It’s Better with Friends

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It’s Better with Friends

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In the journey to a healthier lifestyle, it helps to have friends along for the ride. Also, avoid mini-marts. Here are five reasons why it’s great to make MyFitnessPal friends:

  1. Goals. When you meet others who have similar health and fitness goals, there is an unspoken, shared understanding of the difficulties associated with that. As you each progress you can keep each other on-track and compare notes. Stress or success, it feels good to know others are in the same boat as you.
  2. Encouragement. It feels good to get encouragement, especially from folks who know what you’re going through. It resonates on a deep level and can really compel you to action if you’re feeling stuck. Giving encouragement also reaffirms your own commitment to health. If your resolve is weakening you can share and get strength from advice, recipes, or stories from your fellow pals.
  3. Inspiration. Seeing the ups, down, and eventual successes of another person can stoke your own internal fires and spur you to action. Sometimes it might just be a feeling of “if they can do it, so can I,” or perhaps there’s a bit of friendly competition. Tracking the progress of others in your circle also focused on improving their health, and seeing them hit their fitness milestones, can really inspire a fire.
  4. Challenges. When you have a solid group of health pals you can challenge each other to level up the hard work. By participating in challenges with co-workers, family members, and friends, you’ll help each other stay focused and energize your health programs. You’ll keep each other accountable and have someone who is a little more invested to give you an added boost of support. You’ll also have someone to help plan a pancake blowout when you’re done.
  5. Engagement. It can be difficult to stay connected to your health goals as you travel through your everyday life. Work, kids, school, video games… there are many things that distract and eat up time, and most of them are more fun with a soda. So when you’re engaged with a community of like-minded people, you can all remind each other of what you’re trying to attain. Sometimes it’s just helpful to see what others have been doing, and hear tips and tricks they have for staying engaged and focused.

Ok, so you’re sold on making new fitness pals. But you ask, “How exactly do I connect with friends old and new, or get my real-world friends into the game?” It’s easy. Especially compared to waking up before the kids do so you can work out.

To invite your current friends who aren’t yet members of MyFitnessPal, check out this page, or if you want to invite a current member to be your fitness pal, follow these instructions.

We’re called MyFitnessPAL. So go and make some more pals!

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11 responses to “It’s Better with Friends”

  1. Avatar timboston77 says:

    Nice. Always good to have people there to support each other thru it all

  2. Avatar martymum says:

    we have Friend Finder Fridays….you post for friends and everyone that sees that posts adds a comment then all your friends make friends with each other and it spreads quickly…great way to make more friends on MFP

  3. Avatar queen says:

    how does one make friends here?

  4. Avatar mireynolds says:

    Who says you need to bring a friend you already have into MFP? I mean, I totally drag all my real-life friends to MFP, but I have made a TON of friends by searching for others in my area, using my zip code.

    MFP buddies saved me from being totally alone when I lived out of state for a few months. Where else on the internet can you turn to grab some weight-loss oriented hiking buddies?! Pretty much nowhere. My experience in meeting new friends through MFP while I was out of state inspired me to find more friends back home through MFP, and now I have a long distance running buddy! Sweet, right?

    • Avatar Katrina says:

      Can your friends see everything you log (meals, weight, notes, water)? Or is their a “share” type button you can use to share your daily log? Thank you in advance.

  5. Avatar Harmonny says:

    it is very nice. try to add me guys. i am somehow new and i am on and off because sometimes i am bored. anyways, i am starting again so add me up. let’s do this, let’s motivate each other. add me up on sugarberry27

  6. Avatar Naz says:

    I need A lot of support to keep stopping from binging. Can’t seem to do it on my own.

  7. Avatar stephaniehok says:

    hi im not sure how to make friends but im stephaniehok if you wanna be friends

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