What Healthy 200-Calorie Snacks Look Like

by Danielle Omar
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Healthy snacks can be a great tool for keeping you on track throughout the day. They power you through that mid-morning (or afternoon) slump so you don’t end up starving and overeating at your next meal, and they give you energy to stay focused while you’re at work or on the go.

The trick to creating a great snack is in the power balance, combining produce and protein to ensure you stay satisfied until your next meal. The fiber in the produce provides a few hours of staying power, and the protein sends a message to your brain that you’re full and satisfied. Adding a little healthy fat doesn’t hurt either.  

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Aiming for a 200-calorie snack is easy when you take nutrient density into account. For example, an apple with a handful of almonds will be more satisfying in the long run than a bag of chips.

It might sound like a lot of variables to juggle when you’re reaching for a quick-and-easy bite, but creating healthy produce-and-protein combos is easier than you think. Here are six snack ideas that will keep you energized at just 200 calories:


Tell us your favorite healthy snack combos in the comments below!


  • Martin Faktor

    You forgot to include the section of actual 200 Calorie snacks.

    • Jemma Waters

      Oh good I thought I was going crazy looking for it!!!

      • Daniel

        Click Begin Slideshow at the top right of the picture.

    • Daniel

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  • jimbob Jc

    Eggs and cheese = healthy? Hmmmm.

    • Thx

      Hahahaha. I thought the same about the cholesterol and the dude that needs to chill out. Is this site sponsored by the egg and dairy industry?

    • Frid Kun

      yeah, it baffled me too. What next, a half strip of bacon and a quarter of a grilled cheese sandwich?

    • Luke X

      I know. First, cut out all dairy. Second, cut out all meat. Third, cut out all gluten. Problem solved. It is hard to eat unhealthy when you slice away areas that don’t belong in your diet in the first place!

      • Carrie

        One and a half for three, not bad. Restrict dairy. Unlimited meat. Eliminate gluten and all other grain. Now the problem is solved.

  • Sukee

    I am 72 and need a buddy to help me lose a very needed 20 lbs. I need it to feel healthier.

    • Debibu

      Well not sure how I can help but I too need to
      Loose 20 lbs and I am 65!years old. Let’s do this

    • Rosettia Wood

      Hello Sukee, I am 74 and need a buddy. I want to lose 10 to 15 pounds and to tone up to something terrific, or to whatever is possible for me at this age.

      • joanne

        i am 57 and got a fitbit and started walking and logging my food intake. B
        ecause i have arthritis in my knees no running or jogging just walking. i have in the last 2 years soon in nov lost 75 lbs. i am still religious doing my 10,000steps a day. watch carbs and sugar intake to a minimum.

      • Deanna King

        I’m 74 as well and lost 25 lbs. two years ago, using My Fitness Pal. I gained 3 lbs. back on a cruise 6 months ago and have only shed 1 since then. Going on another cruise this month and don’t want to let the weight sneak back on. Telling another of our successes or frustrations is very helpful. I’m all in for that.

    • Mhocut

      If you would follow the program that Fitness Pal offers with the calorie count. The weight comes off. I have been on the program for almost 90 days. Still have some food and beverage items I enjoy but I keep a very close count of my intake of calories every meal. and I drink what water that is suggested. Good luck.

    • Marla Ahlquist

      HI Ladies.. I use MyFitnessPal to track my Macros. My Goal is Carbs 10%, Protein 20% and Fat 70%, the Keto Plan. Once I adapted to this plan I have been able to maintain my weight with healthy foods and my workout routine. Even when I had to take a month off for health reason I was able to maintain my weight. If you want to know more, just ask me. 🙂 Also on Facebook, my group has a Accountability Group of all ages, I am 53 and with lots of health restrictions. Let me know if you would like more information. Good luck on your Fitness Journey. 🙂


  • Fee

    I just calculated the Chia pudding recipe. It’s 400 calories! No way is it under 200. 3 Tbs of Chia seeds is already ~200 calories. A little bit misleading.

    • Kare1921

      I did the same thing but had already made the recipe so I had it for breakfast. It was good nonetheless. I’m thinking maybe they meant 3 tsp of Chia seed

      • Sidra Malik

        Maybe it’s talking about soaked chia seeds in which case this recipe might work out to be ~200 calories idk

  • Rosettia Wood

    I need someone to share and help with my issues.

    • Zane Clarke


  • Pihlis

    “1/4 avocado, mashed, 1 tablespoon feta, crumbled” ahahahaaa! this gotta be a joke?!

