How to Copy Meals from Friends & Family

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How to Copy Meals from Friends & Family

Ok, so you’ve made friends and started sharing your diary with them. If any of these pals are close friends or family members, chances are you do some eating together, too.

One of the perks of sharing diaries is being able to copy meals from one diary to another. Say, you and a friend share a dish or order the same items at a restaurant. You can copy the meal right from their diary into your own—or if you’re nice, let them copy it from yours!

In addition to making logging easier, this feature can also support your commitment to make healthier food choices. For example, when life gets hectic and you’re too busy to meal plan, simply scan a friend’s diary for healthy meal ideas, find something you like that’s quick to prepare and eat the same thing. With just the click of a button or tap of your finger, the meal is logged. Just be sure to adjust the serving size if needed, and don’t over salt!

On the Web:
On your friend’s profile page, “View Diary,” then Quick Tools under the meal you wish to copy, and select “Copy to Today” or “Copy to Date.”

Note: If your friend has added a fifth or sixth meal to his or her diary, you’ll need to also have fifth or sixth meals in your diary.

For iPhone, iPad and Android users:

  • Tap the “Friends” page
  • iPhone and Android only: next tap the “Friends” tab from the options on this page.
  • Tap on a Friend who has shared diary with you, then tap “View Diary.”
  • Tap the wrench icon (image of icon) next to the meal you wish to copy, then tap “Copy Meal to Date” or “Copy Meal to Today.”

Note: App users may experience issues if their friends have used custom meal names.

For a more detailed explanation, check out the FAQ page about Copying Meals.

Happy logging!

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