Top 10 Healthy Holiday Gifts for People Who Love Yoga

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Top 10 Healthy Holiday Gifts for People Who Love Yoga

Recent statistics show that more than 15 million Americans practice yoga, and the average number of people who practice yoga increases 20% annually.* Given these numbers, you can bet there is someone on your list who would love yoga-related gift. Well, we sought out some of the best items, and here’s what we found…

Top 10 Healthy Holiday Gifts for People Who Love Yoga

1. Yoga Kit by Element®

element YOGAIf you want to introduce someone to the art of yoga, why not try Element’s “The Essential Yoga Beginner’s Kit”? With detailed, step-by-step instructions, and three, full-length DVDs filmed in a calming garden overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Element’s Yoga Complete Kit will help build strength and flexibility while melting away stress from the mind, body, and spirit.

Price: About $19.36
Get it here.
Photo credit: Walmart

2. Manduka Black Mat

Manduka Black MatIf your friends and family members practice yoga frequently, they could probably use a fresh, new mat. How about a luxuriously thick Manduka Black Mat? It cushions the body and provide a non-slip, fabric-like finish to stay put during all of their yoga moves.

Price: About $100.00
Get it here.
Photo credit: Manduka

3. Lululemon® Two Times a Yogi Bag

Lululemon Two Times A Yogi BagMake it simple for the yogi on your list to go straight from school or the office to the yoga studio. The “Two Times a Yogi Bag” from Lululemon makes it easy for them to carry clothes, laptop, phone, mat, purse, and more all in one bag. They’ll be organized and look stylish too!

Price: About $128.00
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Photo credit: Lululemon

4. I Glow Travel Yoga Mat by LOLË

I Glow Travel Yoga MatHere’s a fun gift for the traveling yogi in your life. Available in bright pink, purple, or yellow, these eco-friendly mats are the perfect size to pack for business and personal trips. Now, he/she can relax, move, and meditate on a familiar surface wherever they go!

Price: About $30
Get it here .
Photo credit: Lolë


5. The ONE Mat Towel from yogitoes®

ONE Mat TowelKnow someone who is always worried about germs or slipping in yoga class? Made from eight, recycled plastic-bottles, The ONE Mat Towel from yogitoes may be the perfect gift! By placing the towel over their yoga mat, and they instantly a non-slip, hygienic space where they can feel comfortable and relax.

Price: About $68.00
Get it here.
Photo credit: yogitoes

6. Gaiam® Digital Zen Alarm Clock

gaiam digital zen alarm clockWho doesn’t want to wake up in a peaceful, calm manner? Gift your friend with the Gaiam Digital Zen Alarm Clock so that they awaken to a calming charm that gradually increases over time. With a meditation timer, solid hardwood case, and other, natural features, it offers a tranquil way to start the day.

Price: About $189.00
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Photo credit: Sage Meditation

7. Gaiam® Back Wave II

Gaiam Back Wave IIGive the gift of back pain relief this holiday season! Gaiam®’s Back Wave II helps to reduce lower back-pain while restoring the natural curvature of the spine. You simply lie on the padded tube, and your own body weight helps improve muscle flexibility, circulation and relaxation.

Price: About $50.00
Get it here.
Photo credit: Gaiam

8. “The Anatomy Coloring Book”

The Anatomy Coloring BookHere’s a fun way to learn about the human body! A unique gift for anyone on your holiday-list, “The Anatomy Coloring Book” includes 162 pages of hand-drawn figures with a color-key system linking anatomical terminology to detailed illustrations of the body.

Price: About $15.00
Get it here.
Photo credit: Amazon

9. Zafu Meditation Cushion from Hugger Mugger™

Zafu Meditation CushionWhat yogi wouldn’t want a comfortable, personalized place to meditate? A zafu is a traditional, round cushion with pleated sides used to promote healthy posture while sitting or meditating. The Zafu Meditation Cushion from Hugger Mugger™ comes in numerous colors and can be filled with just the right amount of organic, buckwheat hulls to fit the contours of the body.

Price: About $47.00
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Photo credit: Hugger Mugger

10. YogaJellies

YogaJelliesAnyone who practices yoga could use a little extra cushion and support from time to time. With YogaJellies, you can give the gift of comfort! These non-toxic, gel-like discs are available in numerous colors and are designed to work with knees, hands, wrists, elbows, and other weight-bearing parts of the body.

Price: About $65.00 per pair
Get it here.
Photo credit: YogaJellies

It’s time to say “Om….”

These are just a few of the many, wonderful gifts available for the people on your holiday-list who love yoga. You can help them relax, reduce sore muscles, look stylish, and even feel more comfortable while traveling. With so much to choose from, you may just have to “try” out some of the items first!

Did we miss your favorite yoga gift? Please let us know!

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