support!

  121. Avatar jeanmarie says:

    Center City Philadelphia. Let me know if you are interested in forming an informal group. I lost 50 lbs in a Mind your health study at Drexyl (Which they are recruiting for), but once the year was up it is a real struggle to stay at the weight loss. I am up 7 lbs and want to stop before it its 10, 15 etc.

    Contact me here with a comment we can even use this blog to keep in touch.

  122. Avatar Theresa says:

    Looking for accountability bunnies. I go strong right out the gate then I keep thinking its a habit so I will be okay. I am done starting over and over again.

  123. Avatar Norma says:

    66 year old female needs an accountabilibuddy – having difficulty with portion control and snacking. Belong to the Y and get regular exercise. None of my friends seem interested in healthy living, and I live alone.

  124. Avatar michael says:

    Looking for accountabillybuddy, Local to Rochester NY, preferred.. but anyone strong, and maybe as a fitness w/o pal as well

  125. Avatar CJ says:

    I would like a female accountability buddy. MFP name is justcfs. I had some success in the late fall 2014 but then the holidays came and went and I SHOULD be able to hop right back on, but find old habits difficult to leave behind.

    I lost 96 pounds with WW but have put 30 back on. That scares me. I want to get back to my goal weight, and I know I can. I do like the way MFP works. It’s just hard once you’ve stopped to start back up again. I’m on a two day streak so I’m thankful for that.

  126. Avatar Sarah-Jane says:

    This would really help me, especially if anybody is from Romford and would be a running buddy also?

  127. Avatar CheerfulMama says:

    I’d love a few accountabuddies! Username: CheerfulMama.

  128. Avatar Calvin J. Cheok says:

    I need an accountability buddy. I have been accountable for a few people in the past but always the giver and not the recipient. anyone? I am cheok316

  129. Avatar Temisen Emma Larkins says:

    I need one too. Can I join please?? Add me am Temisen Larkins

  130. Avatar kim says:

    I need a buddy to. I have no sopport at home. Its mighty lonely not being able to share my successes or failures with someone.

  131. Avatar Terri says:

    I want & need accountability as well. So tired of the yo yo’ing that I do and using excuses when “LIFE” gets in the way. Oh, no super jocks please as I don’t care for exercise! Username: smileyterr

  132. Avatar Pat Megraw says:

    I could sure use an accouNtability buddy or two or three! My user name is artiste 464

  133. Avatar ruby says:

    Please add me. I have 100lb to lose! Username is: ajeudi

  134. Avatar eaglesfanintn says:

    I could use one as well. It would be nice if it was someone(s) in the Memphis area that likes to run. I have just under 50 pounds to lose to get to my goal weight and I love running. Feel free to friend me on mfp – eaglesfanintn. Cheers!

  135. Avatar Mikey212 says:

    need/willing to be a buddy , add me mikescarter1

  136. Avatar Coach Levi says:

    Yes it works for you, AND you’re helping others by being an accountabilibuddy for them. If we keep it up, it will continue to spread until everyone is healthier and happier! 😀

  137. Avatar Thomasmccaig says:

    I’d love to offer my help! And I could certainly use yours! I live in Northern Michigan and I am not a snow enthusiast! I find it very hard to workout in the winter time which lasts about half of the year here! LOL I lost fifty pounds a year and a half ago by seeing a dietician and taking some medication she prescribed. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of getting used to barely eating and when I slipped, I fell hard! I put the weight right back on and then some! I’m ready to take control again, the healthy way (ie eating more than 500 calories a day) I plan to take it slow and steady this time! Join me on my adventure! Find me on MyFitnessPal as “Thomasmccaig” ~Kristi Jane

  138. Avatar Melissa 2015mytime says:

    Would love to get a support system going on fitness pal! Could use some accountability. I have about 100 pounds to lose – user name 2015mytime

  139. Avatar bev seager says:

    I need an accountability buddy too! For those days that I don’t want to go to the gym, and want to eat the entire bakery/confectionary aisle of Tesco and not tell anyone… I live in the UK so some one in my time zone would help my immediate motivation a great deal, but we’re all in this together no matter what time in the world it is 🙂

  140. Avatar Jamie says:

    I need an accountability buddy too! I’m on MyFitnessPal. User name: jkubik1

  141. Avatar Felicia Carroll says:

    I need someone to help me stay on track! I also need help finding health recipes that go along way for cheap. Maybe figuring out what is healthy and what isnt. Thanks!! My mfp name is ryaegurl

  142. Avatar Christina Grassi says:

    looking for an accountabilibuddy……

  143. Avatar doug says:

    Hey everybody for miles on the elliptical today I got to kicked off tried to use a roller man handheld roll is a trip

  144. Avatar doug says:

    Let’s try that again without voice texting. I did 4 miles on elliptical and started using a an roller on the floor.. Whew that was a killer

  145. Avatar Jeff Hickmott says:

    Yep, I need one too!

  146. Avatar Alex Nelson says:

    I’d love as many accountability partners as I can get! It’s inspiring to have support and encouragement along this weight loss journey! MFP name is AlexNelson2015. Feel free to find me!

  147. Avatar Queen B says:

    I want to run. I have limited time and 2 small children at home still so I have a perfectly useable tredmil out in the garage I could be out on right this moment but cant seem to get the motivation to get up and go. I know I will not be able to run for long….I am 291 lbs at the moment. But I know any amount of time is better than none. Any advice on how to get the boot to the booty tonget me going?

    • Avatar Donna Menneto says:

      To queen b
      Run outside if you can
      Cause you have to run back 🙂
      When you are in the house or garage it’s easy to stop your workout or get distracted If you run a mile one way you have to run back yo get home.
      Start small ten minutes in one direction which will be twenty minutes Go farther if you feel up to it
      It’s such a treat to be away from family at times. This is you time Enjoy

  148. Avatar SmartDad73 says:

    Anyone looking for an accountabilibuddy can feel free to add me! My MFP username is SmartDad73

  149. Avatar Liz Honig says:

    My user name on mfp is Lizhonig. I’m a 61 yr old grandmother. Feel free to add me if you’re looking for a buddy. 🙂

  150. Avatar Liliana^ says:

    I’m looking for someone who can help with accountability too. I live in Allen, TX and work out at a local gym but having someone to keep me in check would be nice. MFP name is krdcunha. Thanks!

  151. Avatar Guest says:

    I know what you mean, I think this would help me a lot too!! My FP name is bekipeters2

  152. Avatar beki says:

    I feel the same.. I’d love an accountabilibuddy if anyone would like to add me!! My fp name is bekipeters2

  153. Avatar Lperryyy says:

    I really need an accountabilibuddy!

  154. Avatar Tonya says:

    Need buddies also! And friends on MFP. I live in Malvern, Arkansas. Anyone around here need a work out buddy? I’m tonyaray4 on MFP

  155. Avatar Sandra Pereiro Ross says:

    I need an accountability partner/group too!
    I’m sandraross68 on my fitness pal. Thanks!

  156. Avatar Motivation28 says:

    Is anyone struggling as much as I am?

  157. Avatar Gail Warr says:

    I have looking and needing a running partner. I live in Mobile, AL. Anyone close by??

  158. Avatar Guest says:

    Yes yes yes!!!!

  159. Avatar fatima says:

    Hey nice article…i have started fitnesspal a week ago and i already feel a happier me deep within.

  160. Avatar LexVentura says:

    Good post. A more actionable way of saying this is that people generally perform better when they make public committments. By public, I mean with one or more other people, and not keeping one’s goals and objectives all to oneself.
    But people also need “triggers” and simple routines tailored for them. I’ve lost about 35 lbs. in a year with 3 simple rules: weigh myself everyday, count calories as best I can sticking to a reasonable maximum goal (For me, it’s 2000 cal/day and MFP very useful for this), and share my weight chart with a few people who care.
    The weight chart on MFP is not as good as some. I use “Monitor Your Weight” version 3.5 for iPhone for much prettier graphs. It’s free.
    Excercise has not been as important for me. And in fact, a brutal excercise routine is what gets many people to give up. I look for moderate goals in this area of 10,000 steps 3 times weekly and a some pullups, pushups, and planks twice weekly just to preserve muscle.
    In short, 1) set and tell people your goal, 2) find triggers/routines, 3) brag a little!

  161. Avatar Parker says:

    I’m looking to help motivate people on their journey as well as my own!! Username:attitudexx

  162. Avatar kathiecondon says:

    I am looking for an accountibilibuddy. I have had a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy and am looking for someone who has had the same procedure. I live in the B’ham, AL area. Anyone out there who has had the VSG?

  163. Avatar Tina Wallace says:

    Hi Everyone It would be good for me to have a accountabilibuddy to stay on track. Me requesting people I know to join me was a fail for me.

  164. Avatar Mariza Hourani says:

    I’d love a girl friend who’s into the same stuff as me hopefully to be able to keep to talk to about food and fitness and getting in the best shape possible! 🙂

  165. Avatar Jenni999 says:

    I would love to join the group below for accountability. I don’t know many people where I live & really need to get back where I feel great about my body.
    My fitness pal name is jenni999

  166. Avatar Ava says:

    Hi everyone! I’m just starting out and my username is whatava. Please feel free to add me 🙂

  167. Avatar Brock Johnston says:

    Anyone here from Canberra, Australia?

