The Art of Making Healthy Chips & Fries (Yes, It’s Possible!)

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The Art of Making Healthy Chips & Fries (Yes, It’s Possible!)

Jennifer Pantin
by Jennifer Pantin
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The Art of Making Healthy Chips & Fries (Yes, It’s Possible!)

Lorimer Street Kitchen
Certain foods are hard to avoid. French fries come with every burger and chips are out at every party. While tasty, they are also highly caloric, and packed with sodium. And potatoes—no matter how delicious they may be—are not the most nutrient dense food. Unfortunately, salty and delicious are totally addictive, so even if you do manage to resist the temptation the cravings remain.

The solution? Veggie chips and fries! Whether you are trying to lose weight or simply want to make healthier choices, veggie versions are the perfect choice—and there are a lot of options.

Although some are best prepared with a little oil, my favorite veggie chips and fries are baked, not fried, and pack in more vitamins than standard potatoes. They take a little time to prepare (reaching for a bag of chips will always be easier), but it’s a snack you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging in.

Here are some of the best veggie chips and fries:

Kale Chips Kale chips pack a ton of crunch and can be seasoned with just about anything your heart desires. What are the benefits to using kale? It’s low in calories, high in fiber, and packed with iron and vitamin K!

Zucchini Chips Chances are your supermarket or garden is overflowing with zucchini right now. Like kale, zucchini is a blank canvas for flavor, and add will do well with your favorite seasonings, such as fresh black pepper and sea salt.

Beet Chips Think beets are just for roasting? Think again! With a little salt they become the ultimate sweet and savory treat. Beets are also incredibly good for you—they’re a great source of magnesium, fiber, iron, and vitamins A, B, and C. Wow!

Eggplant Fries With a slightly sweet flavor, eggplant stands up well to a little salt—in fact, letting eggplant spears sit with a bit of salt helps to remove moisture before roasting. And the summer favorite is a fantastic source of fiber and vitamin B.

Brussels Sprout Chips The little leaves crisp up quickly and perfectly in the oven, making a healthy and yummy snack. Brussels sprouts are loaded with vitamins K, C, B, fiber, and magnesium.

A personal favorite in my home is the parsnip. I load up at the farmers market when I see them because they can become chips OR fries, depending on your mood or meal. When cut length wise (and a little thicker) into fries, parsnips stay slightly soft on the inside, just like a typical French fry. And when you slice them chip-thin, they get super crispy. Bonus: parsnips are rich in fiber, vitamins B and C, and folic acid. Here’s how I turn this healthy veggie into a tasty side dish or snack:

How do you feel about veggie chips and fries? Planning to try one of these recipes? Let us know in the comments below!


About the Author

Jennifer Pantin
Jennifer Pantin

Writer, lawyer, and healthy-eating proponent, Jennifer Pantin loves experimenting with new, healthy recipes in her Brooklyn kitchen. Her blog, Lorimer Street Kitchen, is where she shares this passion for food and the belief that healthy recipes can be good for you and delicious, too. Connect with Jennifer and Lorimer Street Kitchen on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.


57 responses to “The Art of Making Healthy Chips & Fries (Yes, It’s Possible!)”

  1. Avatar kathrynpb says:

    Do you have any recipes for Zucchini Fries?? I would LOVE to try that!

    • Avatar kathrynpb says:

      Sorry, I meant Zucchini Chips!

      • Avatar Gracie Ann says:

        I would love to see the recipe too!

        • Avatar Carol says:

          Send the recipe, please

          • Avatar Olympia1000 says:

            Kathryn, Gracie and Carol – I don’t have a recipe currently, but I’ve had them and they are delish! If you give me a couple of weeks, I’d be happy to create one for you and post it to the blog! Any preference on flavor?

          • Avatar MaidenMN says:

            I’d start with plain, then we can jazz them up as we like. 🙂

          • Avatar kathrynpb says:

            I agree with MaidenMN!

          • Avatar Olympia1000 says:

            Allright! One zucchini chip recipe coming up! I’ll load up on them at the farmer’s market this weekend!!!

          • Avatar robin7521 says:

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        • Avatar Darrell says:

          I would like recipes for various chips posted, especially the best way to prepare.

        • Avatar deed42 says:

          I am headed to the farmers market this morning. The plan is to grab some zuccs and play around in the kitchen this afternoon. If the recipe is a success, I will post it here. My wife can make some good guesses in the kitchen (I can barely boil water).

    • Avatar Monya says:

      We make zucchini fries by cutting them like fries, dipping them in flour, egg and panko breadcrumbs (in that order) and baking them on an oiled, rimmed cookie sheet at 400 or 425 degrees for 25 – 30 min. Would probably work with other veggies too.

  2. Avatar JofJLTNCB6 says:

    Personally, I think white (or sweet) potatoes fried in olive oil/butter/bacon grease are delicious…as are the same baked…and they fit nicely into my overall dietary approach.

    • Avatar gladyswray says:

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      Riley got an almost new red GMC Canyon just by some parttime working online
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  3. Avatar DoogieZZ says:

    I do baked sweet potato “fries,” and will definitely be trying the parsnip chips! Thanks!

