Calories Don’t Count When…

by MyFitnessPal
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We polled billions of MyFitnessPal users, gathered data from thousands of surveys, and spent weeks conducting millions of door-to-door interviews in neighborhoods worldwide to discover:

april fool's infographic revise

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44 responses to “Calories Don’t Count When…”

  1. Avatar Amanda says:

    Hahaha I was reading this thinking, “whaaaat?” Then got to the bottom. I love April Fools day and I’m the gullible one!!

  2. Avatar Iman says:

    Hahahahhaa thats so cute

  3. Avatar Jill says:

    Too cute. April fools!!

  4. Avatar Abigail Stricker says:

    That’s cute!

  5. Avatar Christine says:

    Love this, lol 🙂

  6. Avatar 1970Php says:

    love this

  7. Avatar Heather says:

    #2 & #13 I’m definitely guilty of doing a time or two…lol

  8. Avatar Esther Demuth Leggett says:

    Only 15?

  9. Avatar David Wellman says:

    After midnight– exactly. Do I log it for that day or the next day or. . .

  10. Avatar Therese McClurg says:

    I like these. I especially like the cookie batter one. I would make some cookies but I can’t keep my hand out of the cookie jar so nobody gets cookies if mama can’t eat cookies! LOL

  11. Avatar Shelgirl says:

    LOL!!! Nice!!

  12. Avatar RangerYasmine says:

    love this

  13. Avatar Cammie Fisher says:

    For me it’s all

  14. Avatar Christina Bauer says:

    This is funny. But #10 is 100% true!!! Grandma won’t be around forever, so you know I’ll eat whatever cake she gives me!

  15. Avatar AmberSnellgrove says:

    My birthday! Or my daughter’s left over pizza rolls…

  16. Avatar Terry Arambatzis says:

    Love It! & Thank you, … I feel better already. 😉 PS Great Marketing Move! I think I will get the App! (y) Thumbs up Icon (in case the parenthesis y does not translate)

  17. Avatar Sara04605 says:

    Or how about you have already closed out your food diary for the night??

  18. Avatar Paula says:

    OK OK….I’ve used one or two of these, but every ONCE IN A WHILE we have to allow ourselves a treat. I know that if I don’t allow myself that treat once in a while, I will get frustrated with eating healthy, and use the excuse that it’s too hard to follow a healthy diet. Gotta get that treat ONCE IN A WHILE!!!

  19. Avatar Rosanne says:

    Why doesn’t strength training count?

  20. Avatar Kathofel says:

    What about when you’re sick? Or pms’ing?

  21. Avatar Michael Tischler says:

    Never feed a fat man after midnight…. Lol

  22. Avatar jimmyt says:

    I lost 100 pounds this year just so I can get verified on fat people hate

    Thanks S%^&lords

  23. Avatar Maddy says:

    Only numbers six to one apply to me.

  24. Avatar Kimberly Leigh Anne Brown says:

    Calories don’t count during “that time of the month” ever. lol

    • Avatar ThatOtherOne says:

      Indeed, they can’t! It’s my stupid body that wants mounds of chocolate; my brain is reeling in horror! I shouldn’t have to count calories that are vociferously protested by my brain and insisted upon by my stupid PMS.

      • Avatar Caty says:

        Ugh, chocolate and Dr. Pepper for me. I’ve been able to at least reduce how much I consume but I can’t just eliminate them during that time.

  25. Avatar Michelle Murray says:

    LOL that was good

  26. Avatar CaramelKurly says:

    After midnight like Gremlins lol

  27. Avatar creativenomad says:

    haha calories don’t count when im traveling!

    • Avatar Kelly O says:

      If you bought the food at a gas station (and that includes those awesome tacos and/or barbecue at hole in the wall joints) then it doesn’t count.

  28. Avatar ILove2Run says:

    Yeah right! Everything that goes in your mouth counts!!!!

  29. Avatar Paige Blogger says:

    I always seem to lose weight if I stop eating after 7pm.

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