Introducing MyFitnessPal Premium

by MyFitnessPal
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Introducing MyFitnessPal Premium

We are beyond thrilled to introduce new features to help you reach your health goals faster.

Starting today, for all users:

  • Verified foods: We now have hundreds of thousands of foods in our database that have been verified for calorie and nutrition content—this will help take the guesswork out of logging.
  • Get better insights with improved graphs: Spot opportunities to improve what you eat by visualizing it in new ways. View your calorie and nutrient intake by day, by week—even by meal!

We’re also introducing a whole new way to use MyFitnessPal: MyFitnessPal Premium.

Upgrade Your MyFitnessPal Experience

Our new Premium product allows you to get more of what you want and less of what you don’t. Features include:

  • Ad-free Experience: Access MyFitnessPal on your Android or iOS device, or on the web, and enjoy all of premium’s awesome features without the distraction of banner ads.
  • VIP Customer Support: Jump to the front of the line when you need help from our world-class customer happiness team.
  • Premium Content: Get access to exclusive MyFitnessPal dietitian-approved original recipes, meal plans and nutrition tips created by our in-house nutrition and coaching team.

Get a smarter, deeper understanding of what you’re eating with the highly customizable nutrient dashboard. Want to pump up your protein or keep a close eye on cholesterol? With our new nutrient dashboard, you see more than just your calorie goal. With one glance, you see progress toward your calorie and your macronutrient goals. No more digging to figure out your progress against macro targets.

premium home ios

Choose from four different profiles for your home screen and graphs to see what matters most to your health. Options include:

  • Macronutrients: Displays your carbs, fat, protein and calories
  • Heart-Healthy: Displays your fat, sodium, cholesterol and calories
  • Carb-Conscious: Displays your carbs, sugars, fiber and calories
  • Custom Summary: Create your own dashboard by selecting any three nutrients. Trying to get your iron up? Watching trans fats? Then this option is for you.
  • Food Analysis: Discover the nutrient breakdown of the foods you eat: Find out which foods are highest in any selected nutrient. One quick glance can tell you which foods will help you cut your sodium intake, for example, or up your fiber.

premium nutrition ios

It’s your food. Track it your way by:

  1. Macronutrient by gram: Set your macro goals by gram, not just percentage.
  2. Quick add macronutrients: Quick Add isn’t just for calories anymore; you can instantly input grams of fat, protein and carbs.
  3. Control your exercise calories: Now, YOU can decide whether or not to add the calories you burn to your daily goal (and how to allocate those extra macros).
  4. Set different calorie and macro goals for each day of the week: Need more calories on the weekend or extra carbs on training days? No problem. Set different nutrition goals for different days.

premium daily goals android

MyFitnessPal users can upgrade to Premium via our website or via the latest versions of our Android and iOS apps. Areas of MyFitnessPal with features enhanced by a Premium membership will present an upgrade option to standard users. For additional information about Premium membership, please visit our FAQ page.

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118 responses to “Introducing MyFitnessPal Premium”

  1. Avatar My Name Is Oliver Queen says:

    No way am I paying for MFP whilst the rot are present on the forums!! They are driving people away to alternative apps because of their rabid pack mentality! Even when proven wrong, they all gang up on the other posters until people take their sides.

    • Avatar Glenn Bolton says:

      Well, that part won’t change whether free or paid. What you need to do is pick the tools that work best for you and ignore the rabid pack mentality. IRL, that happens at paid WW meetings too. Been there, done that.

  2. Avatar Docmarr says:

    Would this upgrade require downloading a new app? I have 1255 continuous days logging plus a huge bank of recipes that I’ve input over the last few years. I wouldn’t want to lose those in a transfer.

    • Avatar Glenn Bolton says:

      According the FAQ, it simply upgrades your current app, thus not impacting your membership itself. IF by chance it does reset, just contact support and they can put it back to where it was. They’re good that way.

