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Pesto Egg Bites

Carolyn Williams
by Carolyn Williams
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Pesto Egg Bites

Make a batch of these mini frittatas on Sunday night for an entire week’s worth of healthy breakfasts. Pair a few with oatmeal or yogurt and fruit for a complete breakfast, or grab a couple for a protein-packed afternoon snack.

A little feta or goat cheese adds a finishing touch, but if you’re dairy-free, skip the cheese and use a dairy-free pesto.

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At Eggland's Best, our commitment is to produce a more nutritious egg, which is also the finest, freshest and most delicious egg possible. This starts with our all-vegetarian hen feed made of healthy grains, canola oil and a supplement of rice bran, alfalfa, sea kelp and Vitamin E. Eggland’s Best eggs have 25% less saturated, 6 times more vitamin D and are only 60 calories when compared to ordinary eggs.

About the Author

Carolyn Williams
Carolyn Williams

Carolyn is a Registered Dietitian and culinary nutrition expert who specializes in creating healthy, fresh recipes that simplify meal planning, as well as writing and consulting for a variety of media outlets. She won a James Beard Journalism Award in 2017, and she is currently writing her fourth cookbook: Meals That Heal (Spring 2019) focused on using the healing aspects of food while keeping prep to 30 minutes or less. Find more from Carolyn on her blog Real Food. Real Life. or on Facebook and Instagram.


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