The Truth About Before and After Photos

Roni Noone
by Roni Noone
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The Truth About Before and After Photos


If you’ve seen my photos with that headline, it was because I was robbed.

Seriously. A shady diet company lifted my photos off of my website and stuck them on their own with that unrealistic claim. I DID lose 70 pounds but it was over the course of one year. And I’ve kept it off for 10 years now!

I worked really hard to completely change my lifestyle and I’m extremely proud of that. There was no magic pill or potion involved. No special diet. Not even a crazy workout routine. Honestly, the hardest part for me was accepting and loving myself regardless of how much fat my body was carrying. Once I realized that, the eating less and moving more thing didn’t seem as hard as it once did.

So, how do you know when weight-loss claims and photos are real or part of a scam? If there were a safe, effective, simple, fast solution out there, it would be front-page news. We’d all know about it and the inventor would be the richest person on the planet.

But there isn’t.

That said, everyone loves a great weight-loss success story because they are motivating! Check out Joanne’s story. She lost 70 pounds in 18 months, and that sounds very realistic to me. Isn’t it better to know that, if you have patience with yourself, you can get results like these? There’s no fancy lighting or makeup. It doesn’t look like Photoshop had any part in this. Their stories are realistic, and I trust that they are.

If you want to reach a personal weight-loss goal, it is possible, but you aren’t going to find the solution in a bottle, cream or exercise device. You need to look inward, be honest with yourself, and set realistic goals. Your change has to come from self-love, not hate. It takes patience, good decisions about what you put into your body, and movement. Be inspired by the folks who have done the real work in real time. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

P.S. Read more about how I lost the weight. I’m not selling you a quick fix, I swear. This post just goes into more detail on the five things I had to overcome to find success.

About the Author

Roni Noone
Roni Noone

Co-author of What You Can When You: Healthy Living on YOUR Terms, Roni Noone started blogging in 2005 as a way to help stay accountable on her personal weight-loss journey. She’s been motivating and sharing her passions online ever since. Her mission is simple: Inspire and share her ideas to live a lighter, healthier, more conscious life.


142 responses to “The Truth About Before and After Photos”

  1. Avatar Jeff D says:

    The best before and after are the infomercials on tv like PX90 or Nordatrac. They show some guy with 40% body fat weighing 300lbs and after 90 days using their product the same guy is 6% body fat looking like Brad Pitt from the movie Troy. What they dont tell ya is how strict the diet and exercise program is that this guy was on and probably was being monitored by a nutritionist and sports trainer. Does that come with the product???

    • Avatar catpea33 says:

      Not to mention that those people usually appear in more than one video or they have background experience in fitness. Tonya is a perfect example! She was in the Insanity videos and was super fit. Then she had a baby. She was in the Focus T25 informercial showing her ‘fat’ and then afterwards where she looks great. Still good work for her but very misleading considering she was still fit and had muscles under her ‘fat.’ That’s not the same as someone who doesn’t work out and needs to lose weight; the results are misleading.

      • Avatar Jeff D says:

        You are correct. I know from personal experience that its a slow process that needs patients and dedication. Everyone that wants to reduce weight or change their body composition must understand that it will not be the same for everyone. Some will progress faster than others. But if stick with it and not give up you will get there. That’s the exciting part of the process.

    • Avatar etherial says:

      No, Jeff, that’s not correct. Beachbody is an extremely honest company, and no, I do not work for them and am not getting paid to say it. Have you ever tried workout out with P90X? That program is for elite athletes, but you can try it by working out with P90, then move on to P90X, and after that (maybe) try P903 or Extreme; whatever the latest P90 is called It’s an extremely intense workout and, yes, they do eat! What they eat is low salt, lots and lots of water, vitamin supplements, and it’s low carb on some days, and plenty of protein to build muscle. I wish I had the fortitude to try it. Maybe, I will one of these days.

      Try it and if I’m lying, I’m flyin’.

  2. Avatar BC says:

    There is no quick-fix. Its all about discipline and wanting to look good for yourself. Plus each body type is different – some may require less work and others more.

  3. Avatar Manal Beqqali says:

    i know right ? i actually find it a bit funny when people ask me how i lost 20 pounds in 4 mounths i just ate healthy and worked out every now and then the whole “this pill can make u go skinny in X days” things is just so freaking fake! diet and workout and you’re sure to lose weight

    • Avatar Michelle5154 says:

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  4. Avatar Jennifer says:

    I’ve lost 90 lbs in 6 months…simply by eating better and slowly cutting back on calories.

    It’s not a gimmick…it’s not impossible or completely unheard of. If you only have 50 lbs to lose…it might take you awhile. That 50lbs might equal 25% of your total weight. I lost my first 30 lbs in less than a month. But that 30 lbs was less than 10% of my starting weight.

    I’m proud of how far I’ve come…but I still have a long way to go. I’m working incredibly hard to change some deeply ingrained eating habits, while trying to battle emotional eating (every emotion…depressed, sad, happy, neutral, bored…all make me want to eat even though I’m not hungry).

    To anyone trying…keep at it. It gets better. It gets easier.

    • Avatar Tabatha Roundtree says:

      I’m going through the same thing.

    • Avatar jay says:

      How did you lose 30 pounds in less than a month???

      • Avatar saveourskills says:

        people lose a lot of water weight when they ditch processed foods since their sodium intake goes down. Some of it would be fat too of course, but big initial numbers are a lot of water retention normally.

    • Avatar Tabatha Roundtree says:

      I know what you’re talking about I go through the same thing but I pray about it.I love what Billy blanks said where I am today is what my mind put me where I am tomorrow is where my mind put me.

    • Avatar Sara says:

      Same here I an suprised at how much food I was eating just because of my habit of constantly going to the cupboard and reaching for any sweet snack even when I wasn’t hungry. I have only been working on reducing And improving on the quality of food I eat for 3-4 days but I feel so much better for it already. Mind you it is hard not to go in search of ice-cream or chocolate.

      • Avatar Rolly says:

        I find that dark chocolate really doesn’t hurt my diet at all.

        But ice cream – I can’t touch it. Some say that calories are calories, but I cannot beleive it. If I have any ice cream, it shows on the scale.

        • Avatar Susan says:

          Yeah. I went to family week for my granddaughter College. Had 2 donuts from Breakfast to brunch. I was 1 pound away from My 1st weight goal. They were 5- 6 pounders depending on my weigh in over This week. Really will buckle down the Next weeks.

