Your 14-Point Grocery Shopping List For Easy, No-Cook Meals

Christine Byrne
by Christine Byrne
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Your 14-Point Grocery Shopping List For Easy, No-Cook Meals

Summer is the best time of year for plenty of things: outdoor barbecues, late sunset views, water sports, weekend getaways and blueberry pie, to name a few. One thing that isn’t so fun during the summer is spending evenings over the stove in a hot kitchen. And, the same Sunday afternoon meal prep that might feel relaxing during the winter tends to feel like a real chore when the weather is nice and you’d much rather be doing anything else.

Even though summer isn’t the ideal time for meal prep, you need plenty of energizing, delicious food to get you through busy weeks bookended by action-packed weekends. Luckily, it’s possible to easily piece together delicious no-cook meals with in-season produce and certain prepared ingredients.

Pack your cart with some (or all!) of these delicious supermarket staples, and you’ll spend all summer eating delicious meals, at home or on the go, without having to turn on the stove or oven.

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Christine Byrne
Christine Byrne

Christine is a trained chef and recipe developer who recently relocated from New York City to Durham, North Carolina. She started her career as a restaurant line cook, then became a food editor at BuzzFeed, and later the features editor at SELF. Follow her on Twitter @christinejbyrne and on Instagram @xtinebyrne for lots of breakfast photos, outdoorsy things, and really cute videos of her dog, Boss.


2 responses to “Your 14-Point Grocery Shopping List For Easy, No-Cook Meals”

  1. Avatar Jane says:

    For health advice, this list was mostly made up of garbage. If you’re looking to inflame your body and eat a ton of sugar then go ahead with this grocery list. Who the heck hires these people and then lets them pollute people with their ignorance? And seriously… it’s ALWAYS A GOOD TIME TO MEAL PREP. Sheeeesh.

  2. Avatar Fltsq says:

    Good list, it will be easy to make a lot of excellent refreshing meals for hot summer days when the stove or oven isn’t worth making the AC run longer.

    -Pimento cheese
    -Chickpea tomato salad (cold chana masala)
    -Cowboy caviar

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