Track Your Achievements (and Calorie Deficits) with Polar Flow

by MyFitnessPal
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Track Your Achievements (and Calorie Deficits) with Polar Flow

‘Tis the season of polar vortices, true—but don’t let that stop you from getting your flow on. MyFitnessPal has joined forces with Polar Flow to help you track both your nutrition and fitness achievements.

Polar Flow’s web service and mobile apps offer a training diary and reports so you can look back on your accomplishments. Whether you want to feel better, look better or simply get better, Polar Flow helps you track your achievements and stay motivated. And by syncing your account with MyFitnessPal, you can easily see how many calories you’ve burned and have remaining for the day. Who knows? Maybe you’ll have earned a hot chocolate!

polar gear
If you have an iPhone or iPad and one of the following Polar Flow compatible products—Polar Loop, Polar A300, Polar M400, Polar V800 and Polar H7—you’re in luck. You can connect your MyFitnessPal account anytime.

Go ahead and sync your Flow and MyFitnessPal accounts, and you can “flow with the go” with Polar.

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71 responses to “Track Your Achievements (and Calorie Deficits) with Polar Flow”

  1. Avatar Lovinglife says:

    What about android users?????

  2. Avatar No More SPAM says:


  3. Avatar Dariah says:

    How about the Polar F4?

  4. Avatar Beth Scott says:

    Maybe I’m missing something, but I can’t find the app in the app gallery and there is no sign of being able to sync within my apps…

  5. Avatar oldschoolraider says:

    And android is treated like second class citizens when that shouldn’t be the case

  6. Avatar bluewindboy81506 says:

    Polar may support this, but MFP does NOT!!

  7. Avatar Danielle says:

    Yeah the app is not there.

  8. Avatar Saszey says:

    Where is the app??
    Please give us more information regarding how to sync and where the link is and when this will be happening.

  9. Avatar Frantom says:

    There are more android users than apple users – what about us?

  10. Avatar Frantom says:

    I tried to download to my ipad last night but it doesn’t appear – figured my ipad was just too old???

  11. Avatar Adrianne says:

    I had the UP24 by Jawbone band for about two months and then it completely broke. Anyone know if these bands are any more reliable?

    • Avatar Falyn says:

      I love my polar, started with the simple one, then the loop, and I currently have the a300! They are super durable!! And amazing all around… I wear it in the pool, on the farm, and every single day!

  12. Avatar Pat says:

    Why did this take so long

  13. Avatar Brooke says:

    I don’t see the app???

  14. Avatar kok says:

    so the link takes you to every app but the polar one, how convenient!

  15. Avatar The Health Carpenter says:

    It’s the My Fitness Pal app they are referring to, I downloaded it the other day.

  16. Avatar Sofie Cleemput says:

    And for Android Users? I got an email this morning with the fantastic news, seems that this service is only provided for IOS users. What a disappointment :'((

  17. Avatar Eule says:

    Anyone know when it or if it gets available for Android user?????

  18. Avatar Eric says:

    Again a disappointed android user

  19. Avatar Alicia says:

    Why no reply or press release about wwhen the andriod app will have this ability. I would have commented on the polar blog about this too but it doesnt have a comments area. Im no tech expert but surely the ios app and the andriod up would have the same or close enough to base vode that the update to sync/link the 2 apps wouldnt take so much extra time. Lazy IT and app writers. Com’on whats good for 1 platform is surely as good for the other.

    • Avatar Nox Dineen says:

      The 2 apps are 100% different code bases, in different languages, probably using a variety of different 3rd party libraries. Android and iOS development isn’t just a question of automatically porting code snippets across the divide. (Nevermind what a nightmare testing for Android is.)

      That said, adding a simple connection/sync to an API you’ve already integrated with once should be dead simple. At this point, almost a year after iOS feature release, it’s inexcusable not to have it.

  20. Avatar Selena says:

    That really blow’s. I have been waiting for MFP to be able to sync with my loop. I have constantly sent Polar email’s requesting this. Now that they finally roll it out I still can’t us it. I will definitely let people now not to buy the loop for this reason.

  21. Avatar Nolan Rader says:

    This needs to come to android fast.

  22. Avatar alanjay says:

    how do I view the Polar Flow data in the myfitness pal app?

  23. Avatar Raven573 says:

    What is the trick to get them to link? I press connect in MyFitnessPal and nothing happens.
    Only thing the Android users are missing is frustration!

  24. Avatar Tink says:

    This is lame. I use both and have an android phone. This should have come to android users first since we seem to be more tech savy than apple users who need things simple. I use both Flow and MFP. It would be great for them to sync. I have recommended the loop to so many people in the past few months because both were to sync. I feel let down by a product I fully stand behind. Please provide us with some sort of update as to when Polar and MFP wi provide the same to android users. We should not be treated any different as there are more of us than apple users.

  25. Avatar george says:

    Try a my zone belt 🙂 need to upload at gym though and get emails to your android with calories burned.

  26. Avatar JC says:

    /sigh I was all excited to link this to mfp, but no Android support… Do these manufacturers not survey their audience to see what the majority of the base is using?

  27. Avatar Katie Burnett says:

    Come on! Why not android users? I’m sick and tired of getting the short end of the stick here because I prefer Samsung!

  28. Avatar Shalla Ross says:

    I have the polar flow app on both my android phone and my iPad but the data from polar flow is not syncing into my fitness pal (MFP) even though MFP shows the app as installed and linked on my iPad, web and even my android. Help?

