11 Must-Read Walking Stories of 2018

Brianna Wippman
by Brianna Wippman
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In terms of workouts, walking might be one of the most underappreciated. It’s an easy, low-impact way to improve fitness, mental health and prevent chronic diseases. Plus, it’s accessible for everyone from beginners to more advanced athletes. Here, our top 10 walking stories of the year, plus a bonus editor’s pick.

1. 50 Ways to Walk More

Whether it’s planning a walking meeting, doing laps in the terminal before a flight or volunteering to walk a dog at your local shelter, there are lots of creative ways to up your step count.

2. Walk in the Fat-Burning Zone to Blast Belly Fat
Walking can be an effective way to target “visceral fat,” the dangerous kind that tends to accumulate around the waistline, provided you hit the right heart rate zone, increase your duration and switch up your workouts.

3. 6 Ways to Make Morning Walks a Habit
Start with small changes (like setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier) and reap the health benefits — research suggests early morning sunlight exposure is linked to lower body mass index (BMI).

4. 8 Ways a Walk Is Better Than a Run
If you want to fight jet lag, promote active recovery or achieve a zen state of mind, here’s why should opt for a walk over a run.

5. This Is The Most Effective Walking Pace For Torching Calories
You’ve probably heard the term ‘brisk walk’ before, but what does that really mean?

6. Your 6-Week Belly Fat Blasting Plan
Walk your way to a slimmer waistline with this guide that combines power, HIIT and easy walking days.

7. 4 Ways to Give Your Walk a Makeover For Better Results
If you’re always sticking to the same route and find yourself in a walking rut, we’ve got the solution.

8. 5 Bad Habits Walking Can Help Kick
Here’s why a short walk of just 15 minutes can prevent overeating, procrastination and more.

9. Burn More Calories on the Treadmill With Inclines
Learn why you should consider 1.0 a flat road and how to mimic outdoor terrain on a treadmill.

10. Read This Before Walking With Weights
Many experts suggest you don’t need to walk with weights — in fact it could do more harm than good.

11. 3 Common Walking Myths, Busted
Is 10,000 steps still the holy grail? You’ll have to read the article to find out.

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Brianna Wippman
Brianna Wippman

Brianna took up marathoning in France and swapped the Seine for the East River in New York City. She has written lifestyle, nutrition, health and fitness content for publications including Food Arts, Food & Wine and Furthermore from Equinox. You’ll find her running, at a new restaurant, or in the dog park with her beagle mix Roxy.


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