    • Avatar james carunchia says:

      Had a stomach staple in 1984, lost 90 lbs. in 6 months, then 6 more months to lose 10 lbs, more. 303 lbs to 203 lbs. In a few years gained it all back.

  5. Avatar Tabatha Roundtree says:

    It took me 8 months to lose 40 pounds and I’m still trying to lose. It not easy and you have to work on it.

  6. Avatar Bianca lynn says:

    It has taken me 4 months to lose 33 lbs. It is a struggle everyday, as I see food and snacks that I like. I have been asked in the past weeks, “What are you taking?” Of course nobody wants to hear, ” I’m just eating healthier and working out 30 minutes-hour a day.” It’s hard work and a complete life style change. And I might not be beach body ready until December but that’s realistic in my mind. I didn’t pack on this weight over night and I’m not going to lose it over night.

    • Avatar Semper Fi says:

      Congrats on your success.

    • Avatar Quinn Taggart says:

      That’s the perfect pace for long-term success. Congratulations!

    • Avatar Illogica1 says:

      LOL! I hear you! People ask me the same thing and when I reply with just eating healthy, watching my portions, exercising regularly and tracking (for now), they all go, ‘that’s too hard!” But it has to be a lifestyle change, and it has to be one that you alone can sustain! No ‘quick fix’ diet is going to be sustainable if it isn’t something you can ultimately adopt and in my experience, quick fix diets always miss some comfort food I like (like bread or chocolate!) so its been much better to just learn how to eat them – in moderation and in a healthy way!

      • Avatar Bianca lynn says:

        I agree one hundred percent! I tried just watching my calories but I wasn’t getting the vitamins and nutrients that my body needed with fast food. Honestly I have dark chocolate everyday:) On a daily basis all I drink is water and I have grown to appreciate caloric drinks only on special occasions. It’s not bad to indulge every once in a while, just not to over indulge every meal. I knew it was going to be a lifestyle change and I’m okay with that. As long as I eat healthy my body will take care of the rest.

    • Avatar MeriJoy says:

      I have just started using Cognitive Behavior Therapy, which is eating healthier, working out 30 minutes a day, drinking more water and learning how to change the way I think about different sabotaging thoughts that run through my head as I go along each day. I have set realistic short term goals and I am focused each day on why I want to get there.

      No pills, no gimmicks. It’s the only way. 3 lbs to go to reach my first short term goal. Then I start on the next one!!! =)

    • Avatar Troy says:

      Can you give me tips on healthy foods to eat that will help with weight loss

      • Avatar Bianca lynn says:

        Try to eat no later than 30 mins after waking up.
        Eat every two-three hours so that your metabolism doesn’t slow down. If you eat protein for every meal you won’t get quite as hungry in-between meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner.) DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!!! During snacks try to have fruit and veggies. My usual is a cup of strawberries and a cup of kiwi. And after lunch snack I have 2-3 cups of cucumbers. But that’s about it. 😀
        I hope this is somewhat helpful.

    • Avatar Reyna says:

      Good for you! I think everyone who is making a lifestyle change can relate to how tempting it is to just eat uncontrolable. As we have in the past. One thing that does make things better is that when we do treat our self to a cheat meal or cheat snack there’s no guilt to it. Sometimes its not even as good as it use to be. If i eat a muffin my taste buds go “this is way too sweet”.

    • Avatar Sandi Kiser says:

      Congratulations! I agree with you completely. I have to remind myself to, that I didn’t pack it on overnight so I’m not going to lose it that fast either. Good job,!!!!!

      • Avatar Bianca lynn says:

        Thank you! 😀 It’s becoming easier than the beginning.
        Making into a lifestyle is what will give you lasting results 😀

    • Avatar nellie says:

      Love it! By the way, you are beach body ready;) As long as you have a body You Are Ready!

    • Avatar Bridget says:

      Look into Ketosis. You won’t feel starved. It’s amazing and well worth the keto flu that most people go through. It’s changed my life! Good luck.

  7. Avatar Jaylene Little Halstead says:

    It has taken me 5 months to lose 35 pounds and I’ve got another 100 to go. I started my year with knee surgery and have been able to go to the gym 3x a week for the past couple of months.

  8. Wow! That’s horrible that your photos were stolen, but I definitely could see that happening. I’m a personal trainer and just wanted to share that 0.5-2lbs/week on average is what you can expect to lose when you’re doing things the healthy way. Beware of fad programs that not only lie to you, but often wreck your metabolism in the process.

  9. Avatar Adam says:

    Another scam is they will show very fit athletes who undergo surgery, and are required to take weeks of bed rest. During that time, they eat like they did when working out, and gain a lot of weight.

    When they get off bed rest, they start exercising again, and lose the weight quickly.

  10. Avatar saveourskills says:

    I lost 15 pounds over 7 months. I go to the gym like religion 3x per week. It wasn’t until I started to take eating seriously that the weight came off. All the weight came off in about 2 months of simply counting my macros (a form of calorie counting preferred by bodybuilders)

    Moral of the story, you can’t out-train a bad diet

  11. Avatar JBHK says:

    I used to be a model (not a very successful one!) and there were casting calls for being the “after” picture for weight loss product ads.

  12. Avatar Lindum says:

    Who was the company? Expose them.

  13. Avatar Matt Skaff says:

    You can’t discredit EVERY before and after picture that credits a product or system. What about when you have a legit before and after of your own 50 pound loss in 6 months with the help of a product? How about when you know the people personally in the photos who have lost 100 pounds in 6 months because you coached them using that product in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle? All of the products I use and have coached patients with for 5 years now are even listed in the food items in MyFitnessPal. 🙂

  14. Avatar Ashley says:

    The same thing happened to me. I lost 165 lbs over the course of 1.5-2 years and posted it on reddit’s /r/progresspics. The next day someone messaged me saying they saw my pictures being used in an ad stating I had lost 80 lbs in 2 months.

  15. Avatar Illogica1 says:

    I enjoyed reading your journey – gives me hope I’m finally on the right path myself as I have come to very similar realizations such as you. I’ve lost 30 lbs so far… It took nearly 6 months and I probably have another 10 to go, but I’ll be happy if it takes me another 6 months to get there because I know I’m healthy now.

    I suspect there are very few people who can loose 30 lbs in 30 days (at least, not healthily!). I’m aware that these claims are absurd, but its depressing how many people think it can happen! And because any method to get that kind of extreme weight loss is unrealistic in the long term, normal people are setting themselves up for failure down the road.

