Everything You Need to Know About Ancient Grains

by Kate Chynoweth
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Everything You Need to Know About Ancient Grains

You don’t have to love quinoa to love ancient grains, because from amaranth to sorghum, there are lots to choose from. Many are gluten-free, providing great alternatives for people with wheat sensitivity. All tend to be higher in protein and fiber than refined grains and pasta, making them “good carbs” that are satisfying and filling.

While there’s no official definition, ancient grains are loosely defined as those that have remained largely unchanged over the last several hundred years — and all of them are increasingly popular. With so many to choose from, we rank seven popular ancient grains in order of best total package: how they taste, how the nutrition stacks up and how easy they are to incorporate into everyday meals.

About the Author

Kate Chynoweth

Kate’s writing about food and lifestyle has appeared in The Huffington PostLive HappyReal Simple and Sunset. She’s also the author of “Lemons,” “The Bridesmaid Guide” and other books. She lives in Berkeley, California, where she enjoys lowbrow pop culture and top-shelf booze.


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