  4. Avatar Steph says:

    I think you could probably reduce the amount of oil used in these recipes and still get a good result with less fat content. 14 grams of fat is hardly a “healthy” snack (parsnip fries)

    • Avatar JofJLTNCB6 says:

      What, in your opinion, is inherently unhealthy about dietary fat? Please explain. I truly want to understand.

      • Avatar denvercoder10 says:

        I agree that claiming dietary fat to be unhealthy is incorrect. It’s quite the contrary (unsaturated fats). However I also agree that 14g of fat is a far cry from what someone who’s trying to lose weight can claim to be a “snack”.


        Because just the 14g of fat equates to 126 calories. In a weight loss scenario with, let’s say, 1800calories/day, with a 40% protein, 40% carbs and 20% fat, that means 40g of fat per day. One snack and you’re down 37% of your daily fat allowance.

    • Avatar JofJLTNCB6 says:

      So, no support for your “14 grams of fat is hardly a ‘healthy’ snack” salvo? Just baseless fear-mongering you were hoping would be accepted as truth so you wouldn’t have to defend it?

      • Avatar Edward says:

        Sorry your life is so miserable that you feel a need to bully people on a recipe site. Wow, thought I’d seen everything

        • Avatar wheird says:

          Except that he isn’t bullying anyone. He is asking her to back up her assertion that fat content determines the “snack” category, and the underlying assertion that dietary fat is in any way unhealthy.

        • Avatar JofJLTNCB6 says:

          And I’m sorry that your life is so miserable that you equate my asking someone to support an assertion that 14g makes a snack unhealthy as “bullying”. It isn’t. Not even close. (And the assertion is still incorrect too.) But I suppose since it’s a “recipe site” that you think we should let these kinds of bogus statements go unchallenged?

          Here’s a thought: perhaps it’s people’s incorrect beliefs about nutrition that have led to the problems many are dealing with now?

  5. Avatar emaij says:

    What is wrong with potatoes?

  6. Avatar Dave says:

    You forgot butternut squash chips and fries!

  7. Avatar Marva says:

    Has anyone tried kale chips? I may try to bake a little today. Kale, oil and salt…

  8. Avatar ephambuka says:

    Kale fries. How can you make them really. I eat kale as vegetable relish and can’t see how they can be turned into chips. Help

    • Avatar mom says:

      kale chips are fantastic. My little children actually prefer them to them to potato chips. Heat oven to 350, lightly oil a baking sheet, rip leaves off of the kale and lay on the sheet, lightly coat kale with oil then a little seasoning salt, bake
      until crispy- yum!

      • Avatar kathy says:

        I love hearing the different ways veg’s and sweet pot’s can all be made into chips or fries I will have to try them, I am always looking for alternatives to eat that’s healthy and fun. I get tired of trying to find healthy snacks at the store with out all the chemicals or words you can not understand so any other great ideas are welcome to read.. I never find it boring to learn different recipes.

  9. Avatar Mr honesty says:

    This article makes me sad.

  10. Avatar Rachel says:

    Can’t believe sweet potato chips have been left out! They’re amazing!

  11. Avatar Vikki says:

    at what temperature?

  12. Avatar Tati says:

    My mom does something similar.

  13. Avatar Yuk. says:

    Gross… give me real fries any day.

  14. Avatar Val says:

    Love kale Chips as well as parsnip. I use mustard powder instead of curry yumm. Have also made brussels sprout chips.After hating Brussels sprouts they are now on the menu .

  15. Avatar sparc says:

    I find that they are both high in carbs for someone whose on a low carb diet.

  16. Avatar Carla says:

    We neeed the recipes for them all!

  17. Avatar alis says:

    How about including so that we Who use the metrics system can understand aswell? Owen degress etc.

  18. Avatar christina says:


  19. Avatar christina says:


  20. Avatar Pamela Johnston says:

    Do you have a recipe for the Brussels Spouts chips?

  21. Avatar nxccccuk` says:


  22. Avatar Tamar Genger @joyofkosher says:

    I love veggie chips too, but lately my big craze is making our own Seaweed snacks – kids can’t get enough.

  23. Avatar JoDane says:

    I put shredded cabbage in a frying pan, cover and keep turning it while you saute it until it is almost caramelized with sliced onion, 1 apple thinly sliced into ribbons and use apple juice or apple cider – no oil- (add more fluid as it evaporates) season with salt, caraway seeds, and about 1 tbsp sweetener. very good and low calorie

  24. Avatar Lisa says:

    I actually purchased a microwave chip maker from Pampered Chef. I’ve made potato chips so far. The items that can be made with these are limited. I want to try sweet potato’s soon. I limit myself to one potato and limit my salt on them. Quite tasty and a half of a smaller russet potato is actually plenty with a meal including a healthy protein. OR I really like cottage cheese as ‘chip dip’!

  25. Avatar Jim Greaney says:

    they look good. whats the secret recipe.

  26. Avatar ShalGel says:

    Hi everyone! Help!!! I’m new to this site! how much is a cup size? I have different size cups so not sure which size to use? weights would be easier!!!

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