  16. Avatar SoF says:

    Congratulations but I have to say that I think you looked pretty hot in your before pictures, as well. You were far from what I would define as “fat”. Glad you’re feeling better, though.

  17. Avatar Doris says:

    I once weighed 199.06 lbs at a height of 5.6 I buckled down and lost a lot of weight started in February started eating right and walking I now weigh 150.2 lbs And it is now June, but it was not an easy thing to do . No diet pills I just watched what I ate and walked . I started walking 1 Mile a day I’m now up to 5 miles a day and I add a little jog in there now I’m feeling better then ever. I feel great . My friends tell me I look awesome !!

  18. Avatar Ashley says:

    It took me a year to lose 70 lbs. We have to have will power to do it! Keep up the great work you all on your weight loss journey.

    • Avatar james carunchia says:

      I also took year (July 8) to lose 70. Somewhat unconventionally, never drank any water, don’t like it, Never take vitamins either. Ate anything I wanted only 1500 calories a day. VERY quickly I realized if I wanted more than one meal a day I better start eating something lower in calories. Now, lots of vegies, not much fried, no butter or oil, use the spray stuff, weigh my food, eat a lot of 35-40 calorie a slice bread with sugar free jelly and of course log my meals. One tip I got from (this is crazy) Judge Judy. No bacon and don’t eat after 7pm. If I’m not working, I walk about 45-60 mins. Just move around every day. 287 to 214 this morning. 67 yo and feel better than I did at 37 yo. Another thing that is a big no no for me is “Don’t let yourself get hungry” In the beginning I’d skip meals and then just stuff myself as I was sooo hungry. Now, eating regularly and popcorn or pretzels seem to lessen my urges and keep me in control. I think I’ve lost around 2000 lbs. now in my life, but this time I’m not on a diet, instead of a resolution, it’s an evolution.

    • Avatar Marie Lemus says:

      I haven’t lost a pound for over a year. With the low thyroid, my metabolism is so low, and I’m on meds and been to Drs and natural paths. After an 8 hour shift at work I’m drained, completely. I love reading these posts, I see realistic honest struggles people go through.

      • Avatar Kelly says:

        Anyone can do some exercise. Walk, gentle Yoga, even very light weight training will help you build muscle. Muscle burns fat, and is a great way to pump up the weight process. I used gentle weight training about 8 years ago and lost 60 pounds and 6 pant sizes, I am 78, look 60, and have more energy than I could ever imagine.

  19. Avatar Amanda Stephens says:

    It took me a year and a half to lose my baby weight of 75 lbs and it was very hard.

  20. Avatar Kelly Snider says:

    I started at 171 lbs on December 31st; Not-so-Fast-Forward to July 1st (6 months) and I’m at 158. 13 lbs. Nothing like the brochure promised! And it hasn’t been easy. I am surrounded by people who eat crap food all day – so I fall off the healthy eating wagon (notice I didn’t say ‘dieting wagon’) more often than I would like to admit. I had gotten down to 154 but then we went on a mini vacation and … well, back up to 160 and I’m sort of back on track and back down to 158 – but we are headed off to another camping weekend for the 4th and who knows what will happen. I’ve packed a bunch of healthy options, but the rest of the clan has their chips, pork rinds, hot dogs, candy, ding dongs, etc. so we will see how my will power holds up. It’s a lifestyle change. Making healthy choices over unhealthy choices.

    • Avatar Sue DiGregorio says:

      Kelly, bring veggies, almonds, sweet potato chips, chicken breasts and fruits with you JUST FOR YOU and when the rest of the clan is eating pork rinds and chips and hot dogs, you have way better food to eat! You can do it!! You don’t have to eat crap…it’s all about planning ahead and bringing the healthy stuff with you.

  21. Avatar Kelly Monin Rose says:

    Lost 27 lbs in 6 months by counting calories and keeping an honest and accurate food diary while also walking 5 miles per day and daily strength training. Cut out processed food, sugar and alcohol. Spend time every week menu planning and ahopping for only healthy, balanced foods. My entire self feels great. I’ve created all new, healthy habits, my cholesterol dropped 90 pts, and my blood pressure is in the low healthy range. Yes, it’s work, but worth every bit of effort to feel whole, strong and energetic. You CAN do this, too. 🙂

    • Avatar KrissyWK says:

      Congratulations! It’s not easy but it sure feels good! With keeping a food diary I realized that we under estimate how much we’re consuming and over estimate how much we workout! I set my target net daily calories to 1200 knowing my consumption was likely slightly higher. I actually lost 5lbs more than my target weight by eating smarter and a more focused workout.

      • Avatar Kelly Monin Rose says:

        You’re so right @KrissyWK. I, too, had totally underestimated my calorie intake and overestimated my daily burn. In fact, before I started my new healthy regime, I kept a diary without changing my habits. I was aghast to learn that I was consuming 2300-2500 calories per day and only burning about 1,500 per day on average. No wonder I gained 30 pounds in four years! The key in keeping a diary is to be brutally honest and totally accurate. And for me, the other success factor is in the menu planning so that I always have the healthiest, leanest food choices available to me. It’s still hard to pass that candy bowl at work a dozen times a day, but now that I’ve reached my goal, it’s a whole lot easier because I don’t want to sabotage my hard work.

  22. Avatar Sheila MacDonald says:

    I have seen a before and after photo focused on the face, and you could tell by the way the eyelashes were clumped together identically in each photo that they had simply photoshopped it. Such liars!

  23. Avatar trabolo says:

    I’ve heard that some of the “before” and “after” pics used in ads are actually “after” and “before” with these companies paying folks to PUT ON weight.

  24. Avatar Laurie says:

    I’ve lost 45 in six months, started on NY Day. Read The Gabriel Method and it lit a fire under me. No dieting, just taking good care of myself, eating the healthy fats and whole foods, taking some supplements that *I* needed for my issues. As soon as you love yourself enough to address your health issues and give your body what it needs, a subtle shift in your thinking happens and it suddenly seems effortless. I have no doubt the other 50 will follow in due time. :))

  25. Avatar Nick DiPalo says:

    My “before” picture was taken 10 months and 90 pounds ago. Slow and steady will win this race.

  26. Avatar laurie says:

    Roni, I do hope you hired a lawyer and sued this company for damages…no one has a right to ‘steal’ your likeness for their purposes, esp. when you haven’t given them permission to do so.

