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Red Cabbage Blueberry Smoothie

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Red Cabbage Blueberry Smoothie

The most shocking thing about this smoothie, besides the gorgeous color, is how undetectable the cabbage is with just a cup of blueberries, one banana and a little bit of vanilla yogurt mixed in.


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MyFitnessPal’s Recipes
MyFitnessPal’s Recipes

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11 responses to “Red Cabbage Blueberry Smoothie”

  1. Avatar Shannon says:

    Hey, was just wondering if its compulsory that the ingredients are frozen?

    • Avatar Petunia53 says:

      I think they are frozen so that the smoothie is nice and cold. That way you don’t have to use ice!

  2. Avatar Nancy Este says:

    Sounds wonderful. Just a note its best to avoid raw cabbage for those with Hashimotos or underactive thyroid.

    • Avatar 1000jewels says:

      I didn’t know that, Nancy. Why?

      • Avatar HorseChestnut says:

        Raw cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, etc) interfere with the thyroid’s iodine absorption. Cooking them helps.

    • Avatar christina says:

      If you really have Hashimotos or a slow thyroid, you can see a doctor and get on medication. While many diseases you can treat with diet, this is one you can’t. If your doctor wont diagnose you after checking your T3, T4, antibodies, uptake levels, then you don’t have it, and likely your “slow metabolism” is from overeating and being sedentary.

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  4. […] Red Cabbage Smoothie | Elle Penner: The most shocking thing about this smoothie (besides the gorgeous color!) is how […]

  5. Avatar lisa says:

    How do i make a single serving because i read that you loose nutrients if you store smoothies it’s best to drink right away

  6. Avatar Liz says:

    My daughter said, “that looks delicious!” (so there was no bad prejudgment), and then she thought it was terrible. It tastes like cabbage to me, too. Not very good, even after I added some juice and more banana to try to rescue it.

    • Avatar Liz says:

      My one-year-old, on the other hand, loves it, so it may be because her sippy cup filters out some of the small bits of the cabbage that the rest of us were still getting. May try one more time (making sure everything is good and frozen) and filter out bits before adding the last of the ingredients. I’m sure this will reduce some of the nutrition, but maybe it will at least be consumed by those of us older than 1. 🙂

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