MyFitnessPal 2013 Health & Fitness Gift Guide

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Put a bib on and drool over this list of gadgets and goodies for the health-and-wellness seeker in your life!

At MyFitnessPal HQ we’ve managed to sail through the season with our scales unscathed (so far – fingers crossed). Yes, we’ve indulged on occasion but we’ve dutifully tracked our exercises and logged our eating in MyFitnessPal.

Between bites of our Registered Dietitian Elle’s scrumptious remixed Sausage-Egg Nests, we’ve been trading notes about the health and fitness gadgets and gifts that are on our own holiday wish lists.

If you’re looking for gift ideas for the health-and-wellness seeker in your life, we’ve got you covered! Check out this drool-worthy list of 13 must-have health and fitness gifts, both high-tech and low.

1. Meal Planning Subscription

Price: Starting at 4.95/mo
Perfect for: The harried family chef

Know someone who wants to eat healthier but might need a little help? Give the gift of meal planning! There are a bunch of options for meal planning gifts.


CookSmarts offers great dinner meal plans with printable grocery lists & prep guides for vegetarian, paleo or gluten-free diets. Use code HOLIDAYJOY for 20% off gift subscriptions through 12/31/13.

For those who want to cut down on take-out, The Fresh 20 offers lunch meal plans and are currently offering 25% off gift certificates.

If you know someone who already has a large collection of healthy recipes bookmarked and just needs help getting organized, Plan to Eat helps their customers create meal plans using their own recipes when they want them.

2Coupon for a Buddy Workout

Price: None
Platforms: All
Perfect for: Everyone!

myfitnesspal workout buddy coupon

Give the gift of commitment to someone you care about! Might they need a little push when it comes to working out? Download and print this coupon and make a booklet for someone you love!

Special promo for MyFitnessPal users: It’s free! 😉

3. Fitbit trackers and Aria Wi-Fi Smart scale

Price: Trackers start at &59.95; Fitbit Aria $129.95
Platforms: iOS, Android
Perfect for: Public transit commuter or students

Fitbit trackers and Aria scale.

Fitbit trackers & Aria scale

Fitbit Trackers help you turn your everyday life into a path to fitness, tracking steps, distance, and calories burned. The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale measures your weight, body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI) to provide a full picture of your weight trends. Both sync to MyFitnessPal.


4. Healthy Reading

Price: $16-19
Platforms: Coffee tables
Perfect for: Anyone interested in healthy eating

5. Withings Pulse and Wi-Fi scales

Price: Pulse $99.95; Scales starting at $99.95
Platforms: iOS, Android
Perfect for: The heart-conscious exerciser

The Withings Pulse adds heart rate measurement and automatic run detection to the tracking of steps, distance, elevation and calories burned, and more. The Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale is an elegant device that measures your weight and body fat and automatically syncs to MyFitnessPal.

Withings Pulse and scale.

Withings Pulse and scale

Exclusive offer for MFP users! Get 15% off + free shipping on the Withings Pulse until 12/31 with code: MYFITNESSPAL. Good for the purchase of one Pulse.


6. Kitchen Fun

Price: $9-$18
Platforms: Any kitchen surface, really
Perfect for: Home cooks who want to keep healthy

The Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper is a fun no-electricity-needed way to quickly chop up veggies for a salad or garnish. The super-cute Zoku Mini Lolly Maker Set is perfect for making little ice pops with your favorite healthy juice. Chef’n ZipStrip Herb Zipper solves the nagging little problem of how to easily strip herbs from their stems. Stemsational!


7. Finis Swimsense Performance Monitor

Price: $149.95
Platforms: N/A
Perfect for: The swimmer in your life

The Swimsense Performance Monitor straps onto the wrist like a watch and uses accelerometers, magnetometers and patent-pending proprietary algorithms to track and analyze your swim and syncing it to MyFitnessPal. Water deal!

Finis Swimsense.


8. Fitbug Air

Price: $49.95
Platforms: iOS, Android
Perfect for: Anyone wanting a little more encouragement to be active

Fitbug Air helps you take small strides to improve activity and diet so you feel and look great. Connect Fitbug to your MyFitnessPal account and upload your activity to receive an accurate measure of your calories burned.



9. Lumo Back

Price: $149.95
Platforms: iOS, Android
Perfect for: The office worker

Lumo Back helps you monitor and correct poor posture by gently vibrating every time it senses you slumping down. Lumo Back also tracks your daily activities like steps, sitting, standing, running, and sleeping, and syncs it all to your MyFitnessPal profile. Back track with Lumo Back!

Lumo Back

Special Promo code: Receive a $30 INSTANT REBATE when you use the checkout code “HOLIDAY”. 


10. Wahoo Fitness

Price: RFLKT $129.99; Blue HR 69.99; Balance scale 79.99
Platforms: iOS
Perfect for: Intense fitness buffs

Wahoo Fitness has an entire family of connected fitness devices that track your weight and BMI, heart rate and calories burned during a workout, or time and distance while you ride. Wahoo devices connect to MyFitnessPal to update your activity log automatically. Say woohoo for Wahoo!

Wahoo RFLKT, Blue HR, and Balance scale.

Wahoo RFLKT, Blue HR, and Balance scale

Special Offer for MyFitnessPal users: Receive 10% off the Blue HR, the Wahoo Balance Scale, and the RFLKT bike computer through January 1! Enter the code “MyWahooPal” at checkout.


11. BodyMedia

Price: Link $119.00; Core $89.00
Platforms: iOS
Perfect for: On-the-go fitness fans

BodyMedia’s Link and Core, two validated and highly-accurate multi-sensor armbands, automatically tracks your calories around the clock, helping you lose weight. The revolutionary system is proven to improve weight loss by 3X!


BodyMedia armband system

By connecting your BodyMedia Armband to your MyFitnessPal account, your daily calorie goal will automatically be adjusted to take into account your activity level as measured by your BodyMedia Armband.


13. Goji Play By Blue Goji

Price: $99.99
Platforms: iOS
Perfect for: Video game lovers

Goji Play is a brand-new way to exercise that transforms your exercise equipment into a world of games, making your workout engaging and fun. Strap Goji Play to an elliptical trainer, treadmill, exercise bike, or nearly any piece of cardio equipment and play a variety of games on your tablet. Track your calories, distance, and time, and post your progress to your MyFitnessPal account!

Goji Play.


13. Schwinn By Nautilus

Price: Starting at $399
Platforms: Preferably the floor
Perfect for: The home cardio buff

Ready for quality cardio workouts that complement your workout goals? With upgraded comfort, an array of customization features and intuitive goal tracking technology, the Schwinn 170 upright bike is a healthier you waiting to happen.

Get in the best shape of your life one pedal at a time with the Schwinn 270. A ventilated seat back and padded contoured seat bring a level of added comfort to virtually every workout.

The top-of-the-line Schwinn 470 trainer offers amazing comfort, improved stability and an array of customizable workout programs to fit virtually anyone’s fitness goals.

Schwinn 170, 270, and 470.

Schwinn 170, 270, and 470

SchwinnConnect to your MyFitnessPal account to automatically adjust your daily calorie goal and import your workout results seamlessly.


So enjoy this season of giving, and from everyone here: Merry Fitness and a Healthy New Year!


The MyFitnessPal Team

P.S. MyFitnessPal strongly recommends putting yourself on your own gift-giving list!

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