The Truth About Peanut Butter

Trinh Le, MPH, RD
by Trinh Le, MPH, RD
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The Truth About Peanut Butter

Oh, the peanut butter aisle! One wonders how such a simple, delicious creation could be so complex. Really though, it’s not supposed to be. Peanut butter should simply be nuts pulverized into a delicious mash—that’s it! So, to keep you from going nuts at the grocery store, here are some helpful suggestions.

1. Pick a “peanut butter” not a “peanut butter spreadStandard peanut butter is defined as being 90% peanuts with only 10% allowed for seasoning and stabilizing oils [1]. Peanut butter “spread” does not meet this qualification. Manufacturers have more leeway to add unnecessary ingredients. (Remember: less is more.)

2. Look for less than 3 grams of sugar per serving In general, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter should contain about 200 calories, 15 grams of fat, 8 grams of carbohydrate (1 to 2 grams of sugar), and 7 grams of protein. Anything with more than 3 grams of sugar per 2 tablespoons is a tip off that your peanut butter has added sugar. You don’t need it—that’s jelly’s job!

3. Be wary of “natural” peanut butter There is no specific regulation around the term “natural” [2]. In fact, any food can carry this label as long as it doesn’t contain artificial flavors or synthetic substances. Generally, “natural” peanut butter means it is made with only 2 ingredients: peanuts and salt. But, when it comes to “natural” peanut butter, you have to watch out for the ingredients. Manufacturers can add sweeteners and partially hydrogenated oils and still call it “natural.”

4. Read the ingredients list! Surprisingly, the ingredients list on some jars don’t start with peanuts. Be sure the one you pick up lists peanuts and salt as the first two, and avoid these sneaky ingredients:

  • Partially and/or fully hydrogenated oils This is code for unhealthy trans fats
  • Palm oil It’s high in unnecessary saturated fat
  • Sweeteners Things like cane sugar-cane syrup, sugar, honey, and molasses can make their way into peanut butters, adding add unneeded sugar and calories

5. Watch out for buzz words If your goal is to choose the healthiest peanut butter possible, you’ll want to avoid labels with these confusing buzz words.

  • Reduced fat Usually, reduced and low fat peanut butters contain more salt and sugar to compensate for the flavor
  • Whipped This typically means a lot of air was added to your peanut butter, making  any given tablespoon lower in calories. (And, if you end up spreading on more than 1 serving, you’ll be eating the calories you think you’re saving.)
  • Honey roasted Adds extra calories and sugar you don’t really need
  • No stir Peanut butters that claim to be “no stir” and “natural” likely contain partially or fully hydrogenated fats or palm oils
  • Old fashioned This a term often used to imply “natural,” but it doesn’t always mean what’s inside is simply peanuts and salt.

What’s your favorite brand of peanut butter? Share in the comments below!




About the Author

Trinh Le, MPH, RD
Trinh Le, MPH, RD
Trinh is a registered dietitian by day, blogger at Fearless Food RD by night. She loves helping folks develop a better relationship with food, which includes lots of cooking, eating and learning about nutrition. When she’s not snapping mouthwatering shots of (mostly) healthy food, you can find Trinh HIIT-ing it at her local gym. For more, connect with her on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest.


211 responses to “The Truth About Peanut Butter”

  1. Avatar Pam Mathes Haik says:

    I usually get Jif but this month I bought the Walmart brand because it was on sale and a larger size. It was surprisingly good and tasted like fresh roasted peanuts. I checked and meets all requirements above too!

    • Avatar ProgressiveMind says:

      That’s interesting. I’m reading a jar of Jif and it DOESN’T meet the above standards. The second ingredient is sugar and it has 3 grams per serving.

      • Avatar Sarah Elizabeth Renfro says:

        She said she USUALLY gets Jif BUT this month she bought another brand. The brand she purchased this month (NOT JIF) tastes good and meets all requirements. NOT JIF.

      • Avatar Callaflower says:

        I just checked the Jif I have. I also had some Parade peanut butter and it was the same as Jif. But as much as I like peanut butter I don’t eat it often. When I do it’s 2 tablespoons which lasts me for a long time, so I’m not going to worry about the 1gr extra of sugar. I’ve tried many brands, and I like the way Jif tastes, and I especially like extra crunchy. if I try another one because it has 2 gr of sugar and I don’t like the taste, I’ll probably eat 4 tbsp. because it wasn’t satisfying, and then I’ll be at 4 gr instead of 3. Cheers

        • Avatar Victoria Rejuney says:

          Exactly. The little added sugar doesn’t really matter if you don’t eat a lot of it in the first place. Just like you, I love peanut butter, but rarely eat it.

    • Avatar T Bradley says:

      I tried the Walmart brand and it has added sweeteners – sugar and/or molasses. I wasn’t impressed – I like mine with simply peanuts!

  2. Avatar Josh Davis says:

    I don’t care about the brand name. If the ingredients list anything besides peanuts and salt, then I don’t buy it.

    • Avatar misdirection says:

      Get any Peanut Butter with NON-GMO verified and USDA organic label – you will be fine.

      NON-GMO peanut butter have organic peanuts and himalayan pink salt – that’s it and it’s even more healthier.

      • Avatar Victoria Rejuney says:

        non gmo doesn;t mean anything. it’s just scare tactics with zero scientific evidence backing the anti gmo fear campaign.

