Introducing Our New Partner: Sworkit!

by MyFitnessPal
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Introducing Our New Partner: Sworkit!

No-equipment-needed Sworkit workouts now sync with MyFitnessPal!

We are excited to announce our newest partnership with fitness app Sworkit! Sworkit guides you through 5-60 minute circuit training workouts that require no equipment. With Sworkit, there’s no excuse not to work out!

Like a personal trainer, Sworkit helps you target specific body areas and decide how long you want to exercise. It then guides you through 30-second intervals and tells you which exercises to perform and when to change – creating different workouts every time. Once you get moving with Sworkit, you can create custom workouts that select just the exercises right for you – ideal when recovering from injuries, for sport-specific workouts, and more.

Sworkit is compatible with both iOS and Android, and features a regular and pro version. The pro version includes additional features such as verbal exercise cues, the ability to save multiple custom workouts, stat tracking, goal-setting, and access to bonus workouts – all for only $.0.99!

Through this partnership with MyFitnessPal, now all of your calories burned, minutes completed, and workout types completed with Sworkit sync automatically to your exercise diary! Sworkit’s no-equipment-needed exercises and direct syncing with MyFitnessPal makes exercising and keeping track of your progress easier than ever.

Interested in learning more about Sworkit and getting it linked with your MyFitnessPal account? Go to the Sworkit app page for iPhone/iPad or Android to learn more.

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