  27. Avatar Jo Young says:

    I’ve lost 45lb since January by following a healthy eating/calorie controlled diet adding in a little more exercise – of course I have days where I miss my target but I’ve found the odd treat sometimes helps,
    I’ve succeeded mainly as I’ve had a goal to lose the weight in order to have a much needed hysterectomy, the surgeon refused to operate until I could prove I was losing weight, surgery date now arrived tody in the post 20 July
    But even after surgery I don’t intend going back going tostick to my healhy eating still got a few more pounds to shed before I’ll be “beach ready” and if that takes me another 6 months so be it 🙂

  28. Avatar Tim Ernst says:

    I have to say recently I went through a transformation contest and lost 22 pounds of fat in 18 weeks.

    The crazy thing is I used a diet that allows you to cheat for 6 hours once a week.

    I had some pretty epic cheat days and it helped me get into the best shape of my life.

    Here are my before and after photos. Yes it only took 18 weeks so they are legit.

    • Avatar dclaudew says:

      How many pounds of total body weight is 22 pounds of fat? When I diet, my digital scale tells me about 1/3 of the weight loss was fat. Are you saying you lost ~60 pounds of body weight from a relatively lean starting body? And why are your before and after pictures in different locations, different lighting, different poses, different clothes, different jewelry, and different haircuts? You look good in the “after” pictures.

      • Avatar Tim Ernst says:

        I should rephrase that, 22 pounds total weight. I was in a different location because I was a contestant for a transformation contest. 12 people were selected and I was one of the 12. The after pic was taken at a gym where they shot 3 days of videos of all 12 of us doing a muscle camp.

        Muscle camp is a TV show that was started by Vince Del Monte on his Youtube channel.

        The top 12 are now on his team for a year.

        I do have progress pics from week to week

  29. Avatar Susan says:

    These stories are so inspiring, but I’m a 65 year old female, 5’10” and 200 lbs. I eat low calorie fresh foods, no sugar or alcohol and work with a trainer 2 days a week. This fat will NOT budge. I have a 2 hour commute every day, then sit and paint for the rest of the day. When I step up the exercise at home, I start hurting. Vicious cycle! What do you do when your metabolism seems to have come to a screeching halt? Other than the weight, I’m in excellent health, but im pretty upset that I can’t lose weight like I used to.

    • Avatar Donna says:

      I am a 57 year old female, 5’10” and my goal is to get to 199 (I might go lower once I get there I am now 142 and Peaked the scale at 153.) When I was younger and 195 I had a doctor tell me to ignore the charts because of my stocky German build. If you are in excellent health what is your concern?

    • Avatar Peggy says:

      Susan, I’m 61 and 5’3″. I need to lose at least 40 lbs. I count calories and exercise at least 30 – 45 mins per day. It’s very hard to lose weight as you get older. Curbing carbs has helped me but I only lose about 1 lb a week.

  30. Avatar Laura says:

    Roni, I’m so happy you stated that loving and accepting yourself was the first part of your weight loss journey. I think that part of the process is something that is too often glossed over or ignored. One of the worst things we can do to ourselves is say “I hate the way I look”, “I hate the way I feel”, “I hate that I’m addicted to food”. Hate is never the way to true transformation.

    My journey is similar to yours. I realized that my body was full of billions of cells – all existing solely to carry my soul around, all ‘doing their thing’ to keep me alive – I started to honor it by asking “is this thing I’m putting in my mouth nurturing and thanking my cells, or poisoning them?”

    I’m not sure why it took me 50 years to figure out such a simple truth (and question to ask daily as I reach for a meal or snack), but today I love the shape I’m in, the vitality I feel, the ‘hug’ of my own self.

    I’m still on a mission to honor those cells and have learned that just because I’ve met a certain number on the scale or fit into a particular size dress, doesn’t mean I’m done. Mission accomplished. It’s never over, we can always take steps to honor the skin we’re in.

    As an example, my weight loss was on diet alone but today I’m exercising more. Learning kind ways to ‘move my mass’ without causing damage. Walking (of course) and just recently I’ve been rebounding on a little trampoline in my office.

    Thanks for your article and for reminding me that the journey to better health begins with loving ourselves!

    Laura Childs

    p.s. I’m attaching our true before and after photos. My daughter and I changed our diets together in January 2014. At 20-21 years old, she’s lost 55 pounds. I’m down 65 pounds at 50 and 51 years of age. We never returned to our old bad habits and never will. Everything changes when we learn to love ourselves again.

  31. Avatar KrissyWK says:

    It took me 8 months to lose 25 lbs – Jan to August 2014 and I’ve kept it off. Was it difficult? Not really but I needed to be conscious of what and when I ate, and I stepped up my workouts. My first goal when I started exercising was simply to show up for a fitness class and stay for the full hour, then I moved on to working out 3 days a week, before upping it up to building strength and increasing my cardio capacity. Six months in I signed up with a personal trainer, got a workout buddy, and now I workout 6 days a week and have incorporated walking and hiking on weekends. I believe the key to losing weight is 65/35, what you eat/exercise. For 10 months I tracked what I ate using My Fitness Pal and learnt a lot about food. I changed our eating habits and moved to a plant based diet and cut out processed foods, sugar, alcohol, and reduced portions. I read labels for anything packaged; but since it was mainly plant based I didn’t read too many labels! This is actually one of the easiest changes to make. As much as I can I try not to eat out and prefer eating at home before going out, that way I have something light when I’m out; and it’s better for my wallet! Food preparation is key; overnight chia oatmeal, smoothies, energy bites, lots of easy to combine fruits and veggies. I’m making changes to my lifestyle that I can live with.

  32. Avatar Nina J says:

    It has taken me a year to lose 23 lbs! I have been exercising, tracking, and trying to eat healthy. It’s not easy especially when you have a sedentary job and work 14 hr shifts. But I’m still plugging away – I see that my body is a lot more toned and I feel so much better, and people are finally starting to notice so that motivates me to continue. Meanwhile all these people I know are doing HCG and dropping 40lbs in 2 months but most end up gaining it back.

  33. Avatar Deborah Andersen says:

    It’s taken me 14 months to loose 70 lbs. My lifestyle change was to reduce my carb intake significantly. No more rice, pasta, potatoes or highly sugared things like cake, ice-cream, sweets and… ‘easy’ meals. I was out of control – not caring that I had a big bowl of ice-cream every night or cakes or mountains of rice and potatoes. The adage ‘we are what we eat’ certainly applied. Yes, it is hard to start with, but it does become easier as time goes on. Now I can’t eat those ‘goodies’ without feeling bloated and sick. My goal weight is now a mere 10 lbs away – a weight I haven’t been in 35 years! There are no magic pills, it comes down to how much you want to change your life and the effort you’re prepared to make.