        • Avatar misdirection says:

          You’re shitting me, eh? Your grammar is horrendous, so I will take your opinion with a grain of salt.

          There are numerous of empirical studies indicates that GMO is extremely harmful for our health. Duh.

          • Avatar jhoger says:

            “There are numerous of empirical studies indicates that GMO”

            No, there aren’t.

          • Avatar misdirection says:

            Google it.. it’s there.

          • Avatar Damo says:

            Your username reveals all. Please, GMOs must have hurt my brain and I can’t find any empirical studies that back up your claim on google, please provide these numerous studies. Thank you!

          • Avatar Boileroperator says:

            GMO is harmless. I’d worry more about pesticides.

          • Avatar misdirection says:

            Pesticides, herbicides, and glyphosate is classified as GMO.

          • Avatar Boileroperator says:

            A GMO (genetically modified organism) is the result of a laboratory process where genes from the DNA of one species are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal.

          • Avatar misdirection says:

            Enjoy being fat 4 life.

          • Avatar Boileroperator says:

            I explained what a gmo is so you might learn something and instead you make a childish statement. I pity you.

          • Avatar misdirection says:

            Is it childish to post empirical studies? You’re so grossly misguided, tool.

          • Avatar Boileroperator says:

            Enjoy being fat for life? Misguided tool? That is childish. Empirical studies? You are certainly a nutcase Can’t Understand Normal Thinking.

          • Avatar Boileroperator says:

            Pesticides are not a GMO. The childish statement was “Enjoy being fat for life.” You are a special kind of stupid.

          • Avatar R Wing says:

            Wow, you really have no clue do you? SMH Stop making a fool of yourself.

          • Avatar Damo says:

            Wow, you don’t even know what you are talking about. What genetically modified peanuts are there out there? If there are not any being offered at the retail side of things, non-GMO certification is unneeded and a waste of your money.

          • Avatar misdirection says:

            I guess you never heard of Monsanto then.

          • Avatar Damo says:

            What does that even mean? Does Monsanto make PB, now?

          • Avatar misdirection says:

            Ingredients from Monsanto, sure.

            But it’s okay; who am I to judge? If you want GMO; you may keep your GMO. There’s a hospital nearby who is more than eager to make profit out of your illness.

          • Avatar Damo says:

            So what organic PB company is paying you to slander all the other peanut butter companies by claiming that they use contaminated peanuts, ingredients that come from Monsanto, or that eating their PB will lead to my eventual hospital visit?
            Seems like you don’t have any proof for these claims, it is very obvious that you are a paid shill for one of these organic companies, why else would you lie? You probably eat Monsanto’s peanut butter all the time, but if the money is right, you will lie about it, won’t you. Disgraceful.
            By the way, that was a joke, Monsanto does not grow peanuts. And you just spout lies for the fun of it–why should they pay you when you do it for free?

          • Avatar misdirection says:

            Ingredients.. you dumbfuck.

          • Avatar Damo says:

            Oh my! Unsubstantiated ridiculous claims, no understanding of the subject matter, unrealistic world view…and now insults. Have a good, uninformed, ignorant life.
            Bye bye.

          • Avatar misdirection says:

            Sorry to see your hospital bills racked up like no tomorrow. Keep eating those GMO food.

          • Avatar misdirection says:

            Why don’t you eat all GMO food and live a short life. Good riddance, you’re one worthless shill.

          • Avatar Damo says:

            I just got back from my doctor–he said I am as healthy as someone 20 years younger. I am guessing it is from all the pesticides I consume. They keep all the bad things away. How is your health? Probably not very good without a daily dose of Roundup.

          • Avatar R Wing says:

            You’ve totally bought into the scam, hook, line, and sinker. There is no legitimate study anywhere showing GMO food to be harmful. NONE The only evidence against GMO’s are those done by anti gmo groups, or advocates, or anti Monsanto groups. Show us a legitimate recognized scientific study by a reputable organization or university. I don’t care if you want to use not GMO products, that’s your choice and I’m fine with it. But if you use non GMO products, you’re going to be using products that are being treated with more pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc.

        • Avatar Alfred Edward B says:


        • Avatar Dina TS-7 says:

          Monsanto is a chemical company that owns round up pesticides an herbicides.
          The company put these chemicals into the DNA, of the seeds, that farmers use to grow their crops. In other words, the food we eat. These pesticides and herbicides then get into our DNA when we consume our foods. That is one of the reasons why, so many people are getting cancers and tumors in our day and age.
          Please check into this company yourself, and you will find hair-raising information on the criminal activities of this company. I will bet you that they are not the only company, that is getting away with poisoning us.
          Please let us know, what you found out.

  3. Avatar heartsoffood says:

    It’s all about the powdered peanut butter (PB2) 🙂 I add a little water and some honey… boom! Super tasty and only 45 calories per serving.

    • Avatar nghtwsp says:

      I totally second this – except I’m even good with just adding a lil water. I even like mine with a little dribble of extra water to make it a lil creamier. 🙂

      • Avatar Rachel Perez says:

        Somehow I can’t get around the texture of the PB2 mixed with water! I really wish I could. Maybe I’m not doing it right. But I do love using it in smoothies – with 1/2 a frozen banana, a healthy dash of cinnamon, 8 oz of almond milk and a couple of handfuls of spinach. For other uses, I prefer the Smucker’s Natural PB.