  29. Avatar Tiffany Mouch Vincent says:

    MFP for both…not polar flow.

  30. Avatar LG says:

    Yep me too Android for 5 years now and short end of the stick. Need MFP and Polar sync please. Will have to recommend different fitness band to my husband as he insists they sync. Losing potential customers! At least you could release estimated timelines. Next quarter, this year, never?

  31. Avatar Lauza_Wilks says:

    And for the android users? Not happy!

  32. Avatar Bored says:

    Well I do believe this site is not for me I have the app but not the zap to go along with it. Thought I’d like it before but now find it all a bore thanks for the time but not the information. Oh well!

  33. Avatar Jerkster says:

    Dont worry android users, it works so inconsistently on the iphone, it might as well not work.

  34. Avatar LM says:

    Why do the vendors aim at iPhone? The market share is dropping and dropping. Android clearly dominates the market.
    From a Marketing perspective, you are just aiming at the minority. Well, one may call this silly.

    So, I hope, you aim at both asap.

  35. Avatar Lauren Justine says:

    Again, there are more Android users than Ios, get off the icrap bandwagon and hooks us Android users up, what a waste!

  36. Avatar Brad Lumley says:

    Hahaha. Why is it SUBTRACTING my exercise calories from my daily allowance instead of adding them? *facepalm*

  37. Avatar charles says:

    i was looking forward to be able to sync my v800 with myfitnesspal. oh wel.
    garmin you may have just gained a new customer

  38. Avatar John Rushe says:

    The keep updating things for IOS even though the market share is 76% Android. Probably polars fault, The apps work extremely poorly on Android anyway. Shame on you Polar!

  39. Avatar Debra Bishop says:

    O_O Android?

  40. Avatar Myfitness pal hates android says:

    WTF. when is the android version going to be available? last I checked they are still the majority of users versus IOS.

  41. Avatar Antonietta Martello says:

    I’m a disappointed android user too!

  42. Avatar Chris says:

    And still another disappointed android user. There is more in this world than Apple….

  43. Avatar FitLizIsTheBiz says:

    Polar will be on board in 4-6 weeks. Check out this new app the FitCoin download now. App synchs with your calorie tracking device i.e. fitbit, and converts your calories into virtual money. Thats it! Its that simple yet genius. Purchase gift certificates, discounts or promotional items with your calories burned. Now thats my idea of motivation and support for being fit and health conscious. Happy Tracking!

  44. Avatar Elliott Coe says:

    It’s funny how Android owns the market share but this only get IOS support.

  45. Avatar Christina Peterson says:

    Should have had plenty of time to add this for Android users. There are more of us than Apple users.

  46. Avatar CPS says:

    Anything for android users in the future? My ipad will not connect and its gen 4. Not happy. I purchased the loop because I read it would sync with myfitnesspal. Another android user out in the cold.

  47. Avatar Geoff says:

    Why don’t you refund my 9.00. Get your act together

  48. Avatar Jena-lee Carriere says:

    Um it’s not even an option on mfp to add my polar loop? What the hell?

  49. Avatar Nick says:

    Long term disappointed android / m400 user, till now nothing but promises, and “hang in there” sweet talk from Polar.

  50. 8 Months is more than enough time to replicate functionality from iOS to Android. So there must be another reason why Android users are ignored. Does myfitnesspal have a secret exclusiveness deal with Apple?

  51. Avatar Kieron Brant says:

    There will be some business reason for not doing the integration on Android. It’s not related to caring about users, or doing the right thing. Under all of these apparently odd situations is a cold blooded, number based business decision.

  52. Avatar DJyoSNOW says:

    The M400 (android user) does have a place in my heart for the ease of use! Though just because of the lack of share features. I’m tempted to give up on the M400. Especially since I’ve been the M400 almost since day one.

  53. Avatar Simon says:

    Still no Android Sync??? Please sort this out. I have no plans to go premium until this is sorted.

  54. Avatar David Watson says:

    I really can’t understand why polar are not providing this facility for Android users considering that they significantly outnumber iOS users. I pointed this out to Polar many months ago but was met with a blank response. If their technology is not compatible with Android (I very much doubt that it can be) then they should tell us. If not then they should explain why it is that they are ignoring their Android customers. Not exactly exemplars of good customer relations.

  55. Avatar Paul says:

    I’m confused. I have Android app for both. I put my meals in MyFitnessPal App. I put my workouts in Flow App. Within a few hours (I don’t know how often the two system talk to each other) my workout information is automagically updated into the MyFitnessPal app. It does misclassify my rides as runs, but I’m more concerned w/calories, which do come across.

    Why is everyone saying that these don’t work together in Android?

  56. Avatar Sarah says:

    I got the my fitness pal and polar flow app to sync, and I logged everything on my fitness pal. But then when I got on the polar flow app none of my calories or steps show up. How do I fix this?

  57. Avatar Brenda says:

    I was able to find Polar in the MFP app list, and the connection seemed to work – MFP opened Polar Flow, connect to MFP is on. But I don’t see Polar Flow data in my MFP diary. Did I miss a step?

  58. Avatar Elithia V Stanfield says:

    Still a year later, no support for Android users.

  59. Avatar Don Brown says:

    Is there an like app available for android. I’m just setting this thing up and….. I’m disappointed

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