The Healthiest Stadium Food in America

Paul L. Underwood
by Paul L. Underwood
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The Healthiest Stadium Food in America

If you think about it, it’s kind of strange that thousands of people gather in stadiums to watch the world’s fittest human beings attempt daring feats of speed and strength, and as they do, they scarf down … giant plates of nachos. Topped with brisket. And served with a side of ice cream. And who knows what else.

Well, all that’s starting to change. Just as the country in general is rediscovering the power of eating real food, your favorite sports arenas are coming around, too. Baseball is leading the way, in part because there’s a financial incentive to do so. (More home games in a season plus more natural breaks in the action equals more opportunities to sell food. And when customers are demanding healthier eats, ballparks are going to find a way to sell them.) But even football, our most staunchly old-school team sport, is getting in on the action with almost comically good-for-you options like chickpea curry (looking at you, 49ers).

Given all this, it seemed like a good time to round up some of the healthiest stadium food options in the country. Just remember: If for some reason your favorite team or stadium didn’t make the cut, don’t fret. A) They probably sell something great for you that we didn’t have the virtual space to include. B) Even if they don’t, you can still stick to your diet by getting, say, a grilled chicken sandwich, or a grab-and-go salad. Oh, and don’t forget to hydrate. Most stadiums let you bring your own water and refill the bottle at water fountains. Because nothing is worse than spending six bucks on a plastic bottle of water.

And now, without further ado …

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Paul L. Underwood

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