    • Avatar PB Man says:

      Their is an even better powered pb out there called PURE PB by Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter. They don’t add salt it sugar like PB2. Just sayin!

    • Avatar debra says:

      Where can i find powdered peanut butter?

      • Avatar heartsoffood says:

        Whole Foods, Safeway… any local health food store probably.

      • Avatar adam says:

        GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, etc. will have it. Hell, I even seen it yesterday at WALMART, they are really moving on up, with these news “popular” foods…, I found Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar there too now even lol

      • Avatar Cara Stone says:

        Bought mine at my regular grocery store (Giant), right there along side regular PB.

      • Avatar Victoria Rejuney says:

        found it at kroger/ralph’s in the natural foods section. comes in regular and chocolate. they also have their own crackers.

    • Avatar Ms Jaiy says:

      PB2 has the protein, but not the healthy fats. You only get the partial benefits with PB2

    • Avatar DarlaK says:

      I like PB2 and do not feel guilty when I use it in my oatmeal or protein shakes. As far as not getting the benefit of the good oils I can get them in fish and other foods.

    • Avatar RandiRene says:

      i bought some powered peanut butter recently, but haven’t tried it yet. I like the idea, and I’m glad it tastes good, according to heartsoffood, but it is super expensive as well as super tasty. I’m going to look more closely at ingredients in other brands.

    • Avatar liz says:

      Where do you get powdered?

      • Avatar Victoria Rejuney says:

        you can probably find it in the natural section of about any grocery store now. i bought mine at kroger/ralph’s.

    • Avatar Tmmelago says:

      I’m also a huge fan of PB2. I’m hooked on a slice of toast, PB2, and half of a banana in the morning before going to the gym.

    • Avatar Anna says:

      Good idea! Thanks!

    • Avatar Alicia Taylor says:

      So in agreement on this. I love PBFit – and it’s natural/non-gmo. I get it at Sam’s Club for those that are wondering where to get it. I just add water, though – and sometimes, a little acacia fiber

    • Avatar Devin Skelton says:

      Why do you require powdered PB? What is wrong with natural PB? How big is a serving of the powdered PB?

    • Avatar misdirection says:

      And hives.

    • Avatar Aj says:

      Except anything powdered is not real food.

  4. Avatar Jan says:

    I`ve been buying Great Value natural peanut butter. I read most of the labels on the shelf. The GV dose have palm oil but comes the closest to the other items that are `good`.

  5. Avatar SarahLynne0922 says:

    Trader Joe’s Creamy Salted Peanut Butter. Ingredients: dry roasted peanuts, salt.

  6. Avatar Sandy Palmer Perry says:

    My Kroger brand peanut butter meets the requirements listed above.

  7. Avatar Jessi Monique says:

    This makes me think of the yummy Pumpkin Spice “Whipped” Peanut Butter “Spread” that I just got. Honestly, I’m trying to incorporate moderation in my diet and steer away from deprivation. I haven’t tried the peanut butter “spread” yet but I’m super excited to taste it in all of it’s “unhealthy” glory. Fitness is about happiness and I think I kinda lost that for a little while I was so focused on “clean eating”. While I still still eat clean 95% of the time, when it comes to “healthy fats”, this may be the time to splurge. Can anyone relate?

    • Avatar SuperDave says:

      Yes for sure. Happiness is the Key! 🙂 Im sure you’re not going to eat spoon fulls right out of the jar, Enjoy!

    • Avatar red says:

      Yup…I try to set a day every week to eat whatever I want. That way I can manage my cravings….

    • I’m with you. My goal is to “do good” not “be perfect”… Shoot just the other day I had 2 slices of Pizza (Pepperoni, Italian sausage, peppers, and onions) I dont feel guilty at all because the rest of the week I ate almost perfectly. I also dont bother with being perfect on Holidays. Holidays I just eat whatever I want lol. Of course I’m talking about big holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, new years eve.

  8. Avatar WillLift4Tats says:

    The truth about peanut butter: it’s delicious! Lol but seriously, I love our HEB that has a fresh-ground station for peanut butter. Literally peanuts>masher>peanut butter. No added nada.

  9. Avatar Sarah Hanson Bailey says:

    I LOOOOOOVE my Teddie super chunky: roasted peanuts, salt

  10. Avatar Bigmamatoo says:

    Why cant you just tell us what kind to buy and what to stay away from.

  11. Avatar Ali says:

    Kroger brand Natural Creamy is the best! 2 ingredients (dry roasted peanuts, salt), stays creamy and easily spreadable in the fridge, and so much cheaper than the name brands. I’ve tried all the ones that just have those ingredients and the Kroger brand is by far my favorite!

  12. Avatar Jack Johnson says:

    Krema for me, ingredients p

  13. Avatar Rachel says:

    I’m sorry but …. 2 g of sugar per serving 200 cal serving is a-okay, but 3 g of sugar is OMG stahhp? Yes, that’s 50% more sugar but assuming you’re just eating one serving (or maybe two — go crazy!) that’s one or two grams of added sugar total. I’m inclined to think that a sense of proportion is more helpful than demonizing an ingredient, even sugar.

