Newest Partner: C25K App Coaches You to Your First 5K in 8 Weeks

Newest Partner: C25K App Coaches You to Your First 5K in 8 Weeks

by MyFitnessPal
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Newest Partner: C25K App Coaches You to Your First 5K in 8 Weeks

Go from couch-sitting to 5K-running in 8 weeks with C25K from our newest partner, Zen Labs.

Available on both iPhone and Android, C25K is a training program designed for people new to running and takes the intimidation factor right out of the prospect of running your first event. The app guides you through an 8-week workout plan, alternating between walking and running, until you build enough strength and stamina to run the streets of your town. C25K will coach you to work out 3 times a week, ideally with breaks in-between running days, for 30-40 minutes per session.

And now, C25K integrates with MyFitnessPal, so all of your exercises and calories burned sync straight to your profile.

C25K is custom-built for anyone who wants to start running but isn’t sure exactly how, and those who dream of finishing a short race but don’t have a ton of time to devote to the endeavor. It’s also perfect for anyone recovering from an injury or coming back to running after a break. If you are a seasoned runner who has been sidelined for a while, C25K is a great tool to gradually get you back on the fast track without going too hard, too soon.

Check out C25K in our App Gallery, or learn more about it here.


Android store | iPhone store

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26 responses to “Newest Partner: C25K App Coaches You to Your First 5K in 8 Weeks”

  1. Avatar Nick says:

    How do I connect with the pro version? When I click connect in MFP app it opens the free but not the pro.

  2. Avatar WindyJenny says:

    Tried to connect the two apps and this morning’s C25K workout did not post to MFP.

  3. Avatar Nathan Barker says:

    Android user here. Clicking “Connect” inside the MFP app opens up the browser to iTunes store…I know that ain’t right, lol! ITunes is one of the main reasons that I chose Android over iPhone! Any help would be appreciated!

  4. Avatar JC says:

    Absolutely no instructions on how to actually connect, only words telling me it’s possible. Went to MFP and it sent me to C25K and iTunes. I already have the app and would like to link them. Getting dizzy going around in circles.

  5. Avatar K R says:

    I did my update on C25k and can’t wait for my next run and check out the link – I’m in love with the fact that it will log everything on MFP automatically – fingers crossed that it works seamlessly for me!

  6. Avatar Meghan R says:

    How to you connect c25k and myfitnsspal? I’ve updated both, but I can not connect the accounts. Also for the fitbit flex writband????

  7. Avatar BradP says:

    Seems that this “partnership” is only paid placement inside of MFP – I cannot see any way to connect these two apps. The best comments here all seem to be saying the same thing.

    • Avatar MyFitnessPal says:

      We are sorry to hear you are having problems connecting C25K to MyFitnessPal. Please post your question to our Community Questions or send our Customer Happiness team an email so that we can assist you with this issue.

      • Avatar keepinitclassy says:

        Did you see a question mark ANYWHERE in Brad’s post? No you did not. But you did see that Brad pointed out that the two aren’t really connected. Not like the fitbit is.

  8. Avatar Frag_bunny says:

    Ya same issue. I’ve tried from my phone and my desktop and registered with zen and I can’t find any possible way of linking these. Think I’ll switch back to runtastic

  9. Avatar Bradley says:

    The icon to connect MFP with C25K is at the end of each workout. Make sure you have the latest version of C25K on your device. =)

  10. Avatar Allie says:

    Does not provide a way to link to MFP and no actual stats. Just finished the first day and it appears that I never did anything. Extremely disappointed! Back to finding an app that works.

  11. Avatar Jessica-Lou says:

    Mine won’t connect either. I paid for the full 5K version and myfitnesspal keeps trying to make me re-buy it!

  12. Avatar Lisa says:

    Same here. ::sigh:: I was able to successfully connect Run Double C25K, but not the one shown above.

  13. Avatar Lisa says:

    Trying to connect my fitness pal with C25k, cannot get them connected sounds like many others

  14. Avatar Craig Kohlruss says:

    This isn’t clear but I finally found it. You have to finish a workout in C25K (I just manually fast-forwarded through one). Then it gives you an option to share on Facebook, Twitter and also MFP. MFP is the little jumping guy icon. click on it to log in and then it will take you through the set up.

    • Avatar maggiebeth says:

      I tried to do that. It kept sending me to the app store when I already have the app.

    • Avatar Carolyn Wiacek Westbrook says:

      @ Craig Kohlruss This worked for me. But, C25K presumes that I walked at 4 MPH and ran at 5.2 mph. Not accurate for my personal speed. I won’t be bothering to log my workouts since they are way off base.

  15. Avatar Ryan says:

    I’ve noticed it will “post” a comment to your Facebook-like wall inside MFP, but I can’t seem to find a way to get it to record the data as an excercise. Frustrating.

  16. Avatar nps1855 says:

    What kind of results did any you get? Did you keep to the plan for 8 weeks and did you lose weight?

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