  3. Avatar Glenn Bolton says:

    MFP, I knew this day was coming. Especially with Under Armor’s acquisition. While some of us members have asked for a Premium availability to get rid of the ads and to add features, the $9.99/month or $49/yr is quite high. I’m all for paying for what’s worth paying for, but for the level of service provided, you may want to consider an introductory offer of $1.99/month or $20/yr. AS you add more premium features, then raise your price. It looks like you went premium on the price and not on the added features….and remember, there are other free choices out there. So make it worth it.

    • Avatar Jody O'Grady says:

      You really hit the nail right on the head!!

    • Avatar Alisha says:

      So true, I would by into the lower cost

    • Avatar James says:

      Here here!

    • Avatar Kaisey Sabine Braun says:

      Anyone know of any coupon codes?

      • Avatar Glenn Bolton says:

        I emailed them incessantly about this….they are holding to the value of the Premium and no codes…at this time.

    • Avatar TheMeckMan says:

      Or offer a tiered path to the Premium (i.e. a non-subscription option) that enabled some or all of the added software features (i.e. new graphs and metrics) minus the “health trainer/nutritionist/customer support” features.

      Most apps have a premium version that enables such higher end software features minus adds and tend to charge between 2-10 dollars. A subscription of 10/month is insane given that most of the data is crowd-sourced and I wouldn’t be clamoring to engage any of the nutrionists let alone their recipes (I have dozens of cook books and as my friends tell me an 5 star cook). Basically open it up to others. At 10/month the carrot just isn’t delicious enough and if they nerf the free version we’ll just jump to another provider who can suck in all our data from MFP.

      While I’d prefer a fee inline with other apps I’d be willing to pay a one time of up to $30 if it was enough to get the subscription monkeys off my back for a “Gold” edition. But that’s only because I know the business suites are a greedy lot and needs to be wowed by $$ and not $.

    • Avatar Mirta Ana Schultz says:

      Way too high. If it was 2.99 a month, I’d sign up.

  4. Avatar Fanatoli Guyoff says:

    LOL 9.99. I like MFP but pass. That’s way expensive.

  5. Avatar jacksonpt says:

    Unlike most of the other comments, I think this sounds pretty good. Many of the added features are things I’ve been hoping for for years, and $50 for an annual subscription is what, 6 trips to Starbucks, which may people do in a week? That seems fair to me. My only hesitation is how buggy the current app has been… I’d hate to be paying for something that didn’t work well/as advertised.

    • Avatar Evil Otaku says:

      What in the ever loving *expletive deleted* are you getting at Starbucks? It’s like 60 bucks a year for me, and I go at least weekly.

      • Avatar James Abner says:

        I know this is an old post, but had to comment… Really??? The only way to go to Starbucks weekly and only spend $60 per year is to just get water. There are 52 weeks in a year, what are you buying there for $1.20?

  6. Avatar Vicki Arven says:

    A month??? Geez! Way too pricey!

  7. Avatar Sebo says:

    I really like this app, but 10/4 bucks a month is just not acceptable.
    I’d be willing to buy the app, let’s say for up to 15€ once to get rid of commercials and to support the developers, but membership fees are just not on.

  8. Avatar Heather says:

    Where can I find the meal plan option they said is premium?

  9. Avatar Jamie Parris says:

    Love the app, but not the price. Way too pricey when I can get the same for free elsewhere.

  10. Avatar Max LaChat says:

    I already pay Under Armor $30 a year for a MapMyFitness account. Would prefer something more in line with the other premium accounts we have with UA, or at least give existing UA members a discount.

  11. Avatar Gruntus says:

    Some very good improvements…..not worth $9.99 per month though. Overpriced.

  12. Avatar djthomp says:

    It’s a shame you added so many bugs in the same update you added a ridiculous monthly cost. I cannot change my daily calorie goal, adjusting the serving size on a food item doesn’t work at all, and the weekly nutrition chart is showing a daily line that isn’t either my old value or the new value I was trying to set.

    Fix your bugs.

  13. Avatar Lovetoad says:

    I wont be upgrading, the price is not reasonable or good value for money (& I expect the cost in £’s would mean a further rip off).

