Is that recipe healthy? Use our new Recipe Tool to find out!

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Is that recipe healthy? Use our new Recipe Tool to find out!

MyFitnessPal users who logged a recipe this year lost nearly 40% more weight than users who did not. Research shows–again and again–that home cooking and food logging are both killer ways to improve your nutrition and lose weight. But we’ve heard you: logging a recipe can be a lengthy, less-than-fun process. Like you, we would rather spend that time cooking–and eating!

Enter the MyFitnessPal Recipe Tool. With just a few clicks you can:

  • see complete nutritional information for any recipe on the internet
  • store the recipe in your MyFitnessPal recipe box
  • add the recipe to your food diary

In addition to helping you figure out whether or not that recipe you’re eyeing meets your nutritional needs, our new tool also makes the recipe logging process about four times faster. You can log and save recipes from anywhere on the web without having to add each ingredient individually – and on the mobile apps, you can actually search top recipe sites for any recipe you’d like to discover with just the name of the dish, like “Turkey Meatballs” or “Fish Tacos” right from within the MyFitnessPal app.MyFitnessPal Recipe Tool

On your smart phone, start logging recipes now by opening MyFitnessPal. Then:

  1. From the MyFitnessPal app, Select “My Recipes & Foods” from the menu (upper left on Android, center bottom on iPhone screen)
  2. Click the “+” button in the upper right of the “My Recipes & Foods” page
  3. Click “Add from the Web”

You can also access the Recipe Tool from the Recipes tab of any meal in your food diary.

From there, you’ll get the option to either copy and paste in a url from a recipe site you like, or to search for a recipe from a number of our favorite recipe sites.

Once you’ve found a recipe, click “Import Recipe” and you’ll see a dialogue box that walks you through the process of double-checking ingredients, then gives you the option to either Save the Recipe to your MyFitnessPal Recipe Box or to Save it and Log that you’ve eaten a serving of the recipe to your MyFitnessPal food diary. Then, forever after, you’ll be able to find or log the recipe – and all its nutritional data – by going to your MyFitnessPal Recipe Box. If you like to cook the same favorite dishes time and time again, this should be a big time-saver!

On the web, you can start now by pasting the URL from any recipe on the web into our new tool. Click the image below, or go to to get started. From there, the process is similar to the above. Bon appetit!

Here’s what it looks like:

MyFitnessPal Recipe Tool

P.S. Wanna take your recipe game to the next level? Try our new Log It button on

Check out our FAQs on how to use the new MyFitnessPal Recipe Tool on the web or your smartphone!


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32 responses to “Is that recipe healthy? Use our new Recipe Tool to find out!”

  1. Avatar Antirecipebuilder says:

    I think you need to get the kinks worked out before you start promoting it. It’s not user-friendly at all.

  2. Avatar jessica says:

    It doesn’t seem to work at all T.T

  3. Avatar ILiftHeavyAcrylics says:


    Too bad it doesn’t work.

  4. Avatar Jwhited71 says:

    Since you’re promoting it, do you think you can get it to work in the near future?

  5. Avatar Laurie Granberg says:

    I just tried it and it works! Great idea!

    • Avatar ILiftHeavyAcrylics says:

      It “works” but it doesn’t work. For example, I entered the same cookie recipe using the new recipe builder and manually using the old one. The old one came up 84 calories. The new one came up 68. That’s because even though I checked the calorie counts of the ingredients before adding them, when I went back in the new recipe builder had a cup of sugar listed for 32 calories.

      • Avatar Jwhited71 says:

        Exactly I just added a recipe that had 3 tablespoons of butter, it kept adding it as 3 cups of butter, I edited it 5 times before I finally gave up.

    • Avatar Tai says:

      It doesn’t work at all.

  6. Avatar You are ignoring this user says:

    Really? This is horrible. So much harder to find what I’m looking for to add ingredients, this is not an improvement, at all.

  7. Avatar Steven says:

    Unimpressed with the new tool. The auto-matching feature is very poor. It said it got 15 out of 15 right, but somehow converted things like heavy cream to butter? Also, I am unable to delete a recipe. Very frustrating. The previous incarnation of the tool seemed to work, though was a bit clunky, but this new change is sub standard, even for a free site.

  8. Avatar RunnerGirlConnie says:

    I wasn’t able to get mine to work either. I would love to be able to add a recipe to it directly from the recipe blog, it’s already posted there anyway. It’s a hassle to go search for the recipe when a simple add recipe button would work great. Maybe that was the original design but those I tried to add from the blog couldn’t find a match online. Bummed.

  9. Avatar ImtheOnethatsCool says:

    the new recipe builder is garbage. It’s far less accurate because it won’t let me

    pick the ingredients I actually want. Thanks for fixing what wasn’t broken. Again.

  10. Avatar JofJLTNCB6 says:


    …because wow.

