13 Ways to Lose Weight on a Dollar

by Kate Chynoweth
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13 Ways to Lose Weight on a Dollar

Good news: Shedding pounds doesn’t have to mean shelling out $10 a day for green juice. Instead, take a smart, practical approach to losing weight by prepping meals at home, eating smaller portions and shopping wisely for nutritious, affordable ingredients.

That’s where this list comes in, highlighting items that offer the most nutrition for the money in five key categories: protein, vegetables, fruit, dairy and grains. Get to know these all-stars and stock your kitchen without emptying your bank account.

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  • Mein Kartman

    I eat a lot, and I mean a lot, of frozen spinach. I am on a ketonic diet so I add a tablespoon of butter and microwave it for a couple minutes. Add sea salt and fresh ground pepper, and maybe some Parmesan cheese, or Italian seasonings.

    • Vera Halina

      baby spinach leaves?

      • Mein Kartman

        Vera, every kind of spinach. I eat fresh in salads, frozen microwaved. I put it in my eggs in the morning, I eat it in quiche, in soups, on sandwiches and with tomatoes, mozzerrella and basalmic vinegar as an appetizer/salad.

  • GrumpyGramps

    If you want to learn how to eat and be thin, go to a really good country style buffet and watch what the thin folks that are there put on their plates compared to the overweight folks. You’ll find the thin folks plates have much less food overall with more salad and fruit than anything, while the overweight folks will have no salad or fruit 90% of the time and their plate will be piled high.

  • Carol Mahnke

    I love barley….. it says 8 oz serving…. can that be right? weighed dry or wet?

  • Grace Deitzler

    Eggs and frozen veggies are my go-to cheap staples. I live by myself so it’s often difficult to finish fresh produce before it goes bad, and you can get large bags of frozen broccoli for super cheap. Eggs have been extremely cheap lately so when I am on a really strict budget I eat eggs nearly every day. This week I have to stretch $15 so it’s eggs or quick oats for breakfast, broccoli and beans for lunch, and bean/cheese quesadillas for dinner. Not much variety, but I can stick within my calorie goals and stay on a strict budget.

  • Amy

    I eat cottage cheese a lot for lunch. I love it. Down 65 pounds.