  14. Avatar Matthew Whelpton says:

    I very much like these new features. I can’t say I’m shocked by the pricing, though it is on the high side. But I am willing to pay for a feature rich and flexible experience that integrates well with other devices and services. But I have to say that I am none to happy that you are charging Android users this for a premium experience and still not supporting Android Wear. Please show us a little respect!

  15. Avatar vice86 says:

    For 9.99/month do you let me see my darn weight forecast if I eat under 1200 calories for the day? What an annoying change to MFP.

  16. Avatar nevereverend says:

    Hahahahah. You’re kidding right? I’d consider a one time payment of $50. But MFP is not worth a subscription fee, especially at these prices. Underarmor needs to get their head out of their backsides.

  17. Avatar Darren says:

    No way. Subs way to high for what you get. Would rathet see intro price for us users being here for some time or a ‘reasonable’ one off fee. Otherwise I’ll stick to free thanks. Not sure how long it will stay free though??????

  18. Avatar Brydie Bray-Connors says:

    10$ a month is a bit much…. I would be interested in this, as I love MFP… but I was assuming it would be something more along the lines of 3-4$ a month, max…. Good luck with it though!

    • Avatar Jesslyn Hendrix says:

      Maybe for $4.99/mo. not $10

      • Avatar Jim Livingston says:

        $4.99 a month would be $60 a year, $10 more than the $50 a year it is now. Got math?

        • Avatar Jesslyn Hendrix says:

          Got comprehension? There is a $9.99/mo offering.

          • Avatar Jim Livingston says:

            But there is a $50 a year option, making it FAR less than the $4.99 a month you require. Got logic?

          • Avatar Taylor Kimiko says:

            Both of you are right, and here’s some logic for you Jim: if you did 12 mo at 9.99 it would be $120, the cheaper price is the incentive to do a year contract. I’m sure if the monthly price was $4.99 they would accordingly lower the yearly rate. Either way- it’s too expensive for the market.

          • Avatar Tony Barhoum says:

            I just use calorie King, it cost me AUD$9.00 for a once up fee, I’ve been using it now for several years, and yes, it gets updated regularly, now that’s what I call ” companies who care ”

  19. Avatar Caz says:

    Woah! $10/month?? I read through those features and thought it would be a one-off $5 upgrade to ad-free. You have seriously overestimated the value of the premium features! I was prepared to throw a few bucks your way because I love your app and it has had such an impact on my life, but that’s insane. Let me contribute $5/year and don’t give me access to the meal plans/recipes, which are undoubtedly American-style meals anyway and unlikely to be very useful to those of us outside the US.

  20. Avatar labelladona85 says:

    Hahaha! No.

  21. Avatar Rachael Katherine says:

    How about losing the ads and no extra features for a one off fee to purchase the app upgrade?

  22. Avatar Jody O'Grady says:

    I am not sure about this. That is kind of expensive. The reason I joined was because it’s free. I think you should have offered a one month free trial. Jut so we could see what it is all about.

  23. Avatar Jody O'Grady says:

    That seems a little expensive. The reason I joined was because it was free. Maybe you should have offered members a 30-day free trial to see if it would be worth money at all.

    • Avatar Chris says:

      I find it very difficult to support apps that do not offer free trails. I love this app, but may search for another. Do you know if any of the original “free” features were taken away from the free app?

  24. Avatar Lai Yeu Huan says:

    Doesn’t seem to be worth the money. I’d pay 9.99 one off for this. It may have taken time to verify all those foods but really the current database is fine. The rest are just recipes and charts. I would pay for more capabilities. Like searching my past entries. Like easy marking if favourite foods. Like long progress charting (years please not months).

  25. Avatar jared says:

    Some good ideas in the updates but way too expensive. $9.99 for a one time payment for the same features would be fine, you guys must make a lot of money off of the current adds to justify that price point

  26. Avatar Deanna Schave says:

    I think that the $10 mo or $50 a year is to high. I have used this site faithfully for over a year because it is free. It has had few bugs but since free I have overlooked that. I would pay $10-20 max.

