How Ehva Lost 39 Pounds in 6 Months Without Sacrificing the Enjoyment of Food

How Ehva Lost 39 Pounds in 6 Months Without Sacrificing the Enjoyment of Food

by Lauren Joskowitz
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How Ehva Lost 39 Pounds in 6 Months Without Sacrificing the Enjoyment of Food

Every month, we feature MyFitnessPal members’ stories of success to serve as weight loss inspiration as you embark on your own journey.

Name: Ehva H.

Age: 20

Location: Essex, Ontario

Meet Ehva, a MyFitnessPal member who, like many of us, had a complicated relationship with food. Ehva’s story is relatable to anyone who’s struggled with the balance between enjoying food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As the challenges of lockdowns during COVID-19 worsened Ehva’s habits, she found herself at a crossroads. It was the realization of the impact of her weight gain on her daily life and a pivotal moment in her academic journey that sparked a determination to make a change.

Continue reading to learn how Ehva lost 39 pounds (so far!) and, more importantly, developed habits that help her stay accountable to herself and her health goals.*

1. Growing up, what was your relationship with food like?

Ever since I was a kid, I have always loved food. I have been an adventurous eater and have always appreciated flavor combinations and foods from different cultures.

However, as I got older and entered high school, I started using food as a way to cope with stress, which strained my relationship with it. I developed disordered eating patterns and lacked education on proper nutrition and the importance of balance.

When COVID-19 hit, I was in my final year of high school, and the lockdowns extended into my first and second year of university. During that time, being home and inactive exacerbated my already troubled relationship with food.

I found myself relying on takeout and fast food, and spending most of my time at home. Food became both a coping mechanism and a source of comfort or reward.

2. What was your relationship with your weight?

During university, I gained a significant amount of weight due to my relationship with food. I was unhappy with how my clothes fit and my overall well-being. The effects of my weight gain started to impact my life in unexpected ways. I relied on elevators to get around campus and became too breathless to even hold a conversation with friends during walks to class.

Additionally, I experienced extreme fatigue and lethargy despite being inactive all day. Despite being aware of the negative impact of my weight on my daily life, I continued with my unhealthy habits, which only made the situation worse over time.

3. What motivated you to start making healthy changes?

I had two very pivotal moments in my life that led me to make the decision to lose weight and improve my health.

The first moment occurred in early 2023 when I registered to take the MCAT, as I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science with the goal of attending medical school.

It was then that I realized the importance of leading by example as a future doctor, setting a healthy lifestyle for my patients. How can I be learning so much in school about health and the way my body works, but not applying it to myself every day?

A course I took on metabolism solidified this, and the unit on obesity and diabetes opened my eyes to the importance of metabolic health.

At that point, I felt inspired to make a complete lifestyle change. I began walking every day and striving to make healthier choices.

This continued for a few weeks before my family took a big road trip to California. By that time, I had lost about 3 lbs and was in the early stages of transformation. But chafing and the soreness in my feet were constant reminders of the impact of my weight. I knew I needed to make a real change and that my previous approach was not effective in the long term.

When we returned home, I educated myself about the benefits of a high-protein diet and weightlifting. I combined this with a caloric deficit (by tracking with MyFitnessPal) and continued to walk every day. The results were amazing.

Now, after 6 months on my health journey, I have lost 39 lbs.* I am no longer considered obese or at risk for diabetes, and I have not only made a physical transformation but also a lifestyle change for my future.

How Ehva Lost 39 Pounds in 6 Months Without Sacrificing the Enjoyment of Food | MyFitnessPal

4. What goals did you set for yourself at the beginning of your journey?

My goal was not to focus solely on the scale, but to monitor how I feel and how my clothes fit me. I set a goal to maintain a high-protein calorie deficit, stay consistent with weight training, and trust the long-term process. Results do not and cannot happen overnight, so my goal was to stick with it and believe that my hard work will pay off.

5. When and how did you discover the MyFitnessPal app? What made you decide to use it?

When I returned from California, while researching healthy and effective weight loss, I discovered MyFitnessPal and instantly recognized it as a fantastic tool.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, my mom had actually lost 70 lbs while using the app years ago when I was much younger.*

So, I knew it was effective to help her achieve her health and fitness goals.

6. What features of the MyFitnessPal app have been most helpful to you in tracking your progress?

The ability to track my calories and protein intake at each meal has been crucial to my health journey. However, simply having an app to help me stay motivated was not enough. I felt a sense of obligation to log everything I ate in the app, which was beneficial for holding myself accountable.

7. Can you describe a specific moment or experience that served as a turning point in your health journey—one that made you realize you were on the right path?

After a few months of my health journey, I decided to revisit my progress pictures. I had only lost about 15 lbs and didn’t notice the results too clearly.* However, the difference in the pictures from those few months was incredible.

I had become way more muscular and slim. The scale did not accurately reflect my progress as I had thought, but I knew that my consistent efforts were paying off.

8. How has tracking your food impacted your eating habits, food choices, and/or your relationship with food and your body image?

Tracking my food has helped me become a more intuitive eater and has compelled me to make healthier and more mindful choices. I no longer eat out of boredom, and when I do feel hungry, I always strive to make nutritious and satiating food choices.

9. Thinking back to the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of your journey, what goals have you achieved?

I would say I am about halfway, if not a little more, towards my end goal. I had set a goal of losing 70 lbs, and now, after losing 39 lbs, I feel more confident in my clothing and overall healthier.*

I believe I have worked very hard to get where I am, and I will continue to keep working until I feel my best. I won’t let the number on the scale entirely dictate my progress.

How Ehva Lost 39 Pounds in 6 Months Without Sacrificing the Enjoyment of Food | MyFitnessPal

10. What goals do you want to achieve next?

Next, I want to build more muscle and be able to lift heavier.

What have you learned about yourself during your health journey so far?

I have discovered my love for cooking and plating food. It has become a passion and hobby of mine. I have realized that cooking healthy and delicious meals is absolutely achievable, and it is something I am committed to improving.

11. How has this journey impacted your overall health and well-being, both physically and mentally?

My mental health is in a far better place than when I began this journey. Exercise truly boosts my happiness, and I feel more energized and confident every day.

My self-esteem has risen drastically.

Moreover, my overall physical health has greatly improved. I now lift heavier weights than I ever thought possible and work on enhancing my cardiovascular health daily.

12. And finally, what advice would you give to others who are considering using MyFitnessPal? Feel free to include any food-logging hacks you may have discovered.

If anyone is considering whether or not to use MyFitnessPal, my advice is to absolutely download the app and start logging everything. The accountability it provides will keep you on track and help you achieve your health goals. Scanning barcodes is also incredibly easy and effective.* I love seeing my daily recap and ensuring I’ve hit my macro goals!

*Barcode scanning is a feature for MyFitnessPal Premium users. Try a 30-day Premium trial for free.

Continue following Ehva’s wellness journey on Instagram, and join her on MyFitnessPal today.

*Weight loss involves a healthy diet and exercise. You can expect to lose 1-2 lbs per week. Results may vary.

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Lauren Joskowitz is the Editorial Director at MyFitnessPal, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and the producer and host of The Clean Body Podcast. For more, follower her on Instagram.


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