  168. Avatar Caroline says:

    how do I join? I need help with accountability as well:)

  169. Avatar Loktipus says:

    Looking for an accountability buddy. I have bad short term memory, and lose motivation without someone poking me to do so.

  170. Avatar BeIncredible says:

    Hi I am looking for an accountabilibuddy! … I am BeIncredible on MFP

  171. Avatar amy says:

    I need an accountability buddy! How do I add/get added?

  172. Avatar Brittany King-Pleas says:

    Why yes, I am most certainly in need for an accountability partner. I ate so poorly on Sunday that I password protected by diary. I have been working on my educating myself for several years. I have lost about 15 pounds so far. I want to move to a new place that I’ve never been before in fitness. All of my friends are tired of talking about. I’m ready to meet someone who is just as intrigued by new foods, different workout regimens, various workouts, etc. I’m bkingpleas on myfitnesspal. add me!

  173. Avatar roadrunner2011 says:

    Hi, could I join too please? I could really use some help. My fitness pal name is roadrunner2011, but the only running I’ve been doing is to the fridge! Thanks

  174. Avatar Leighan says:

    Hi, My MFP username is lotusflower141. I could definitely benefit from having a buddy!

  175. Avatar Mlss Paleo says:

    I need an accountability buddy!! Preferably one with over 100 lbs to lose!! I’m a straight talker though!!! But I’m friendly as hell

  176. Avatar Wilsonkaye2 says:

    Hi! I want an accountability buddy, too! But I’m looking more for a 1 on 1 situation with a female close to my age – 59. Maybe someone with medical issues since I have some. My

  177. Avatar Wilsonkaye2 says:

    OOps! Hit enter too soon. wilsonkaye2 is my MFP name. Hoping to hear from someone.

  178. Avatar Kristy says:

    I need an accountabilibuddy also! I live in NC.

  179. Avatar Heather Block says:

    Hi, I would like a female accountability buddy who knows what its like to be losing weight as a women. I recently got married and I cannot stop myself from celebrating my bliss with my wonderful husband. Thank you.

  180. Avatar Heather says:

    I need an accountability buddy. My biggest struggle is staying on track over the weekend and logging on weekends. Would be glad to find more folks to encourage me. Thanks! I’m greybeh.

  181. Avatar Jacquie Baker says:

    I would love to have an accountability buddy!!!

  182. Avatar Marsie says:

    I really need a accountabilibuddy! My ID is mekatluvr on myfitnesspal. I have lost 80lbs in roughly 10 months, then the holiday blues came along with stress from working full-time and going to school full-time, and before I knew it, I regained 20lbs. 🙁

  183. Avatar Jojo says:

    Like the idea of the article but “Accountabilibuddy” is just stupid. Stop murdering the language and thinking it’s ok to make up silly strings of letters to get your concept across. The language has many descriptive terms that would be more useful, learn the language, please use it.

  184. Avatar elg1988 says:

    How do I go about joining? Just starting my fitness journey and am struggling to get and stay motivated.

  185. Avatar Rosebuddud says:

    I’m looking for a buddy who has had bariatric surgery or is preparing for it, as I am. I know my bariatric educator recommends My fitness pal so there has to be someone out there. My user name is Rosebuddud or bevadud

  186. Avatar rocio says:

    I need a accountability buddy as well!! Add me mfp id is everythinglowercase.. thanks

  187. Avatar PDonofrio says:

    Hi there, I have yo-yo’d back up again and would like to put an end to the dance. Any one out there willing to help me keep on track would be greatly appreciated and reciprocated! I am on FB Patricia Houghton Donofrio

  188. Avatar summer says:

    My coworker says the word “accountabilibuddy” needs to be murdered in its sleep.

  189. Avatar Valerie says:

    Hey everyone! I definately need accountabilibuddies, my name on MFP is vduckery. I’m working diligently on the last 20 or 25 pounds. Feel free to add me

  190. Avatar Karen says:

    Looking for an accountabilibuddy. Australian would be good ( just because of time zone!) A mature woman cause we face the same challenges but really anyone ready to start now!

  191. Avatar Lisa says:

    It would be very beneficial to me to be part of a community. I’m lisuthsi on myfitnesspal.

  192. Avatar Klatorre1977 says:

    I could use a buddy as well. I am not sure how to add people so here is my user name: Klatorre1977

  193. Avatar Power Sisters says:

    I could use a buddy too! Add me to the list also . I am not quite sure how this works. Need help!!

  194. Avatar Kamacart25 says:

    I would love to have an accountibuddy to help me get started on my road to health and fitness

  195. Avatar Amber says:

    Where does one go for help in food choices? I’ve been to a nutrtion class offered by the military medical clinic.. That was no help. I was sent home with a piece of paper showing different types of food and their portion size. I don’t know how to pick fresh, ripe produce. Then preparing it is a whole different world. I’m a picky eater so I need help. What I have tried out of my comfort zone tasted gross and put me off to trying more. It’s a viscious cycle, I try, I don’t like, I go back to my old ways. I hate it. What do I do? Thanks for any advice y’all can give me.

  196. Avatar Sw33tSparkl3 says:

    I need a few buddies actually. Add me sw33t_sparkl3

  197. Avatar Kendra Lee says:

    Looking for accountabilibuddi….

  198. Avatar tuckbacks says:

    Hey, I am in the UK and would like a buddy. Not able to go to a gym very often, as in education, but I am a competitive sportswoman. MyFPal name is tuckbacks

  199. Avatar Kristy says:

    Anyone on the Gold Coast?

  200. Avatar Leah in MN says:

    I really need an accountability buddy. I lost 55 pounds last year and now I am struggling to maintain it. I appreciate any tips you all can offer. I am 50 years old, I belong to a gym but find it boring. I play tennis 1-2 times a week. I had a lot of success when I tracked everything I ate and had a daily goal for my caloric and fat intake. I need to get motivated to do that again, I guess.

  201. Avatar Birdie says:

    I need and am willing to be an accountabilibuddy! And we’d probably inspire each other more if we were closer in age. 🙂 I’m in my early 20’s and just looking to get fit and strong and lose fat along the way. Myfitnesspal ID: Birdiecrossley

  202. Avatar Mmorris88 says:

    I would like an accountabilibuddy. I’m a 26 yr SAHM of two young kids ages 2 and 4 months. I have a few health issues and want to feel better again, try and get off some of my meds, and be healthier for my kids! Who wants to help me kick my butt into gear? Lol

  203. Avatar Brandy says:

    I need a buddy! Mother in law joined the gym but she constantly backs out. I’d love to see other people’s progress during our journeys to a happier and healthy lifestyle. I’ve reached my goal weight (23 lbs in 9 weeks!) but I’m having surgery in a month and won’t be able to return to the gym for at least 4 weeks. I’d hate to see my hard work (and motivation to return to the active lifestyle) disappear. I could really use some positive encouragement, coaching and reinforcement to get through that difficult time!

  204. Avatar Ingrid Zumba Chick Auerbach says:

    Need someone to help me to. Been though a lot since last July first surgery then 2 1/2 months post op from my surgery fell and fractured my tibia and ankle on the same side I was rehab. Finally back in rehab but not back in gym yet and I slack on a lot of things so I hope someone to help me. Let me know. This is my facebook name but mfp is @lostemt

  205. Avatar Greg Dahlen says:

    for six years now I have been living on fluid milk products, skim milk and cream. Every day I drink between a half to one-and-a-half gallons of skim milk, plus a little cream here and there, and hardly eat or drink anything else. I am six feet, one inch, today I weighed 153 pounds.

  206. Avatar K says:

    Hi All
    I would love an accountability buddy for 2015. I don’t mind where anyone is. I’m in the UK. User is gg452
    Would be greatful for the help and support. Happy to do the same back.

  207. Avatar Bronnie says:

    Im looking for accountability to can you please add me too….

  208. Avatar Bridget Jones says:

    I’m going to take some time today and add a few users here….Wow, I think this is a good idea. I’m feeling like I’m stuck in a MFP/fitbit/weighing frenzy with nothing to show but 3.8 lbs. since Nov. I’m type 1 diabetic on an insulin pump, so low sugars from exercise totally sabotage my efforts when I have to eat carbs to get my sugar back up. Ugh.
    Any other middle-aged women who want to add another buddy, please add me too! I’m in Jax FL. MFP name is Jaxnurse 🙂

  209. Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

    Sounds like you got to get to a gym sometime. .treadmill n stationary bike ..but yes check out the myfitness blog for daily updates and WOD fitness challenge so I’m in let’s work! 2015 the year to get fit!

  210. Avatar Giovanna Varela says:

    Hi there! I’m in search of an accoutibilibuddy! Screen name here is GiovannaVarela! You can also find me on Facebook! 🙂

  211. Avatar Nerdie says:

    I need an accountabilibuddy! NerdieMcChub on myfitnesspal.

  212. Avatar Guest says:

    Looking for an accountability buddy in my age group, 50+ that is!!

