August 16, 2017

6 Amazing Sites for Streaming Yoga Classes

Finding the perfect fitness class can turn you into Goldilocks. You need the right location, the right class, the right instructor, the right time ... It's not that you're being picky — the more...
August 11, 2017

Yoga Stretches for Healthy Hips | Five-Pose Yoga Fix

Desk jockeys and jocks, rejoice. If you log hours at the office, run, bike or walk, you probably have tight hip flexors — the muscle responsible for lifting the leg, drawing the knee to the chest...
August 5, 2017

Napercise Class and 5 Reasons to Take a Nap

If you’ve ever thought about skipping the gym and opting for a nap instead, we’ve got some news for you. A fitness club in the UK actually lets you do both. David Lloyd Clubs made international...
August 4, 2017

On My Mat: Inside the Mind of a Yoga Teacher

Yoga is a powerful antidote for stress and anxiety because it grounds us in the present moment. Practicing mindfulness — and presence — on our mat helps clear out the constant mental chatter that...
August 3, 2017

How Bad Sleep Sabotages Your Fitness Goals

You seem to be doing everything right — eating nutrient-dense meals, making time for workouts, taking rest days that help your muscles recover, de-stressing when you can — and still, you may feel...