Burn and Earn Calories with miCoach and MyFitnessPal

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Burn and Earn Calories with miCoach and MyFitnessPal

AppStore_miCoach_Icon_512x512Looking for support in achieving your fitness goals? How about getting tennis great Andy Murray to coach you through your workouts with adidas miCoach? Whether you’re cycling, running, or simply training in the gym, he’ll push you over the hurdles and get you to the finish line. And then, when you’re mopping the sweat off your brow, you can upload that workout to MyFitnessPal and figure out if you’ve earned a snack. That’s right! adidas miCoach and MyFitnessPal have joined forces to help you out.

Designed for running, training, fitness and sport, miCoach is a digital coaching service that embeds intelligence from top coaches to help anyone with a fitness goal achieve it. It uses GPS and real-time voice coaching (Andy Murray is just one of several cool options) to pace you through your workout. The best part: miCoach users can now automatically sync their workout data from the miCoach platform to MyFitnessPal to better understand how to balance energy expended through exercise and calories needed to refuel.

If you’re using the miCoach Heart Rate Monitor, Speed Cell, Smart Run, or the new Fit Smart wrist-based training device, you can now sync your data from the miCoach platform online to your MyFitnessPal account. It’s an all-around win! Or as Andy Murray would say, “Game, set, match!”

Are you using miCoach? Tell us who’s voice you chose to coach you through workouts in the comments below!

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