  27. Avatar MILE says:

    How about you fix your horrific localization for German and other languages before you ask me to pay for “premium”…?! 😉

    This is such a mess on all platforms — from the web page to the mobile apps and even the little text that is on the Apple Watch.

  28. Avatar Cass Brunette says:

    I’d love to pay to support you, but you’re really not offering enough features here for $10/month… Or just in general. Most of this is a slight convenience which takes away maybe 3 or 4 button clicks. Can’t you add more to premium so it feels worth buying? I know the servers and databases must be expensive, but $10/month for negligible features?

    Also, really? A heart healthy dashboard shows sodium… Despite evidence that sodium itself isn’t much of a problem?

  29. Avatar wahelga says:

    Any chance of a Windows for phones verdion?

  30. Avatar Jim Livingston says:

    Lovin’ the new features. Well worth the $4 a month!

  31. Avatar Heather Madsen says:

    I agree. MFP is great but can’t be priced as Netflix or Hulu. And as Glenn said, there are other options out there. I’m still not sure the value of the premium service.

  32. Glad to see you are updating the platform. However I have 2 criticisms.

    1: $9.99 is far too expensive to show me Macro breakdowns. I, like many others use Ad Block Plus so don’t see ads anyhow. Provide your users with a better value proposition or lower that price. MFP’s biggest asset is the food database. Leverage it. If I was running the companies I would licences API calls to the data base so 3 party developers could build more niche and tailored applications and gain access to your database for a fee. Less work for you guys and you reach a much wider target market. Apps tailored for niches such as IIFYM, Vegans, Diabetics etc…could be built rather than having a one size fits all solution.

    2: Windows. I know you have a Windows Phone app, but let’s be honest. It is mediocre and doesn’t have half of the feature set the iOS and Android versions have. I has basically become abandonware. I have started to use BIng Health and Fitness which, while having a tiny food database, it is easy to add my own foods and reuse them. it does the daily macro breakdown that you will offer in your premium version. Windows 10 will be on 1 billion devices within 3 years. You should not ignore this platform. The majority of your users will be using Windows for 8 hours a day while at work. Build a universal app for Windows so these people can track their calories while at work. A billion devices should not be ignored.

    If you want to talk more about what I have spoken about, I would be happy to speak to you guys. Despite my critiscms, I love MFP and it was something I used religiously for years.

  33. Avatar Kitty says:

    Some of the disappointments for me with this:

    1. No ability to try out premium before committing.

    2. Apparently you still can’t export information from MFP. I really want to be able to do this. Inconceivable that paying customers don’t get that. I would pay to be able to export.

    3. The prettier graphs for the iPhone app are great. But, why no similar upgrades for the desktop version. I do use the phone app a lot but I also use the online option on my desktop computer. Why can’t we have the same ease of use with that as with the phone app?

    4. The premium price is too expensive for what you get. I was going to sign up but $50 a year for what you get with no exporting isn’t enough.

    • Avatar TheMeckMan says:

      Sure it won’t let you export but as a programmer if you can access it via the app or a browser than software can be written to extract it. I’ve never really looked but I’m sure someone has tried it.

  34. Avatar Evil Otaku says:

    I was begging for an ad free version, but I wasn’t begging to get ripped off. This isn’t Evernote, guys.

    I had a really bad feeling about that Under Armour acquisition, and I was right

  35. Avatar James says:

    Glad I checked this out before today’s clinic. I routinely advise patients to use MFP. It has always been reliable, now some had complained that is was buggy especially on Android but most on iOS were fine. Now you introduce a charge which will put most off, they will be seeing you as yet another business cashing in on their health problems. A reasonable fee especially to remove the adds would have been tolerable, even indicated some commitment in my patients, but this is too much and I suppose I can assume that the UK price will in no way reflect a fair exchange rate. Reading the comments it isn’t ready for market yet: so fix the bugs and make it cheaper or lose!

  36. Avatar Kathryn says:

    Far to expensive, I’ll stick to the freebie thanks x

  37. Avatar John Elliott says:

    A subscription to WLR is £9.99/mo in the UK, £6.95/mo done yearly.