    • Avatar st crago says:

      Great Job by you Deborah!! Your old diet sounds like my before diet!! Ice cream, ice cream in waffle cones, steal but with a loaded baked potatoe and scallop potatoes, macaroni and cheese. Jeez all the carbs… Nasty now that I think about it. I’ve been doing keto for 1.5 months and feel absolutely tremendous and have lost 40.5 pounds. (Was 272 now 231.5)

  34. Avatar I hate liars says:

    You lied your link goes to a program you have to pay for so your just trying to make money anyway get a life your not a teacher your a scam

  35. Avatar Richard says:

    I lost 56lbs (4 stone) in 4 months, doing the T25 excerise programme. It is a high intensity interval training workout, which is 25 mins a day for 5 days over a period of 10 weeks, as well as following the nutritional guide. I enjoyed it that much and I could see the results coming through, I repeated the programme and I’ve got two weeks left. Then I’m having a break.

  36. Avatar Julia Inman says:

    I lost 14lb in 3 months counting macros on a basis of 1.2g protein per lb of starting body weight, 1g carbs per lb and 0.2g fat per pound plus lifting weights 5x a week. Easy as that – simple concept of calories in must be fewer than daily calorie requirement. Mike Matthews explains it all amazingly well. Check him out. No BS, just plain facts

  37. Avatar Dan says:

    Well, I have been using Ideal Shape shakes. I am 6′ 2” tall and on April 18, 2015, I weighed 253 pounds. This morning, July 1, 2015, I weigh 219. I am eating a lot of broiled fish and roast pork, salads with fat free dressings, carrots and green beans. I have had four of five pieces of bread during that time. I drink gallons of iced tea made with Splenda.

    Several years ago, I weighed 347 pounds and, in a little over a year, I lost down to 240 using another shake mix three times a day and then eating as I pleased for one “food” meal at lunch. I found that my desire for food reduced over time.

    I was encouraged to send pictures to Ideal Shape, but I didn’t take pictures before I started!! Who thinks, “Hey, let’s get some ‘fat’ pictures!” But, I guess with Photo Shop, I can still make some!

    I’ve been told that losing weight so fast that I am likely to gain it back even faster; however, I like the flavor of Ideal Shape so much, and with the appetite suppressant in it, I don’t feel like I’m suffering or “working hard” at all. This has been very easy this time. However, I would warn anyone that just buying the shake mix is not the answer. You must commit yourself to yourself, to battle your food addiction FIRST, or your transformation is doomed.

    • Avatar Gina Silvestri Coppolino says:

      You should switch to Stevia, which is plant based. Splenda is not healthy for our bodies. Great job on losing. Ideal shape shakes are loaded with fillers including….soy (probably genetically modifiied).

  38. Avatar Liz says:

    It’s taken me 5 months to lose 43 pounds, and while I am extremely proud of myself, I know I still have a long ways to go. I do have a lot of support from someone, but that same person is always telling me how they don’t think I’m taking my health seriously enough. It’s hard not to be upset that I haven’t lost more weight, or be depressed that I still have nearly 100 pounds to go, but I know that in the end, I’m ultimately going to be the one suffering if I choose to just give up.

  39. Avatar Mozzy says:

    I have recently started indoor bootcamp in stirling 6 weeks ago. It is an intense workout known as high intensity interval training. I was pushing 18st and at first it was very difficult having to take 2 days off from each session because I ached all over but, over the weeks that followed I found my strength and resistance and pushed through and now I am 16.5st I have however been using an ECA stack in cycles 5 days on 2 days off then every 4 weeks I take a whole week off its not recommended but it has worked for me. Could I have got the same results without ECA yes I could of just over a slightly longer time and it’s not worth it! The ECA causes you to have sweats, headaches and on the days off you have withdraws (caffeine) I’ve tried going without this so called wonder drug and have found little difference. To be fit and to achieve weight loss it takes hard work there ate no quick fixes. Best thing to do is join a class where people gain strength from each other, it becomes a support network. So get down to a local gym join crossfit or daily bootcamp, put in your best and watch your fitness levels soar along with a high protein diet. At the end of the day it is easy to get sucked into buying wonder pills that, could have a negative impact on your health don’t risk it just put the work in.

  40. Avatar Ron Williams says:

    Yep, that is pretty much the standard for those shady companies. I’ve always had a heavy amount of distrust for any diet that shows such dramatic pics. I’ve been with a Garmin tracker and Myfitnesspal and since Feb 27th to Jul 01. To date I’ve lost 43 lbs and my goal is to get to 185. Started off at 248 and weighed in at the gym at the conclusion of my workout at 205 today. Was 209 last week. It takes discipline and using the two devices mentioned above has helped me tremendously. I hate it when I don’t meet the calorie and steps goals they give me, I mean I really hate it. So much that I have only missed goals about 3-4 times during that period. I don’t count the periodic rest days which show a goal NOT met but I’ve only missed one single calorie goal to date. I like to compete against my tracker and against the myfitnesspal food diary which is a tremendous tool for anyone serious about losing weight.

    • Avatar TXRN says:

      I feel the same self-competitiveness. If I go over my calorie allotment for the day I feel like I’ve overdrawn my bank account and work that much harder the next day. MyFitnessPal tracker has been the best tool to keep me on track.

      • Avatar Ron Williams says:

        Indeed so. I finally hit my goal in September and exceeded it by 1 lb, now 184. I’ve taken some time to rest and relax a bit without blowing it and have found it very easy to gain about 5 lbs and then quickly get it off. MFP is always a tool that I use several times per day. Last night I started again with a new level of determination and will get down to 170 in a month or so. Now a size 34 is loose and I think about 32 is where I want to be!

  41. Avatar Rolly says:

    Last year I lost 50 lbs in 2 1/2 months, that’s the fastest I’ve ever lost weight, its nearly impossible to lose more – I was eating a very low calorie diet and exercising throughout the day – nothing special just low calories and high amount of exercise.

    I didn’t gain it back, but I also lost interest in the low calories, and stayed the same weight for six months after that.

    So you could also accurately say I lost 50 lbs in 8 1/2 months, depending on what time period you want to examine.

    Now that I’ve gone back to dieting I lose about 10 lbs in a month.