  213. Avatar Debbie baldassarre says:

    Hello I’m Debbie
    I would love to do the squat buddy!!
    Can somebody fill be in how we account to each other ???

  214. Avatar bryanna stewart says:

    Looking for an accountability buddy!!!! I’m just starting and could use a buddy…. Also if anyone has a gym routine they use for weight loss they’d like to share I’d love to hear it. I walk into the gym and have no idea what’s going to cause results
    Message me here or email

  215. Avatar Emily says:

    I would like help to loose 1 stone please. I’m doing fitness classes and running, but I can’t shift this stone..

  216. Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

    Wickedwitch201…tried to add you ..having trouble but…I n with you…let’s work. .

  217. Avatar Jari says:

    Hi, I’d like to have more buddies on my fitness pal….feel free to add me as a friend. Just go to the friends section on the app and you can add using email addresses. Mine is Have 80 pounds to lose, I’ve lost 7.5 in the past 2 weeks by doing cardio 3x week and staying within my calorie goal.

  218. Avatar Lisa Donakowski says:

    Hello, I am new at this. I’m 50, diabetic, and need to lower my A1C and weight. I’m on week 2 of the squat challenge and trying to give up the diet pop. I would like a accountabilibuddy, not sure how it works.

  219. Avatar deni says:

    I’m tired of being lazy! I was so motivated at first and lost 35lbs which I haven’t gained back but I don’t workout and eat right no more. I would like a buddy who is around my area to workout and help motivate eachother. Is there any way I can find people near me who want the same thing?

  220. Avatar Stephanie Ellis says:

    I need a buddy!!!!!

  221. Avatar Fernie Aguilar says:

    feel free to add me fernie8787, I live in Chicago.

  222. Avatar Tulsa Lawrence says:

    Looking / offering for more people to join me on the lovely journey of loosing weight and becoming my Accountabilibuddy. Loosing weight is not not easy, but nobody said it couldn’t be fun. I use the “MyFitnessPal” app and I encourage everyone to join me. My username is tulsalawrence. ADD ME 😀 I look forward to loosing weight with you all!

  223. Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

    The most important thing we all can do to improve our fitness gains n goals. .is to stop drinking sodas n diet sodas. ..n switch to water….so the next challenge is water for 30 days…water water water…..with everything. ….watch the overall fitness improvement n General improvement on the way you feel n the way you look@

  224. Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

    Super Bowl Sunday is coming please use that day as a cheat day , although cheat day is only one meal on a cheat day and not the whole day. ..resist the temptations of overeating. ..stay focused and not have a super bowl party set us back…..our goal is near! Fitness is the new you! Good luck n enjoy yourselves we deserve it! Let’s work!

  225. Avatar Frosty_19335 says:

    I would enjoy being someone’s accountability buddy. I have been using my fitness pal with the withings pulse my kids got me for christmas and really enjoy using it. I am in he western burbs of philly. My name is Paul and my user name on my fitness pal is frosty_19335.

  226. Avatar Chris Mellor says:

    Sounds good. I could always use a buddy to judo chop me when I get down.

  227. Avatar redheadrenae46 says:

    Looking to live a healthy long life, i’m looking for an accountability buddy….

  228. Avatar terra says:

    I’m with the rest of you, I really need an accountabilibuddy. I’m having a really hard time doing this on my own.

  229. Avatar Samantha says:

    I’d really appreciate it if some person (s) would like to be my accountabuddy! My husband is working out with me but he just says “eat less and work out more” and it’s very disheartening. It’d also be great of any of you are around Salem OR.

  230. Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

    Good morning buddies. ..I’ve been training for the upcoming Army Marathon here on Fort Hood Texas 26miles. ..concentrating on run walk methods. .run for 30 minutes walk for 10 minutes. .then 50 minutes on treadmill @ 3 decline…ending the day with air squats n front lunges. …been doing this for 3weeks sofar up to 16 miles. …thanks for all the support from the fitness community!

  231. Avatar charity says:

    I’m not sure how to find an accountability buddy, wether here in this app or in my life. I move a lot and never really get to know people. My husband and son are thin eat whatever they want nothing changes. I how ever gain weight….fun fun
    I just started my new future today ( I set my goal at 40lbs and then well work on the next stage). I plan to get active, get moving and watch what goes into My mouth. Day 1 I have done good. In 2 weeks I’m planning to try a 3 day juice cleans (something I’ve heard only good things about)
    So guess I will keep chugging along. See if I make any buddy’s along the way.

  232. Avatar MJ says:

    Good morning everyone that is looking for accountability. I would like to join this group. So…today I am joining the gym that I want (NOT what my family wanted). Then going walking in the park. Brrrrrt. I have realized that just watching your food intake isn’t going to do it.

    • Avatar Sheila Hykes says:

      Hi MJ … I need accountability too. I’m not sure how to go about doing that. I clicked on your name and the “follow” button. Feel free to do the same to me. I believe you did a good thing in choosing the gym you wanted to join. My husband always wants me to go to the gym but I find I push myself further when I walk on our treadmill at home. I also have a ton of fitness video workouts to choose from as I tend to get bored fast!

  233. Avatar Millie says:

    I am looking for an accountability buddy & possible workout buddy in the Golden – Arvada CO area. I really like my treadmill, my team came in 3rd place out of 121 teams last fall in a state weight loss challenge. I am down 24+ # & getting close to goal

  234. Avatar Pam says:

    I am in need of an accountability buddy!!! Add me if you want the same….

  235. Avatar Mel Prickett says:

    I have several great MFP buddies, but could always use more. I got to my goal weight and stayed there for 2 years, but after shoulder surgery without the ability to workout, I let things slip. I’m back to working out, but my eating habits are not always consistent. MFP Name: ExcelWithMel

  236. Avatar Stephen says:

    Would like to find an accountabilibuddy here in the South Florida area. But if I am the only person in this area, I would be fine with someone who is on the same journey as myself. If life seems to get in the way of your workout and fitness goals, let’s talk. I have a very busy life but have come to realize, I need to start putting myself and my health at the top of my To Do lists. <

  237. Avatar Brenda Wohlers Wilson says:

    I would like to have an accountabilibuddy! I have huge goals and I am slacking! !

  238. Avatar kagaroonie says:

    Looking for an accountability buddy. Physically challenged due to extreme osteoarthritis and simple things like walking are very painful. So, I exercise in the pool. Usually deep water running for an hour or so 3-4times a week. Chocolate “addiction” which saw me gain weight again!!! Urgh! Desk job where there is often morning tea! Anyone else who knows what this is like?

  239. Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

    2weeks into the water challenge. ……….how’s everyone feeling. ..clean n flushed. .right! Feels great!

  240. Avatar Michael Dunham says:

    i would like an accountability buddy. I am currently exercising regularly (running) but I need help with sticking to 2x week strength training and definitely with eating cleaner. I am not on face book though. (39 yr old male, running 25-30 miles per week.

  241. Avatar Ingrid Zumba Chick Auerbach says:

    anyone want to hit me up my name is lostemt of mfp. I will accept all friend request. You can also inbox me if you want.

  242. Avatar swell-fitness says:

    Follow on instagram, we can all connect ! @swell_fitness

  243. Avatar Myfitnesspal says:

    Hi, I’m also in need of an accountability buddy, preferably in Fort Lauderdale. I have a very busy life & I need a workout buddy for those days that I wanna be pushed to the gym. Please feel free to add me. My MFP username is Chamiram. Good luck to all of you on your weight loss journey 🙂

  244. Avatar julie says:

    Does this work with long distance accountabillibuddies?

  245. Avatar Truly Blessed says:

    I need an accountability buddy I need motivation someone please help

  246. Avatar janerules1966 says:

    Help i need an accountability buddy too .just need that extra push

  247. Avatar jayme says:

    I am 36. I started in June 2014 AMF had 100 lbs to lose. I still have 49 lbs to lose. I just need someone to be accountable to so I can keep myself on track. Please add me on MFP alejandriajayme

  248. Avatar Jenny says:

    Hey, great article. Since January I’ve lost 11lbs and myfitness pal friends seeing when I work out or if I was under my calorie goal help immensely, let alone the support and likes 🙂

    Always looking for more accountability. Username: Jennyleimcmillen
    I’m a 26yr old Brit getting ready to be a bridesmaid in July!

  249. Avatar Moin Shaikh says:

    Really difficult to control calories when on business tour … need advise or suggestions

  250. Avatar dnas says:

    Hi.. slowly starting to get back to an exercise program after a severe foot injury last August. Live north of Boston and looking for some encouragement and motivation. Thanks!

  251. Avatar Amythystskye9 says:

    I would like to offer myself as an accountabilibuddy to anyone would may want one. I have 80-90 lbs to lose and I started here yesterday.

  252. Avatar Samantha says:

    I do 45 minutes on the elliptical 5 days a week, wear a fitbit, and track my food to lose weight. My current goal 66 pounds and then probably another 20 after that. If anyone wants to add me, I am happy to help, and would love the help – I also live in Oregon and think it’d be fun to try and meet up with others!

  253. Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

    Still training for the up coming Spartan workout n race….the free workout is next Saturday. .the 13 mile obstacle race n may. .hope to represent the myfitness community well n not let you guys down. ..

