10 Easy Healthy Eating Resolutions

Lentine Alexis
by Lentine Alexis
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10 Easy Healthy Eating Resolutions

Ah, the New Year. A perfect time to resolve to have your best year yet. But “have the best year yet!” is a pretty lofty resolution that probably gets ditched sometime in February. Instead, why not resolve to make small changes that add up to a great year — starting with eating more healthfully (which leads to feeling more vibrant and better).

We’ve rounded up our 10 best healthy-eating resolutions to help you rally for your best year yet, for real. The great news is they’re all easy — so you can choose one or all 10! Regardless, we promise even one small change from this rockstar list will lead to a healthier you.


The first (and best!) way to clean up your diet is to ditch the packaged products lurking in the pantry. That’s right, the ones that are full of all of those hidden preservatives and fillers. Cookies, crackers, canned soups, instant grain mixes and microwave meals: Pitch them all and start fresh with a clean pantry.

Ask yourself how many of those things you really need. Then, figure out the ones you can make yourself. We can help! For example, make your own nut butter or a one-hour jam with fresh produce (and no preservatives). Instead of keeping ancient jars of salad dressing, mix up your own vinaigrette. And, the next time you come home from the store with beets, carrots or radishes quick-pickle a few to have on hand and cut down on your weeknight prep time!


Now that your pantry has been cleaned of packaged products, you’ll need to restock with healthy grains, herbs, spices and ingredients that will help you transform all that fresh, seasonal produce into delicious meals! Great olive oil, lemons, whole grains, legumes and a nice loaf of whole-grain bread are good places to start!



Vegetables grown more than 100 miles from where you live have to travel a long way to get to you. During that time, they’re subject to all sorts of suboptimal conditions (temperatures that are too cold, too hot, etc.), which means their nutritional value is diminished and wilted bit by bit. Additionally, our bodies need and crave different nutrients at different times of year. By making the promise to buy locally, you’re also agreeing to buy and enjoy vegetables that are in-season where you live, which also means you’re supporting local farms and farmers. This helps make your produce less expensive because it doesn’t have to travel as far to reach you. Most of us don’t have blueberries locally in the middle of the winter, but apples and pears probably are, and they meld together into all of the flavors you’re craving in-season. (And, if you really are craving blueberries in the winter, bust out the little stash you froze during the summer!) Eating and shopping locally revolutionizes the way you cook and eat because you’ll discover new ingredients, add flavor to your meals and you’ll be supporting your community, which makes you feel good inside and out.


If you’re still making everything on the stovetop a la minute, you’re missing out on a great healthy eating hack (and therefore missing out on a nearly-no-brainer way to make healthy meals). Pick up a rice cooker, slow cooker or Instant Pot and completely revolutionize the way you cook and eat this year. The model you choose depends on how you eat; slow cookers are the least precise of the bunch, but high-end rice cookers have functions for every grain you can imagine wanting to cook and they’ll cook it precisely while you’re out playing, working or getting in your workout. (Your rice cooker will even cook oatmeal perfectly while you’re sleeping so you wake up to a delicious breakfast!) Instant Pots are great, too, and cook entire meals in pressure-cooker style. Regardless of the model you choose, picking one of these countertop helpers sets your healthy eating on the right track.


Having great ingredients on hand is key to making and eating healthy, delicious meals but pairing the foods together to make them nutritious and balanced is also vital. Aim to get 4–5 different colors in your bowl at each meal. It’s easier than you think, and certainly more fun. By adding colorful foods to each plate, you’ll add interesting flavors and appealing textures — and each of those ingredients brings a whole lot of nutrition to your meal. Crunchy purple cabbage, brilliant orange pumpkin, vibrant and fresh cilantro and crunchy black sesame seeds are all great examples of ingredients that might not be in your repertoire but guarantee you’ll never have one of those boring green salads again! And, if you find yourself in a pinch, you can always add a colorful smoothie to your lunchbox or breakfast spread.


Bringing your own lunch is another super-simple way to guarantee a great, healthy meal in the middle of the day. It’s a money saver, too. Practice the eat-for-color rule above, and prepare yourself a little mini-picnic with great leftovers from last night’s dinner. It doesn’t take much more than a bit of forethought to produce a great packed lunch. By bringing your own meal, prepared in your own kitchen, you’re doing something good for your body and your wallet.


This year, make a vow to have leftovers. Really! And, promise yourself that every week you’ll spend a little time preparing them — all at once. By picking a day each week to batch cook for the week ahead, you’re setting yourself up for a week of healthy meals. Select a protein, grain and several colorful vegetables to prep and have on hand so meals come together in a snap. This makes colorful eating and lunch packing a breeze, and means you’re never feeling left in a lurch when it comes to dinner.


When life gets crazy, breakfast is the easiest meal to miss. But, we all know it’s also the most important meal to make. Eating a balanced breakfast helps keep your metabolism running and is vital to loading up your system with healthy nutrients you’ll use throughout the day to work, play or exercise. Without them, your body and brain get sluggish and you lose motivation and focus. By making breakfast ahead in Mason jars to take with you as you rush out the door in the morning, you’re making sure you never head into a nutrient deficit, and instead head into the day feeling ready to face it!


Even if you batch-cook and fill your pantry and refrigerator with beautiful, healthy ingredients, there will be nights when you realize you just really didn’t think about dinner. For nights like that, keep a bunch of kale or spinach on hand and make it your salad for dinner night. Even just once a week, you’ll find that this lighter, fresh, healthy, balanced meal is a nice way to rebalance yourself.