    • Avatar Stephanie says:

      The point is that peanuts are very low in sugar. So if you’re trying to avoid added sugar then you should make sure your PB has less than 3g.
      Btw, unless you’re limiting yourself to eating a 1/4c of PB by itself, that doesn’t sound like a good meal plan. Being as I try to eat 1500 cal a day, that’s more than a quarter of my calories on one item.

  14. Avatar Cia Rising says:

    I am fortunate to be able to purchase peanut butter (and almond butter which I think is healthier) that I can grind right in the store. Nothing added, nothing taken away. Delish.

  15. Avatar WeberCA says:

    Yep. I love my JIF Peanut Butter and will continue to consume it. Frankly, 3% sugars and no more, is fine with me considering that I consume perhaps two teaspoons per day and not 2 tablespoons per serving. This is a good article! I will definitely watch for the percentages when purchasing other brands of peanut butter in the future.

  16. Avatar Rosie says:

    Laura Scudder’s peanut butter, for sure. And you can find it at Walmart!

  17. Avatar Ella Stacpool says:

    Such a valid article. It gives us the the knowledge to make our own informed decisions. Try not to conform to a certain way of living just because that’s the main stream idea of what a healthy lifestyle looks like. Be happy with your choices because that is what makes you happy in YOUR life!!

  18. Avatar reneez says:

    I have tried many brands and Adams is the best.

  19. Avatar devans00 says:

    I love the picture of the peanut butter on the bread but I’m confused about the tomatoes. Is that a thing now?

  20. Avatar David Davis says:

    Peanut Butter is like crack to me. I can’t limit myself and have to keep it out of my house, unfortunately.

  21. Avatar Bobbie0653 says:

    Teddie and Smuckers both make a good, simple nuts and salt only PB. My husband makes his own by putting peanuts in the food processor and grinding them up. Delicious!

  22. Avatar Jen says:

    I’m obsessed with Nuts N More peanut butter! 1 g of sugar and 14 g of protein per serving. Yummm

  23. Avatar syfygirl77 says:

    I love my powdered pb2 mix with water only 45calories and I can make it the texture I want depending on how much water I add!

  24. Avatar Denise Albrecht Wiseman says:

    Smucker’s Natural Creamy. Peanuts, salt. 200 calories, 16g fat, 1g sugar, 7g protein. Perfect!

  25. Avatar ElizabethMo says:

    My personal trainer swears by meridian, they do a good range of other nut butters (my favourite is cashew) too.
    I buy it in Holland and Barrett, in the UK.

  26. Avatar Jolly says:

    Meridian smooth peanut butter! 100% dry roasted nuts without palm oil or sugar. It’s expensive though 🙁

  27. Avatar OCmom says:

    Trader Joe’s organic unsalted creamy peanut butter. 1 ingredient – peanuts.

  28. Avatar AnonCommenter says:

    Maranatha is great.

  29. Avatar Leo says:

    Market Pantry, Target’s brand, meets this requirement and it’s a lot cheaper than the fancy ones that also meet the requirement. It’s just peanuts and salt.

  30. Avatar Lacy Reintsma says:

    Im a PB2 fan also.. its the only peanut butter I eat. I have to prepare it.. Because if it came in a premade jar I would eat the WHOLE thing in a sitting. I’ve kicked peanut butter out of my house until I found PB2 and the other products by the same maker! They even have crunchy!

  31. Avatar Kim says:

    Ok. Love peanut butter and jelly? Try putting halved red grapes on your favorite PB sandwich. Yum! While adding minimal calories!!!!

  32. Avatar PB Man says:

    Natural Peanut Butter shouldn’t have added salt and that is why I choose either Krema Peanut Butter or Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter…the best part about it is that it only had “PEANUTS”!!!

  33. Avatar Ctina says:

    My favorite is Kroger brand all natural creamy or crunchy just peanuts and salt!! Delicious!!!

  34. Avatar Skip Paquette says:

    Teddie’s Smooth All Natural Unsalted with one ingredient: Peanuts. Nothing else comes close. Fresh ground, home ground, natural food store or other brands do not compare to this product. Do a search and you will find PB nuts who love this product.

  35. Avatar Patricia says:

    I purchase Nut’N Better Organic PB and am pleased that it meets the criteria outlined in the article!

  36. Avatar jopierce says:

    Adams Peanut Butter. Ingred: peanuts period. 2 Tbsp 210 cal, 16 g Tot Fat (2.5 Sat Fat, 9 Trans Fat, 4.5g Polyunsat Fat, 9g Monounsat Fat), 0 Cholesterol, 90 mg Sodium, 6 g Carb (2g fiber, 1 g Sugar) 7 g protein.

  37. Avatar LS says:

    Trader Joe’s Unsalted Peanut Butter
    Ingredients: Dry Roasted Peanuts. Simple. The dry roasting gives it a depth of flavor, so it doesn’t need any additional ingredients.

    As far a oil separation goes, you can either mix it up & then refrigerate it or pour off the oil to make it reduced fat. I bet the peanut oil would be good in a Thai peanut chicken recipe.

  38. Avatar Linda says:

    Make your own in a food processor. I haven’t bought peanut butter in years. Take 2 cups of your favorite peanuts add about 1 tablespoon of peanut oil and process for about 3 minutes or until your achieve the texture you want. Makes just under two cups of peanut butter. You’ll never eat store bought jarred again no matter the brand..