    Same as before – eat low calories. I do eat healthy, lots of vegetables. I eat nuts, quinoa, some lowfat yogurt. And I run about 20 -25 miles a week.

    and to be honest, I’m still very uninterested in low calories any more. I still have to do it to ‘break’ a plateau but if I cut calories, its for 3 days tops. Other than that, I try to stay under 2000 calories or so.

  42. Avatar Jina says:

    I have lost 105 lbs, and I also did this through lifestyle changes. It took me 13 months to achieve my goal. This was back in 2011. Since it was through lifestyle changes, including exercise, I have kept it off. There is no magic way to achieve, just you’re determination, you’re willing to finally say, I’m not going to get immediate results, but through determination and disipline, anyone can achieve results. .Aloha, Jina

  43. Avatar Max Rebos says:

    The before and after photos you see on tv are all staged with lighting. Next time you see an infomercial for weight look, look at the two photos. The first one the lighting is sharp, showing shadows and the “person” has their shoulder drooping down, they are not standing straight up. so the light accentuates the persons fat.

    Now look at the after photo. The person is holding their shoulder back, standing up straight, so this in itself tights the flab. Also the lighting is very bright and straight on. so the bright lights are hiding the shadows so the person appears thinner. also you can tell the people are holding their breath to tighten the abs and chest.

    So they are all using smoke and mirrors to get you to be a sucker and invest in their pills or whatever.

    We all know the perfect body is also controlled in most part by your genetics. If your parents are thin, most likely you will be too, if they are fat, you will most likely be also, and it will be harder to get thin if your genes say “no sorry we are programmed to make you fat”.

    One question I do have is…. When they use guys for these infomercials, in the before photo the guy has body/chest hair, in the after photo all this body/chest hair is gone!

    So with that, me being a guy, I want my body hair, if i take these weight loss pills or use the DVD’s, is all my body/chest hair going to fall out?? hahahahaha

    • Avatar Gina Silvestri Coppolino says:

      I know a lot of people who have lost a ton of weight with Beachbody products. YES…the men shave the hair off of their chest because they are SO proud of the hard work they put into their bodies! With BB, everyone is told to take their before & afters in the same outfit, standing in the same place in the same lighting. They are one company that does not need nor want to deceive the public. They want people to realize what is possible with hard work (exercise) and eating healthy…and often (if its the right food!)

  44. Avatar Melinda Fritz says:

    Good article.I am trying to get back on track.I use my fitness pal

  45. Avatar Elaine Livingstone says:

    My aim is a stone a year for the next 5 years, so that time I reach 60 I am 5 stone lighter than when I started. My joints are all getting older with me and want to take the strain off of them. I am going for healthy eating and exercise.

  46. Avatar Beech says:

    I lost 90 lbs in 93 days and it was a struggle I worked out 6 days a week and was constantly watching everything that I ate. It was a real eye opener for me I went from 250- 160 lbs and my body fat went from 35% to 8%. I’ve kept it off 16 years now and every day is a challenge some times.

  47. Avatar Betty says:

    It can be fast to loose weight. Just stop eating anything processed and only eat plant based. Also no added oils or salt to foods. You will loose a lot of weight fast and healthily. But it’s not easy. I lost 35 pounds in a little over two months this way and I was healthier than I’d been since I was a kid. But it’s hard to keep up long term, at least it was for me..

  48. Avatar Mary Kathleen Ouellette says:

    I too lost 70 lbs. Everyone seemed to think I has gastric bypass surgery. Nope. Just healthy eating and moderate exercise. I did it slowly and it became a way of life.

  49. Avatar Devon says:

    Another thing to consider with before and after pictures is that some miraculous looking losses can be accomplished in an afternoon with some lighting tweaks and more flattering poses and colors. Be an informed consumer and remember to honor your body. If you can do that in the form of self acceptance/worth and intuitive eating, you can be well on your way to a happier life.

  50. Avatar Ashlee says:

    I’ve lost almost 60lbs but it took me about a year and a half to do it. I get asked about what I’m doing and it’s really just working out that I’m doing. But people get bored. They want results NOW but it doesn’t work like that. Regardless, I STILL eat things that I’m “not supposed to” but honestly, it’s all in moderation. It isn’t a diet I’m on, it’s how I eat. People have actually got mad at me if they see me eating a chocolate bar. It’s all about will power.

    • Avatar TXRN says:

      Isn’t it crazy how people think the only way to lose is to give up everything that’s tasty – like chocolate? Part of my success has come from accepting that I can treat myself when I have earned the treat with a healthy intake the rest of the day and getting in my exercise for the day.

  51. Avatar Shyla Anderson says:

    I started getting my body back on March 8th 2015. I began with checking out several nutrition and exercise books at my local library . then I started walking. Everyday. No excuses. Cut out simple carbs and kept my calories at a reasonable amount. Education was the key to my success. The more you know the better results you’ll get. To date I have lost 68 pounds. I ride my bike every day for at least an hour and work my body either at the gym or at home. Strength training is just as important as cardio.
    I spent years telling myself I don’t have time to work out. Everyone can make time if they really want to. I’m living proof of that.
    I would like to lose another 20 pounds by my one year anniversary. I have to constantly remind myself that I’ve come a long way and I have to keep going. My body will probably never be perfect again but after 4 kids I can’t expect it to be. Don’t give up. Keep going and read up on the subject. If I can do it anyone can.

  52. Avatar Kimberley says:

    Congrats on your weight loss.
    I have been on fitness pal for awhile and multiple diets. My dad told me that if I lost 100 pounds I would feel better but I didn’t try…..until 9 months after he died. He had a massive heart attack and pretty much I have similar health issues. Oct 10th will be 7 months on this journey and I have lost 73 pounds. My goal is to make this a life journey. Starting out I just walked and now I have added swimming and biking. Don’t given up stuff for a year and then treat yourself. Treat yourself now to small pleasures and if you cheat get right back on the plan tomorrow. 😉

  53. I lose 30 pounds in 2 months. So much skin left over, and still waiting for it to stretch back into place. I counted calories, and pushed myself in running every morning, beating my previous best.

  54. Avatar Dawn says:

    Roni, I commend you & the others on their “weight loss journey” – that’s what I call it since its “for life.” I lost 102 pounds in a year, some of the pounds have back but I continue my “journey” every day. Just curious but how did you find out a company had stolen your pics?

  55. Avatar Nicky says:

    I’m just calorie counting with MyFitnessPal. I have a daily calorie limit and I eat, I just make waaaay better choices and eat the wiser. That’s it. I walk or lightly jog everyday and kayak with my husband once or twice a week. I’ve lost 5.7 lbs in 7 days just eating wiser and moving more. That’s it.

