Lumo Back tracks posture and syncs to MyFitnessPal!

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Lumo Back tracks posture and syncs to MyFitnessPal!

Stand and deliver! Lumo Back Posture Sensor helps you monitor and correct posture and much more.

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Lumo Back Posture Sensor, the electronic activity coach that will help you improve your posture. Lumo Back for iPhone tracks posture, steps, sleep, and activity – and all of the exercise captured and calories burned will sync with your MFP account!

Have you heard sitting is the new smoking? Recent studies have shown that sitting for long periods during the day (like many of us office dwellers) is bad for physical health. In fact, three out of four computer professionals have some sort of tech-related malady – it’s known as Silicon Valley Syndrome. Slumping while sitting or slouching while walking is a natural tendency but good posture has been shown to provide myriad health benefits. Posture can be a blind spot even for the fittest of folks though. That’s where Lumo Back Posture Sensor comes in and helps you counteract this impulse.

How does it work? The Lumo Back Posture Sensor, worn on a harness on the small of your back, provides a gentle vibration every time you slouch. The sensor also connects wirelessly to the free mobile app which tracks your daily activities like steps, sitting, standing, running, and sleeping. This info then syncs to your MyFitnessPal profile, so you can get a more holistic view of your health while improving your posture. You’ll be able to keep tabs on all movement and activity, even while you’re asleep!

Lumo Back has been racking up some good reviews. ABC News said, “Lumo Back works, and works well.” Wired added,  “Seeing just how you hold yourself…is a major wake-up call.” Business Insider went on to say, “As a former zig-zagged person on his way to spinal alignment bliss, I recommend it wholeheartedly if the price sounds right to you.”

So step up and back track with Lumo Back! Check it out in our app gallery or learn more at their website.

The app is iOS compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch (5th generation and up), iPad (3rd or 4th gen), iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina Display, and iPad Mini. It’s now also compatible with Android 4.3 and above on Nexus 4 and 5, HTC One, Samsung S3 and S4, and Motorola G.

Special offer for MyFitnessPal users: Receive a $35 discount with the checkout code MFP35.


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