  • special700

    I’ve been on the program since Sept. 15 and I have not lost 1 lb. I prepare all of my food every Sunday – Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. My intake of calories run between 1300-1500 a day. Myfitnesspal gives me over 2300 hundred calories a day which I think is to many. I eat extremely healthy and workout on my treadmill 3-4 times a week for 50mins to an hour. BTW, I eat the same thing for lunch, breakfast and dinner for a week then I switch to something else for the next week. e.g of some of the stuff I eat…spaghetti squash, cauliflower rice, salmon, chicken, cottage cheese, eggwhite veggie omlette, etc. What the heck is going on? By now I should have lost about 7 or 8 pounds. I also log my food for the entire week because I know what I will be eating each day.

    • Charly

      You need a meal plan that provides all the nutrients we don’t get from today’s foods. I found a system that worked a year ago for me and I lost weight right away and kept it off for a year.

      • Megan Wieczorek

        same problem… i’ve been using my fitness pal with denise austin’s side effect skinny diet & portion containers. i make up my own meal plan based on the diet plan she has. the diet involves calorie confusion 1100-1300 with a 1500 calorie cheat day.

        i haven’t even really worked out that much(steps & housecleaning) & in only 10days i’ve lost 3lbs. they have recommendations how to add more food if it’s not enough 4 you. the secret to the plan is lots of protein, healthy fat & lots of veggies. you cut starchy carbs(not out just limited)… the same with fruit. also when you workout you want to eat a small snack, lift weights(to build muscle & burn excess glucose) then do cardio to burn the fat.

        b4 the plan i was doing 30mins of jumping rope 4 a wk every morning fasted & no results except my pulse & heart rate were great.

      • special700

        I think I eat pretty healthy. I have my 3 pieces of fruits a day, tons of veggies, my 4ozs of fish and chicken at dinner and lunch, I tea spoon of brown sugar in my tea and 2 slices of 45 calorie wheat bread a day. No fried or fast foods, (never did that anyway) and a glass of 2% organic milk before I go to bed and once in a blue moon a cup of low calorie popcorn.


      Check with your doctor on your thyroid. I was the same way, doing everything right, but not losing anything. I found out my thyroid was off, and until it was corrected with medication, I would never lose. Hope that helps!

      • special700

        Had that done too and all is well.

    • Carrie

      Because calorie goals are useless. CICO is a fallacy, and you’re shorting yourself with only 1300 calories a day. A 200-calorie snack with 25g of carbs is doing more harm than good. Better to eat 2000 calories a day and restrict carbs. Reduce sugar also. Eat more healthy fats and protein. Limit vegetables. And for goodness’ sake at the whole egg, the yolk is packed with nutrients.

      • Megan Wieczorek

        everyone has different calorie needs… 2000 calories may be too many 4 one person but not enough 4 another.

        yolks are healthy but i know from personal experience my cholesterol was elevated when i was eating too many whole eggs. i was told by the dr that generally no more than 3 whole eggs is recommended per wk. for protein 1whole egg +2 whites is what’s recommended. on a vegetarian handout written by a nutrition phd the recommended egg amt was 1/2 a whole egg per day but for protein 1 whole egg +2 whites is what’s recommended.

        limit veggies??? i was always told by the dr to snack on raw veggies. you just don’t want them to be more than 1/3 of your diet!!!!

    • Sam

      I’ve had some similar issues. (I’ve actually gained about 2lbs since March) MyFitnessPal allowed me almost 2000 kCal/day, I adjusted it to 1400. I don’t think there is nearly enough accuracy, especially for things like fruit- MyFitnessPal gives options anywhere from 30-60 Cal for the same size serving of apple for example. I realize natural products vary, and nutrition labels can be inaccurate by about 20%. 20% (or 100% in the case of the apple) can make a huge difference, especially when a person has a Calorie allowance under 1500/day.

    • Karen

      Sounds like you get plenty of cardio which is great but adding some weight lifting might help. It helped me a lot, not to bulk up but to slim and tone. It was intimidating at first but now I love it.

      • special700

        Do you just do arm weights. I use to do a lot of weights from 5-10lb weights but I stopped.

        • Karen

          I do legs, arm, core in the 15-70lb range. I worked with a trainer a few times to learn how much weight I should be using and how to do the exercises properly. It sounds like a lot of weight, I was worried at first that I would gain weight or start to look masculine but that wasn’t the case at all. I do Pilates and cardio a couple times a week too.

  • Antoinette Pitek

    Looking for low carb meals

  • Luke X

    These recipes aren’t exactly ‘vegan friendly’. I believe we should start at vegan and go from there.

  • Carole Klinich Allen

    The Chocolate Strawberry Chia Pudding cannot possibly be 202 calories. 3 tbsp of chia seeds is 180 calories by themselves. Per MFP, 60 calories per tbsp. Add the honey and the aamond milk and berries and you are closer to about 280 calories. I put the individual ingredients into MFP under recipes because I need to track my sugar intake and it came out well above 202. Please show sugar grams on these recipes.

  • Karin Schuster

    plz include sugar content in the nutrition info