  254. Avatar Roxanne Wilder says:

    Hello, I am new to all of this but I am reaching out to find a accountability buddy this is going to be a long haul as i have a lot of weight to lose

  255. Avatar Meka says:

    I need an accountability partner. I just began my weight loss journey and need someone to share success, struggles, and strategies.

  256. Avatar SV says:

    Fantastic article! Very well put – simple thoughts. There’s got to be something to be said about ‘taking accountability for one’s fitness’. Why do we gloss over the fact that we are where we are ‘mostly’ because of what we do or do not do?

  257. Avatar Karen says:

    You can add me too!! Mommyof2girls2008

  258. Avatar Alisha says:

    I need an accountability buddy, I’m looking to loose 20-30 pounds and overall be healthier feel free to add me

  259. Avatar SueAnn Hardiman says:

    Alright I need an accountabilibuddy…
    It’s a two way street in weight loss and honestly, I’m tired of trying to drive it alone…
    So please add me as a friend…

  260. Avatar Alison says:

    I need an accountibilibuddy too – having a hard time reaching my goal.

  261. Avatar jane says:

    Anyone need a buddy? I am in Austin Texas

  262. Avatar Pha says:

    I need to have an accountability buddy. I am not sure how you go about getting one this app. Can someone pls explain. Thx

  263. Avatar djoughin says:

    I need a accountibility buddy too. Evenings are the hardest for me

  264. Avatar Share r says:

    I Need a reliable workout buddie or buddies.
    Around the twin cities area

  265. Avatar hopeless mommy says:

    I just had a baby the end of December…I was in a strict workout schedule and diet routine before i got pregnant and then once i started feeling pressure i quit working out…i continued eating well because I had gestational diabetes but now that baby is here and i have a 2 and a half year old that is in that terrible age…I am a stress eater. i have gained weight since i had the baby and can’t get my mind into the state it was in before I was pregnant. I have all the tools i need to eat right and workout just not the emotional dedication or motivation. I need a partner who knows how this feels

  266. Avatar CJ says:

    I certainly wouldn’t mind having someone to force me to get up and moving. Usually, the only time I get to be active is during my days off, but I need to do something before work the rest of the week. I work a swing shift, so I can’t do anything at night that’s not at home.

  267. Avatar Laqusha Willard says:

    I need a accountability buddy. Add me

  268. Avatar Gab says:

    I need an accountability buddy!!!

  269. Avatar energybilly says:

    I’ll be an accountabilibuddy for anyone that needs one. My wife & I have been using MyFitnessPal together & both doing good.
    Go to Friends in MyFitnessPal, add friend (upper right hand corner), search by MyFitnessPal username & find me!
    Looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together!

    • Avatar energybilly says:

      I’m trying to add about 20-25 pounds of muscle. Right now I’m just working out at home. I’m using Bowflex Max Trainer, dumbbells & pushups/crunches. Also wearing MisFit Flash for activity tracking.

  270. Avatar Carolyn says:

    hi looking for an accountibilibuddy please. i can help u and u can help me to stay on track with eating healthier and exercising.

  271. Avatar reitzjk says:

    I need an accountablity buddy too. My weight loss goal is 25 pounds. One of my down falls is not drinking water. I don’t drink soda or juice, just tea.

  272. Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

    Good day myfitness community buddies and pals…..sometimes we’re so in a rush for the quick fix to our fitness endeavors and forget the basics….stretching for about 30-45 minutes will help you discover the main aspects of our fitness goal and objectives..stretching all muscle groups will help prevent injuries that sometimes derailed our motivation too…..

  273. Avatar Guest says:

    Please add me as well. I’m nprymak on Myfitnesspal. Help!! I used to be on track but now it’s an excuse to put off exercise daily. I want to be better.

  274. Avatar Crumpa says:

    Looking for accountabilibuddies!!! I started using mfp last week and already seeing a change in my eating habits, but I’ve a long way to go

  275. Avatar Laqusha Willard says:

    I need a accountability buddy. Please add laqusha99

  276. Avatar AngelZeyzz says:

    I am also in need.

  277. Avatar Tracey Lonsdale says:

    I need an accountabilibuddy too. Anyone out there dealing with breast cancer too? Traceyinottawa

  278. Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

    Completed my free Spartan workout by Reebok. …i recommend it to all myfitness community buddies and pals. .check out n Google Spartan free workouts…coming to your area. ..if you can make it. .participate ..great challenge for everyone..take a friend n family to cheer you on…it will let u know where you are on your goals. ..

  279. Avatar Steve Clough says:

    Feel free to add me. I love the motivation! You can find me as closte.

  280. Avatar Coach Levi says:

    Easy. Just hit me up on Facebook. I’m the only “Coach Levi” there!

  281. Avatar Harrison Leonard says:

    The 30 day challenge is complete everyone should feel a since of cleansing from the water challenge. Watch calorie intake n eat your fruits n veggies. Go to myplate. Gov for portion info….

  282. Avatar Shelby Griffith says:

    For everyone looking for an accountability buddy, add me on Facebook and I’ll set up a small group where we can all hold each other accountable

  283. Avatar Abby Cassidy says:

    Hi there, I just joined today, the pic below is my before weight gain pic, I have always been a sz 7=8, but have blossomed into a sz 3X, meds, major breakdown, depression, sedentary life, just not caring or loving myself has brought me to this scary borderline diabetic weight. I want to change it, I need to change it, because I want to live. I have 3 kids in 30’s and 7 grandkids, I want to do it for them as well, I need to show all who love me, that I love myself to make the change. I need accountability, as well as a buddy to encourage, and with whom I can in turn, encourage! Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

    • Avatar ksharrell says:

      Abby, if you still need a buddy, I’m looking for one as well. I’m a 3x and am struggling with some of the issues you are. I hope you’re doing well so far in your weight loss journey!

      • Avatar Abby Cassidy says:

        Hi, yes I would LOVE to have you as an Accoutabilibuddy! are you on MFP? I too am a 3 X and haven’t lost any weight in the last two weeks (started two weeks ago) but have totally changed my eating habits, way healthier, weighing things, just got an amazing digital scale yesterday for the kitchen, is biggest loser one, with 999 foods! I am sure it’s going to make a huge difference. I have lost a half an inch around breast, waist, and an inch around my neck (weird hey) lol. I am Mom and Grandma, borderline diabetic, and a few other maladies ………… i just want to feel good, and be happy. How about you? Please tell me about yourself 🙂

        • Avatar ksharrell says:

          Hi, Abby, thanks for responding:) It’s nice to “meet” you. First of all, here’s my email address so we can continue this conversation off site, if that’s how we should proceed? I’m so new to the world of forums – this is my first day looking around them – but I’ve been on MFP for a few months. Or is what we post here to each other now private? It’s fine with me if we keep it here, whatever you’d like. I don’t even know how to make my food/exercise journals public, lol. Anyway, here’s my email in case you’d like to keep in touch that way:
          Your new digital kitchen scale sounds amazing; I’ll have to look into one of those. And great news about the inches you’ve lost – you sound like you’ve made good progress. I have, too, over the past few months but I don’t think having a buddy can be anything but good! As of today, I’ve lost 50lbs since October but I still have about 110 to go. I visit a bariatric clinic weekly, which is good support and they started me on the successful path I am on. I want this to finally be THE YEAR that I get my butt in gear and make drastic improvements to my health, specifically by losing weight that has kept me from enjoying life as I should for 15+ years now. I think I’m finally putting all the weight loss “tricks” I’ve learned over the years into practice as I’m really tired of how I feel and look. I hope we can help each other succeed, new friend:)

        • Avatar ksharrell says:

          Just wondering if you received my message yesterday afternoon, Abby; my comment appears to have disappeared. I had left my email address ( if you wanted to get in touch with me that way!

  284. Avatar Angela says:

    How’s everyone doing with their workouts? Any runners out there? Is the cold weather bringing you indoors for cardio? I like to mix up cardio 2x week along with my strength training sessions.
    Work hard and stay focused!!

  285. Avatar nicole40 says:

    Would someone be my Accountabilibuddy? I lost the weight but am slowly putting it back on!

  286. Avatar Nwando Horton says:

    What a great idea! If anyone needs one or wants to be mine feel free to add me.

  287. Avatar Melissa Mark says:

    I need a buddy to help with getting more exercise and eating less. I am in my early 60s and am about 10 pounds heavier than I’d like. I golf and play paddle and go to a gym – but not often enough. Anyone?

  288. Avatar Michellet says:

    I need a accountability buddy to make 2015 the year I finally lose and keep off the weight.

  289. Avatar Calvin J. Cheok says:

    I need an accountabilitibuddy. Have constantly been accountable of others but not the other way round. Anyone?

  290. Avatar Snydhead says:

    I’m brand new to MyFitnessPal and would like an accountability buddy. How do I do this?

    • Avatar LisaS says:

      I am New here too. Would love to give and get support. I’m not sure how the buddy thing works though.

  291. Avatar Calvin J. Cheok says:

    Where’s my comment gone?