    • Avatar TXRN says:

      Using MyFitnessPal has been the best tool for monitoring my daily progress. It’s kind of like my “Jiminy Cricket” keeping me on the right path.

  56. Avatar jcgadfly says:

    I lost 175 lbs since last July 4th. I got pharmacological help from my endocrinologist (appetite suppressant/amphetamine) and used MFP to log my diet. After I saw what it did and my system got used to the dosage I started exercising – I’m up to 5x/week. some people in my church asked my wife for the name of my doctor so they could get the meds I’m on. I asked her, “Should I tell them my doc is the one who also wanted me to work out 4 times a week?”

  57. Avatar Török Áron says:

    I’ve lost 60 kg in 18 months, and keeping it off since them. Herbalife was part of a total lifestyle change, now i’m eating regularly, working out, choosing carefully what i eat, but since it has become a lifestyle, it’s not a hustle anymore!

  58. Avatar Kris McCarthy says:

    16 pounds in 9 weeks, more than half way to my goal. as stated several times below, eating clean, eating less, and though I’m not doing a workout schedule, have started parking further away, using stairs, etc. Feeling better physically, less headaches, more energy. It’s accepting this as my new normal or insulin shots in the future.

  59. Avatar funkybro says:

    Losing weight is hard work, plain and simple. There is NO magic pill or potion. It takes a combination of long term dedication, knowledge and a tremendous work ethic that is lacking in most people. You didn’t put the weight on in just thirty days, don’t expect to take it off in thirty days. Want a weight loss to be permanent? It must be very gradual and accomplished over a long period. You must be relentless. That’s why the weaker among us fail at it.

  60. Avatar TheAngryFag says:

    If they’re still using your pictures, send a DMCA take-down notice to force their removal. Unfortunately since chances are these images are not registered with the US Copyright office, you won’t be entitled to any real money but at least it gets them down.

    In the future though, since you do run a blog, consider registering your images. Under the law, registered images enjoy more protection for the creator. You are entitled to statutory damages and attorney fees. Without this all you would get is an amount of money the judge determines would might have been a licensing fee. You would also be entitled to any profits made from the infringement but you would not be able to prove them.

  61. Avatar Gina Silvestri Coppolino says:

    But there ARE people who HAVE lost a LOT of weight in a healthy way in a shorter amount of time. If you look at the Beachbody Success stories, the majority have lost 30-40 lbs in 90 days by following the programs. They give you a workout program and a meal plan so IF you follow it as its laid out, its possible. Its not easy but its healthy, effective and safe. NO pills, wraps or gimmicks. Workout, eat healthy & drink water. You can look at the stories online and even connect with the people to KNOW that they are real. I know many of them and they inspire me every single day.

    • Avatar Bianca lynn says:

      I agree!! I am one of those success stories 😀
      I have lost 53 lbs and 40+ inches off my body with Beachbody 😀

  62. Avatar Kellie McCann says:

    I lost 40 pounds in 12 weeks of dropping…some programs do work if you make it work for you. Not to say that every before or after image is not to be believed. I also have learned to eat better and watch my portions and what I am now eating.

  63. Avatar Jina Gomes says:

    I too have lost alot of weight (110 lbs), and there wasn’t a quick fix or magic pill. It took me 13 months. I did it through regular exercise (45 minutes, 6 days a week), and lifestyle changes. I measure my food and read labels, you’d be suprised by the actual serving size compared to what people actually eat. Don’t be disappointed by setbacks, you can do it if you set your mind to it, you are worth it. Let’s get motivated to get ourselves our healthiest , and in turn our happiest…take care out there..Aloha, Jina

    • Avatar TXRN says:

      I learned a lot about correct portioning when I started using my measuring cups and spoons to serve my plate instead of serving spoons. I also got a food scale and realized what 4 ounces of chicken really looks like. Now I can eyeball it pretty well at a restaurant, and best of all, I’ve found that I’m satisfied with actual serving sizes as opposed to the super-sizes I used to eat.

  64. Avatar John mensing says:

    I started my journey feb of 2013.. I was 30 pounds heavy again and now in my 50,s…. So i changed my lifestyle,working out,eating right no pills or fad diets and drinking lots of water… Now 2.5 years later i am still down 30 lbs and stilleating great and working plus drinking water… Its A life change for the. Better,not only do i look and feel better but do not. Get sick as often either….its still a struggle looking at all the foods i used to consume ,but its easier now than it was.. So good luck and keep up the good fight to look and feel better

  65. Avatar cramps says:

    When it comes to weight loss I am my own worst enemy so I just try and get through each day doing the right things like eating right exercising and drinking plenty of water because it’s just one day at a time

    • Avatar JTou says:

      It really is one day at a time. I am just trying to change my eating habits and actually start an exercise schedule. Sometimes you feel super motivated to get up and do these things then other times it’s pretty difficult. Best wishes on your continued journey.

      • Avatar cramps says:

        Thanks I’m going to need it I go in for my 3rd hip surgery next month and will be sedentary for a few weeks so that is when I really have to watch what I put in my face

  66. Avatar Michael D says:

    There is a safe, effective, simple, and fast solution out there. It’s called eating at a caloric deficit and training with weights. If you do that, it’s RIDICULOUSLY easy to lose weight (and the good kind of weight, i.e. body fat).

    I’m in a bulking and cutting workout plan that requires my diet to be in a caloric deficit for 6 weeks at a time (to lose fat) and then in a caloric surplus for about 15-20 weeks at a time (to gain muscle).

    In those 6 weeks, I drop about 10 pounds, no problem. Then I repeat the process by gaining the weight back (to get muscle) and then losing the weight again (to lower my body fat %).

    I still have a long way to go, but there is no special diet: just a caloric deficit.

  67. Avatar Daniella says:

    Thanks so much I really needed to read this, I’ve struggled with weight lost for a while and I think the n problem is I don’t except myself for who I am so it’s a struggle, and I want the weight to come off in a day but it took years to put it on, so I shouldn’t expect it to come off in a day.

