Quick & Delicious Roasted Carrot Butter | Recipe

by Lentine Alexis
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Quick & Delicious Roasted Carrot Butter | Recipe

You know everything there is to know about peanut butter and you’ve enjoyed it in all the usual places: spread on toast under jam, on bananas, over crackers, stirred into oatmeal, and off the spoon straight from the jar. But what do you know about carrot butter? 

Roasted carrots blended with creamy macadamia nuts and a few extras make a sweet and savory alternative to your typical nut butter. Plus, using carrots adds a little color, flavor and a whole lot of healthy nutrients to your regular old toast routine. Try spreading carrot butter on toast, dolloping it on top of salads, in rice bowls, oatmeal and over spring pastas. You can even serve it with crackers and cheese.

Chances are you already have most of the ingredients you’ll need to make this. Choose the freshest, most crisp, sweet carrots you can find, then roast, blend and enjoy.