  292. Avatar Traci says:

    I too need an accountability buddy. No more start and stop exercising need to get bum kicked back into shape!

  293. Avatar Ann says:

    Yes, I need an accountabilibuddy, and need to do better – reaching my goals, count me in..

  294. Avatar toniann3186 says:

    Hi, I am looking for accountability buddies too! I have been trying to master my food choices solo and so far I have failed! I workout but have yet to see any physical changes because I can’t sort my diet! Hopefully this way will work. Please add me if your willing to be a buddy and I will also be yours :-). Thank you

  295. Avatar mrslindalinton says:

    I need an accountibilibuddy who has fibromyalgia or lupus or arthritis, etc. which limits the types of exercise they can do. Thanks!

  296. Avatar Mary Hutcheon says:

    Id love some accountability buddies! I just had a baby (my first), and should be cleared for exercise next week (6 weeks) and then it’s go time! Can’t wait to get back into it!

  297. Avatar litz says:

    Hi everyone.. I too need an accountability buddy. I don’t know how to add anyone using this app so if anyone out there who know it and need an accountability buddy then kindly add me in. Nice blog and I feel everyone who wish to lose some pounds need a buddy or a few with similar goals to keep up motivation. And also if anyone know simple calorie burning exercises for person with damaged spinal cord then please let me know. Way to go people…good luck!

  298. Avatar litz says:

    Hi everyone.. I too need an accountability buddy. I don’t know how to add anyone using this app so if anyone out there who know it and need an accountability buddy then kindly add me in. Nice blog and I feel everyone who wish to lose some pounds need a buddy or a few with similar goals to keep up motivation. And also if anyone know simple calorie burning exercises for person with damaged spinal cord then please let me know. Way to go people…good luck!
    My mfp name litzway and Id

  299. Avatar DBB says:

    I need an accountability buddy. Anyone?

  300. Avatar DiamondBackBobby22 says:

    Anyone want an accountabilibuddy?

  301. Avatar boldlol says:

    Liest das hier auch jemand aus Deutschland? Wäre cool, wenn jemand mit deutschen Nahrungsmitteln im Tagebuch mich addet und mitmacht. Name: boldlol

  302. Avatar Sharon says:

    Hi everyone
    I need to find an accountability buddy or two or three. Found out I have a significant amount of food allergies and its been very discouraging. I could use some support.

  303. Avatar Jessiesgirl57 says:

    I would like a “buddy” too/

  304. Avatar Lynne says:

    I’d like an accountabilibuddy. I’m tired of dieting for a little, getting down to my perfect weight, and then sliding right back down the hill after a few weeks. Maybe a change will help, and this seems like an extremely positive one.

    • Avatar Lynne says:

      I’d prefer someone close to my age. I’m 18. I don’t have the self control I need and my good days always go bad in the evenings so an accountabilibuddy would help a lot.

  305. Avatar Eric maher says:

    Hey I would appreciate an accountabilibuddy, I’m trying to gain weight and I should be eating little over 3000cal. So if anyone knows the ropes I’d definitely appreciate it

  306. Avatar janet says:

    Hi is there much point to me trying to lose weight now I am 67 got a few health problems have tried before but now been told I have furring in my heart values to add to other problems do you think a buddy would help me get it back on line

  307. Avatar Janeen says:

    Hello everyone, just wondering how the accountabilibuddy works and how I get one? 🙂

  308. Avatar FF says:

    Hello! I am from Bangladesh and looking for a buddy to inspire as well as get inspired. Lets lose some weight together! 🙂

  309. Avatar FF says:

    Hello! I am from Bangladesh and looking for a buddy to inspire as well as get inspired. Lets lose some weight together! 🙂

  310. Avatar Julie D says:

    I need an Accountability Buddy as well. Let’s get a group going and set up a weekly Skype session. I’m in Brisbane.

  311. Avatar Julie D says:

    I need an Accountability Buddy as well. Let’s get a group going and set up a weekly Skype session. I’m in Brisbane.

  312. Avatar Rob Sobey says:

    I’m willing to be someones accountabilibuddy. It will help me to be more accountable too. I am currently studing to become a Master Trainer and helping someone would help my studies. We can have weekly video accountability chats.
    By the way, my username on MFP is SleeplessInSeattle if you want to join up there too.

  313. Avatar Pamela Holstead Jessup says:

    Harrison, please add me to your accountability buddies. I am new to this and could use all the help out there.

  314. Avatar Brittany Rose says:

    I love this article and the made up word accountabilibuddy! I have been working on creating a healthy lifestyle for myself and increasing my fitness level. I have reached out to many friends and family to start a 30 days of healthy living challenge on April 1, with limited interest 🙁 Is their anyone one here that has started their journey and wants to increase their progress like me? Or anyone that needs help getting started and is looking for s support group, I’m looking to building a group/team to help keep us on track. Please don’t be shy and reach out!!!! My email is

  315. Avatar Debi says:

    Looking for accountability buddies. Doing great with working out 4-5 days per week but staying with-in my caloric intake is where I need help. Thx

  316. Avatar Cindy Pengelly says:

    If you are looking for an accountabillibuddy, add me 🙂

  317. Avatar backto185 says:

    So my doctor told me I had to lose a lot of weight because I was prediabetic. AARRGGGHHHH. My co worker showed me this app 1 month ago. I went from 243 to 224.8 in one month burning off the easy fat and water by lowering my intake goal to 1500 calories a day and then exercising so I could balance out the calorie count. I know (or think I know) the body is a tricky survival mode machine and does not want to shed more pounds. Still I wanted to get to 209 and then I thought what the heck just go for 185 like when I was 24 (a long time ago). BTW I just had a slice of very fattening pizza so I am not a saint. I need an accountability buddy.

    • Avatar Chelsey says:

      I’m not sure how to add friends on this app but I’m fighting prediabetes too and would like to help support you in your challenge. My handle here is Lenore1503

  318. Avatar Julie D says:

    Hi All, thanks to everyone who has responded to Brittany Rose or I regarding starting an Accountability Group starting April 1st 2015. I have followed everyone who I could. There are some those whose User profiles I think have closed. Please follow both of us, so we can follow you back. I’d like to arrange a group conference call this weekend to figure out the details.

  319. Avatar 10schic says:

    I need an accountabilibuddy…I fall off the wagon ALOT!! I never make it past the 2 week mark because I get bored and frustrated 🙁

  320. Avatar Karen E. Quinones Miller says:

    I joined my MyFitness just two days ago, but I would love to join the accountability group. Thanks, in advance.

  321. Avatar Marjorie Miniard says:

    Oh yeah an accountability buddy is what can really get me on track I’d like some help and want to help others

  322. Avatar susan mambei eno says:

    Hi ! I need an accountabilibuddy!!!!! Just started the weight loss journey and I’ve been on one many times before but in the past have easily given up. I need consistency and to push myself!!

  323. Avatar Libby Avery says:

    I would like an Accountabilibuddy. I feel as though I do not have a good support system and I need one!

  324. Avatar Mariska says:

    I also need an accountability buddy! But it’s difficult to find someone on the same schedule as me! I work night shift 12 hrs. The struggle is real my friends. Anyone else on that night shift grind?

  325. Avatar Kell504 says:

    I want to join the 30 day challenge starting April 1st. I would love to have accountability buddies to help me out. Please feel free to add me on this journey

  326. Avatar Kellush Robinson says:

    In Need Of An Accountability Buddy

  327. Avatar Denise says:

    I would love to join a challenge beginning April 1. I’ve been trying to get started for months and just keep getting slammed with work and other stressers. How does this work?

  328. Avatar nicola says:

    Hi Everyone, hope you are all doing really well, please can someone be my acountabilibuddy thank you Nicola xx

  329. Avatar Jane Doe 2 says:

    I would like to find a walking accountibioibuddy. Anyone in the Sunland/ Tujunga/ La Crescenta area in CA? Let’s talk and walk if so! Contact me at

  330. Avatar Jackie says:

    I am willing to admit that I do need a accountabilibuddy. I start a diet, and workout plan. However some where along the line I let stress get the best of me. So I anyone is looking to be a accountabilibuddy add me ladyn05.

  331. Avatar MJ38 says:

    Hi I would love to help a community of people get healthier. I’d be a great support and you’d be helping me too. I’d love to do a challenge. Can someone help me out with finding and becoming an accountability buddy? Thanks!

  332. Avatar MJ38 says:

    Hi I’d love to start a challenge. I’ve tried to put up 2 posts. But my posts don’t show up in thread. I guess patience will be the first challenge! If you would like an accountability buddy, that’s what I’m looking for!

  333. Avatar Bettylovesyou says:

    I can use an accountability buddy. Can anyone use my accountability?

  334. Avatar Susan says:

    Hello I would like to join the fitness challenge for April. I need a accountability buddy as well. Can someone fill me in please on how to do this? Thanks

  335. Avatar Wanda says:

    I need an accountability buddy.. I am not sure how that works.. but it sounds like something that will help me… 🙂

  336. Avatar Karen Karcher Johnston says:

    I will be an accountability buddy. I need one too. I want to loose 20 lbs. by Nov. and I have a lot of motivation this time, my whole family is going on a cruise in Nov. 15. I would love to have someone who i can text every day and say if I got my 10,000 steps that day. Ask…did you go on your scheduled run today? etc. I plan to lose the weight by training for a 5k and by hitting 10,000 steps at least 6 days a week.