    The difference is:
    No integration with fitness trackers or any 3rd party sites.
    No barcode scanner or mobile app, but website is mobile friendly

    The big thing for me is that the WLR database is 100% UK foods and not filled with a million useless entries, so I am able to spend a lot less time finding the right one and reading packaging or duplicating entries.

    If I’ve got to pay somebody to calorie count, even without the integration and the barcode scanner, I’m seriously not sure who I’d prefer to pay…..

  38. Avatar Theresa “Resie” W. says:

    9.99 is a complete rip off, 2.99 a month or 30$ annual fee is fair.

  39. Avatar Bob M says:

    I’m up for paying a little for the little extra Premium offers but not $50/yr until more is offered.

  40. Avatar TheFluffyOne says:

    I think enough people have commented on the price, so I’ll leave that one alone.

    For me the main issue with MFP is the poor quality of the food database. The idea of verified entries is all well and good, but in the last week I’ve seen maybe two verified entries out of the hundred or so items I’ve entered.

    The key issues I’ve seen:
    * Company names aren’t normalised and product spellings are all over the shop. Want to find your cornflakes? You’ll find them under Kelloggs, Kellogs, Keloggs, Kelogs, and Kellogg’s. Good luck if you’re after Kellogg’s Muesli…
    * There’s no standard way to flag an entry as country- or region-specific — putting the country name in the company or product fields isn’t a proper solution. I almost always want to see UK entries before I see US entries.
    * A huge number of people don’t know the difference between salt and sodium. Many (if not most) UK entries have the sodium entry populated with the salt value from the product packet, which means the value is 2.5 times higher than it should be.
    * The nutritional composition of packaged foods will change over time; the food database has no concept to support this. So as new versions of products are released, people notice that the ‘old’ entry is wrong and create a new entry with the updated values. And this in part leads to…
    * The amount of duplication is just nuts.

    I understand that these issues are a result of crowd-sourcing your data, but some relatively simple changes would increase the quality of the food DB for everyone.

    Now *that* I’d pay for.

    • Avatar Tony Barhoum says:

      I’ve found that the database is so so huge that I no longer know which is the correct food to choose. The basics that people use every day are well and good , but it gets messy and confusing and very inaccurate when you choose foods that are inputed by , who knows how many other users .

  41. Avatar Michael J Saxton says:

    free is free. has enough without having to pay $10 a month. you guys are getting little to proud of yourselves

  42. Avatar EvaB says:

    Not worth the price:(

  43. Avatar Sydney says:

    I wish we could try premium for 30 days for free before committing. And while I’d love to track my macros better and at the exact grams I specify and, opt not to use exercise calories, I don’t want to pay $10 for it. That’s ridiculous.

    • Avatar Tony Barhoum says:

      And in Australia it’s $12.99 a month, like um, hello, not even my unlimited video subscription is that expensive

  44. Avatar Wes Howarth says:

    Good improvements but not worth $10 a month, that is exhorbinate … I don’t need recepies from a nutritionist who will never speak to me.

    MFP is good for tracking nutrients and energy consumption/expenditure but not good enough to warrant $10 per month, being in the UK we’d get ripped off even more by some crazy exchange rate.

    Hopefully you’ll fix the bugs you’ve been adding regularly in recent updates…

  45. Avatar Vicki Andrews says:

    Paying for something that should be free is ridiculous. There are plenty of other apps out there that count calories and claim to aid weight loss.

    To be fair to mfp it was only a matter of time before they released a paid version. They are dictated to by Under Armour (or whatever they call themselves) after all!

    • Avatar Chris Hill says:

      “Paying for something that should be free is ridiculous”

      why should it be free? what a stupid assumption.

      • Avatar omgstfualready says:

        I know. People expect all the workers at MFP to be doing it for fun and not get paid? All the servers MFP needs to run the site? Taxes, benefits, overhead (rent/utilities). Those bills have to be paid! Advertisers pay to be on MFP and that gets us a free site. But that’s the cost we pay, just not financial. So now there is an option, it’s not mandatory!

