Bang for your Buck: How to Work Out More and Spend Less

Demi Tsasis
by Demi Tsasis
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Bang for your Buck: How to Work Out More and Spend Less

Getting in a workout doesn’t have to break the bank – or cost anything at all. Check out these six ways to get in a workout on the cheap.

1. Just Move

myfitnesspal walk to run
Exercise doesn’t have to be an hour long class or cost you a dime. You can take a short (or long) walk or use Coach Stevo’s Lift a Heavy Thing approach.

2. Watch Free YouTube Workouts

myfitnesspal workout videos
If there’s an exercise you’re looking to do, there is a free workout video for it online. Not sure what you’re looking for? Here are a few of our favorite channels:

Jessica Smith
Yoga Works
Zuzka Light
Fitness Blender

3. Use Low or No Cost Fitness Apps

myfitnesspal fitness friends
There are plenty of apps out there that are affordable, but nothing beats (practically) free. Check out a few of our parters’ low and no cost offerings.

Available on Android & iOS:


Available on iOS:

Boot Camp Challenge

4. Buy Cheap Workout DVDs

myfitnesspal leslie sansone walking tips
Keep it old school and pop in an exercise DVD. These disks are all under $10 on Amazon:

Leslie Sansone Walking Workouts
Element Yoga
Billy Blanks Tae Bo
Biggest Loser

5. Attend Free Local Meetups

Trend Alert: Have You Heard About Fitness Tribes?
There are almost 10,000 fitness Meetup groups worldwide. The probability of finding one in your area that interest you is pretty high.

6. Explore Pinterest

myfitnesspal copy meals from friends
Just search for the type of workouts you’d like to try and go pin-happy. Not sure what to search for? Here are a few searches to get you started:

Cardio Workouts
Circuit Workouts
Total Body Workouts
Kettlebell Workouts


About the Author

Demi Tsasis
Demi Tsasis

Demi is a Product Manager for MyFitnessPal. She’s an avid home chef, photographer and proud dog mom.


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