  11. Avatar Caitlin Eleanor Field says:

    the new recipe tool sucks. the old one was perfectly fine.

  12. Avatar Tai says:

    Lolololol MFP CAN’T be serious… SMH. This “tool” is the most buggy feature since the upgrade.

  13. Avatar Luke Woolley says:

    Doesn’t match, doesn’t save, doesn’t do math correctly (1 serving of 2 slices should be the same as 2 servings of 1 slice, right?), doesn’t load…. doesn’t work.

  14. Avatar Heidi Lee Hoerman says:

    It doesn’t work! You can’t correct or edit a recipe AT ALL. Don’t promote it until you’ve fixed it. I’m busily looking for other sites now. Don’t chase members away with “upgrades” that don’t work!!!!

    • Avatar Laney says:

      Have you found a way to correct a receipe. I just need to changed serving size. Should be easy

      Can receipe be deleted

  15. Avatar elfenself says:

    The new recipe site is awful. I have been an avid user of the old (original) recipe calculator–having calculated and saved what I estimate as well over 100 recipes. When I called one up today that I had saved on MFP, for light scalloped potatoes and ham, I was confronted with a recipe that included gibberish. What, for example, is “8.9e+02g” of Yukon gold potato? I can see that the quantity for the casserole was equal to 720 calories, but in order to figure out how much potato to use I will need to go online and find a reliable calculator to determine how much in weight “8.9e+02g” (which is to say, 720 calories) of potatoes actually is. The only thing keeping me from having a meltdown about the loss of reliability in my dozens and dozens of recipes is that I printed most of them out as I created them (sadly, not this particular one). I was a devoted MFP user for over two years, but if my personally saved recipes are going to be gobbledy-gook I will go elsewhere.

    • Avatar Wyan says:

      Absolutely agree 100% (in trying to make the recipe editor easier to use they’ve ruined it for the people who were its heaviest users!), but just FYI 8.9e+02 is scientific notation. So 8.9e+02 = 8.9 * 10^2 = 890g of potatoes. Hope that helps!

      • Avatar elfenself says:

        Thanks so much, Wyan–that helps a lot! I must confess that as an avid cook (and coincidentally a professor of sociology), I would have had no way whatsoever of knowing that. Unfortunately, that does mean that in order to use my many recipes I will have to learn scientific notation. But I am truly appreciative of your helpful comment–I get the drift of how it works now. Now, if only MFP would get us back to regular recipe language!

  16. Avatar Al says:

    Really wouldn’t be big-noting this feature until it… works? Right now it’s completely useless.

  17. Avatar JofJLTNCB6 says:

    Sounds like Marketing got a little ahead of Development with this blog entry.

  18. Avatar Fat-So says:

    Was just looking at the recipe of the day: steak tacos. Tagged: Low Sodium It has 980mg sodium per serving. So that tell me the rest of hello healthy is anything but. May as well put adds for Big Macs.. Goodby “not” Healthy

    Sodium: 958mg

  19. Avatar ETANA says:

    wow this recipe tool has really broken with this update, just horrible. Clumsy, not saving, not deleting, not adding ingredients, too many clicks

  20. Avatar Jessa says:

    The new recipe tool is terrible. Its so hard to use now. I wish they would just go back to the old way. I know MFP thinks they are saving us time buy letting us add ingredients all at once instead of individual like before but the matching sucks and there is no way to search for a new ingredient if the app can’t understand the one I tried to enter… This is really going to effect the way I am able to add my food considering I use this to calculate a recipe at least once a day

  21. Avatar Bringbackoldrecipetool! says:

    Bring back the old recipe tool! I entered a recipe that was only 200 calories and the new recipe tool turned it in to 520 calories. How did it translate 6 scallions in to 6 cups of scallions???

    Of course, these comments will probably fall on deaf ears. MFP doesn’t seem to listen.

  22. Avatar Lia says:

    Really? Remember what happened when New Coke was introduced? Yeah, epic failure. Don’t be New Coke.

  23. Avatar Sarah says:

    I haven’t downloaded the app yet to get the tool, it’s dumb that it requires 8.0.1 to install. However, I do think that the recipe tool on the website is much better than it was, say, a month ago. Overall, it’s way faster and more efficient than the previous tool, but there are kinks in it (one, that has been fixed already, was that garlic cloves were coming up as cups, and even if you changed it, you still got the calorie total for a whole cup of garlic.)

  24. Avatar Luke Woolley says:

    Hurray, it’s fixed!!

  25. Avatar chanel taylor says:

    I agree to an extent…but the concept is working. If only I could figure out how to set the current date…..

  26. Avatar Donna Allen says:

    So, the comments here are from about 3 years ago. I have no experience with the old recipe calculator, so I can’t speak to that, but this function works like a dream now. Love it!

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