  39. Avatar Dawnnn321 says:

    I love Simply Jif peanut butter myself. The article states that partially hydrogenated and FULLY hydrogenated oils are “code words for trans fats.” Fully hydrogenated oils are not trans fats, only the partially hydrogenated oils are.

    • Avatar Lisa says:

      I buy this one too! It’s my REAL Peanut Butter go to, but really am not opposed to the the PB2 – it’s pretty good for outside the box peanut butter

  40. Avatar low says:

    Kroger and HEB have grinders that you can just grind Roasted Peanuts or Almonds and it seems to be a lot cheaper this way. There are also honey roasted peanuts with a bunch of added stuff so bewear.

  41. Avatar iolani64 says:

    I just put a container under the peanuts and push a switch and ground peanut butter comes out. I used to buy the kind you would have to stir but that’s messy and hard to stir sometimes. I’ve had peanut butter and honey sandwiches for lunch over the past 35 years because it’s nutritious. I would tell my son and his friends that just as Kiawe trees are tough and hard to kill, Kiawe honey will make them tough.

  42. Avatar Agrover says:

    Pb2 has processed all the nutrients and fat out the peanuts:( check out food babe’s review.

    • Avatar Ragnarok says:

      Food Babe is not the most reliable. She routinely substitutes unsubstantiated opinion for science or simply misinterprets—and therefore misrepresents—whatever research she cites.

      As for her review of PB2, her statement regarding fat reduction being a bad thing in this case is debatable, and it’s better represented as something one should take into account as part of one’s overall diet, rather than something one should necessarily always avoid. More importantly, however, is her implication that PB2 may contain aflatoxin. While aflatoxin can be found in peanuts when they’re cultivated and processed under poor conditions, there is no reason to assume that peanuts or peanut-based products sold in the U.S. contain anything remotely approaching a dose with any biological effect—assuming they contain any at all. Such statements are irresponsible and exacerbate the already significant number of misinformed consumers.

      Food Babe is among the most egregious purveyors of this sort of misreprentation, and she refuses to answer criticism from experts of her habit of making unsubstantiated claims except on her blog where no one is able to challenge further errors and misstatements concerning such controversies.

    • Avatar Victoria Rejuney says:

      Food Babe is a fear monger. 99.9% of the stuff she says has zero scientific evidence to back it up. She bans/blocks anyone who dares to question her, even if it’s in a polite manner. She even goes as far as prebanning people who have never even posted on her page, because she has people lurking for her on science and anti food babe page/sites. She constantly contradicts her own advice, and is ready to bad mouth and spread lies about any company that she can’t make money off of, or paints them as an enemy, because she gets kick backs from other companies when she promotes their products, and often the products she promotes aren’t any healthier than the ones she bad mouths.

  43. Avatar Margaret says:

    Smucker’s Natiral Chunky because it has only peanuts with a dash of salt. You do have to stir it, but the label doesn’t state that it needs refrigeration.

  44. Avatar cellla says:

    natures promise peanut butter sugar 2g protein 8g

  45. Avatar The Douglas says:

    Why settle for salt in your peanut butter? Look for a label that says, “Ingredient: Peanuts.” Adams 100% Natural from Smucker is one widely available brand.

  46. Avatar Hungry mama says:

    I like organic peanut butter ground in my local health food store. Less pesticides and no extra ingredients.

  47. Avatar Lando Calvinian says:

    I make my own nut butter using a combination of peanuts, almonds, and cashews using a Vitamix. I don’t use any oil, just any combination of these nuts so I know what I’m getting.

  48. Avatar Charles Simpson says:

    I loved “whipped” peanut butter. It goes a long way with less calories

  49. Avatar Babs says:

    I use “Better Than Peanut Butter”. 85% less fat, 40% less calories, GMO free, all natural, no sat fat, no trans fat, gluten free, dairy free, no preservatives and no cholesterol.

  50. Avatar DOC MOST says:

    I have many bee raisers near me so I add their honey to my peanut butter for that touch of the blessed strange nutrition and to help create a softer texture for spreading.

  51. Avatar Debbie wayne says:

    One of my favorite brains of peanut butter is Krebs it is all peanuts and is made here in Dublin. ,Ohio. That’s great

  52. Avatar Becky says:

    Smuckers – only peanuts and salt – Stirring is well worth it!

  53. Avatar Nancy Stackhouse Pelletier says:

    Barbours smooth peanut butter is the best.

  54. Avatar purple1 says:

    Smuckers all natural peanut butter! Only one ingredient…. PEANUTS!

    • Avatar m3shster says:

      i’m with you on the Smucker’s kick…i go “oh natural”- ingredient like you mentioned peanuts! and less than 1% salt-for all you low sodium lovers like myself. 1g of sugar-16g of fat! and only 2.5 grams being nasty Satty Fat though. all the oil sits on top when you buy it so stir well b/c the bottom of the jar is dry and tough- but Superb taste- im a bp junkie and this has become my goto for the last 3 years with my oats and evening shake…soooo goood!!!

  55. Avatar Norm says:

    Koeze, Krema and Meijer brand Natural peanut butters are all peanuts, salt free and must be stirred due to oil separation. There are no added ingredients. All three have great flavor

  56. Avatar Morgy9 says:

    Kirkland Natural Peanut Butter Creamy (Costco) 2 huge jars – 1.13 kg each – for good price (sorry can’t remember) Valencia peanuts. Contents -peanuts and sea salt. Navy blue label with white writing and red lid. Stirring a full jar tricky but lovely taste.
    Do not confuse with other jars of peanut butter they sell (ie Skippy – loaded with sugar et al – these have light blue/turquoise labels).