        • Avatar Frazzledbaker says:

          While you make a good point, MFP was started merely as a money maker, selling ads (initially). I’m sure you have heard of Craigslist, that company is making changes as well and they don’t charge us to post. The point is, since MFP was started as a For Profit business, they should listen to their users, and then maybe Under Armour can begin to see their ROI.

          • Avatar omgstfualready says:

            They are listening to their users I think. Those that want no ads and more bells and whistles can get them if they think the cost is worth the benefit. I don’t so I’m cool with the free version. They are options available to all. They aren’t (that I’m aware of) diminishing the existing capabilities we’ve grown to love on the free version and making people pay to get what they’ve already becoming used to using. That would be disappointing. But I have no issue with this roll out even though I’ll not be participating in the new service.

    • Avatar omgstfualready says:

      Why should it be free? Please explain how the people that work so very hard to run this site should do it for you for nothing? The paid site is not mandatory. Feel ‘free’ to not use it. Others may want it.

  46. Avatar H70 says:

    Whoa. I love MFP and was actually considering paying for a service upgrade – something I RARELY do – but $9.99/month?? I expected $2 or so.

  47. Avatar Ben says:

    I’m quite a fan of MFP but it needs tweaking to better suit low carb/ketogenic diet tracking. Being able to set carb/protein goals by gram is a good start but hardly worth US$10 a month…. maybe $5 one-off in app purchase. Macro graph needs a show net carb option (total carb – fibre) and there needs to be a local edit function on foods to fix missing or incorrect nutritional info. Oh, and the new graphing and nutrient displays run terribly slow; sort out the performance in the current update, cater to the LCHF crowd, then we can talk about charging extra.

    • Avatar Sheski says:

      I just saw the premium off today and the first screen that popped up about it claimed low carb and keto values, but it had no further info on the learn more link, so I had to do a search to find this page to see that it did not have the net or active carb values at a glance. Thank you for specifying this in your post, I was not quite curious enough to spend $9.99 for a trial month to find out.

  48. Avatar Frazzledbaker says:

    I have to agree with the $ being unreasonable. Basic database programs should all you to export your data. The ads I could care less about, same as on TV. I can’t remember the last time I watched a live show (DVR). Further, with Under Armor in the decision making position, they should ask users for recommendations for improvement. I’ll start, MFP – get at least 1 (ONE) wearable that is accurate.

  49. Avatar Dale Therio says:

    I don’t have a problem paying a fair amount for a fair set of enhancements. At present, the cost/value proposition just doesn’t work out for me.

    $29.99 (one-time payment) per year would be reasonable, with a $3.99 monthly, recurring payment for those not wanting to go for the whole year up front.

    Those price points I suggest are more in line with what the majority of people would be willing to pay. The $3.99 a month is low enough to let people try it out for a month or two before upgrading to a yearly membership.


  50. Avatar Juan Rodriguez says:

    Compared to Plex pricing this is way, way, WAY over priced… Minimum 1/3rd the price to start, MAYBE go up as you add features.

  51. Avatar Josh says:

    Seriously?! $10 a month for so features is ridiculous. No way I’m paying that. Why have a monthly price anyway? No one wants to pay monthly for something like this. One time fee, then it’s yours. That’s they way people want to pay for things. It’s not a gym membership.

  52. Avatar Aaron says:

    Wow!! You’re insane to think you can charge $10 per month for an “ad free” experience.

    1- update all the foods and normalize the entries, why are there hundreds of different options for the same basic foods??

    2- this should be a one time purchase, DEFINITELY NOT a monthly subscription.

    3- you’re getting our email addresses and marketing to us, if you take care of the hard core dedicated users here, we would buy a lot more Under Armour gear and rep your brand everywhere we go. Isn’t that what you really want anyway??

  53. Avatar Debra Bishop says:

    Wow, I’ve been a member for over 5 years and would be happy to pay for an ad-free upgrade with macros on my front page, but Under Armor is alienating me with this outrageous fee scale without any premium improvements. Business 101 – take over, win over, then profit. Another company fixated on profits vs integrity. I’ll stick to free until they see the light (I hope).

