MyFitnessPal Contest: Holiday Recipe Remix

by MyFitnessPal
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MyFitnessPal Contest: Holiday Recipe Remix

Enter for the chance to win digital health tools that sync to your MyFitnessPal account and to have your favorite holiday recipe hacked by Elle, the MyFitnessPal Registered Dietitian.

Everyone loves holiday food, but all of that deliciousness comes at a price: lots of extra calories. The parties, the festive meals, the treats – it’s a two-month long battle for self-control. For those of us focused on healthful eating, the holidays can be hard. Very hard.

But what if you could ask Elle, our very own Registered Dietitian, to take one of your unhealthy holiday favorites and make it more healthful? Elle’s done the same for countless recipes in her own home and now she’s heading into the MyFitnessPal Test Kitchen to remix six of your holiday favorites.

If you live in the U.S., enter the Holiday Recipe Remix by submitting a recipe in one of the six categories by November 4th:

  • Holiday Brunch Dish
  • Holiday Dinner Dish
  • Holiday Dessert
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Non-alcoholic Drinks
  • New Year’s Hors d’Oeuvres

The team at MyFitnessPal Headquarters will pick one winning recipe in each category. Then starting mid-November, we’ll post a short weekly video of Elle cooking up her healthy version of each category-winning recipe, which we’ll share with you to inspire your own holiday meal plans!

Five Category Winners will receive:
• An exclusive MyFitnessPal apron ($19.99 value)
• A Withings Smart Body Analyzer scale ($149.95 value)
• Cooking Light cookbooks (up to $29.95 value, each)
And One Overall Grand Prize Winner will receive:
All of the category prizes, plus:
• A Fitbug Orb ($49.95 value)
• A personalized one-week meal plan from Elle herself!
MyFitnessPal members in the US, submit your favorite unhealthily indulgent holiday recipes here by November 4th.
Good luck!
Elle + The MyFitnessPal Team

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13 responses to “MyFitnessPal Contest: Holiday Recipe Remix”

  1. Avatar Shannon says:

    so you submit an “unhealthy”: recipe and she makes it healthy?

  2. Avatar Marnie says:

    Doesn’t seem fair that you can only submit if you’re American! Too bad the rest of the world doesn’t get a chance to have their recipe lookd at 🙁

    • Avatar SpecialSundae says:

      I totally agree. Perhaps a “rest of the world” competition should be run too.

      • Avatar theforestlady says:

        i agree with above posters, since this community is made up of like minded people who are seeking the same things and are from all around the world, this contest should be made open to all MFP members regardless of where you call home…. 🙁 isn’t that what community is all about?

        • Avatar gobonas99 says:

          It’s only available to US residents due to the tax/regulatory issues involved. Companies that run contests like this (where they are giving away actual prizes and/or cash) can ONLY open the contests up to residents of the country the company is based out of….so a Canadian company can only open contests to Canadian residents, a US company can only open contests to US residents, a UK company can only open contests to UK residents, etc. Since MPF is a US based company, they can only open contests like this to US residents. It’s pretty standard and is NOTHING against non-US members…it is simply the law. 🙂

          • Avatar SpecialSundae says:

            I’ve seen plenty of international contests. If you’re looking for specifics, Blue Nile have run competitions for US, UK and Canadian residents plenty of times.

  3. Avatar Tony Harris says:

    It would make much more sense to get the healthier recipes from the MFP Members. Why would you want unhealthy recipes for some dietician to mess up?
    MFP members are pretty much experts in finding lower calorie and tasty alternitives.

  4. Avatar Rochelle MacDonald says:

    I sure hope someone submits pecan pie. I’d like to someone try to make that calorie bomb healthy and still taste like pecan pie.

  5. Avatar guest says:

    Perhaps MFP can include all their members by choosing recipes from all over, even if you don’t win a prize if your recipe is chosen to be “rehabilitated” it is a win for that member! Please consider this idea MFP and include all your loyal members world wide, we all celebrate!!!

  6. Avatar Mike Laserize says:

    This is really well written!

  7. Avatar Thomas Lynch says:

    I have numerous meals and recipes (mainly from my wife) that I have painstakingly entered into myfitnesspal to get accurate ingredients and calorie info for my meal diary. how can I enter or copy and paste them into an Entry for this? They include detailed ingredients, directions and etc as requested? How do you do this?

  8. Avatar Alyssa.B says:

    I don’t want to enter the contest, but I’d LOVE to see an Eggnog or Advocaat recipe that’s calorie wise. My dad is diabetic and this is one of our favourite holiday drinks, so I really want something with little to no sugar. I hope someone in the community can help! Thanks 😀

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