    • Avatar Rusty says:

      Interesting that you indicated the VALENCIA Peanut Butter sold at Costco. With respect to Peanut Plant Groupings, commonly mentioned as (Cultivar/Variety) there are four (4) types that are most common: 1. Spanish, 2. Virginia 3. Runner, and 4. VALENCIA. There are hundreds of ways of processing these four (4) major peanut plant varieties. The “Spanish” and “Virginia” Varieties are mostly used for Peanut Butter Today.

      The VALENCIA variety is much harder to cultivate and grow.
      However the Costco/Kirkland Natural VALENCIA’s taste far exceeds the three (3) other variety. “Try it you’ll like it.”

  57. Avatar Christinavitchmarie says:

    All foods are either HEALTHFUL or UNHEALTHFUL. Food is NOT healthy. People get healthy from eating healthful foods and exercising. Please, we need an editor for these articles so that they will be taken more seriously. Thank you so much.

  58. Avatar Jordy says:

    St. Laurent Bros. in Bay City, Michigan. I work here and we make real, all natural peanut butter, with or without salt added, so the only ingredient is peanuts!!

  59. Avatar Sezza says:

    Could you just make your own Peanut butter? I have a thermomix but haven’t tryed it yet. What are the best nuts to use?

  60. Avatar Citoyenne says:

    Koeze Peanut Butter – Virginia peanuts and sea salt. For me, somewhat locally sourced since it’s made by a Michigan company.

  61. Avatar Chuck Roehm says:

    Smuckers is great, natural PB, but if I’m going to indulge, I order Vermont Peanut Butter online. It’s also all-natural, but the flavors they infuse are delicious!

  62. Avatar Mich says:

    Does organic peanut butter need to be refrigerated? I always thought that I should put an open jar in the fridge because it doesn’t have any preservatives. I like to buy the healthy version of pb but when it gets cold, it becomes difficult to stir, and I don’t like to eat it cold. Comments? Suggestions? What do y’all do?

    • Avatar Damo says:

      As far as I know, PB does not need to be refrigerated. I do, however, refrigerate my “natural” peanut butter because it retards separation and then I don’t have to mix it more than once. However, if you don’t mind mixing it, feel free to not refrigerate.

  63. Avatar Judie says:

    I have two favorites. I pour the oil off Smucker’s Natural (ingredients are peanuts and salt). For guilt-free I can’t beat PB2.

  64. Avatar green_ember says:

    I buy Jif Natural. Yes, I know it has all of your dirty words in it (natural, palm oil, molasses), but it still meets every one of your numerical requirements (under 200 cal, 3 sugar, 0 trans, 7 protein) except it has 1 extra gram of total fat. I can live with that because I prefer its taste over pretty much everything else I’ve tried including the ‘unhealthy’ ones

  65. Avatar Jan says:

    Kroger brand natural peanut butter. Only peanuts and salt no sugar or other ingredients. Love the natural taste of just peanuts. Cannot eat the other kinds now they taste too sweet. Also I drain off the oil at the top before I stir it and believe me there’s still enough oil to make it smoother.

  66. Avatar philip silvester says:

    Make your own! Buy your favourite peanuts and blitz to cream in a liquidiser. Add max. 5% oil (peanut, olive, sunflower etc). You can even wash the salt off beforehand. Added benefit – like your Mum’s cake mixture, you can lick the bowl out when done

  67. Avatar lee says:

    as a mother of 5 and grandmother of 6 SKIPPY is always on my shopping list. Come on ladies I’m sure u were raised on the good old fashioned stuff. The ingrediients listed pass the requirements.

  68. Avatar Nancy Walker says:

    Smuckers Natural Peanut Butter has been a staple in our household since the early 2000’s. I bought a special “crank” that fits the jar to make it easier to incorporate the peanut oil floating on the top into the mix. Works great!

  69. Avatar Captain J says:

    I have the Magic Bullet & started making my own. Peanuts & a little oil, I use coconut oil (without oil, pnuts wont blend). I then started getting adventurous mixing Planters Honey Rst & Planters 5 Alarm for a spicy kick. Make it yourself…you know exactly whats going in it.

  70. Avatar MarlysC says:

    CB’s Peanut Butter!!!! Absolutely the best. Ingredients : Organic Peanuts…… That’s it!
    They are local for us (5 minutes away) but you can order online! I send their peanut butter and peanuts to family in Hawaii and Iowa for Christmas and they love it! By the way, they also have almond and hazlenut butter too!

  71. Avatar ERNIE, not bert says:

    King Soopers in Ftt. Collins CO features GRIND YOUR OWN @ $1.99/# @2 stores! No salt no sugar just roasted peanuts!! Yummy, finger lickin good. & a bargain to boot.

  72. Avatar Carol T says:

    Skippy Natural! They actually use peanut oil in it, not soy oil so it actually tastes like peanut butter instead of plastic. Jiffy used to be the only regular store peanut butter that had this but I can’t find it in Canada anymore. : ( The absolute worst used to be my favorite….shame on you Kraft for using soy and canola oil so it tastes like you’re eating a plastic spread!

