Is that recipe healthy? Use our new Recipe Tool to find out!

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Is that recipe healthy? Use our new Recipe Tool to find out!

MyFitnessPal users who logged a recipe this year lost nearly 40% more weight than users who did not. Research shows–again and again–that home cooking and food logging are both killer ways to improve your nutrition and lose weight. But we’ve heard you: logging a recipe can be a lengthy, less-than-fun process. Like you, we would rather spend that time cooking–and eating!

Enter the MyFitnessPal Recipe Tool. With just a few clicks you can:

  • see complete nutritional information for any recipe on the internet
  • store the recipe in your MyFitnessPal recipe box
  • add the recipe to your food diary

In addition to helping you figure out whether or not that recipe you’re eyeing meets your nutritional needs, our new tool also makes the recipe logging process about four times faster. You can log and save recipes from anywhere on the web without having to add each ingredient individually – and on the mobile apps, you can actually search top recipe sites for any recipe you’d like to discover with just the name of the dish, like “Turkey Meatballs” or “Fish Tacos” right from within the MyFitnessPal app.MyFitnessPal Recipe Tool

On your smart phone, start logging recipes now by opening MyFitnessPal. Then:

  1. From the MyFitnessPal app, Select “My Recipes & Foods” from the menu (upper left on Android, center bottom on iPhone screen)
  2. Click the “+” button in the upper right of the “My Recipes & Foods” page
  3. Click “Add from the Web”

You can also access the Recipe Tool from the Recipes tab of any meal in your food diary.

From there, you’ll get the option to either copy and paste in a url from a recipe site you like, or to search for a recipe from a number of our favorite recipe sites.

Once you’ve found a recipe, click “Import Recipe” and you’ll see a dialogue box that walks you through the process of double-checking ingredients, then gives you the option to either Save the Recipe to your MyFitnessPal Recipe Box or to Save it and Log that you’ve eaten a serving of the recipe to your MyFitnessPal food diary. Then, forever after, you’ll be able to find or log the recipe – and all its nutritional data – by going to your MyFitnessPal Recipe Box. If you like to cook the same favorite dishes time and time again, this should be a big time-saver!

On the web, you can start now by pasting the URL from any recipe on the web into our new tool. Click the image below, or go to to get started. From there, the process is similar to the above. Bon appetit!

Here’s what it looks like:

MyFitnessPal Recipe Tool

P.S. Wanna take your recipe game to the next level? Try our new Log It button on

Check out our FAQs on how to use the new MyFitnessPal Recipe Tool on the web or your smartphone!


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