5-Move Home Cardio Workout

by Hot5
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5-Move Home Cardio Workout

No time to get to the gym? No problem. You can get all the cardio you need to keep yourself fit without ever leaving your living room. Your heart is the most important muscle you have, and the good news is that it takes very little time to keep it tuned up and in tip-top shape.

This Hot5 Home Cardio Workout with Jennifer will elevate your heart rate using absolutely NO equipment. She will take you through a series of movements that challenge your mobility, extend your range of motion and keep your heart pumping. You’ll feel more and more fit each time you do it.

Do each exercise for 1 minute. Start with 1 circuit, then work your way up to doing 3 to 5 circuits.

1. Twisting Jumps 

Facing the corner of the room, sink your hips and squat down touching your hands to the floor. Press into the floor up to a jump and then back down to the opposite corner. Repeat the move over and over for 1 minute.

2. Knee Drive Right 

Standing on a diagonal, bring your right knee up toward your chest with your elbows and upper body meeting the knee. Return to your starting position, and then do it again and again while you anchor yourself by pressing your weight into your standing leg.

3. Knee Drive Left

Standing on a diagonal, bring your left knee up toward your chest with your elbows and upper body meeting the knee. Return to your starting position, and then do it again and again while you anchor yourself by pressing your weight into your standing leg.

4. Squat & Kick 

With your feet hip distance apart and your hips directly under your shoulders, sink your hips into a squat position. Press into the floor to come out of your squat and kick one leg forward, then go back to your starting position. Repeat from side to side keeping your core engaged the entire time.

5. Jump Jump 

With your feet apart wider than your hips, bend your knees and jump forward and back. Then do a knee drive once on the right and then once on the left. Start again from the wide stance jump. Repeat again and again until the minute is up.

This 5-minute Home Cardio workout will get your heart pumping! To follow along with the workout on your phone, download the Hot5 Fitness App for your iPhone.

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Hot5 Fitness offers 80 short and effective workout videos with Personal Trainers specifically designed to supercharge your metabolism for an optimal calorie burn!

Do 5 minutes at the end of a jog to work your core. Do 25 minutes of yoga flow in your hotel room. Do 50 minutes of full body workouts and feel the burn! Hot5 has brought together some of the best methods and trainers who will motivate you through a variety of exercises. From beginner to expert, Yoga to HIIT, there’s a workout for everyone.

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10 responses to “5-Move Home Cardio Workout”

  1. Avatar melodyg83 says:

    Can’t see the description of the exercises as the pictures are covering them 🙁

  2. Avatar Sophia Kunz says:

    HI I u

  3. Avatar Halima says:

    Melodyg83 if you tap on the picture you’ll be able to watch the exercises on a video.

  4. Avatar Nanette L says:

    I’m all for exercising/movement of any sorts but anyone with moderate-to-severe osteo-arthritis cannot tolerate all the pounding on the joints. Do you have any other suggestions? And U cannot loose weight w/o exercising and U cannot stop moving because of arthritis

    • Avatar Rachel h says:

      All it takes is a calorie deficit to lose weight so yes you can lose weight without exercises. And there is indeed many workouts for people with arthritis

  5. Avatar Danielle T says:

    Note: No 4 Squat kick, squat needs to be deep thighs and butt below knees, back keep vertical not hunched over like she is doing. kick is nice lock out ankle and pull toes back kicking with the ball of the foot , you can use a lower front kick driving straight out and extend hip for more power.

  6. Avatar Nanette L says:

    My hubby recent purchased a trampoline for me and it also came with workout DVD.
    Is it true that is takes 50% off pressure on our joints?
    Also I am a Server in a public school cafeteria, it’s very fast paced and there are times it require some bending, stooping and walking very fast, how can I better calculate activity w/o fitbit etc.?

    • Avatar LondonMarriott says:

      There are fitness and calorie calculators out there with different levels of activity for you to choose that will help. For example, I choose Sedentary because I sit at a desk, and you might choose Moderately Active to include your normal day-to-day activity.

  7. Avatar Karlo Garcia says:

    We these are hard on the legs?

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