  68. Avatar patstar5 says:

    I lost 20lbs monitoring calories from January to June. Then I stopped and gained a few pounds back.
    I decided I wasn’t going to let it all be for nothing. I got on a low carb ketogenic diet and went grain free.
    40 lbs lost in 4 months and I’m not hungry all the time anymore and I have a lot less cravings. 23% body fat and I’m looking to get that down to around 15%. 6 inches lost
    Amazing what happens when you eat high fat and low carb. I can easily fast if I want too. Fat satisfies you, unlike carbs and sugar which makes you want to eat more and more…
    I guess this is more of a lifestyle change than a diet change, food no longer controls me. I eat to live and not live to eat. I just avoid carbs and I’m fine. (Though I am obsessed with 85% dark chocolate but I never eat more than half a bar a day. Cocoa is really good for your health. I also use coconut oil daily in my eggs.)

  69. Avatar Greg Cordosi says:

    I have lost 56 pounds since February (8 months), and 97 pounds since May of 2013 (2 1/2 yrs). I lost the crazy 275 pounds down to 235#’s or so doing the Adkins diet, but that is hard to stay on because it is so limited. When I really decided to get healthy and lose the weight the right way I started eating a really healthy 2000 cal/day diet and got the Body Beast DVD’s from Beach Body. I did the workouts every day, charting my food intake here on Myfitnesspal (HUGE HELP!!), got a Fitbit, stayed true to the diet, and lost about 35 pounds getting me down below 200 pounds. Then I started the P90X3 and took it to my current weight of 178 pounds. The pictures below are 275 pounds (May 2013), Before Body Beast and smart diet 233 pounds (2/2/15), After Body Beast (July 2015,197ish), and current (October 2015) after P90X3 178#’s. The change that mattered most was the one I made in my head to change my life and start living healthy. I absolutely love the way I live now and how I feel. I have changed at my core! Oh and one more thing I was in rehab for alcohol just 18 months ago! Getting sober changed my life as well.

  70. Avatar BSTEED99 says:

    I am down from 310 in January to 247 at my last doctors visit 2 weeks ago. I am a independent rep for one of the fastest growing “weight loss” companies. I won’t mention their name but I have witnessed them use your pictures from above and a few others that I know the results are not from the products produced by the company. I also have changed my eating habit, work out routine (OK well actually started one 🙂 ) and yes in the beginning I was using the products but I was only seeing a loss of about 4 to 5 pounds a month. When I began getting serious and reducing my portions. Actually eating breakfast and really monitoring my calories v/s exercise the weight has fallen off. I also credit the my fitness pal app that I feel holds me accountable and I love seeing a smaller number projected in 5 weeks each night!!!! I have taken a step back from the “company” I was selling for because so many people don’t believe that I have done this myself with no help from a magic pill, wrap or cream. I have even had other distributors use my pics and my story (a well “tweeked” version anyway) and it makes me want to scream 🙁 my only issue now that I am really down on the pounds and shooting to round out at 100 pounds lost by 12/31/2015 my skin is so saggy I am thinking tummy tuck, liposuction or something. I want to show off my results in sleeveless or more form fitting clothes but can’t because of all the extra skin. I am planning to continue my new way of life and hope to reach my goal weight of 150 pounds by June 30, 2016. Do you know of some way to help tone and tighten the now droopy areas?

  71. Avatar Joel Worsham says:

    True!! I’ve seen far too many of fake before/after photos.

    Just a heads up, the link to Joanne’s story is giving a privacy error warning. Remove the “s” from “https://” in the link to fix it.

  72. Avatar DetroitSinkhole says:

    It look me a year to lose 45 pounds. I did it by cutting out sugar and most grains. The carb cravings go away after awhile. My motivation now is realizing how much better I feel, and conversely, how crappy I feel when I eat crap food.

  73. Avatar Terri says:

    Many of the comments below point to the fact that you can reasonably lose about 1-1.5 lbs per week if you eat healthier and exercise a little more. No diet regimen would make money claiming that you’ll lose 4-6 lbs in a month. The other bad thing about all of this hype is that if you don’t lose these incredible amounts, you think you are failing and either give up or go more extreme, which you can’t maintain.

  74. Avatar Joseph Yorski says:

    Actually, I find Isagenix to be a very safe, fast, effective way to lose weight. Sorry you had your pics lifted, but I’ve seen pics from people I know personally just like this who used Isagenix and it works. But you HAVE to have the self-discipline to follow the program.

  75. Avatar Pat says:

    Here is my favorite part.

    “If there were a safe, effective, simple, fast solution out there, it
    would be front-page news. We’d all know about it and the inventor would
    be the richest person on the planet.”

    You would think this would be common sense, but it isn’t for many people.

  76. Avatar Barbara says:

    This is was exactly what I needed to read this morning. I’m going thru some medical issues and I’ve given myself a free pass on my eating. This last week I have made small changes and I feel so much better, mentally and physically. Now is especially the time I need to cut out refined sugars. This might sound unpleasant, but about a month ago I saw some small moths flying around my kitchen, I did a little investigating and I found larvae in my nuts, grains, flours and such. I did a complete cupboard clean out. I had to throw out a lot of good clean food, but I also threw out all of my processed food! I’ve learned not to over buy and to shop weekly for organic and fresh food. Organic is exspensive, but if I’m not buying stuff I don’t really need I can afford it. Those little bugs were a blessing!

  77. Avatar Dan says:

    I lost 60 pounds in six months. If you see me, you can certainly tell it; however, pictures don’t really show it. I still look about the same, maybe a little smaller.

  78. Avatar Pam says:

    I want to thank all of you for your honesty. I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life and I am now finally adopting the concept, after many years of hoping for a quick and easy fix, that it’s really a lifetime commitment to exercise and healthy eating habits. Kudos to all that haven’t waited as long as I to just wise up!

  79. Avatar Rita Kelly says:

    I love the story. The moral of the story is trust the source. I use before and after pics in my health coach business and they are of me and my clients and fellow coaches and their clients. Our company shares with integrity and also shares the disclaimer of the average losses. So I don’t love the knock on before and after photos but what happened to you is totally bogus and I’m glad you shared. Lifestyle change is key!! There is no magic pill, but making the right choices (the best you can in the moment) and being consistent. Thank you again for sharing.

  80. Avatar Dwight Von Heeder says:

    Two years ago I lost 30# in 3 months, then my Family and I moved into a retirement center and I gained the 30# plus back. We have very little control of what we eat. so I feel like it’s impossible to lose the 30# again. I felt so good when I weighed less. I’m killing myself doing exercises and trying to eat smaller portions. That’s all I know to do. I get tired of eating salad and vegetables filled with awful seasonings. I will find some way to lose this weight.

  81. Avatar Streetspud says:

    I lost about 25 pounds over the course of half a year…is that realistic or radical?

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