  73. Avatar Ell07 says:

    Unfortunately I read this healthy tidbit after I bought a peanut butter at Meijer. I purchased the “Organics” Creamy PB, but guess what, it has Palm Oil and Cane Sugar! I won’t buy this one again!

  74. Avatar red says:

    Smucker’s…two ingredients.. Peanuts, salt. And yes you have to stir it up but once you do and store on fridge it doesn’t separate. A hint….prior to opening store it upside down for a few days then rotate right side up for a few days. Stirs up much easier

  75. Avatar Peggy Dannenberg Chernikoff says:

    Traders Joe’s with Chia and Flax Seeds – So good!

  76. Avatar GranmaD says:

    Pic’s peanut butter is made in Nelson,New Zealand with just peanuts (imported from Australia) and salt. Comes in crunch and smooth and is THE BEST!!!!

  77. Avatar Tracy says:

    Crazy Richard’s! One ingredient: peanuts! Their powdered peanut butter is also JUST PEANUTS, unlike PB2, which has added sugar and salt.

  78. Avatar Mom9 says:

    Laura Scudder’s Smooth Unsalted peanut butter. The ingredients are: PEANUTS. REALLY!! ONLY PEANUTS!! I have tried other “just peanuts ” peanut butters (including Trader Joe’s) and they are too dry and stick to your mouth. This is by far the creamiest only peanuts peanut butter I have found. You have to stir the peanut butter the first time you open it as the peanut oil naturally separates from the peanuts, but it is worth it to have no additional ingredients. Once you stir it once & then stick it in the fridge you don’t have to stir again. They also have a no-stir version, but it has added oil.

  79. Avatar Relle says:

    Macro Peanut Butter from Woolworths. 100% peanuts and no other ingredient. Delicious

  80. Avatar WeHoMom says:

    Trader Joe’s Unsalted PB, chunky or creamy is great for those of us who have to limit sodium intake. PB2 is great for my PB,Banana smoothie. Crushed ice, some Fage non fat yogurt (6oz) and 1/2 c Almond Milk, Unsweetened and the PB2 and banana makes for a filling great smoothie for breakfast or lunch. Really keeps you full.

  81. Avatar Mark says:

    incorporating oil into natural peanut butter is easier than I thought. Just store it upside down!!

  82. Avatar marcy101 says:

    Jiff penut butter yum

  83. Avatar Carol says:

    I find the best peanut butter or Almond butter is at Whole Foods where you grind it yourself, fresh without any additives.

  84. Avatar audrey says:

    I made my own peanut butter with raw peanut and without salt, is easy to make 😉

  85. Avatar Tiabirdie56 says:

    Freshly ground peanuts No salt no added sugar

  86. Avatar Anda Gail Andreu says:

    Publix from the deli area. Ground peanuts.

  87. Avatar Ursula O'Connell says:

    Meridian crunchy peanut butter

  88. Avatar Claudia Collette Scarbrough says:

    I like Jif extra crunchy. It suits my needs. May not be pure but got to have some vices and Jif extra crunchy is one of mine.

  89. Avatar msbucky says:

    natural peanut butter
    Here in Ontario we have Pickard’s Peanuts where one can go and buy a bag of peanuts (shelled), pour them into the grinder and voila… Out comes your nice fresh peanut butter with no additives whatsoever. Catch is it must be kept refrigerated, so you microwave it for a few seconds to soften for spreading on toast. It’s delish.

  90. Avatar Ola says:

    Mcennedy Peanut Butter by Lidl is the best I’ve ever eaten, and it has very short list of ingredients and contains 95% of nuts. But it appears in stores only during “American Week” in Lidl, so it’s seasonal 🙁

  91. Avatar Rhonda Wilcox says:

    I accidentally made peanut butter a few months ago. I wanted chopped nuts for topping some muffins I baked. I put a handful of peanuts in my coffee grinder and hit the button a few times. Before I knew it I had hit the button a few times too many and made peanut butter. I put in a dash of salt and a pinch of agave sweetener and made a sammich for lunch. Yummy

  92. Avatar adam says:

    wow……this is eye opening. My local ALDI “Natural” Peanut butter matches most of this criteria…..190 calories, 15g fat, saturated fat 3g, Sodium 80mg, 8g carbs, Fiber 2g, Sugar 3g and 7g of Protein……but yea, it’s got Palm Oil and evaporated cane juice…..

  93. Avatar wendy says:

    justin’s almond butter

  94. Avatar irener2k8 says:

    Laura Scudders. its yummy. Comes in crunchy or smooth. And only 2 ingredients: peanuts and salt!

  95. Avatar Natureboy says:

    Costco Kirkland natural peanut butter seems to meet all the criteria

  96. Avatar Melodie Kraft Ashley says:

    We will only buy it if the only ingredient is peanuts. 🙂

  97. Avatar CatwomanNL says:

    I like the best PB in the Netherlands and that is from Calvé.

  98. Avatar misdirection says:

    Get any Peanut Butter with NON-GMO verified and USDA organic label – you will be fine.

  99. Avatar Catherine Cossette says:

    My brand is Nuts to you butter. They have a lot of real natural nuts and peanut butter and the only ingredient is the nut.