    • Avatar Julie D says:

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks for reaching out. We wanted to start April 1 but I’ve been slow getting my butt into gear.
      The idea is to have us all connect twice a week to support each other. Tentative times are
      Monday afternoon 3 pm and
      Wednesday afternoon 2.30 pm
      Local time Arizona (MST)
      I’m trying to co-ordinate a far few different time zones. Thinking of using Google Chat to connect. So you’ll need a gmail account.
      I’m just waiting on feedback from Brittany to publish details to everyone else and publish details on the forum.



  337. Avatar thethinbug says:

    Anyone else trying to lose a few spare pounds? add thethinbug on myfitnesspal for support! I’m bored of feeling unhappy about my body!

  338. Avatar beauty4ashes622 says:

    i am in need of an accountability partner, and would like to have someone that has some health issues that prevents them from working out .

  339. Avatar Del says:

    I’m just now getting serious about wt loss and I would like to have an accountability buddy and vs. I can be an accountability buddy for you as well.

  340. Avatar Marny says:

    Newbie here! I KNOW I need an accountabilibuddy! Started the C25K yesterday and it pretty much kicked my butt. Um, help?

  341. Avatar Chelsey says:

    I need an accountability buddy 🙂 I’m only a few days in to my weight loss journey with a goal to stop my prediabetes before it can become the real thing and to get healthy enough to enjoy hiking again. Doc wants me to lose 80 lbs at least. Send me a friend request and I’ll support you too! I’m Lenore1503

  342. Avatar Tara Lippincott says:

    Hey everyone. I’m working on finding my way to a healthy road. I quit smoking in January still going strong but I have to get in shape. I’ve been binge watching TV for way too long and I am afraid I’m doing lasting damage. I need to get off the couch and get moving but I have no idea what I am doing and do not want to hurt myself. I could use a buddy.

  343. Avatar Vath Cox says:

    New to this, day 2. Any advice

  344. Avatar Michelle says:

    What is the April challenge some have mentioned here? Where do i find that? Thanks!

  345. Avatar michelle says:

    How do i find your page? Great idea!

  346. Avatar Robert Bedard says:

    hi everyone my name is Robert I’m also looking for an accountability buddy i am on facebook my Email address is

  347. Avatar Candace Saone says:

    I’m not going at this totally alone, but I do need a better support system. Feel free to add me…. Candiecandace81

  348. Avatar Joel says:

    Hello, I started a weight loss group about a month ago and I am doing fine with my weight loss. I am now looking for a pedometer (or something similar) that will auto update myfitnesspal exercise module that will not cost me a bunch. Any suggestions?

  349. Avatar janice says:

    I have been using myfitnesspal for almost a year, and had lost over 40 pounds safely on the diabetic diet. Two weeks ago my son passed away and I have lost control especially at dinner. I have gained 6 pounds “eating for comfort”, or going out for dinner because I don’t want to cook, I need help! Anyone else have the same problem?

  350. Avatar sharon says:

    I’m looking for an Accountabilibuddy who is in maintenance phase. I’m in maintenance but feel myself slipping back to my bad old food habits. Is there anyone in Brisbane, Australia that want an accountabilibuddy too?

  351. Avatar Tura Casey says:

    I need an acountabilitbuddy.

  352. Avatar Deb says:

    Hi there is anyone in Australia? NSW?

  353. Avatar Elisa LovesLife says:

    Most of these are over a month old, but I too am looking for someone (people) who can feel my pain, but don’t want to fall into the same trap of accepting accuses. I want to try something new! I can’t get the same results doing the same old thing, over and over. Bueller….Bueller…. 😛

  354. Avatar Sherri Chambers says:

    I need someone to help me keep on track with my food logs and workouts, and I will do the same for you. I can be available by text or email (and sometimes phone call, if needed!).

  355. Avatar Jasmine says:

    Hey everyone I’m new to MFP and looking for friends Add:JasmineF20

  356. Avatar ahealthy160 says:

    Hi, I am “ahealthy160” on my fitness pal. Looking to bubby up with someone in hopes of successful weight loss for the Both of us!!! Just so u know, I’m from Philadelphia, Pa.

  357. Avatar Andrew says:

    Hi, Andrew trying to lose some pounds. Plus stay motivated. I enjoy different work out routines.

  358. Avatar Maliha Yakub says:

    Hi there, I am 21 years old and looking to maintain my weight of 98lbs, at 5.5ich. Thing is I have a very unhealthy relationship with food (I either refrain from it or binge). I love excersing but worry it may make me loose weight rather than maintain and help me become toned (I have very loose skin due to weight loss). I live in England, if theres anyone willing to keep contact I would love to hear a friendly voice, my email is or on facebook, Maliha Yakub

  359. Avatar Lena J says:

    Hey everyone! MFP app has been a great source of some kind of accountability for me for the past month but I would love to have some actual accountability partners! Feel free to add me: Lena_J324

  360. Avatar clara says:

    hi I am looking for a accountabiliy buddy , thanks I am a 68 year old

    • Avatar Vickie L. Wolfe Stigleman says:

      Hi Clara. Just popped in this group looking for a accountability buddy. I’m 63 and just need a friend in my weight loss journey.

      • Avatar clara says:

        Hi That would be very nice, I just retired and am home all day , which is nice , but , that means the food is here Is there anything I could do to help you , have you been trying to lose long , It has been all my life , I know it has helped before when I had someone to talk to thanks clara

      • Avatar clara says:

        how are you doing today , , I am going to start again to day , the night is my worse time , will make it

      • Avatar clara says:

        how are you doing 🙂

        • Avatar Vickie L. Wolfe Stigleman says:

          HI Clara. I work part time so I’m like you as their is food available. I put on 50# about 5 years ago and have stayed the same weight. I really need to lose for my health. I have joined a 30 day boot camp thru TD Nation and plan to begin that on Friday. Today is the last day to sign up and the cost is $25 if you are interested. I am going to commit to this and see what happens. Hope you are doing well today!

          • Avatar clara says:

            what is TW NATION sounds like fun and we could work together, , I would love to lose about 40 lb and I would not have to fight to get in my pants and they are not gean so it should be easy , take care

          • Avatar clara says:

            what is the TD NATIONS ? I was looking for the TD nation and it looked like they were just selling stuff , was I on the wroug place , tell me and I may do it too will start diet tomow with you anyhow , my e-mail is or I am on FB it is Jerry clara weaver all e names , jerry is hubby please tell me about signing up , thanks

  361. Avatar Erin Joelle LaBranche says:

    I know that I am seeing this post muchhhhhhh later than everyone else; however, if someone still needs a buddy I am open. I am currently in a group that a beachbody coach of mine is conducting, but a one on one buddy would also be greatly appreciated. I am doing the beachbody videos so I will have a set workout I “should” do everyday and I am also starting the process to train for either a 10K or a half marathon in October with a friend. If you think you would be a good buddy FB me!

  362. Avatar Sheryl says:

    I need an accountabilibuddy, would like to connect with someone “older” (I am 59, and have a lot of back pain) who lives in a rainy climate (I live in the Pacific Northwest, so frequent excuses to stay indoors…). I know you can be accountable to anyone, but thought if someone had the same challenges as me it might be easier to work together! Walking totally is my favorite thing to do though.

    • Avatar Vickie L. Wolfe Stigleman says:

      Hi Shery, I’m 63 and looking for a friend to help keep me accountable. I have not been exercising and want to start with walking. I live in Ohio so I have problems with winter weather. Maybe you could help me and I can help you.

    • Avatar Donna says:

      Sheryl. I also live in the PNW, mid 60s age range, also have come and go back pain, know all about the rain, and like to walk. Would love to begin the accountabilibuddy system with you!!!

  363. Avatar Selma Bouvier says:

    I am new to the discussion yet would love to connect with others to help get me on track! I am in Southern Cailifornia. I am mid 40’s and fairly healthy just need that support! I am most willing to support others too! Please help connect or MFP

  364. Avatar Robbyn Lynn says:

    Great article! What took me so long to find it! I’m here to be an accountability partner! Anyone in So. Florida? I’m in West Palm Beach. Moved to FL in 2004 from the Long Beach Island, NJ area. Find me on MyFitnessPal as robbynackner

  365. Avatar Vickie L. Wolfe Stigleman says:

    Please tell me how to get an accountability buddy????

  366. Avatar Lisa Johnson says:

    Hi…..I am in some serious need of a buddy to hold me accountable and keep me motivated…..I am 42 yrs old and in the past 2 1/2 yrs I have gained easily 40 lbs…..and cant seem to get my motivation back to drop the weight again….I can keep in touch through emails,,,,text messages….if anyone interested….please let me know

    • Avatar NikkiRegnard says:

      Hi! If you’re located in a similar time zone to me and still looking for someone to help you stay accountable I’d love to help, I’m looking for the same kind of motivation – I’m 20 years old and have put on quite a bit of weight since I moved out of home, so I’m working on finding a way I can manage my health and fitness as a routine. I’d love to be able to have someone to message or email to help keep me motivation and motivate them. If that’s what you’re after send me a reply and I’ll add you on the app

  367. Avatar clara says:

    well I am going to start today again would like to hear from pp about how they are doing,,, will post though out the day

  368. Avatar clara says:

    how is everybody doing to day

  369. Avatar Zena says:

    Can I have accountabilibuddy pls!

