Taste sweet workout success with PEAR, our new partner

by MyFitnessPal
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Taste sweet workout success with PEAR, our new partner

PEAR gives you real-time heart-rate monitoring and ‘smart’ training that coaches you as you work out – and syncs to MyFitnessPal.

We’re excited to announce that PEAR is a new partner! PEAR is a real-time audio coaching system for iPhone and Android that adapts to your heart rate & fitness level and puts a world-class coach in your ear. Hundreds of workout pans are available – both free and for purchase – including strength training, weight loss, spinning, running, endurance training, and more. Many of these plans are designed by popular fitness leaders like Coach Jenny, Fit Chef Katy, and Rock N Roll Marathon.

The PEAR system works with any heart rate monitor, but the company also sells its own PEAR-branded heart rate monitors and hardware kits. The full  PEAR system includes the PEAR Bluetooth Wireless Heart-Rate Monitor and PEAR Stride Earphones.

The best part for MyFitnessPal users is that PEAR will sync your workouts and calories burned to your MyFitnessPal profile! PEAR Sports was created by a team of entrepreneurs who want to help anyone reach a fitness or performance goal, so we’re thrilled to partner with them in driving MyFitnessPal users toward success. 🙂

Features include:

  • Interactive, heart-rate-based coaching
  • Full workout and plan store
  • 3rd-party music compatibility
  • Data and GPS tracking
  • Direct social sharing
  • Post-workout results on your phone, tablet, or laptop via a personal cloud account
  • Audio coaching while you enjoy your music.

See PEAR in our app gallery. Special promo: receive 30% off through Jan 15. Code: PEARMFP.

Taste success with PEAR!

The MyFitnessPal Team

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