  100. Avatar Alicia Taylor says:

    I like PB Fit Powdered Peanut butter. It’s all natural, non-GMO and very low in calories. I just add a little acacia powder and water.

  101. Avatar Carmen says:

    Krema peanut butter 100% natural with no added oil / salt or sugars. Sold at Walmart. 2 Tbsp 190 cal, o sodium, 1 g sugar, 0 cholesterol

  102. Avatar Michael Laffey says:

    I make my own almond butter. 1kg at a time. Roasted. Nothing added. Blitzed in a Vitamix. Simple as.

  103. Avatar Claire M. says:

    I look for one ingredient in my peanut butter: peanuts. I don’t even get the salted kind. Trader Joe’s is my usual brand, but there are others that meet my criteria. Oh, and CRUNCHY! Nothing but crunchy. Um…..

  104. Avatar Foodahz says:

    Zinke Orchards Crunchy Almond Butter (Amazon has it) 🙂

  105. Avatar jrigido says:

    Make your own! 1lb container of unsalted or salted dry rosted peanut in a food processor for about 12 minutes or until it is at the consistency that want. You can add 2-3 tablesoons of Honey as your processing.

  106. Avatar Victoria Rejuney says:

    Krema peanut butter only contains peanuts and salt. What I have noticed though is that I often miss the sweetness of regular peanut butter, especially when using it to cook. The sweetened kind tastes better in my asian stir fry when making a peanut sauce.

  107. Avatar Laura Payne Horton says:

    I didn’t see your reaction to the chemical smell. I did see your reaction to how strong the almond milk is, but nothing about the chemical smell. So what is your point of this video, other than the different model of Magic Bullet.

  108. Avatar Mary Duprey says:

    My favorite is to make my own nut butter. PB2 removes all the essential goodness from real peanut butter. Stick to real food. No need to add sugar or salt to your own nut butters!

  109. Avatar Devin Skelton says:

    We buy Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter. (peanuts and salt) A little work to mix a big jar to begin with but it is all natural and tasty.

  110. Avatar Shelia Mason says:

    Krema only ingredient listed is peanuts!

  111. Avatar Pat says:

    Jiffy low fat I’d my choice. I have heard before low fat products, including PB has added sugar, but when I read the labels they both had the same amount, 2 grams.

  112. Avatar Hart Guile says:

    Kroger’s “natural” “no stir” crunchy/creamy works for me. Ingredient list: Peanuts, Salt. End of list.

  113. Avatar Steve says:

    I think I buy Teddie available in New England or Smuckers Natural. I always check the ingredient list, for peanuts and salt. Anything else stays on the shelf.

  114. Avatar mike s says:

    I’ve tried the powered jif it’s ok but it’s just not the same as good old PB. 2 TBSP of real PB is not going to kill anyone.. People get to carried away over nothing..the bread your putting it on is worse than the PB

  115. Avatar Megan says:

    I make my own creamy peanut butter in my Vitamix. Then I chop some peanuts and stir in if I want crunchy. PB2 is good for baking and cooking, also as an addition to oatmeal, but I really prefer the real thing and will compensate elsewhere in my eating plan to have some.

  116. Avatar Roman says:

    My favorite peanut butter is Teddie brand super chunky

  117. Avatar al folkes says:

    my favorite peanut butter in CRAZY RICHARD’S it good not to salt,I love the crunchy.i have been eating for 8 years.

  118. Avatar elaine grella says:

    Trader Joe’s brand has just peanut butter and salt and is cheap.

  119. Avatar Optimaljeff says:

    Fresh ground at Whole foods. Raw nuts nothing more.

  120. Avatar VirtualC says:

    Let’s not forgot gmo crops were developed to Help starving countries

  121. Avatar Chad Graeber says:

    La Krema Natural Peanut Butter Creamy — only peanuts, no salt added — is GREAT!!

  122. Avatar Celinda holleran says:

    I just buy raw unsalted peanuts put them in my Vitamix and boom peanut butter! No additives no salt no stirring no separation. Yummy!

  123. Avatar Veronica McCann Falkevitz says:

    I am a huge fan of Once Again Nut Butter

  124. Avatar Cricket Tepper says:

    I love Justins

  125. Avatar Vickie Martin says:

    I like krema. Ingredients list is: peanuts. That’s it.

  126. Avatar paytonn says:

    I absolutely love Simply Jif (smooth) – it works really well in savory foods. I use peanut butter in place of many things – like instead of mayo on a hamburger, as a topping on pizza, as an ingredient in lots of sauces…..People are squeamish about that because PB is so often paired with sweet (Jelly, Jam, etc) that they imagine peanut butter to be sweet. the brave ones try it on burgers and such and are often happy they’ve done so. A spoonful of peanutbutter is a brilliant snack.

  127. Avatar April Dawn says:

    I have never heard of PB2, where do would I find this?

  128. Avatar Damo says:

    What research? Where is the evidence? What does soy GMO have to do with peanut butter? I realize that you are desperate here, but get going, you will need more than this.

  129. Avatar Francisca says:

    Koeze peanut butter. Two ingredients: Virginia Peanuts and Sea Salt.

  130. Avatar Jenn says:

    My favorite is Smucker’s Organic Natural. It is just organic peanuts with only 50 mg of sodium per serving. It is soooo good!

  131. Avatar adam zoosk says:

    Actually very good info. Thank you very much.

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