  370. Avatar bsfinnecy says:

    Hi I am looking for a buddy to share my ups and downs with. I am trying to loose weight and remain motivated but I am finding it quite lonely. If anyone is looking for a buddy friend then please get on touch X

    • Avatar ktmcg82 says:

      Are you still looking for a buddy? I’ve been losing weight, but I’ve hit a plateau and now I’m slowly gaining it again! Let me know if you’d like to be buddies.

      • Avatar Barbara Finnecy says:

        HI ya yes I would love a buddy. I am trying to loose weight and get healthy but like you I have hit that plateau.

  371. Avatar Aurora says:

    I need the willpower to follow through counting calories , eating healthy and being more active.

  372. Avatar Cheryl Sheffield says:

    Please help me be accountable for my success and failure, if it happens.

  373. Avatar reddekopp2014 says:

    I’m here for you

    • Avatar NikkiRegnard says:

      If you’re looking for an accountibility buddy I could do with one too

      • Avatar Kate says:

        Hey! if you are still looking to buddy up with someone, I would definitely like to!

        • Avatar NikkiRegnard says:

          Not sure if you found someone, but I only just checked my emails and saw your reply – if you’re still looking for someone I would love to buddy up with you 🙂

  374. Avatar Trini says:

    This is what i nid… a strong crew… i wanna be in it

  375. Avatar ktmcg82 says:

    I need a buddy! Is anyone still looking for one?

  376. Avatar Bobbie Hensley says:

    I would LOVE to have an Accountabilibuddy!!! Currently, I am just that…a fitness buddy to my Mom which has lost 30lbs now with change of diet & exercise. The only problem is, she thinks I can do no wrong & fails to hold me accountable for my own actions. Yes, I have LOTS of willpower & its completely NOT just about losing weight to me. I am in this for life…a HEALTHY LIFE. I fail at times to do what I need to do & would love an extra push. I am willing to be a fitness buddy to anyone that would be just that to me. 🙂

  377. Avatar Amie says:

    I’m so tired of those excuses that I used to make…. and I did always hide in the shadows because I was waiting until I was perfect and bulletproof to really live my life. that’s over. if you want to really kill this thing,and finally be successful (just like I want to be), let’s do this together! add me and will help each other 🙂

  378. Avatar FamilySorensen says:

    Hi, I’m Amanda and I would like to find/be an accountabilibuddy. I log my food/exercise pretty consistently (probably 85%) of the time. I’m better at logging exercise than food though. 🙂

    I have been struggling with weight loss though I have pretty low calorie counts and exercise about 5 times a week. I have had some measurements success (not as much as I would like) but have not been able to lose much weight. I have been consistently exercising for 6 months+ and in the last 2 months have started using an exercise app called 7 minute workout (similar to HIIT training) and am in the third week of the advanced program having already worked though the basic program.

    My goal is to lose 20-25 lbs. and am 39. I would like to work with another woman who has similar goals and is around my age. My time zone is MST if that makes a difference to anyone. 🙂

  379. Avatar Angel PinaHardin says:

    I’m looking for someone online and local (Santee, CA) because I won’t go to the gym (YMCA) unless I have an accountability buddy!

  380. Avatar Danielle says:

    I’m looking for an accountability buddy. I’m tired of starting and restarting. I need someone to hold me accountable and visa versa and someone that can motivate me, maybe share workouts with weights and/or times. Let me know!!!

    • Avatar Kate says:

      Hey, are you still looking for someone to partner up with? If you are, I would love to give it a go!

    • Avatar Erin Neale-Rolstad says:

      Danielle have you found anyone yet? I could us a buddy. I have lost 8 pounds since starting but have hit a plateau and need some accountability so that I don’t give up.

  381. Avatar Cait says:


  382. Avatar Elaine Savage Little says:

    I would really love to have a woman support me in my quest to lose to 159#. That is about 13# from my present weight. I live in Fairfax County, VA and need help sticking to Weight Watchers and exercising with Walk at Home videos with Leslie Sansome. Would you be that someone?

  383. Avatar Stephanie M. Kleinhanzl says:

    So very true.. I’ve had the issue of not having a buddy and then thinking, hey it’s alright to slip today and then just go downhill from there! I guess my new goal now is to find a buddy!!

  384. Avatar says:

    I’m looking for an accountabilibuddy. Just someone to walk it with me

  385. Avatar seaturtles221 says:

    Looking for accountability buddies I’ve been watching What I eat for the last month to month and a half. I’m looking for more people to help me keep myself In check with my Eating and exercise.

  386. Avatar lindsay says:

    I could use all the support I can get!!! add me lindsaycatherine87

  387. Avatar Derek says:

    Where are the guys?…I could use one too…I usually log my workouts using the jefit app and c25k app

  388. Avatar sm says:

    Hi I am looking for an accountability buddy .
    Please ping me if anyone is interested

  389. Avatar Tammy says:

    I also need a buddy, I’ve been trying without one and it doesn’t work too well. sp33chgirl

  390. Avatar Denali says:

    I’d love a Fitbit buddy!

  391. Avatar Marie says:

    I could use an accountabilibuddy! I have lost weight but the pounds are creeping back up and I cant seem to get my butt on track. Or if a group of people would like to make a group challenge that would be great! i have some serious weight to lose so add me if you are interested in being an accountabilibuddy (@breadsmakesmehappy)

  392. Avatar Ruth Elsamahy says:

    I also would like to be an accountabilibuddy! willing to help as much as I can to motivate and I sure need all the help I can get!!

  393. Avatar Trent says:

    I am Looking to get accountable for my health, and would like to keep you accountable too! Anyone interested?

  394. Avatar Ali Friedrich says:

    I need an accountability buddie….I am not a good “follow through” person, and have a bit of a rebel thing about doing what I should do vs what I want to do. I will put this out there…I have bipolar disorder. I lose weight if I am on the manic side of thins and rarely get really depressed but went through that recently and it lasted for quite a while. I read that when you are at the age ending in 9…heading into a new decade (I’m 59) it is often a time one can make great change. I lost 130 pounds after a gastric bypass 13 years ago and have regained 70 of that. I want to write a book someday or a blog but right now need to get healthier and lose weight. I’d like to meet you!

  395. Avatar Jojo says:

    I live in Alpharetta Ga and need an accountability buddy bad!!!!

  396. Avatar Na says:

    I need an accountability buddy

  397. Avatar Caoimhe says:

    You can add me ccrowley2106

  398. Avatar Jill Anderson says:

    Hi I’m Jill north of Boston area…44 looking for a buddy.I’ve had gastric bypass in 2001…having revision surgery Aug 19 have bout 100lbs to lose…thanks take care 🙂

  399. Avatar Renee Michelle says:

    I’m looking for people in the Fox Valley area that like to play pickle ball.

  400. Avatar Vicki Gier says:

    Can we get a challenge going? Say 20 lbs by Oct 31st!

  401. Avatar runs with scissors says:

    I’m back on fitness pal after a much too long hiatus. I could use some outside motivation. Feel free to add me on fitness pal. My moniker is “fullofhope”

    • Avatar Abby says:

      I’m pretty new to this site. I could use a buddy to get me on the right track, but I’m not sure who to trust or how to get started with a buddy.

  402. Avatar Kary says:

    Hello!! I want an accountabilibuddy too!! What do i do??

  403. Avatar Doug Skillman says:

    Looking for an accountabilibuddy! I need to make some changes and would like to try this approach!

  404. Avatar Natureofthings says:

    Looking for accountability buddies.. single Mum 49 I’m looking to reach my goal… “OMGosh look at her AS@ and Nice 6 Pak Girl”

  405. Avatar Tammy Johnson says:

    Any one who needs an accountability buddy can add me! I haven’t been too active on here since I was in a car accident back in March. Now I want to get back in the swing of things.

    • Avatar dealseekingdame says:

      If you’re still looking pls add borninthemiddle. I have been going it alone since around June and not doing so hot, lol.

  406. Avatar Carol Curtis says:

    Hi, can someone explain how this works & if I’m too late joining! I’ve just had my 3rd baby in 3 years & eager to get my body back. My core muscles require a lot of work before I can work out again properly, but I could do with comparing notes with someone & working together to reach my goal & get back into those skinny jeans again!

  407. Avatar Sue Hunter says:

    Hi, I need an accountabilibuddy. I am not sure how it works, but I plan on starting The 10-Day Clean Eating Challenge on the 14th and I know I am going to need some help. Anyone need a buddy?

  408. Avatar Kristin Norris says:

    Hi there. Starting t25 tomorrow. Looking fir a buddy and also how to add myself to forum:)

  409. Avatar Alison says:

    I’m looking for a buddy! Would love to help motivate someone and have accountability in return. My MFP is ajgator11.
    Also, did anyone join that fb support group? How’s that!

