The 8 Best Places to Find Your Fitness Tribe

by MyFitnessPal
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The 8 Best Places to Find Your Fitness Tribe

Your fitness tribe awaits you. We believe—we know—there are other folks out there with goals just like yours, who would love to link up, team up, or just occasionally tag up, to share everything from digital high-fives to in-the-flesh sweat sessions. If you’re racking your brain to figure out where to recruit members for your fitness tribe, some suitable prospects are likely hiding in plain sight. Here are eight places to look.

1. On the job 55% of MyFitnessPal users who responded to our survey said they had participated in a workplace fitness or weight loss challenge last year. If you’re clocking a 9-hour workday, you’re spending 2100 hours a year with your colleagues—that’s a lot of time to be either sharing good health habits or bad ones. Instead of collaboratively eating too much, eating the wrong things, drinking more than you’d like, or just being sedentary together, reverse that default mode and lift the health level of your whole office by encouraging each other to eat better and be more active.

2. At Home Like your co-workers, you tend to spend a lot of time with the people who share your home. You already grocery shop, prep your meals, eat, and simply hang out with them, so why not add your family members and roommates to your fitness tribe? Team up as a household to fill the fridge with healthier fare, make more home cooked meals, and go on more walks together. And, don’t forget about Fido! When your kids, spouse, or roomie isn’t up for an easy jog or a game of catch, we’re pretty sure your pup will be—inside every dog lives the soul of an über enthusiastic fitness tribe member and mascot.

3. Where you worship Coast to coast, churches and temples are issuing rallying cries to their congregations to get healthy! Breaking unhealthy habits and making healthy ones is all about what you do day in and day out: consider connecting with your spiritual family more than once a week and challenge each other to 6 months of healthy eating and exercise.

4. On your phone Several health and fitness apps boast built-in features that allow you to connect with others both on and offline. On MyFitnessPal, you can add friends, share your food and exercise diaries, and like or comment on the progress of your friends. There are also thousands of forums at where people connect and share their goals, challenges, questions, answers, and their victories, too.

5. Your Facebook page You’ve already got a bunch of friends keeping up with your status updates—think of them as a built-in fitness tribe! Simply, put up a post on your wall and rely on your network to keep you focused on your goals, join you for workouts, share recipes, hold you accountable, and give you tips and advice.

6. Online From blogs and Facebook groups, to forums and online communities, there aretons of fitness tribes already up and running online. They offer recipes, health tips, workout plans, and rollicking conversations ready to inspire and motivate you. Pick one or join a bunch! (We’ve highlighted a few in this report.)

7. Where you workout The people you regularly see at your gym, yoga studio, Crossfit box, or Zumba class are, by definition, a fitness tribe. Smile, be friendly, and get to know these folks over time. By the time you know it, you’ll be trading phone numbers, health tips, and Facebook friend requests. And soon, you’ll begin to feel a subtle pressure to show up—because you know your Tribe will be looking for you to be there, and you’ll want to see them, too!

8. Around your neighborhood If you walk, run, ride your bike, or do any other outdoor activity in your neighborhood or community facilities, you’ll undoubtedly begin to see the same people over and over again. Simply, noticing them might be Tribe enough for you—giving a nod, a high-five, or a word of encouragement goes along way toward supporting them and motivating yourself. But if you’re feeling more neighborly, take it to the next level by introducing yourself and inviting them to join you for your next workout, have a cookout, start a community kitchen garden, or organize a healthy cooking class. Fitness tribe activity ideas are endless!

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