No healthy eating strategy should be without healthy treats, so vow to swap out refined sugars for healthier options at every meal. Think about the source of the sugar and consider using maple syrup or honey instead of refined sugar. And, when you’re reaching for dessert, try having fresh fruits and antioxidant-rich dark chocolates instead of their super-sweetened counterparts.

About the Author

Lentine Alexis
Lentine Alexis
Lentine is a curious, classically trained chef and former pro athlete. She uses her bicycle, raw life and travel experiences and organic ingredients to inspire athletes and everyone to explore, connect and expand their human experiences through food. She previously worked as a Chef/Recipe Developer/Content Creator and Culinary Director at Skratch Labs – a sports nutrition company dedicated to making real food alternatives to modern “energy foods.” Today, she writes, cooks, speaks and shares ideas for nourishing sport and life with whole, simple, delicious foods.


9 responses to “10 Easy Healthy Eating Resolutions”

  1. Avatar Dr.Super master says:


  2. Avatar TorsionMaster says:

    If I had 30 hours in a day and 4 times the money, sure.

    • Avatar Heather Holmes says:

      I thought the same thing before trying it. But you don’t need 30 hours a day or extra money. My partner and I adopted this way of doing things last year and we were super successful with it for quite a while. The only reason we fell out of it was that we went on vacation and just never really managed to get back in the groove of it when we got home. We plan on getting back into the groove of things this weekend!

      The trick is to plan the week out ahead of time, so you know what groceries you’ll need. We did our planning Friday evening/Saturday morning while we relaxed, or got ready to start the day, then we would go grocery shopping. To be honest, we ended up SAVING money in the long run, if only because we went MONTHS without eating fast food. Sundays we would spend the afternoon preparing the meals for the week. We would do 2 lunch options and 2 supper options so that we (specifically I) wouldn’t get bored and crave something naughty half way through the week. We still had tons of time to go out and do things on the weekend and we had MORE time on weeknights, since all our food for the week was prepared and all that needed to be prepared were the odd snack for lunches. Suppers were reheat and eat, which is great for me since I HATE cooking when I get off work.

      Just by this alone, I lost over 30 lbs in 4 months! My partner lost over 50 lbs!

      • Avatar Brynne Nicolsen says:

        The first several suggestions do all require extra money though. Throw out all your packaged products, go to the store and buy a bunch of new produce (which only keeps for a week or so) and a rice cooker. They’re good suggestions for sure, but I would have at least separated all the money-related ones in the list, so they weren’t all lumped together!

        • Avatar Heather Holmes says:

          Granted, the “go buy these new appliances” is a little daunting. We had picked those up over the years anyway, but we did the pantry clean out and start from scratch. That wasn’t as expensive as you would think and came with some awesome results.

        • Avatar Megan says:

          Actually, although just buying fresh produce randomly can increase your spending, buying in season and to accompany other bulk but unprocessed items such as dry beans can greatly help save money in a budget. The key is to not just buy fresh produce, but to focus on what kinds of produce you are buying, and what else is going into your cart at the store along with the fresh produce.

  3. Avatar Sarah Bennett says:

    If you want a perfect body these are rubbish tips, ditch sugar for honey or maple syrup which has the same cals, no portion controlled prepared meals which can be super healthy these days including meal prep delivery and research even shows the more tine people spend preparing their food the fatter they are and buy local – nothing against that but won’t make a difference to any body goals. Great topic but if followed this I’d go from having and maintaining a perfect body (I’m really lean and fit looking and have been for years and I drink diet coke and have ready meals or protein snacks often) to getting really fat. When I was overweight in the distant past I used to follow this style of orthorexic not evidence based eating and binged on cookies in the weekend, because I liked them. Now I plan packaged protein cookies and halo top ice cream into my weekly diet… and I’m like 20 pounds lighter with a bmi of 18.5 around which I’ve maintained over ten years.. incorporating artificial sweeteners and packaged food virtually every day! I like to enjoy my life hehe and I gotta helluva sweet tooth. Following tips like this never made my sweet tooth go away just made me fat and miserable. Pm me if you want pointers and diet tips and please don’t listen to the bs article if a perfect bod is one of your goals x

    • Avatar Sonya Chiang says:

      This comment is rubbish, and full of misinformation. Studies do NOT show a correlation between more time spent in the kitchen and weight gain – quite the opposite, in fact!

      Your packaged foods are engineered to be full of fat, sugar & salt (the combo that universally tastes good to humans), to last on shelves (ergo, chock-full of preservatives), and to be cheaply produced (high-fructose corn syrup, anyone?) – something that your average person is not going to be doing when cooking in their own kitchen. I mean, who has HFCS in their pantry?

      Yes, if you’re looking for a “perfect” body then these tips may not be everything it takes to get you there, but this article was about HEALTH. Eating locally to derive the most nutrients out of your food, seasonally to optimize taste (and cost!), and meal-prepping to reduce the barriers to healthy eating mid-week is just common sense.

      Side note: you might want to rethink pushing diet soda/artificial sweeteners. They’ve been proven to actually correlate to weight GAIN (your body/brain doesn’t behave the same way to the artificial sweetness, and the cravings for sugar do not diminish ergo you end up consuming more) and aspartame in particular HAS BEEN SHOWN TO CORRELATE TO BLINDNESS.

  4. Avatar Rend Platings says:

    I’m perfectly healthy, size zero, and I don’t agree with any of this. I buy a lot of prepared stuff (but I do make sure it fits my macros) and look at nutritional facts rather than worrying about preservatives etc. I also enjoy diet soda every day, and artificial sweeteners really help me stay on track because I got a sweet tooth, so I can totally relate!

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