  410. Avatar ezehkef says:

    how do i get an accountabiliuddy?

  411. Avatar Mark Dalton says:

    Looking for a accountability buddy

  412. Avatar Danielle Safran says:

    Hi everyone!! I could definitely use an accountability buddy!! Does anyone want to be mine?

  413. Avatar Hatch says:

    Need an accountabilibuddy. Need to drop this belly off.

  414. Avatar Marisol says:

    I feel
    Like I am always looking for a buddy. They either give up drop out or our schedules don’t match. My question is how does one become a great acountabililbuddy ? I don’t want to say the wrong thing or discourage anyone from their goals.

  415. Avatar Christina Randolph says:

    I am struggling to stay on track I think having that accountability buddy will help me stay on track and hold me accountable

  416. Avatar Roxanne George says:

    Hey guys looking for a buddy to help me stay on track throughout my weight loss journey. If anyone wants to add me my username is tdavina2.

  417. Avatar Kathleen says:

    I’m looking for an accountabilibuddy in Westminster CO. I’m at a fairly basic fitness level – mainly walking 10,000 steps a day at this point – with the desire to gradually increase.

  418. Avatar Tyler says:

    Hey everyone, I’m 17 and looking to gain some weight. I’m working out regularly, but I could use an accountabilibuddy to help me start eating better. I’ll help keep you on track as well, and getting a group of us helping each other would be even better. Add me on here @tylerpf

  419. Avatar Justin Hinz says:

    I’m in Mankato,MN I’d like to be and Am looking for a buddy.

  420. Avatar Tony Casanova says:

    I need help, I’ve been on a roller coaster with weight loss and health..

  421. Avatar Lea Neumann says:

    Hey everyone, I would also love to find an accountabilibuddy. I’m 29 years old, vegan and I live in Canada (Fort McMurray). I love doing Les Mills Combat and I have recently started running as well. If anyone is still looking for a buddy just shoot me a message. My username is PrincessLea86
    Have a great day everyone 🙂

  422. Avatar theresa defazio says:

    I would love find a buddy. I’m a 33 mom of 2 and girl scout leader. I gained 20 pounds this past year and struggling to get rid of it. I would love to get back into my clothes. I’m seem to lose 5 pounds and get stuck then gain it back. I do wii fit plus 30 minutes daily and an air walker nightly and track my food. Its hard to find time to do much else but would love mew ideas. I’m on facebook friend me if you would like to help and I will try to help you too.

  423. Avatar cheroya says:

    I would love to have an accountability buddy. If anyone is in the ny area and is interested let me know.

  424. Avatar connie says:

    I SOOOOOOO need this. I love my husband, and want to keep loving him…anyone want to add me and I’ll be your accountabilibuddy right back? (P.s. I love that auto correct had no idea what to do with accountabilibuddy!)

  425. Avatar Hannah says:

    i’m new here and i need a buddy, i’ve tried losing weight so many times and failed. so i need to change it up.

  426. Avatar Eleanor says:

    I need accountability person to help me keep going. My fitband is just not enough to get me going. Plus, Florida is so hot during the day that it makes you feel like not walking or riding my bike. I do try everyday. It would be great if someone ĺived near my in North Fort Myers, Florida 33903. I wouldn’t mind giving my phone number in a private message to tell me to get going. Even though it is lonely doing it by yourself. I would like to be held accountable to get moving. I am disable but I can walk and ride a bike. I don’t know what else I can do. I have lost 40 pounds in 5 months and need to lose another 30 pounds to my goal weight. It will be my healthy weight. Since I lost 40 pounds my doctor has gotten me off 5 different medication. That is great news for me. Please contact me and out in subject line “my fitness pal” so I know it ìs from somebody here. Sorry so long, but wanted to tell you a little about myself. Thank you, Eleanor

  427. Avatar Lauren says:

    I’m in training to be a personal trainer, and a big part of that is encouraging clients and being there for them. If anyone needs an accountabilibuddy I’m here!

    • Avatar Cynthia_h says:

      Hi Lauren,
      I could do with getting back on track!

    • Avatar Marysue says:

      Lauren, I not only need an AccountabiliBuddy, I need “trainer” advice, because I’m trying to get healthier with asthma, bad knees and a bad back. I want VERY MUCH to exercise and/or work out, but even walking short distances causes me pain and breathing tightness. Is there hope for me, or should I just work on the dietary end of it?

  428. Avatar Emi003 says:

    I am getting married in June and would love to find a buddy to keep each other honest. You can add me on fitnesspal. My username is emi003

  429. Avatar Grandma B says:

    I am looking for an accountability partner too.

  430. Avatar Dawn says:

    I could really use some accountability buddies too 🙂 it’s definitely harder losing weight on my own.

  431. Avatar Omotolani says:

    I need an accountabilibuddy and not sure how to go but this

  432. Avatar Cris Darling says:

    Hi guys! Looking for an accountability buddy. Any takers? 🙂

  433. Avatar The Art of U says:

    This is a great article! I especially like the point about communities helping to create accountability. “It takes a village…” comes to mind. Hit me up if you need some accountability. I have some goals and would enjoy the company on my journey to lean, healthy, and fit.

  434. Avatar Christine Lovely says:

    Okay. So obviously this is a great article. And I want so much for this idea to be true. But I have had accountability buddies before!! SO MANY TIMES!! And it’s always the same- they call me, tell me something has happened, I have no idea what to say to them, and before you know it they are diving into pound cake. Or, scenario 2, I call them and tell them I’m having some horrible drama or I just need to eat, and secretly they are desperate to go off the diet too- and boom! We both are eating our faces off. This article did refer to the fact that along with these buddies this guy does coaching. That was the real ticket for me- accountabillty buddies are great, but coaches never fall off the diet and always know the right thing to say! When I hired my skinny coach I immediately knew why buddies don’t work. When I call her wanting to go off- she kicks my but, she explains why im having cravings, and reminds me why I’m doing this, and then gives me something to do to help me from making another huge mistake. I’ve lost 69 pounds. 😉

  435. Avatar Amber says:

    I could definitely use one..I find myself cheating on my food logs and not feeling the slightest bit of remorse about it,some of the ppl on my list are just as bad lol, like we’re contributing to each other’s bad log keeping habits. And diet cheats.

  436. Avatar JK says:

    hey, i’ve been training on and off for a while now and i found the best way to train was to have someone to be accountable for. I can’t really afford the place I was previously training at so I’ve joined a normal gym but it would be awesome to be accountable for someone to go through a training transformation together.

  437. Avatar Geovana Azeredo says:

    I’m happy to be someone’s accountability buddy. I could use one as well. Any takers?

  438. Avatar Candis Blades says:

    Hi everyone! I have just joined and I need a buddy too. I am looking for support to help me lose weight and I will definitely encourage you as well. Please add me and I will add you back. I have a jawbone, so please me on that as well. My username is PynkButterfli. Let’s do this!!!

    • Avatar Desiree Harper says:

      Hi candis. I just rejoined n am waiting for my post requesting an accountability buddy to b moderated. I’d love to support u n chk on u daily online or by text, however, if u would for me? I was down to 110 n ’14 but a weightgaining medicine had me up to 195 a few months ago n I’m at 182.4 this am n started taking phentermine, the app supp that was the safer part of fin fin n now is otcn on ebay. If u r interested n a buddy let me know. Good job for coming here! Desiree

  439. Avatar Catherine Loughman says:

    I joined an online accountability site (whose name I won’t mention here for fear of breaking rules). But I have found that it is the most powerful thing ever. I wagered that I would lose $100/week to an organization that I despise if I don’t meet my weekly goal of just under 1 lb weight loss each week. So far it’s week 10 and I’ve lost about 12 lb. The thought of “donating” money to the organization that I despise is a very powerful motivator indeed. Right about now my co-workers have started commenting on how good I look or how much weight I seem to have lost and that would be enough in the past to make me relax and forget about my ultimate goal. But with this online contract I absolutely cannot afford to slacken off and relax. Later on if I find myself slipping and sliding, I can take out another “wager” or ” contract” to keep my weight within a certain range.

  440. Avatar Desiree Harper says:

    I know this is off-topic but I just started here again (was on n 2014 n down to 110 due to a med n this site) but I’m back w my weight up due to a craving inducing med to 182.4 this am n started a half pill of phentermine today and am not as hungry but eat from anxiety that I suffer from. Looking for an accountabilitybuddy if nyone is interested I’ll b urs too. Thx, desiree

  441. Avatar Whitney Taylor says:

    who wants to help me out?! I know I’m like super late to this lol

  442. Avatar Katie Maid says:

    I need an accountabilibuddy) I’d be happy to encourage you along))

  443. Avatar Christina Randolph says:

    Looking for an accountability buddy looking to shed some pounds get on the right track will also encourage you also lets start this journey together

  444. Avatar kathy says:

    I need an accountability buddy to lose first ten lbs. I have lot to lose

  445. Avatar Tiffany says:

    Want to encourage and be encouraged.

  446. Avatar Sarah says:

    I’m looking for a buddy