Now You Can Track Your Steps in MyFitnessPal!

by MyFitnessPal
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Now You Can Track Your Steps in MyFitnessPal!

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and with our newest app update you’ll be able to track every single one of them. Introducing MyFitnessPal Steps!

If you’re an iOS user, and you have a Fitbit, Jawbone UP, or one of the many other activity trackers that sync with MyFitnessPal, you’ll be able to see your daily step progress right on your MyFitnessPal home screen, along with a daily calorie adjustment based on your activity level for that day. These features are free for all MyFitnessPal users, and we think you’re really going to enjoy them. (Android users, you’ll be getting this capability soon, too!)

The screenshots above offer an example of what you will see if you elect to have MyFitnessPal collect your steps information from Fitbit.

If you’re lucky enough to have an iPhone 5S, we’ve got an extra treat just for you: Using the M7 co-processor found in the 5S, you can now automatically track your steps simply by using you iPhone 5S—no external apps or devices necessary. However, if you have an activity tracker that you already enjoy using, you can choose exactly how you want to track your steps. Two things iPhone 5S users should know:

  1. Battery Life MyFitnessPal Steps accesses the Motion Activity history from your phone’s M7 coprocessor only during the normal MyFitnessPal sync process, which means you shouldn’t notice any additional impact on your battery life.
  2. Accuracy If you currently use a wearable tracker, like a Fitbit or Jawbone UP, you might find the iPhone 5S step count can differ, especially for short periods of time. Over the course of several hours and full days, your step data should be in line with what a dedicated hardware tracker reports.

Together with our partners, Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Lumo, Pacer, and Withings, MyFitnessPal is so happy to be with you on your journey to good health. Happy stepping!

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