Mallory Lost 100 Pounds By Avoiding Quick-Fix Diets

Jackie Veling
by Jackie Veling
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Mallory Lost 100 Pounds By Avoiding Quick-Fix Diets

Mallory King may have lost almost half her body weight in 2013, but it wasn’t in the “quick-fix” way so many restrictive diets advertise.

“One thing that really inspires people about my story is that my weight loss averaged

out to only one pound a week,” says the online fitness and nutrition coach. “After one month, I was ‘only’ down about four pounds. But it was progress, and I knew if I kept going, it would add up.”

And add up, it did. Over a two-year period, King lost 100 pounds by counting her calories and macros with MyFitnessPal and lifting weights at the gym.

Before she decided to get fit, the 27-year-old Coloradoan had struggled with her weight for a long time. She remembers being a sedentary child, never really exercising or even eating many fruits and vegetables. At 13, she was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and the prescribed medication caused her to gain even more weight.

“I was not only miserable in my body, but in my life,” explains King. “I did not take care of myself and felt I had no control in getting my life together. I remember feeling hopeless a lot and that I would always be overweight.”

She tried different diets, including Weight Watchers, cutting out carbs and going on strict meal plans, but nothing stuck. The turning point came during a visit to her family doctor, when she weighed in at 217 pounds. Unaware she had even reached 200 pounds, she was shocked at the news.

Her doctor explained the many health issues she could soon be facing, many of which her family members were already experiencing, like heart disease and diabetes. The news “scared her straight,” and King resolved right then and there to take back control.

“I remember thinking to myself, ‘I don’t care how long this takes. I don’t care how hard it is. I don’t care how many times I screw up. I’m not giving up on this,’” she says.

As she started to research more about nutrition, she focused on finding a way to eat that she could sustain for the rest of her life.

“I wasn’t interested in losing 100 pounds as fast as I could,” she says. “I was interested in losing weight in a way that would allow me to keep it off for good. I wanted to change my lifestyle.”

Having heard of the MyFitnessPal app in the past, King decided to give it a try and soon found exactly what she was looking for.

“Before I used the app, I thought to lose weight or be healthy, I had to eat only ‘clean’ foods,” she says. “I was extremely uneducated. The app opened my eyes to the fact that I didn’t need to cut out my favorite foods. I just needed to eat them in smaller portions.”

King tracked her calories for the next six months and lost almost 40 pounds. She then started tracking macronutrients to target fat and later began lifting weights as a way to get stronger and feel empowered in the gym; these two things combined helped her lose another 60 pounds.

But true to her commitment to sustainable living, she later made the active choice to gain back 10 pounds in order to settle at a weight she knew she could maintain for the long run.

“My goal was always to lose 100 pounds because I thought that would be a cool goal to reach,” she says. “However, I realized I felt much healthier 10 pounds above that. This weight is easy for me to maintain, and I feel my best.”

King wants others to know that, as surprising as it may seem, allowing all foods into her diet, while being smart about portions and overall balance, was the healthy habit that made the biggest difference in her weight loss.

“It’s an approach that I can follow for the rest of my life, and that makes it a lifestyle versus just another fad diet,” she explains.

King says she often sees people give up on their weight-loss goals because they’re not getting the results they want quickly enough. However, she firmly believes it’s not how quickly the weight comes off, but whether or not it stays off.

“If the goal is so important to you, why does it matter how long it takes?” she asks. “Isn’t it more important to keep the weight off versus how fast you can lose it? Be patient. Stay positive. Keep persisting.”

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Jackie Veling
Jackie Veling

Jackie Veling is a freelance lifestyle writer living in Dallas, Texas. You can read more of her work at


8 responses to “Mallory Lost 100 Pounds By Avoiding Quick-Fix Diets”

  1. Avatar Callie Girl says:

    Great job Mallory! You look fantastic!

    I started down the same path a year and a half ago with a weight goal of 140 lbs or a size 8. Fad diets never worked out for me and i struggle with low calorie plans. I realized I needed something for life. Found a good weight calculator that told me what a 140 lb person needs to eat to maintain that weight at my activity level. I went a smidge below that level and started tracking in MFP for 1850 cal/day. Very doable for me.

    It was a slow drop like you had but that didn’t matter as long as it kept going the right direction which it did. Dropped from a size 18 to a 10. Interesting my weight loss stalled the beginning of the year and I became more hungry. I let my body guide me and it consistently wanted an additional 200 calories. And I then dropped two more pounds which surprised me. I”m pretty happy with where I’m at currently even if I haven’t yet hit my goal. If it happens…great! If not, that’s okay too.

    For all of you reading about Mallory”s journey and think losing so slowly would be hard to take, you’d be surprised how quickly the time passes. Before you know it a year has gone by and not only did you stay on a downward trend, you also successfully kept off that loss. When it’s a forever lifestyle and not a diet, it really helps you feel more in control of your future even at the slow weight loss pace.

    I wish everyone a successful journey! Thanks Mallory for being a great inspiration!

  2. Avatar Michael Pesce says:

    Extremely motivating article about encouragement and the pursuit of never giving up.

  3. Avatar Madison says:

    I have never related more to a post than this one. Thank you for sharing your story!

  4. Avatar BrandiMarie88 says:

    All the snaps to you Mallory! Thank you for sharing your story, so inspiring! A couple months ago I had that lightbulb moment, it’s awesome to hear someone who went through some thing I’m currently going through!

  5. Avatar Lil'missgamer4life says:

    I want to know her current weight and daily routine.

  6. Avatar Bill says:

    a million times better looking before she lost weight.

    • Avatar Katie says:

      Yeah, cuz her sexual attractiveness a random dude on the internet is waaaaay more important than meeting her goal, improving her health, blah blah blah.

  7. Avatar Arla says:

    Thanks Mallory. Im just beginning a similar journey. I appreciate your story. Some days feeling like i can conquer this weight issue, other days not so much. Im encouraged and reminded its a marathon, not a sprint!

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