  54. Avatar Kira Thaler Marbit says:

    I would buy if you offered something that kept track of fruit, veg, grain, protein, and fat servings. All the info is there just not aggregated for me.

  55. Avatar Randy Hamilton says:

    Yes, do the ‘Romney’ please… lower the rate, broaden the base. You will make far more $$$

  56. Avatar Abigail Christian says:

    Great, I love MFP but way too expensive. I am going to switch on MyMacros+. I know I have to pay to get in via Apps (in my iPhone). However, I only pay once and it’s way cheaper in the long run. MM+ does the same thing with your PREMIUM. *leaving MFP*

  57. Avatar Lyn Schoo says:

    Oh for fox sake! I’ve only been trying, unsuccessfully, to connect Endomondo to MyFitnessPal for a year! The settings show you can connect them but I never get my workouts linked to MFP. I have been waiting for this day so I can kick MapMyRide to the curb…..both companies are owned by Under Armour so it’s really odd that it’s taken this long. Yippee, is all I can say. Endomondo is so easy to use, loads faster than MMR, has the better UI and allows me to access music while I workout and gives me feedback on the FREE version. I wish Endomondo had more workout options and recognized that Not all Yoga classes are created equal, Ashtanga yoga is going to burn way more calories than Hatha! And why don’t they recognize CrossFit or BodyPump?
    I’m so happy I can finally link Endomondo with MyFitnessPal, life just got sweeter! Thank you!!

    • Avatar Lyn Schoo says:

      Urg, am I to understand the ONLY way I can link MFP and Endomondo is by going premium on MFP? What the fox!? That’s such a load of steaming cow poop. I’m so disappointed by this, especially since MFP does not state clearly in their settings that this option can only be accessed by Premium members. What a gyp. Guess I’m dumping MFP and Endomondo and going low tech for my fitness. After all, I know how to work hard and know how to stay healthy.

  58. Avatar Flo Oo says:

    To expansive…i rather use fatsecret then…

  59. Avatar Thad Hankins says:

    Well said!

  60. Avatar Rob Alfieri says:

    I love this app. Have used it for years, but this subscription price is way too high. I agree with Glenn, it should be less than $2/month. This app is extremely popular and I think you’ll make up the difference in volume.

  61. Avatar RobW says:

    Seeing that some mfp ads link to viruses .. I see the fifty a year a small price for peace of mind…

  62. Avatar brooklynn says:

    The premium version cost money

  63. Avatar Genie says:

    Congratulations. So the people who can afford to pay and buy things that are advertised won’t see the adverts but the people who can’t afford to pay and can’t afford to buy the things in the adverts will see the adverts. If I was an advertiser, there would be absolutely no point in me paying to advertise through your site. Bit of an own goal there.

  64. Avatar Jame says:

    This might be more tempting if the premium also offered access to premium features on other UnderArmour apps like Mapmyrun and Mapmyride. Till all of that is integrated, I’ll pass.

  65. Avatar FitLizIsTheBiz says:

    Lets maximize our fitness! Check out this new app the FitCoin download now. App synchs with your calorie tracking device i.e. fitbit, and converts your calories into virtual money. Thats it! Its that simple yet genius. Purchase gift certificates, discounts or promotional items with your calories burned. Now thats my idea of motivation and support for being fit and health conscious. Happy Tracking!

  66. Avatar nihongo suki says:

    I am from Spain and the bank data of the food is poor, maybe is complete in USA but at Europe they need to work a lot, there are many food that is incomplete

  67. Avatar Anne-Marie Hoskinson says:

    Way way WAY too expensive, especially when areas of MFP (Recipes, I’m looking at you) are still WAY too buggy and unstable.

  68. Avatar Deb J says:

    I love MFP but $10 per month is ridiculous & not even offering a trial offer to let people see why they feel it is worth this much!. I will not pay and I am more inclined to look for another app/site as at this moment I am truly sic of being prompted to “go premium” every time i use the app.

