What Golf Rookie Dylan Wu Eats In a Day to Fuel His Performance

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What Golf Rookie Dylan Wu Eats In a Day to Fuel His Performance

Dylan Wu, a MyFitnessPal PGA Tour ambassador, secured a coveted spot at the 123rd US Open after an impressive T4 finish at the US Open Local Qualifying.

What’s the secret to his success? Well, probably a lot of things. Dedication. Hard work. Practice. A growth mindset. And, of course, a carefully curated approach to nutrition. Or, in other words, a pretty solid foodie game.

“I want to make sure my nutrition isn’t negatively affecting my performance,” Wu told Golf.com about the importance of fueling for his game. “I want to control what I can control. That’s the biggest thing.”

So, what foods does Dylan Wu prioritize to ensure it’s helping him clinch the title? Let’s just say, it’s all focused around sustaining his energy and focus.

8 Foods That Fuels Dylan Wu’s Golf Performance


Before a day of play, Wu likes to keep things light and easy.

  • Eggs for sustained energy: The fat in eggs helps maintain energy levels over an extended period, which is crucial for the prolonged duration of a golf game. The protein also supports muscle function and recovery, essential for the repetitive motions and endurance required in golf swings.
  • Fruit for quick energy: “The natural sugar content in fruit coupled with fiber makes it a favorable choice for fueling,” explains MyFitnessPal Registered Dietitian Joanna Gregg. “Sugar provides an initial quick source of energy while the fiber helps prolong digestion and absorption of the carbohydrate helping to steady blood sugar levels and prevent crashes during his game.”



Come mid-day, Wu leaves the green to grab some… well, greens (with a side of protein). He just can’t get enough of them, apparently.

  • Nutrient-rich greens for focus and recovery: Leafy greens are rich in folate and vitamins, including vitamin K. In golf, where precise and coordinated movements are essential, these nutrients support focus and concentration. The antioxidants in greens also aid in reducing inflammation, potentially helping with Wu’s recovery between swings.
  • Lean chicken for muscle and cognitive function: The lean protein in chicken replenishes Wu’s protein in the middle of the day, supporting the structure and function of cells, tissues, and organs in the body. The protein boost may support Wu’s and help him maintain a stable mood and mental focus between swings.


Wu can’t let hunger pangs get in the way of his game. That’s why he snacks the right way.

  • Healthy fats for endurance: Wu always has some almonds and other nut varieties within arm’s reach. The healthy fats serve as a valuable energy source and are more slowly metabolized, offering a sustained release of energy and supporting endurance throughout the game.
  • Protein bars for quick, convenient fuel: Wu snacks on protein bars between holes as a convenient way to replenish protein stores and prevent muscle fatigue ensuring peak performance.



After a round of golf, Wu’s pretty wiped out so cooking isn’t always an option. His go-to? A Chipotle bowl with chicken, lettuce, rice, and veggies.

  • Chicken and rice for recovery: The protein from chicken aids in muscle synthesis and recovery, repairing any microtears that may have occurred during the game. “Rice is a source of complex carbohydrates,” explains Gregg. “It helps speed recovery by replenishing glycogen stores used during a long day of physical exertion.”
  • Vegetables for hydration and micronutrients: The water content in vegetables contributes to hydration, vital for maintaining focus and preventing fatigue. Micronutrients from vegetables play a role in numerous physiological processes, including energy metabolism and muscle function.

Next time you head to the green, give Dylan Wu’s daily food menu a swing and see how it improves your golf game.

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