Why Your Grocery Bill is Going Up

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Why Your Grocery Bill is Going Up

Self_2013_vectorUsually it’s a night out at the bar or a lavish meal that produces the head-scratching receipt, but a basic supermarket run? Start saving your pennies, because staples like lettuce, grapes, and tomatoes are going to be inching up in price over the coming months.

The culprit: a rough drought that hit California three years ago and hasn’t let up since. Isn’t a head of lettuce, like, the cheapest thing in the produce department? Soon, it may hit 62 cents a head, and avocados are predicted to ring in at $1.60 each. And it’s not just the veggies taking the hit—sweets are in danger, too! On the international scene, the price of cocoa has risen 30% in the last two years thanks to more recent demand in countries like China. Chocoholics, start building up your stash!

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Which of your favorites are you willing to pay a little extra for?  


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Chart: Arizona State University/Nielsen Perishables Group, wsj.com

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