  69. Avatar Taylor Kimiko says:

    100% the funniest part of this article is that MFP is soooo excited about Premium and NOT ONE user is. Way to listen to your market MFP, you’re really lucky Lose It! is complete trash.

  70. Avatar Kelly says:

    Does the premium version track vitamin K? I’d be willing to pay for it if it did. I love the app but not the track my vitamin K with my Blood thinners. I’m trying to confirm that it does before I put the money into it. Any suggestions?

  71. Avatar Alex Serrao says:

    This is really unbelievable that you would start to charge a monthly rate for just changing and working with macros. I was a big fan of myfitnesspal but I will no longer be using it. Anybody can count calories. The whole reason I use the app is for macronutrients. Clearly its about the money over the people. Peace Out MFP.

  72. Extreme OverPricing by Under Armour.

    Premium is now available in Europe for the Extreme price of 9.99 euros a month.
    I can only assume this extreme overpricing of basic products applies to all of their products.

  73. Avatar Christina Taylor says:

    If you break down the $49 yearly price, it ends up being $4 a month, which is a really great price for what they have to offer if you ask me.

  74. Avatar Christina Taylor says:

    When you pay $49, it is only $4 a month. I do believe there should be a 7 day money back guarantee or a free trial. People want to see what they are paying for. Give them 7 days to review the product and see if they like it. But asking $4 a month is not a whole lot for what they have put into the website. I still would like to try it before I committed a whole year to it because $10 a month is too much.

  75. Avatar Diabetus in da House says:

    Other apps like this offer medication spaces to input medications and blood sugars, is that in the works or do I need to buy a different app

  76. Avatar lydia260 says:

    What I would really like is the ability to create a custom meal structure – place snacks between meals, or add extra meals. I would upgrade if it could do that.

  77. Avatar Monica says:

    I have been looking for an app that will allow me to track a specific nutrient, such as Vitamin D or whatever. If I am going to pay premium, then I want to track more than just the handful that are on the nutrition label. Many foods actually have a full assay. It is very little to simply display more of what has been entered beyond A, C, calcium and iron.

  78. Avatar Jean Tremblay says:

    I wish I could afford it (FitnessPal premium), being close to 70 and stuck on a “fix income” which was a nice 15 years ago, but now it’s getting close to the borderline “poor house”… Making ends meet is getting harder every year even adding a small amount ($) a month can be detrimental on the long run… Too bad most of these tools are geared for the younger middle class croud. My dogs and I walk (the only thing I can really afford to do) about 10 to 15 k a day (250k to 400k steps a month) day and I need to track my progress… You should lower your prices to make it more affordable to everyone (young and old), add a student and/or senior discount…

  79. Avatar Ian MacGregor says:

    I’ll try the free app and if the extra content is needed, or ads start to annoy then I will look elsewhere. Too expensive for something that can be done on a basic spreadsheet.

  80. Avatar John Smith says:

    I don’t want to pay an ongoing monthly fee. Jerks. A one-off payment perhaps, but not ongoing….

  81. Avatar Paige Winter says:

    I don’t like the way this is communicated. Tracking your macros by grams per meal and per day was something we could do for free for years. This is NOT a new feature, which is the label it is given to justify being a Premium option. How about this? Give us the old app back for free and let those who want all the other fancy stuff pay for that version of the app. I personally never used anything other than the macro counter daily diary. It was simple and straight forward. Believe it or not, there are people in the world who aren’t lacking in common sense and critical thinking skills, so trying to trick your established users into thinking a feature they used every day is now “new” is insulting.

  82. Avatar John Wagenman says:

    I pay $10/mo for my gym. Even at $4/mo for the annual price I don’t think it’s worth it.
    I would be willing to pay $1-2/mo for a simple database app that doesn’t require much upkeep.
    My app says 15k people upgraded this week alone. That’s $60k/mo at the $4/mo price and if membership numbers are to be believed then you have approx 80 mil members or about $320k/mo minimum.
    This app is not worth that. Nice work though, I’m jealous.
    Edit: my bad, I see here more recently 165mil members, so double that.

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